E! News report: #1 Powerful Couple in Asia-Aishwarya and Abhishek

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E news report says Aishwarya and Abhishek the most powerful couple in Asia
E! News: Powerful Couples in Asia-Aishwarya and Abhishek


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They are most powerful because having equal numbers of haters and fans certainly shows their popularity :)

Sat, 2010-08-28 04:56 — Anonymous

Dude! Every couple/person has successes and failures. It's because of your successes and inspite of failures what you are is WHAT REALLY COUNTS!

Give them credit when it's due. Btw, any random person in the place of Abhishek would've made this couple click because 90% of the power is with Aishwarya. Replace Abhi with anybody else and it will not make a difference.

Replace Aishwarya with some other actress like Kareena or Priyanka, they will no way be the No.1 couple.

i dont know about the couples guess E! Have done there home work, but when it comes to single person its srk here is some data of all these peoples fans
srk fans-3.2 billion+
ash-1.5-2.5 billion-
abhi-198.2 millions+

Awww come one, Ash and abhi most powerful in Asia, thats bull. Abhi n Ash latest film was a FLOP, and people might know Ash because of Loral but not because of Miss World, thats old, there know her more know also in cannes because of Loreal......In terms of acting I think Abhi is a better actor, but he chooses wrong roles sometimes, Ash acting is so so woden I don't feel anything when she acts

NOT powerfull at all their latest film tohether called Raavan and it a big disaster LMAO... There is no powerfull couple celibrity in bollywood... It could hav been SrK and Aishwarya if they would have married together !!

you know - this is the difference between India and western countries.
Indians believe the "e! news report" or someother "report of popularity" and then claim that someone is popular, instead of thinking by themselves to either accept or reject a title/report. ( which may or maynot have been bought).

Ash tried the same thing here in USA, and she got burned when she came in with her lst of Most popular in the world and most beautiful in the world, and everyone wants to work with me.. hence I am a great actress. She couldnt deliver, and she crashed and burned.
People use your brains...

OMG OMG OMG *faints*

To Tue, 2010-08-24 16:26 — Anonymous

lol its KAREENA's and SAIF's status that i said was mostly limited to their homeland! not SRK's! please read the comment again. looolz. and i looove SRK too so don't accuse me of bashing him. just read comments more carefully next time. haha. :P

and its kinda unfair to compare ash and srk. like hello, bollywood is a patriarchal industry and men dominate the women actors. admit it! so they have their own legion of fans worldwide and Ash has done a very good job when it comes to the actresses. no bashing here people, just pointing out. :)

To Tue, 2010-08-24 02:46 — Anonymous
Big B-Ash combo! haha! thats a good one. and maybe a bit true.. haha.

Aishwarya and abhishekh are known for many things. Granted that aishwarya has more of a pull. But believe or not that aishwarya is not known for her hollywood films but her advertisement with loreal and longines and her successful bollywood films. Aishwarya has taken bollywood very far, u cant say that she hasnt. No other actress has achieved as much. Like the maddam toussads wax museum. She is more successful than any other actress.love this couple

do you know what these powerful couples do? they arm wrestle each other! :0

at Mon, 2010-08-23 18:54 — Anonymous
i agree gauri khann isn't a celebrity but you've got to be kinding me if you say srk's status is only in his homeland, he's the world's biggest movie star for crying outloud 3.2BILLION FANS WORLDWIDE!!!! he's far more powerful than aish. he's the reason bollywood's at an international level yes i agree that aish contributed to the success of bollywood worldwide too but it's srk's films which premiere and break records worldwide again and again and again. abhishek is only there because of his father and honestly aish is only on the list because she's done a few hollywood films but if your talking about real bollywood superstars on the international stage its srk and aamir.

its mostly aish thats recognised everywhere!! i bet even on the moon, abhi just lags behind poor guy

Agree, they are powerful.

In india power means you are in good terms with power ful people in politics. that wat amitabh is very powerful and so his son and daughter-in-law.
not to mention they are in very good terms with Anil ambani too.

yeah right,, its like 99 percent aishwarya and 1 percent abhishek for what he is.

powerful???? may be becoz they earn huge money for their duo advertisements
but i rarely believe such lists of Most p'ful, b'ful , or most sexy....
these magazines & media houses are dumb except some

powerful???? may be becoz they earn huge money for their duo advertisements
but i rarely believe such lists of Most p'ful, b'ful , or most sexy....
these magazines & media houses are dumb except some

Go Abhi Aish! They are amazing and of course we all knew that already... ;)

Hey this isn't E !News, US. Where are these guys from ?

It's true more because of Big B and Ash combi, rather than Abhi,lol.

just wondering what these "powerful couples" do? play tag-team in wrestling matches?

aish is a very powerful woman, she has got big biceps and can kill two men with one punch.

100% true.

So happy tht Aish abhi won da powerful couple!!! :)


Bips and john should have won. they atleast dress well and stay fit and don't depend on their parents(and in-laws) to make it big.

E! news????? whats that?

Powerful in what ??????

hello? CELEBRITY couples! yes, SRK-gauri are a pretty powerful pair too but gauri is not a celebrity. and if you say hrithik-suzanne, suzanne is not a celebrity too. and kareena-saif?? HELLO??!! like HELLOO??!! their influence and impact is MOSTLY limited to their homeland unlike Abhi-Ash. i should know, im not even indian and im a HUUUGE Abhi-Ash fan.

but funny, ash was recognized for her personal achievements like the miss world, international projects, and time mag. while abhi was recognized for being the son of Big B! hahahaha! lol! but yeah, the two of them combined, they make quite a powerful pair.. so congrats to them! :)

Someone below saying SRK and Gaura and Saif and Kareena? They are not known through out world like Aish and Abhi hence the difference! Also please spare me because the Big B thing! Fact is Aish marrying Abhi is what made the family a brand.

kareena and saif???????? May be in your dreams!!!!

oh pleasee!! its cuz they don't know anyone else in India... Aish did movies in Hollywood and hence the fact they know her name :P

Now did we need E! News to tell us that?

disagree..the only reason they are powerful is cuz of Big B and the fact Aishdid some movies oversees and was miss world... i say SRK and Gauri is power couple and also Kareena and Saif and some others...Aish Abhi is like in the top 5 but not #1

OH Yeah!

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