Exclusive: Team HNY talks about SLAM!, the best worst dancer and SRK’s abs

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The team of forthcoming movie “Happy New Year” is all set for the release of their movie. In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Farah Khan, Boman Irani and Vivaan Shah talk about their recent world tour “SLAM!”, SRK’s abs and they also rate the best worst dancer among them.

Talking about SLAM! The Tour, SRK said, “I am very glad that we did this tour. It’s a world tour. And you get a very few chances to be able to meet all these people, I mean in India you still get these chances when you are releasing a film, but to go abroad and meet all these people from different sub-continents who have made you the star you are.”

Deepika says the entire experience of SLAM! was very special for her.

“I think I can definitely say that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. You win awards, you are offered some movies sometimes which you really really want to do, but this has been really special, and most importantly I think, it is my first world tour, and I never thought it will be so much fun,” she said.

“Happy New Year” has already created a lot of buzz. The movie also features Abhishek Bachchan and Sonu Sood. In the movie, the six actors participate in a dance competition. When asked who was the worst dancer among the lot, Farah said, “I don’t think there were any worst dancers; I think everyone danced really well. I think the best dancers vote will go to Boman and me, I think we danced really well. And Pinkvilla I am wearing ‘pink’ just for you so believe that me and Boman were the best dancers on the show.”

But Vivaan, who flaunted his quite funny and energetic dance moves on the song “Lovely”, says he is confident that he is the best worst dancer in the world. He said, “I have full confidence that I am the best worst dancer in the world. I challenge if anyone can really dance like me.”

Farah added, “I also challenge if they can dance like Vivaan. Asks Shah Rukh, “Can you?”, he replies, “No. I can’t even dare to.”

The song is picturised on Deepika and she playfully says that Vivaan is her inspiration, adding, “He was meant to be in this song.” Shah Rukh adds, “Inspiration nain, mere lie desperation hai. Whenever Deepika is not there we have to look at Vivaan for dance. But genuinely the ‘Lovely’ he does, nobody can do that.”

“Mere lie perspiration hai,” Farah added.

After “Main Hoon Na” and “Om Shanti Om”, “Happy New Year” is Farah and SRK’s third movie together and King Khan calls it “tigdi”.

“It’s a ‘tigdi’ for us,” SRK said to which Farah jokingly added, “First time I am having a ‘threesome’.” SRK further adds, “I keep doing it.”

“Did you enjoy it?” Shah Rukh asks Farah, to which she replies, “I am really enjoying it, I never knew, it’s really too much fun. I will never be doing a twosome again.”

Boman says, “I haven’t done a twosome in a while.” Farah adds, “You haven’t done a onesome also in a while.”

But on a serious note SRK said, “Seriously speaking it’s really nice. Like I said when some people come together it becomes really special. Deepika joining us in ‘Om Shaanti Om’, and myself and Farah, we have had great times making films. And this one is even more special. It’s nice to be a trimurti.”

One of the highlights of the movie is SRK’s eight-pack-abs. Talking about it, Farah said, “The script did not demand it, the director did. I actually like exploiting him.” SRK adds, “So the truth came out today.”

“Happy New Year” releases a day after Diwali and the celebs also had a special message for the Pinkvilla readers.

“To all the viewers of Pinkvilla, wishing you all a Happy Diwali, and a very Happy New Year,” they said.

Watch team HNY’s exclusive chat with Pinkvilla here.

Team HNY Interview from PINKVILLA on Vimeo.

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Awww SRK & Deepika are so cute especially at the end.

SRK...I love this man! He is never boring and sweet here.

Once in a lifetime Frah talks the truth. The fake abs were not needed for the script but with such a flat and boring trailer it was necessary to betr... fans and media with such a PR desaster like the fake abs. I hope this movie flops.

Still cry out loud about the abs whenever you see the making video and google event! get over it. It is real and it shows. Move on dude. I mean really.

Adorable! SRK and Deepika are too cute :)

SRk is so protective of Deepika! He exudes gentlemanliness

Very cute!! Nice nice nice

Vivaan is such a cute bachha. I loved him in CNWK.

Wow, i did not know that PinkVilla is that famous. Well Done.

I believe someone mentioned earlier that PV is part of the PR team of HNY. Its usually Bollyhungama.com that have access to interview, cover events and writes articles about a film.

Thank you PV, Love SRK, Keep smiling. Happy Diwali, wish Peace and happiness to all.

Love you Deepika, SRK and Abhishek. Eagerly awaiting HNY. All the best to the entire team!

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