HNY inches closer to Rs.200 crore during second weekend

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The journey of "Happy New Year" has continued to be quite happy during its second week too. So far, the entertainer has netted almost Rs.180 crore at the Indian box office.

Red Chillies Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. Monday announced that "Happy New Year" had a strong showing at the domestic box office in its second weekend as it collected Rs.22.23 crore for a total Rs.179.80 crore so far.

"The positive trends in collections across India show that the audience have loved 'Happy New Year' and the families have gone to the theatres to get fully entertained," Venky Mysore, CEO, Red Chillies Entertainment, said in a statement.

A musical heist drama directed by Farah Khan, "Happy New Year" is a multi-starrer with a cast that includes Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, Jackie Shroff and Vivaan Shah.

The film became the quickest to make Rs.100 crore, said a statement.

Exhibitors are happy that the movie has found resonance with audiences of all age groups.

"The film, after completing seven-day run, became the most preferred for the families in the second weekend too. The number of Friday was bettered by Saturday, and Sunday was 40 percent better than Saturday - which only goes on to give the indication that families and people who couldn't catch the film in the first week came to the theatres," Anand Vishal, head (Sales and Operations), Fun Cinemas, said in a statement.

There were also audience members who came to see the film on repeat value, Vishal said, and added: "We feel that the film will stay in the forefront for the next 10 days or so."

Anant Verma of DT Cinemas said: "The film has held well again over the weekend with 60-65 percent occupancy."

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happy for SRK and Deepika.


Guys I'm not a hater but it's way too obvious that HNY team are hiding and lying about box office collections. IT HAS BECOME A BIG FAT JOKE!!!! So many trade channels are reporting different box collections for Happy New Year. And THE SHAHRUKH KHAN is still promoting his movie some way or the other!!!! So too all you die-hard blind fans out there why would a superstar like him have to do that "if the movie is smashing records left, right and center". I don't remember Salman promoting Kick or Aamir promoting Dhoom 3 after the movie released. So no it's not breaking any records and it's safe to say the movie has crashed at the box office BIG TIME!!!!

It's been slow. It was expected to do better. I get a feeling that audiences will not accept nonsense films as easily as they did a few years back. The Bodyguard era is dying out. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY lol

It still made money unfortunately so films like HNY,Bang bang and Kick will keep coming every year


super yaaay

Huge Star Cast, Huge Screens, Huge Promotions and the second weekend total comes to 23, ha ha dhoom 3 second friday only collected more than that whole weekend.

so its budget was around 170 crore and atleast in fake figures HNY have recovered its cost, so let them dream haters don't disturb them.... ROFL.

the only collections genuine are overseas and in which bang bang stands tall with mammoth 79 crore and hny with 64 and kick with 60 are not even close to it....

Even the fans know it's fake. So many variations in box office collections on different sites, so many irregularities . I wouldn't be so ecstatic afterall it was made on a budget of, 150cr. It's lagging behind Chennai express released on 3700 screens. Overly promoted HNY had 5000 screens. EPIC FAIL!

lol now haters plzz come and say it's fake or whatever it didn't like by people and blah blah blah

do you think 2nd weekend of 23 is nice.... SMH... as per trade its collections are just 145 crore uptill now, still 5 crore away frm its pre release budget of 150 crore and it also have atleast 20 crore budget post release, its not even average till now.

Yaaay poor haters, I kinda feel for them

Burn Deepika Haters burnn.

People who take this film as a thorough entertainer , they are gonna enjoy it. And those who will go after logic , direction and bla bla , I am sorry , you better stick to offbeat cinema. And haters gonna hate this film so no offence. Anyways I am happy for Deepika , yayy another blockbuster to her kitty. :'))

We now know how" hard" she has been working to get the blockbuster . :-)

No surprise. My whole family loved it including my grandparents.

Just watched it on saturday! I have to say, I'm impressed. I went into it expecting a ridiculous Farah Khan film but good eye candy. Not at all the case - quite well done and they've all acted extremely well! The accents aren't annoying, and I died laughing at Abhi's "chili chicken" dialogue. Great job.

It's good. Advance congrats to reach 200 crore.

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