Shahrukh, Deepika & Abhishek don the traditional kandura

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Shah Rukh Khan and the team of "Happy New Year" who are shooting in Dubai donned traditional Arabic wear - kandura for men and abbaya for women - for a press met here.

"The idea of donning up this local look comes from Abhishek Bachchan so we all would thank him for that. We are happy to be dressed like this... when we looked at mirror, many of us look like locals,"Shah Rukh said during the press conference to announce collaboration with Dubai Film and TV Commission.

While Shah Rukh walked the press conference donning a black kandura, rest of the actors wore the traditional white kandura. Leading ladies Deepika Padukone and Farah Khan wore black abbaya.

Shah Rukh says its a wonderful experience to shoot in Dubai.

"Dubai is a beautiful city. It has a great scenic balance of ancient and modern architecture. Its not just the shopping capital of the Middle East but is a perfect location for a film shoot. We have been shooting for our film since Sep 2nd Dubai is like home for me and I have loved every bit of experience of shooting for 'Happy New Year' here."

Dubai Film and TV Commission in collaboration with Atlantis, The Palm are extending their full support for the smooth production of the hotly-anticipated Bollywood film. The first schedule of "Happy New Year" which is currently going on in Dubai will perhaps continue till Sep 25.

Dubai Film and TV Commission chairman Jamal Al Sharif said: "'Happy New Year' is a true mark of success that xan be achieved through the collaboration of public and private entities in Dubai.

"In close partnership with Atlantis, The Palm Emirates and DTCM, we are delighted to help facilities the latest venture from Farah Khan and Red Chillies Entertainments, and showcase Dubai as a world class filming destination."

Directed by Farah Khan, "Happy New Year" features Shah Rukh and Deepika in lead..

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AB looks soooooooooo hot

Anonymous's picture

I read thereafter was a big party at SRK's house. That seems to be his biggest interest at the moment. Celebrate party and the wife is at home with the sick kid. I am surprised that Priyanka is not in Dubai yet. Can not be long.

Priyanka was/is there. Since Wednesday ;-)

my comment has been rejected twice?? I wrote how I experienced racism in Dubai. Indian's are treated like low class workers. Ppl in Dubai are nice to Rich ppl only. You notice it at the airport, the staff frowns at brown ppl and smiles at whites and arabs.

deepika looks usual. abhishek- dumb


Srk!!! Looking so so so great!

Abhishek and Irani looks very nice

waw SRk looks waaw in qamiis
abisheikh looks real arabian
depika and farah in abaaya r cute
mashalah islamic dresses r the best

Abhishek looking so nice like a king looks great. Perfect

Fri, 2013-09-13 10:43 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture
Do the men wear pants underneath or ...?


yes a white pant or thin dhoti like cloth

Srk is looking extra cute! Love him.

he looks hot in a thobe

@ ZENNY, didn't you like Om Shanti Om and Main Hoon Na? Personally I thought they were really well made movies and very entertaining. :)

@ Mila_in_NY, thanks for posting that link! A real eye opener...

I have this feeling that this movie will be a total crap but obviously bcuz of SRK it wont be flop and defenitely will cross the 100crs

deepika looks so LOVELY

I read thereafter was a big party at SRK's house. That seems to be his biggest interest at the moment. Celebrate party and the wife is at home with the sick kid. I am surprised that Priyanka is not in Dubai yet. Can not be long.

Boman Irani............Legendary!!

Abishek is in the movie is a supporting cast. Is this why Aishwarya rejected the movie? She doesn't want to act as a leading lady with someone else in a movie where the hubby is just a supporting character?

WoW! They all look great in the traditional kandura:-)...God bless them!!

Fri, 2013-09-13 10:43 — Anonymous

Do the men wear pants underneath or ...?

Huh! They wear underwear usually like long shorts and long white cotton pants mostly.

Back to the pictures....SRK!!!! You look gorgoues!!!! Can't wait to show my dad you wearing thob!!!! Hehe...he will be shocked! I'm Arab and it's awesome o see my lovely and only love wearing our traditional clothes!

Do the men wear pants underneath or ...?

They love srk in Dubai so im sure it made things easy for Farah! are absolutely right.

They look awesome! SRK looks the best. He reminds me of my brother!!! So Arabian and handsome srk is, love it.

Still no wedding ring :/. Sad!

Hahaha. Boman and Ab look like locals. :)

it must be a sweet gesture for their emirati fans.

Abhishek looks hilarious. Can't stop laughing. Srk looks handsome as always.

Abhishek is just too cute! SRK looks absolutely dishy! Farah Khan will go to any lengths to be in his good books haina?


abhishek is lukin really funny:D

srkz lukin lyk one hansome shekih:)))

& jus imagine DP in a veil....wid her eyes uncovered
she wil luk lyk one of those many intriguing beautiful ladies behind da veil.

OMG,,, so many stills being leaked from the sets. Farah, keep some suspense for your film at least!!

deepika looks ethereal


my God whtevr u r sayin is true...n thankyou for pointing it dat way.

abhishek looks the funniest!!

They all look really good. Especially Abhi-Sheikh !!

Srk 10/10

Now just live there and marry me!!!!

Deepika looks good in every outfit. She is so beautiful and has the perfect face and body to carry all outfits with grace.

Omg abhishek! Loll

only boman resembles an arab. abhishek looks like a fake one


srk looks fantastic!!!! Looooove him in the traditional clothes of our country!!! biiiiiiig kiss!!!

akhisheik looks so cute, hahah

Abhishek looks like a Saudi man lol he's just WOW love him

Srk is sooo adorable in this! Love him in the head gear. Abhishek looks goofy and cute and DP is gorgeous!!

Deepika is confused. So much fabric on her body is disorienting her. tsk

ahaha, Abhishek looks adorably silly in that outfit.
Gauri is the producer of the film in name only, she's never on the sets.

They all look so cute!

Haha... they look cute.

@ Bolly-Freak... Boman Irani is there too! :)

Movie looks like it going be fun

Yay !! I'm Arab and I must say Shahrukh looks fab in the Kandura and Deepika looks pretty in Abaya and WOW Boman Irani could easily pass off as an Emirati businessman !! but Abhishek LOL hilarious:D

Abhishek Bachchan and Vivaan Shah look funny, but it is all good, hehe. Deepika Looks beautiful and SRK looks great! :)

i think its the headgear, without that in the 8th pic they actually look nice, i guess when in rome.....

i cracked seeing abhishek in burqha

abhishek luks gud

Was this really necessary lol?? Abhishek looks so silly and from the look on his face, I think he knows it too :p. The things actors must do in the name of marketing...

OMG I cant stop laughing at Abhishek.. This is so hilarious.

SRK and Deepika look nice.

Abhishek Bachchan ... You rock always...!! Keep it up Handsome.

Pawan Pipalwa--

Lovely love them specially dp and farah in abaya I wear it
Every day and AB is amazing

funny and cant wait for the flim now...looks so much fun... love SRK

Abhishek is looking so funny. Only Farrakhan looking nice.

How can one look sooooo beautiful even in completely covered up clothes...ahhhh Dippy, i lovvveee you!!

Lol they all look beyond idiotic but funny idea

hahah only deepika and farah look nice

Saw the whole press conf. SRK looked introspective and not happy. Hope all's well at home :-(

Does anyone know if the whole film is filmed in Dubai. I'm excited to see Dubai in Farah Khan style.

Abhishek is so funny in that outfit

cant stop laughing.... Gross

Abhishek LOL

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