SRK’s “Happy New Year” is a good 3 hours and 8 minutes long

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Farah Khan’s forthcoming movie “Happy New Year” will entertain you on the silver screen for a good 188 minutes. Trade analyst Komal Nahta took to microblogging website Twitter to share the news.

He tweeted, “#HappyNewYear applied for censorship. Length is 188 minutes i.e. 3 hours and 8 minutes!”

The movie features Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah. The movie revolves around six losers - Charlie, Mohini, Nandu, Temhton, Jagmohan and Rohan – who participate in a dance competition to pull off the greatest musical heist ever.

“Happy New Year” has already created a lot of buzz with its outstanding trailer and heart-warming songs.

Produced by Gauri Khan under Red Chillies Entertainment, the movie also features Jackie Shroff. It will hit the screens on October 24.

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Judging by the trailer, I don't know why this film is made. People should devote more time to films such as Haider.

1000Cr movie, and first of it's kind Heist+Dance movie...cinema lovers can go for it without hesitation.Lot's of fun awaiting for u which is not even 25% was shown in Trailer and videos of it.I am sure you gonna love it.Thanks

Going by the poster Boman seem to be the item girl in the movie.

I think there is too much negativity towards HNY just because Farah Khan is the director. Her only fault is she made one crap film called Tees Maar Khan. Also because she is the wife of Sirish Kunder and sister of Sajid Khan (both are the worst directors in Bollywood), their faults are also targeted at Farah unfairly. It seems everyone has conveniently chosen to ignore Main Hoon na and Om Shanti Om.
SRK refused to do Tees Maar Khan because he said it was not funny at all and that was the cause of the fall-out between SRK and Farah. It can be safely said HNY will be much better than TMK. And those asking SRK to do off-beat films, his next 2 films - Fan and Raees are off-beat.

SRK himself seems not to be believing in this film cuz he knows how crappy it is but he did this film only bcuz of Farah n same goes for deepika. She admitted herself tht she signed the film without reading the script. Thts why he's doing grand promotions with Slam concert n what not. Amir khan did no promotion for dhoom3 n it earned 500cr worldwide n kat was like only 15 in the film. Not saying dhoom3 was really gr8 or acctually its far better than what hny seems to be. N he had though double role to pull of convincingly point is his character had depth than SRK in HNY. Sonu boman n Vivan who looks like indian version of justin bieber seems to all depending on srk n deepika is wasted.. she's only for item songs n eye candy. And 3 hours might be entertaining for only srk die hard fans n deepikas fans but for neutral unbiased ppl this will be a disaster in srks n deepikas filmography which is sad. N I know this will cash in alot like duh! What matters is what ppl talk after they come out from theatre. JTHJ was also ovr 100cr but today all saying tht it was crap n it was. I was so hyped n excited to see srk back in something like veer zaara 2 n couldnt go n watch it on theatre cuz I had no company n were vry upset. But after watching it after month I was relived tht I saved my money. It was 3 hours of waste n stupid story with illogical reaching up to heaven. I dont want to hate on srk but he's making me by doing this garbage films. Its clear tht he is not someone he used to be. He's doing something tht others too are doing. Earning money n beat each others life time collections. It has become everyones ego now to beat records. None are thinking about to do good cinema. Only aamir khan has his head straight n chooses his script wisely. PK will earn lot of cash n might set new record but more importantly the movie will surely give out a strong message n inspire. When ppl come out frm theatre they will feel tht they spent their money on something good n will feel good abt learning something frm the movie like 3 idiots. If SRK is given a really good script w strong content then I bet tht will beat his CE record n not only his fans all ppl genuinly will be very happy. I have my hopes on raees as farhan akhtar is the director n he's really good a multitalented.

then why did aamir do a film like dhoom 3!!!!!! did u feel good after coming out of the theatre watching it.......dont give me these crap everyone thinks of the topping the industry and they know by doing huge blockbuster commercial films they can achieve it

then why did aamir do a film like dhoom 3!!!!!! did u feel good after coming out of the theatre watching it.......dont give me these crap everyone thinks of the topping the industry and they know by doing huge blockbuster commercial films they can achieve it

you should go to doctor as soon as possible. Jal Jal k Kale hojao ge tm log

Farhan Akhtar is not the director of Raees. It's Rahul Dhoklia. Farhan is co-producing it and starring in a cop role chasing SRK's character, a Gujurati ganster/don. There were reports that it was Farhan who was not satisfied and happy with the 2nd half of the script, so he sat down with the director to make it better. hopefully, it does not disappoint.

But thank god Aamir did those films, because after watching 3 idiots and Talaash, I really can't even imagine anyone else doing those roles with 100% conviction and not overacting!

talash was a copy of hollywood movies three .Gagini was copy momento .ok

I totally agree with you. Do you know SRK was first choice for 3 Idiots and Talaash??? Both films which later went to Aamir. No joke. But he said no to them because the people offering him those high-quality, high-concept films were not his friends. He seems very happy working with his buddies and doing crap like Ra.One, JTHJ, HNY, etc. If he doesn't improve with his film choices soon especially with some of the younger lot experimenting with challenging and character-driven roles and stuff, it's going to seriously affect his stardom and he might become an obsolete thing of the past.

dear, darling anonymous, i don't know about hny. but you are sayin jthj, were a crap movies. i think you must revisit these movies. and srk is still better than aamir khan.

the movie is a big flop and everyone agrees, revealing that it's 3 hrs long most will skip it and watch it on dvd for srk, sorry but true, dear lord no one is torturing themselves not even for srk. we love him but hny no way.

3 hours and 8 minutes?!?! They are really going for the paisa vasool factor

I know these days movies are capped at 2hr15 mins but I believe for Bollywood these shorts films don't translate so smoothly. There's about 20-25 mins of songs in each film and most of the songs don't progress the storyline so its just dead weight on the script. Then they go to the editing table and start cutting scenes to just shorten the duration of film causing the storyboard to be very choppy. As long as its not like JTHJ which was I think 3hrs, they should be fine. JTHJ only felt like eternity because it was just a horrible story and film.

Hmm why it reminds me of ocean 11

HNY will be a surprise, and not a good one. I got a gut feeling the force is not strong with this one. Also, neither the trailer was outstanding and neither is the music heartwarming. It'll make its money duh, but unless it's got sthing special that's not evident so far, it won't sustain beyond the first week or so. For srks sake I hope it does,mut as of late I dont like the projects he's done. He should patch up with karan. They make a great working duo. Farah is no good.

This film sounds like it's going to be terrible; even SRK won't be able to save it from the Farah flop effect.

Maybe if this movie flops we'll get the old SRK back who used to take some chances and take on some off-beat material. You would think that as the Khans approach their 50s they would start taking on some more challenging roles, but no, only PK sounds different out of all the projects they're currently doing

i want a 3x3 hours movie srk miss u!!


Does it matter? Any film will make money, even if SRK is sleeping throughout the whole film. As long as his prescence is there, the film is an automatic Blockbuster.

this is TORTURE!

Who edited this film? Shrish kunder? If so then this is disaster.

Well i am not going to complain about the movies length cos i am not gonna watch it anyways. About time filmmakers like Farah and Sajid be banned from film making.

Another reason to skip it. I wouldn't mind a movie like Three idiots to be that long, but when it comes to a Farah Khan film I can't stand it for 10 minutes. I don't know what happened to her Main Hoon Na magic.

"It's DIWALI release" Must write it.

3 hours is sheer madness. Kinda figured it out ever since I saw how many songs this film has

"It's DIWALI release" Must write it.

even Bhag Milkha Bhag was a tad too long..though movie was great. But how can we bear farah khan movie for 3 hours or more

I think below comments will be taken seriously and movie will be edited to 2hour 45 min

i think farah khan wants to outdo her husband shirish in terms of torture

Deepika's character must be a girl(maharashtrian) dances somewhr in club like places. Then srk finds her (lovely song) and makes part of dance group who decides to take part in WDB but thr main moto is robbery something like that.

Deepika's character must be a girl(maharashtrian) dances somewhr in club like places. Then srk finds her and makes part of dance group who decides to take part in WDB but thr main moto is robbery something like that.

So it becomes true, Farah made a whole new movie with fake abs SRK to make the cr... movie more interesting.

Oh my! Such a sheer waste of talent. When you have SRK, Deepika and Boman in your movie and you don't do them justice. SMH. Sadness. Somebody ban Sajid and Farah Khan from film making. Will watch it for SRK and DP. I don't expect miracles though.

cant wait.......................i m super u srk...................abki bar 1000 cr par..................diwali dhamaka..................................

Omg !!!! 3 hours & 8 mins longggg torture.. unbearable.

Increase movie length upto 8 hrs then cut it in 4 equal parts of 2hrs and release every part every yr.

Nope, sorry, still NOT watching it!

It is going to be mother of crap movies. Srk needs happy new year 2015 phrase. This ain't happening

It will be 3 hrs and 8 mins of their lives they ain't gonna get back.

Why are you people behaving like someone is putting a gun on your heads and forcing you to watch it?? A friendly suggestion, please don't watch it, save your money, and make your own lives easier instead of complaining like this about its length and its director and what not here, no one is forcing you.

As for the movie, for true fans of SRK and all other actors in the movie, 3 hours is not much. SRK fans get to see him once per year on the big screen anyways, 3 hours sound less. And believe me, millions of real and true SRK fans will even go repeatedly to watch HNY. Some people sound like they are not fully aware of the impact SRK has on millions worldwide and they underestimate his mega stardom and the love of his fans for him.

I LOVE Shahrukh, but I'm sorry 3 hours for a farah khan flick is gonna hurt the movie only. It's 2014. Nobody has the patience to sit thru a 3 hr flick unless it's a masterpiece or exceptional. And even then, 3 hrs will turn ppl away from watching in the first place. Movies do well when die hard fans and normal ppl all go to watch a flick. No star has a fan base that huge to make a movie do earth shattering business. Jai ho ya RA 1, both proof of that.

Oh please, spare me the "I LOVE Shahrukh" fake-ness. And by the way, Ra.One was a hit in India and super hit overseas, yes even if you don't believe it! SRK's movies haven't flopped since early 2000s, last flop was Paheli if I remember correctly. Wish for once people would get their information right before commenting. As for HNY, I guess history is proof that views of those commenting on PV has nothing to do with reality and how things turn out.


Oh Boy! Poor suckers are gonna be pounded for 3+ good hours. And that 3 hours is gonna be like a million years.

I wish they edit the film by at least 30 mins. Anything above 2 1/2 hrs becomes difficult. Even Lagaan was dragged beyond a limit.

3 hours of mindless farah khan "comedy".... hopefully abhishek is not in every frame... thats too much of his untalented nonsense to deal with.

3 hours of 8 minutes. Too. Much. Fun.

this is bad news....a very bad news.

Happy Flop Movie!

LOL. I just feel sorry for SRK's loyal fans who are going to be taken for a ride with this one. LOL. Good Luck guys! You'll definitely need it. :)

helloo.....who said you guys must see the film.Don't like it don't see simple.Why act like BIGG BOSS house mates.Thats why bigg boss is like this drama show because majority people are like that .....So long God save us don't go to cinema halls But anti SRK watch first his films hahahah....

Oh God.... this movie is going to drag on and on..

Are you serious? I think some people will leave in the middle of the film then.

Yikes a 3 hour movie can work if it's good content, but 3 hrs of a Farah Khan film? Getting a bad feeling about this...this will also affect the box office prospects because they will have fewer screenings per day

Im seriously missing old SRK!! He's still a humble funny person but he sucks now as an actor. I cant believe same person who did devdas n veer zaara are doing this crap fest. He overacted in chennai express n it hurt to to watch the entire film. He was pretty much gone after don n after tht he's movies been on the race of earning money just. My only hope is for raees which will be directed by Farhan Akhtar which we'll be something saving grace. This man still makes me cry like a baby when I watch devdas kal ho na ho n veer zaara these movies r the reason why he's called as king khan or baadshah. JTHJ was a big let down. The trailer of HNY didnt make sense at all. Why cant there be entertaining films with good content n not escapism w big stars n item song? Seriously we need more directors lyk Rajkumar Hirani who can inspire in his films yet they r hilarious!

RIP my big love srk's film! i'll watch it on dvd with his scenes only not wasting a penny on it in theatres! 3 hours for farah or the rest who will be just doing nothing and dance than i'll watch woodface katrina better. these masla films are waste and dont want another tees maar khan!! they have to divide the scenes between 6 actors!!! and most will be srk's but this torture i cannot take, the film's buzz is zero and after this it is doomed. srk baby being a smart man yourself u'll understand most of us as we understand u that u did this for ur friend but spare us.

Who is going to watch this 3 hours of extravagant cinematic torture. May be Deepika's lovely can save this film from tanking. Good decision to put aside your respect demand and do a lovely song deepika.

oh boy! i like SRK and Deepika and adore Boman but can't stand the trailer. This movie looks painful. Not gonna watch it!

I do not care. What I hope is to be fun as OSO and MHN. I love these two fun films.

Whoa...2014 is not your year, SRK. Tum se na ho paayega.

Don't think so. One who works in the film tweeted it is no more than 2:45 min.

Holy batman! 188 minutes of Grade A-Farah-Khan-BS? God save us. This is going to be such a cinematic treat....NOT.

I really enjoyed MHN a and OSO. I don't understand what the fuzz about this one be horrible without seeing it first!! I love her first two films. Clean and very family enjoy bale experience. I loved also the later two songs promos and the fight promo of SRK. You people are so exaggerating things.

I loved MHN! OSO was okay-ish. I think most of us are reacting based on the promos and songs/music albim. Let's be real, they don't look or sound that great. MHN had songs that I still listen to even today (was just listening to Tumse Milke the other day). Dialogs that my friends and I still laugh over-- "Ram toh Rambo nikla" Sadly, HNY seems to have neither. It seems to be this grand mishmash of colors and opulence, but lacking in substance. And of course we have the right to complain! I've followed SRK since I was like 7. If he doesn't do great work, I'ma call him out on it.

Its cis her HUSBAND mr Shirish wrote it, who also wrote TMK. Farah herself directed and wrote MHN and OSO thats why they were good movies.

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