Team “Happy New Year” spread their magic in Delhi

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The team of Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone-starrer “Happy New Year” was in Delhi on Monday to promote their forthcoming movie. The movie releases this Friday.

Also present were Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah along with director Farha Khan.

While Vivaan entertained the audience present with his funny dance, even SRK and Deepika took to the stage to flaunt some romantic moves. The team was seen having a blast.

Deepika looked pretty and chic. She sported a beaded peacock motif sweatshirt by Hemant and Nandita from their Autumn Winter 2014 collection. She paired the top with a pair of distressed denims and gold Giuseppe Zanotti pumps.

The boys wore black suits and Farah sported an orange kurta with black pants. They all looked good.

“Happy New Year” revolves around six losers - Charlie, Mohini, Nandu, Temhton, Jagmohan and Rohan – who participate in a dance competition to pull off the greatest musical heist ever.

Produced by Gauri Khan under Red Chillies Entertainment, the movie also features Jackie Shroff. It will hit the screens on October 24.

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they r still promoting superflop movie called hny that too by paying stupid zoom channel...hahaha

Deepika you r a big star and there is nothing wrong about being friendly with your co stars. But when it comes to public platforms don't you think u need to draw a line. It doesn't look cool when u keep kissing and sitting on the laps of ur costars. It may be for a movie promotion, but remember u have lots of fans of different age group. Most of them like ur off screen personality as well. Where is the deepika of YJhd and cocktail. Suddenly we see a new deepika who is over friendly with her costars. Sometimes it is good keep our own personalities and not let it change when we are in a different world. From a concerned fan of urs. Even my mom likes u and no she doesn't like to see a grown and mature actress like u sitting on costars laps and kissing them in public. You have an old world charm and grace, where did all that go suddenly. Many of ur fans don't like this behaviour, it may pass for alia be coz she is a kid but u r a woman and millions of girls look up to. Don't u think u should consider that.

this is just crazy. when pc was too friendly with SRk, which she also is generally with all her co-stars, everyone got mad, made up stories(which have not been proven any which way) and spoilt all their life. but its ok for dp and srk to be even more friendly than pc was. just because pc-srk chemistry as great in don. maybe coz they are good actors and the movie needed it rather than the generally puppy love chemistry between dp and srk in all their movies.

well, i'm not a follower of PC to know the kind of chemistry or equation she has with SRK on or off screen, i learnt about their story from the media, and since there is no proof as you've said, people shouldn't care that much and spread stories about them.....coming to deepika, and as following fan, i would have been really worried if her equation with SRK off screen was any special or different from her equation with her other male co-stars, but no, it's really the same, she is too friendly and flirty with all of them (which i don't like to be honest) even with Amitabh bachan, he himself said she is very affectionate , but the second the film releases all the super friendly behavior comes to the end, and everyone goes back to his own world, i don't know if deepika is by nature that friendly or it's only for the sake of promotions and films, but i prefer the way she was at the beginning of her career. if there is something fishy, people tend to cover it and get conscious in front of cameras and public eye, whereas they are very comfortable together in front of everyone, i don't think there is something between them except work respect and a light friendship.


ok, let's talk logically, deepika is very friendly with all her co-stars, just a while back during FFF promotions, she was too friendly with arjun too, kisses him and hugs him all the time, with ranbir and ranveer she was very friendly but there was some limit because of their statuts, also not too long, deepika said in an interview that farah and shahrukh are like her parents, very protective of her, and when asked about the best couple in industry she said shahrukh and gauri, shahrukh backed her on the cleavage controversy too there was even talks that he scolded the journalist to tears, i think she just respects him and she is very loyal to him, i think for her, he is like "the filmy family" she doesn't have in this industry and all the other star kids have, she knows he will be there for her if she needs him, and she will be always there for him when he needs her, yes, because if you see carefully, deepika didn't want to do chennai express or HNY (in fact her role in last film was re written all over again for her they said it in the begining), because she wants to do meaningful roles now, she doesn't want to be a piece of decor in any film anymore, she did the films only for shahrukh (and farah in HNY case) she wants to pay her dept to him, and he knows that, he even indirectly said it during HNY promotions, and that's why he promised her name will be before his in both the films, so no, i think they are just great co-workers and loyal individuals to people who helped them. and to be honest, now that they got to know each other very well, many times i felt that deepika and shahrukh don't like too much each others personnalities, if it wasn't for work, i don't think they would ever bond. in FFF promotions she was asked about her favorite co-stars from ranbir ranveer and shahrukh, she answered naseeruddin shah, and she joked with arjun and they said "so forget about the kapoor boys, only the shah boys" and she added "no...just one shah (hinting on nasseruddin shah again)". i saw her lately in the box office india award show, and she was just normal with arjun, no more over friendly behavior, so now i think the flirting and over friendly manners are just the way for promoting in this industry (remember alia and varun for exemple), i think deepika finaly inderstood that. to make it in this industry she had to change from the shy introvert girl she was when she started (i can't tell i like it though). and let's face it, if they are having a fling, they would try to hide it, not to over show it with lovey dovey behavior, also she couldn't have such a thing in farah's presence, she said many times that she is like her mother, and she cares about her opinion on her and wants always to behave well in front of her and makes her proud, also gauri and abram have been on the sets of HNY many times, and they were even reports of deepika playing with abrah. so,i think she is just very friendly, playfull, very sporty, very professional and very focused, and as a young beautifull woman she enjoys her costars attention (without causing any harm), but i think she is a very loyal conservative and straithforward girl in her real life, for people who know her very well. homi said she is very loyal, ranbir said she is sincere shy friendly fun and beautifull from within, ayan and karan johar said she is straithforward, arjun said she is calm and zen. but i understand if some of her costars or people from the industry who lost contact with her or the public get confused about her and find her mysterious because of that contradiction of being straightforward and playfull at the same time, but i think she will not let the slightest of dupt or confusion gets between her and the people who are important in her life and mean something to her. but to tell you, every male co-star of hers, thinks he is special to her more than others, (and become possessive of her and wants to be her favorite : ranbir, ranveer, shahrukh, arjun) because of her very friendly nature, but then when he sees her behavior with other costars, he knows that he is just another costar like others no more no less. only deepika knows where her heart is, and hopefully the person who have her heart knows he have it, reciprocates the feeling, and takes good care of it. i don't know but this is my personnal feeling.

And everytime I look at SRK I asked myself where are these famous abs he got? All the othe stars with real abs you can clearly see on their shoulders and whole body language that they have mucles but here? Zero!

because he is in the lean side. All muscles without buffing up or fake stuff. And here he is wearing lose suit. You can clearly see them when he wears t-shirts and stuff. Beside he shows his perfect abs in Google event. SO really CUT the crap.

Love you DP because you make our adorable SRK smiling and happy!

Everyone who says Deepika and SRK have a thing is just silly - all women love SRK and hug and kiss and flirt with him - look at Farah Khan, Juhi Chawla, Rani Mukherjee, Preity Zinta, etc etc. He's just a really friendly, charming guy. The only person who isn't always fawning over SRK and has more of a buddy vibe with him is Kajol and that's because she's just more of a bro.

i always notice 2 thing when Deepika with SRk she always dress very well & she look really happy.

Seeing deepika kissing hugging srk remind me srk dialogue in Comedy nigh with kapil 'DO CHAR TO MERE CHARM PAR HI MARTI HAI"

I think it just looks like she finds him HOT. No guys?? Maybe more than some of the younger guys? But I think that is all. SRK would never at this stage. It is futile and too late.

Love SRK. and these pictures are very sweet. I loved the HNY team on DilseNacheIndiaWaale aswell. In the episode, a russian girl performed, and then said that she wants to marry SRK, and Farah said that she can't marry him, but he can romance her. So SRK, danced with the russian girl to Ajab Si from Om Shanti Om, and Deepika got all jealous, and then went up on stage too. It was very funny and cute. PINKVILLA should post that clip.

If anyone can't see that they are together, then they must be blind. Deepika looks totally smitten, and in love with him. Deepika looks sooo happy and confident around SRK. I bet they are doing it, and they spent alot of alone time during the slam tour in America. Deepika is much better than the other stalker actress on twitter.

If anyone can't see that they are together, then they must be blind. Deepika looks totally smitten, and in love with him. I bet they are doing it, and they spent alot of alone time during the slam tour in America. Deepika is much better than the other stalker actress on twitter.

SRK looks beautiful. He has such a good aura. Like that.

Seeing these pictures makes me believe that blind item by Rajeev Masand. Deepika is starting to act like Priyanka around SRK. PC was all over SRK during Don2 promotions, and aways touching him, and the media suspected that something was going on between them. Deepika is doing the same, infact deepika is doing more than PC and is always kissing and hugging SRK, and touching his legs. Deepika is all over SRK, but because she has a "dangling" boyfriend, the media doesn't suspect anything.

It's funny how every actress has a crush on SRK and can't resist his charm. I don't blame them. If i was in their place, i would just jump on him. Hehehehhe.

Deepika was touching boman's legs are just being friendly..

Do you remember what the name of that article was??? I really thought it was Katrina- Hrithik- Ranbir.. But it seems like you are right...hhmmmmm

He is amazing but every man ages. He will be sixty when she will be 40. Come on! These girls are NOT idiots. They are WELL AWARE of this.

Deepika is always touching SRK. I don't like it. She is over friendly with him. SRK is her co-star, NOT her boyfriend.

I'm sure he's not only her co-star. It's obvious that they are together. No doubt! And it don't care SRK to show it in public. He has not the slightes interest in family. Upppps, sorry.....even for HNY promo of course. that you???? It's OK, you can't touch him but at least you can stalk him on twitter!!!!

Omg that photo of Farah and Deepika air kissing each other is so awkward

srk looks tired. I don't know why but I think he isn't really excited as much as he was for chennai ...and don 2.he looks bored .just look at his tweeter page.

I guess he moved on from the film already. He always says this that he get bored easily and toward the end of a film he just wants to leave. And now he is shooting for another movie maybe he is in a state of mind to think about it than go on with the promotion of this film. He looks super fine though:)

SRK looks damn cute with all his dimple smiles.

she looks happy happy happy and i think rs is the one behind that big big big smile

Abhishek and SRK are looking really good! Deepika on the other hand........ -_-

Deepika is looking frumpy and totally dated, and the hairstyle isn't helping, either!

She is looking gorgeous

I hate actresses trying to get closer /overfriendly than needed to their superstar actors. I remember how Preity Zinta and Rani Mukerjee liked to run after SRK like that.

Wot on earth is she wearing. Looks like she picked it out of an 80s wardrobe!

deepika look young,fresh and cute...

All look quite good and dapper.

Deepika looking young and fresh

Deepika is underdressed with that sweat shirt and torn jeans , the guys look dapper in suits

deepika WOW

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