Unseen picture of Aaradhya Bachchan with cousin Vihaan Rai

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We came across an adorable picture of baby Aaradhya along with her cousin Vihaan Rai. Both of them are of almost same age.

Vihaan is Aishwarya's brother Aditya's son. Aditya is married to Shrima Rai.

Aditya did try his luck in Bollywood by producing Dil Ka Rishta starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Arjun Rampal.

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I know plenty of people will be wondering if little Aaradhya will become an actress but I actually think that Aishwarya's nephew, Vihaan, will become an actor. Mark my words!

My eyes look to Aaradhya, she looks so adorable

Cute bebi

Both are very cute here. Aaradhya has Abhishek's jowls though.

Cute kids.
Please upload other photos

So cuteeee


Must be an old pic, they are both much bigger now.

cute kids, she is a year or two younger than him? but they look same age

This is an old pic.

The Rai genes are strong in these two!

The boy is definitely much cuter looking.

OMG.....how cute are these 2. Baby Aaradhya looks absolutely adorable this way rather than all made up like a doll.....so natural and beautiful

Vihaan got the good genes.

They look like twins!

Awww..so cute!
Aaradhya looks relaxed for the first time i've seen in her publicly released pics. Poor kid, most of the pics she looks scared or unnerved by the crowds of people/photogs around Aish.

This is such an adorable picture. Makes me want to kiss and tightly hug these two cutie pies. My love to them.

they look like twins! i dont think they are the same age. aaradhya is very tall for her age. there is a two year gap between the two babies

Aaradhya is such a cutieee!

She is so adorable!Ash is a really simple woman with high class values.Love her so much

Both in towels...uuber cute...vihaans Expression Adorable.

Cho cute is this picture.. awwlleee... just too adorable!!

Wow, Vihaan is looking cute to me. Actualy its natural he's coming from the same beauty factory family Aishwarya Rai belongs too and his mother also 2nd runner up of mrs India competition

cuteness unlimited. lucky to have a cousin closer to her age.

Aww…they look adorable. Rais melt my heart grounded and absolutely non filmy no traces of having the biggest female superstar (ever!) in their family. At the risk of sounding shallow, have a strong feeling(I may be wrong of course) that Aaradhya will be brought up just like a upper middle class south Indian girl you know all that bharatnatyam,carnatic music,kanchipuram silk frock(lol!) ,etc., Aishwarya never renounced her middle class values even after all that unprecedented success she had, one heck of a role model.

Umm no, get off your delusions . "South India" is not Tamil Nadu that she will wear kanchipuram frocks etc etc stop with that garbage... she is only half mangalorean btw and we don't do those things you described in Mangalore.


Aww so cute both...i cannot resist chubby cheeks!

4648 reads!in less than 1 hour?is she already a superstar or what?? lol btw, cute kids.

Such cuties.

There r almost six pic all over social media.what adorable kid.

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