Watch: HNY team grooves to the fun, peppy track “Sharabi”

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The “Happy New Year” team is here again and this time they will woo you with their performance in the song “Sharabi”. The song features Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah grooving to the track.

“Sharabi” has been crooned by Manj Musik, Nindy Kaur, Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani with music by Manj and Vishal-Shekhar. It is fun, youthful track and the video is just awesome.

The team of HNY is seen in their quirky sharabi avatars in the song. You will love them. And Deepika is looking really really hot.

In one of the sequences of the song, the lyrics goes like, “One drink down main Govinda, two drink down main Jeetendra, three drink down main “Sharabi” ka Bachchan, four drink down and I dance like Dharmendra”. Well you got to see the HNY team imitate these stars in the song.

Directed by Farah Khan, “Happy New Year”, released in theatres on October 24. The movie has so far raked in Rs.230.85 crores worldwide.

Watch the HNY flaunt their funky, quirky steps in “Sharabi”, and tell us if you like it.

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,,,like it

Eventhough I don't like the fact SRK did HNY(I'm yet to watch it).....This video is one of the fumiest song videos...I love it...They all look so crazy and cute

Deepika's expressions were so on point. She was definitely underused here, I'm not being biased but she was the best thing in the song. She came halfway in the song and made it worthwhile for me. This video proves that if she is given a steady choreography she can dance amazingly, too. My favorite look is her in the white dress.


My eyes were glued to Deepika...Farah has showed that she can dance too


SRK looks great!!!

Dear SRK, when can you stop looking sexy? goddd!!! tooo hot to handle

I just love the cast. Farah can really bring her cast together, and I love that. Love the song and the choreo but Ganesh has overused those bending things. When I saw PC using it during Filmfare I was stunned, but this is like the 3rd or 4th time Ganesh has used this.

Omg I so agree with u ! Actually I don't mind it being used but I just felt it wasn't used well .. PC filmfare performance set the level high so in the song it just looks weird and out of place .. Love the song tho !

In Filmfare I was amazed by PC's performance but Ganesh used it in Jhalak and now this. But I still love the choreo tho

Sounds like a fun song to groove to.

Deepika looks really good in this song.

Really!! What the hell that I saw? Bollywood going down no good movies and the songs is terrible.. U have 2 do something or we might lose the charms of it ) :

the video is not working??? nooo I wanted to see it

Catchy song!

SRK looks damn hot in black!!!

SRK can rock any look even the crazy one. I find no wrong in that. And I'm one who loves his off beat films more than the big ones but I enjoyed them nevertheless.

I second that. people need to chill. We all love BW songs and mad fun. I LOVE SRK in swades but I love him in HNY as well. Many can enjoy both. Silly how everyone just looking for so called art films from SRK. Let it loose and enjoy the ride. His next two films are off beat. He needs to mix things. One love this and the other not. simple.

Looks super fun! Liked it.

This is Y Deepika where she is today... She is completely a deserving candidate for the Numero Uno spot... She is the BEST part of this video... Killed itttt.

Cant take my eyes off DP though she came in almost half way through the song

The bending backward ste is a complete copy of Shakti Mohan's dance in Jhalak!!!

Actually this is the best shot song in the whole movie.


These guys have probably had the best time/experience EVER for a movie. From the shooting of the movie and the songs to the slam tour to promotions and now the icing on the cake the success of the movie.... It's obviously been a BLAAST and an experience they will never forget! You gotta envy them a little! Love them all :) Well done Team HNY!

Just observe Deepika alone - she is the perfect combination of cuteness, beauty and sexiness - she has done such a good job here with great expressions and dance moves. Can you even imagine stony-face, one-expression Katrina doing this! Sonu looks so good in that white shirt and Deepika toh waaaahhhhh! Toooo good.

I had eyes only for Deepika - she looks amazing and is giving amazing expressions and moves...her Dharmendra dancing is exceptional! Loved her!

Deepika deepika deepika.......mesmerizing.

lovely Deepika

I lovee Shahrukh but it pains me to watch him do these crappy songs. I really hope the old SRK comes back in Fan and Raees. I want more Don, MNIK, KHNH, Swades and Chak De India and less Chennai Express, HNY and RA ONE.

HAHAHA... Crazy fun, loved it.

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