Woman denied to watch SRK’s HNY, consumes acid

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A woman named Neha Sen consumed acid after her husband allegedly denied her to watch Shah Rukh Khan’s “Happy New Year”. The woman belonged to Shivpuri district in Madhya Pradesh.

According to Hindustan Times, the police, on Tuesday, said that her husband went to watch the movie alone.

The 21-year-old was rushed to a district hospital after which she was referred to a hospital in Gwalior and is currently battling for her life.

According to police officials, Neha's husband Vishal denied her request because of the huge crowd for the movie on Sunday.

The police has yet to register a case in the matter.

“Happy New Year”, directed by Farah Khan, also features Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Jackie Shroff and Vivaan Shah. The movie released in theatres on October 24.

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Husband sounds like he was tormenting her. This was not just about the movie...

I think this news is wrongly reported..she consumed the acid after watchin the movie..cz she regretted wasting 3 hrs o her life.

Such women are in abusive relationships where their partners control them. I'm pretty sure she took this step because of other reasons, not just because she could not see the movie

This happens to most of them.they wil getreally upset if don't get c their favourite actors movie. I'am from bangalore & I still remember how ppl used to wait in endless as to get the ticked & some ppl used to get injured & died too watching our kannada matinee idol the legend Dr rajkumar movies

I am sure its not bcoz of SRK but the fact that her husband went alone to watch the movie and probably there were a lot of underlying tension/other factors at their relationship from the beginning, which might have forced her to take whatever step she took. Otherwise, I really feel bad for her if she gave her precious life for a damn movie. That is insane.

Headline should have said husband refuses to let wife go to the cinema, etc etc instead of woman takes acid because of HNY. Obviously this has more to do with the fact she's in an abusive relationship where she can't even go to the cinema meanwhile he goes and leaves her with no hope for her life. For the people with no sympathy - I feel bad for you because you can't empathize with another human being. Don't judge people without knowing the full story.

Well that escalated quickly !

Poor Girl , husband shouldn't have gone alone .

Pathetic woman. Where people are struggling to stay alive because they have terminal illness this stupid woman has no value for life what so ever

That's why I always say srk fans love him so much , they can go to any level just for him PV plz post

I think this is really sad. Watching a SRK movie is like an event and going to the cinema's is a social activity. The man clearly did not want her around men. She didn't harm herself due to HNY, but probably more down to the fact that her husband would rather go to the cinema without her and leave her at home. I mean personally this year I've not watched the last two blockbuster movies Bang Bang and Happy New year due to being unemployed and that did hurt a bit. These decisions were made by me and I knew when things get better for me I could go again to the cinema. Her husband probably deprived her alot just so he could control her and she clearly got to the point where she had enough and wanted out of the marriage and so no other way.

Oh geez, who would do that... this news seems to be heavily sensationalized!

There is obvious underlying tension within the household and this may have just been the cherry on the cake, what she did was incredibly stupid but at the end of the day nobody knows the full story. This should be a lesson to all MEN treat your women with respect and just as how you would like to be treated. Even if there was a big crowd, you're her husband!!! You protect her and stand behind her so that she is safe. Isn't your wifes happiness more important to you then your egoistic pride???

oh my dear.

good going numbnuts.

Obviously her issues extend way beyond getting denied HNY. May God have mercy on her.

She needs a psychiatrist and some medication! Crazy!



She must've impersonated Shahrukh. I hope people sought their voices on this case , her husband is a disgusting dominant one he should have hanged if anything happens to her. to learn a lesson to every dominant man.

What? How?

If it wasn't crowded for the him, why was it crowded for his wife? SMH. Hope she gets well soon.

Ya! agree.

Hope she will be fine soon, Prayers. Don't do such things, there is always a tomorrow.

Oh Cmon what is this? One part u see modern ppl in indian films n how open minded ppl seems to be in movies n then news like this still happens in india. Men are dominating over women too much in india. Such a horrible person he is, just bcuz she wanted to see the film he throws acid on her n why does he even have it? Clearly cuz he knew he wud use it on her one day.. Clearly shows he doesnt love her.. married her just bcuz...probably bored with life n went for the arranged marriage stuff which is very usual in south asia.

What, how are you even coming to this conclusion? Read the article again!

This looks like more of a retaliation against her husband for leaving her behind and going alone, rather than not being able to watch SRK in HNY. Either ways, too bad.....a life should not be wasted.....hope she makes a full recovery.

She had pretty much wished for a slow death at the hands of Farah Khan when she decided to go for this movie. Guess there's no limit to insanity in this world!

Die Amir fans die just because ur star does not get this kind of love from people.lol

No dumba** I am not going anywhere untill the society have morons like you. I am glad Aamir doesnt have crazy-a** fans like you. Your parents must be real proud of you! #Loser

you have issues if you want people to die because of some fan war hahaha, think about that for a second, you'll just laugh at how dumb you are.

Don't bring in Aamir or his fans here. Keep your SRK love tight,but stay away from Aamir. Feel sorry for the poor woman, frustrated, with her own problems, living in a chauvinistic society. Take a joke lightly and don't wish death on fans of other stars.

With SRK, nothing is impossible. Hope he gets well soon

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