Dharmendra Breaks Down: My Laadli Beti Is Now Married

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The morning after the wedding Dharmendra is too emotional to articulate his thoughts fully. “What can I say? To watch my youngest born get married was an overwhelming experience.Ahana has always been very special to me.All my children are special. But somehow the youngest born is the baby of the family. To see her getting married was just too much for me.But let me tell you, Ahana is very strong practical-minded girl,” confesses Dharamji, his voice choked with emotions.

“Now all my children are married and settled. I’m blessed .All the goodwill that I’ve earned over the years has finally come to fruition,” says Dharamji.

The affable evergreen actor says his wife Hema is far stronger emotionally. “Hema took charge of everything. I was too dazed and numbed.But I have to confess it was a beautiful wedding.Everyone was there. Even Narendra Modiji came.Shah Rukh came although he was injured.Many years ago he was introduced in a film directed by Hema(Dil Ashna Hai).He has seen Esha and Ahana grow up .”

At the wedding Dharamji sorely missed some of his colleagues who are no more. “I missed Dev Saab and Suchitra Sen. He was very fond of both Hema and me. I still remember when I ran into him as a newcomer at Central Studio while I was participating in a newcomers’ contest. He beckoned me, ‘Hey, Toughie.Com here’. Dev Saab fed me lunch and refused to let me drink the studio water. It was the first time in my life that I saw an ice-box. As for Suchitra, she was a sweetheart. When we we were shooting for Mamta in Kolkata she took me to the Kali temple early in the morning. She led me by hand as though I was child. I’ve met the most wonderful humanbeings in the film industry. Now many of them are gone. I missed them at the wedding.”

By Subhash K Jha

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Good to know he cares. Btw, I really don't understand why "brothers" Sunny and Bobby didn't attend the wedding. Why shd they attend? Their mother was cheated upon by their father and Hema which obviously caused quite a turmoil in the family. But they have been quite all the time. If they really like the girls and love them as sisters, that's their greatness. But that doesn't mean that they go and mingle and attend the weddings in the other family. That's really up to their wish. Just think what the first wife has and been going through all these years. It is very difficult for a woman. She might not have divorced because that is even more tough for a traditional lady to do especially with kids and in those times.We might not understand all this as outsiders but if her kids understand her and respect her feelings that's damn good. Why do people make a big deal about them not attend the wedding? These things are so delicate and intricate and itntricate that it's better for people outside the family not really pass loose comments.

Daughters r precious.... People need to understand before commenting bad.

Aww... So sweet

Awww, how sweet.

As usual people make comments about Hema , when it's Dharmendra who broke his marriage vows long before (he even knew Hema) with Meena Kumari . Sunny is famous for his own decades long relationship with Dimple . Bobby is supposed to be busy with some socialite type . Both Sunny & Bobby are on cordial terms with Hema & the gals . Sunny is supposed to have intervened when Esha lost her head over Aftab , after Hema requested him to have a chat with his half sister . They would have kept away out of respect to their mother & not b'cos of Hema.

he just used and abused meena kumari to get fame how sad

His sons did exactly what their father did. For the same reasons that Salman can never be monogamous in his relationships. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Now consider this : Sunny is 21 years younger than Dharam; but Sunny is 29 years older than Ahana ! Definitely Sunny is old enough to be her father ! And he let down his kid sister ,,, maybe he was expressing his solidarity to his mother

to be honest....maybe since he didn't grow up with her around him, he isn't even that close to them, i am guessing by 29 years he was living on his own.

Vajradantimala (sic) is very much alive. Why wasn't she there at the wedding? She is supposed to be very fond of Hema. Also, why was Rajnikant there, supposedly a close friend of Hema malini .. so also Kamala Hasan, Sridevi, Madhuri, Hrithik Roshan, ..none from Raj Kapoor's family, Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherji.. the list is really long; many more people didn't attend than attended it ! Crooks like Amar Singh and Suresh Kalmadi were invited too !

Correction !: I meant "why wasn't Rajnikant there "

aww.. truly hema and dharamji were brangelina of their generation!!

where was Bobby and Sunny???? Lovely to see Dad of the bride emotional shame on the brothers!!!


It's difficult to empathize with these veteran actors because behind these crocodile tears you know there's a chauvinist hiding.

So he couldn't get Sunny and Bobby (her brothers) to attend but he was wishing for dead members of the film fraternity to be present?

why didnt the brothers show up? i thought they like their sisters

If I was Sunny or Bobby (which I'm not, thankfully ) I wouldn't have attended either. Their family is quite a mess. While they love their dad , they don't really seem to be wanting to have any equation with his second wife.

both sunny and bobby chose to not attend the wedding. why are you being the kabab mein haddi? It's their family matter.

That is so funny..
He is such a drama queen
And we all know Hema is strong, isn't she the one who broke a family.

DharamJi was doing the same during Esha's wedding..Crying like baby ..I guess most of the fathers do the same when their daughter get married :)

I'm sure it's always difficult to see your daughter go to some young fellow's home & you pray she's happy with him . Does anyone know where are his daughters from his 1st wife ? One never hears anything about them !

One of his daughters is in California.

That's right... I think both are in California... There isn't a single photo of these two daughters ever published in any film magazine.
They are that much sheltered and protected; whereas Esha and Ahana are quite the opposite!

They married NRI's apparently.

He is all mush. Hema is the strong one.
Oh yes, totally forgot about SRK's first film directed by Hema - Dil Ashna Hai, it was an interesting movie, different from the usual.

All natak.

I can understand how emotional moment would it be for him. I saw my dad crying for the 1st time a month ago in my whole life time. But underneath these tears there hidden the care fear love and expectation that his daughter will be safe and sound in her new world.

Aww :) so true.

He is such a punjabi(in a good way) hard exterior, but a softie.

Aww Dharamji is such emotional man.BIG HUG

Aww Dharamji

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