Aishwarya Rai Bachchan celebrates birthday with the media

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan turned 41 today and it was for the first that she celebrated her birthday with the media.

Ash chose to wear a black outfit and she was looking gorgeous as usual. She had also thrown a party for her close friends last night.

The former beauty queen is gearing up for her comeback film, Jazbaa to be directed by Sanjay Gupta.


Oh beautiful...From which angle does she look like 41...Gorgeous.

Beauty! Happy Belated Aish!

What a loser!!!!!

For God's sake, what is this nonsense about her not looking her age? Of course she does, but then 41 isn't all that old in this day and age!

I prefer her with this darker hair color so much more than her usual golden brown. I think the darker color makes her look more youthful and reminds me of the Aish from the early 2000's-late 90's.

Rohit Shetty film with Ash-Srk is gonna be announced soon. :)

I am so glad she has lost weight... finally...

For a 41 year old, she looks amazing. Love her earrings and pendant too. !

Really pretty, but I wish she didn't wear a suit

Happy bday to the most beautiful woman in the world! She looks not a day older than 27. She is aging reverse.Your fans are so proud of you Ash. May god bless you and give you all the happiness in the world.

The most beautiful woman on Earth, period. Happy birthday! :)

even in at 50 or 100, we will love to see her, that's because of her beauty. everyone is praising about her beauty. she is not an extraordinary actress. it's her luck that she is naturally beautiful and many times she mentioned that " I am truly blessed", because of her divine face she is still in the lime light and attention, other wise she was kicked off from the industry!!!!

We love to see her not just for her external beauty, but also for her internal beauty. U r not mentally mature to acknowledge her acting talent.

Oh you mean her "talent" is being married to the bachchans....!lol she has zero acting ability except one or two movies where she did fine like Devdaas..

Women don't have to younger to look pretty or beautiful. Female fans need to stop picking on actresses because of their looks and so do other actresses who are younger in age. You don't see men being catty about their looks.

Way too many Gods and Goddesses in she cutting her cake in some Temple?

Oooo look at me, I have soooo many diamonds!!!

Aishwarya Rai Bachachn is wearing BLOOD DIAMOND. These hypocrite celebrities spend nearly hundreds of thousands of money on conflict stones. Yet for all their supposed "activism" , human rights", "charities" aids and other noble causes, they seem to create a double standard by buying these Diamonds. Blood and conflict diamonds that is. Do they care for the plight of the poor?certainly not! Aishwarya is one of them a hypocrite! she lives and breathes money, lives in a bachchan mansion and now pretends to be a Mother Teresa! She can fool the poor people but it will come back to haunt her. If celebrities like her truly care and take a stand for human rights in a just way, to be against corruption and poverty, she must be courageous in speaking out against diamond trade and buying and wearing diamonds. Its easy to say you care for the poor people but, living in a lap of luxury, anyone can talk and act the way she is doing.So full of herself and her body language says it all! You DO NOT need all that make up and diamonds to look pretty!!

HBD Aishwarya Rai

So many good heroines get kicked out of the industry just because of their age so I'm rooting for a comeback for her. Women need to fight back to make a place for themselves in the industry.

#2 and for the record, she is also the #1 post. La reina.

charm and grace

The diamonds she's showing off are BLOOD DIAMONDS....if all these fake celebrities cared for the poor! i think NOT! and you don't need all that layers of make up lips and those diamonds to be "pretty" .......she lives in a bubble and a mansion of bachchans and have absolutely zero emotion for the needy and poor.And before Aishwarya fans attack me here ..let me tell you i live a simple life, i am a vegan and i don't care for BLOOD DIAMONDS to make myself pretty!!!

Love you Aishwarya. Happy Birthday

Look at those Huge diamonds she is wearing

Make up was good for the Video shoot not for camera flashes ...

Oh yes! She looks like a 41 year old....not a day younger and certainly not a decade younger!! PV please post this as it isn't discriminating.

Is there any beauty more than Aishwarya either natural or artificial?

I think there are ... It's just a hype. ... I mean she is pretty no doubt but worlds most pretty is a lil too much .

Obviously, the people who are hyping her are in love with her and it has endured through the years by God's grace alone and if it was just hype it would have died down long ago. You can either join the train or be left at the station sweetie. Choo...choo! =)

I may not like her at times but I truly love her love and appreciation of her family especially her husband. She is more popular and successful in comparison to her husband but never for once I have seen her try to act or look she is better than him. I really loved it how she was genuinely gratified all the success Abhishek got for his work in HNY. And that daughter of hers she is soooooo cute.

WOW!!! Most beautiful woman in the world. She looks like a little girl in the video. how cute!

She's okayed many films, yay, so she is seriously making a comeback. Good. And wow, the huge diamonds in her ears!


She is beyond beautiful.

These pics mademy day

14th pic. Most beautiful from which angle?

From every angle!

Big big diamonds

Is it possible to see her makeup-free once in this lifetime??

She is so beautiful!

She's so full of herself..just look at her body language...woman you need to come back on earth !!

she is more down to earth than all the bolly actresses combined. so just zip it.

OMG ! Just watched the video, she looks like she's in the late 20's !
On the other note, she's truly a world class beauty ! Happy Birthday Ash ! So so in love with her.

Oh my god! such grace!

I don't think that this is the first time she has done this with the media...if I recall she did this last year too.

Happy birthday Aish, many happy returns of the day.


Thanks Kitty.

Can't take my eyes off her. Too beautiful to describe in words.

At 41 she looks more gorgeous than any 20 yr old.

There is nothing above that face. WOW Spellbinding beauty!

She looks like a divine goddess in the video and young like a little 23 yr old girl. She is a greek goddess in an indian temple!

Just look in the video. She is The ultimate! Man she is so gorgeous!

She has signed Rohit Shetty's next for sure.

she's totally rocking her 40s .... this look is better than last years :D Happy birthday Aishwaryaaaa

her face lights up so much when she mentions her daughter - so beautiful.
i think she has definitely matured well - looks gorgeous and maintains grace and poise no matter what.

This woman looks nothing more than 30 years. Amazing!

Oh Dear finally she has learnt to relax and talk normal in front of media. I don't know it's due to the way DP who is very natural and friendly towards the media. But it's good to see her like this.

Aish has always been cordial and friendly with the media. Please keep your DP away from this post, it's lame.
Aishwarya is class apart and no amount of faking it by such new 'stars' will get anyone as close. Happy Birthday Beauty! PV POST THIS!!!!

*cringe not grinch.

Okay I am a Aishwarya fan so I am not dissing her but many times her interactions with the media makes you grinch. It always seemed she isn't being herself but putting this act in front of people. She has always been guarded. No one knows own her real personalty we just know her as the star who is very private. But this new change is obviously from seeing the new generation like DP because she speaks openly and doesn't try guard to maintain this imaginary image. As a fan who cares I think Aishwarya needs to be more open in her interactions with fan and public because she has a ton of good qualities and talent. But it's also important to give credit to people where it's due in this case Deepika Padukone has brought a new wave of balancing stardom and public relations. She beats this even with her lot of actors. I have yet to see another actor who is so easy and honest with their interactions with the media public etc etc....

fantastic looking for 41

very classy

She is stunning. Can give today's actresses a run for thier money. None of them have the beauty and presence she has.

wow, first pic is absolutely beautiful.

mature beauty!

Her eyes are really stunning

Lovely video, and nicely edited. Can't wait for the announcements!

Happy birthday ARB

Her diamonds!

she actually makes me soo happy

sooo sooo beautiful now just in her looks but how she presents herself, i love her!!!!

Gorgeous woman.. what

those must be diamonds what she is wearing

It's her beauty. for which she gets more attention for birthday than any other actresses .
media wants just a pic for her beautiful face.
she looks gorgeous in red lips and black blazer.
I just saw a youtube of aishwarya birthday on 1nov 2014 I was just get emotionalyiz that how media was singing birthday for aishwarya really great!!!!!
best actresses best mother best beauty and best wife and so onnn wish you good luck aish.
she always splashes nice expression and smile which I really die to see on screen.
god bliss you aish.

HBD Aishwarya

It's her beauty. for which she gets more attention for birthday than any other actresses .
media wants just a pic for her beautiful face.
she looks gorgeous in red lips and black blazer.
I just saw a youtube of aishwarya birthday on 1nov 2014 I was just get emotionalyiz that how media was singing birthday for aishwarya really great!!!!!
best actresses best mother best beauty and best wife and so onnn wish you good luck aish.

It's her beauty. for which she gets more attention for birthday than any other actresses .
media wants just a pic for her beautiful face.
she looks gorgeous in red lips and black blazer.
I just saw a youtube of aishwarya birthday on 1nov 2014 I was just get emotionalyiz that how media was singing birthday for aishwarya. great.!!

Sensuality increases every year with Ash

Awsome Lady

41?! i dont believe that!! she looks like in her mohabbatein days!

The photos do not do justice to the video.
She looks fabulous

she doesnt need make up but why she wears so much make up ..........................................

She looks lovely but belong more to the milf category

whoa she is dripping with diamonds, looks like abishek really lavished her on her bday. she looks good, wonder what changed her mind to finally make birthday media appearances...maybe pa did coz he always celebrates bday with media

always a treat looking at her pictures, shes the only iconic beauty of bollywood and deepika is after her. @ 41 she looks amazing. Love aish x

Why do actors celebrate their birthday "with the media"? What is the point of this?

Finally the entire Bachchan clan is not clamoring around her. She figured out how to balance her work and family. But I would have loved to see Abhishek by her side.

She's gonna be in Shuddhi for sure!

Yeah, opposite Salman, sure! Hahahaha

No ways! Her film with Rohit Shetty opp. Srk will be announced soon and she may be doing KJO's directorial. He has said that he will definitely direct her before he retires. So these seem like her two other films.

I just love her

OMG this woman is so unbelievably beautiful

OMG... she is looking GORGEOUS.

goddess on earth

That is the most beautiful woman!!

Ethereal. I just wow-ed at the pictures and she is so so so so sweet in the video. Prettiest woman!

WATCH THE VIDEO GUYSS!! She looks like a 21 yr old angel. Most beautiful woman!

she also celebrated her birthday last year with the media


She seems very balanced in life.Maybe not the best actress,but by far a very classy woman.

Still amazingly beautiful... Wish that she didn't lose her cheekbones tho


Oh! boy she is the ULTIMATE!!!

Our pride

Oh brother


Happy Birthday to my all time favorite actress

Can't wait for her movies next year

Most beautiful in world.

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