Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's glorious Cannes journey

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This post is a continuation of Sujata's post from last year. Credits to Sujata for all the images and collages.

There is but one name in the glam world that creates a kind of a stir which was unheard of until now. It is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and this mega celebrity creates a magical interest in the media and public throughout the world. Be it her films, her appearances, her wedding, or her motherhood, everything is discussed and scrutinizied beyond imagination. She is exceptionally beautiful, charming and graceful; and she has brought her country fame in many a way.

It is not surprising then that we wish to re-visit her entire journey through the most prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Cannes is the most prestigious and publicized film festival that previews new films of all genres including documentaries from around the world.

Here are all her appearances in the Cannes so far except for 2012. At the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will represent L’Oréal Paris on the 24th & 25th of May. On the 24th of May she will attend the L’Oréal Paris - amfAR (The American Foundation for AIDS Research) dinner and after-party.

Aishwarya first appeared for Cannes in 2002 for for the premiere of her film Devdas. Ever since, there was no looking back.

[img_assist|nid=216838|title=|desc=Aishwarya Rai at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.
Day One: Aishwarya stunned the crowd by wearing an off-white embellished one-shouldered gown from Elie Saab Spring 2011 Couture collection. She also wore a peplum at teh waist for more definition. She was carrying a Jimmy Choo Cosma clutch and looked the diva that she is.
She wore Chopard jewelry, shimmering eyeshadow, and glossy lips.
Day Two: As expected, she wore a gorgeous gown, sparkling makeup and an elegant hairstyle. The breathtaking blue and white floor sweeping gown from Armani Prive Spring 2011 collection, which she carried with much grace made her the best dressed celebrity at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival Day Two.
Aishwarya had shimmering eye makeup with gold eyeshadow. She wore a pair of diamond earrings, two rings, and a bracelet watch. She carried a smart clutch.
She wore her hair in a pinned up style which was trendy and sexy.|link=node|align=left|width=650|height=594]

This Day That Year


She z stunning

Ashwarya doesnt know how to fashion

She is sooooo beautiful. Like a princess. I love her in black color.
I love most of her pics.
Madhuri fans just go away.. you are talking about Ash's color while forgetting that Madhuri is dark black herself. Ash has always been fair.

but still her recent photos proved that the ffair aishwarya is in fact brown as the rest of india

a gorgious lady with a pleasing appearance,

omg she is the best

I love the green dress.

no matter what ash shud opt for a gown

Those ruffles in the black gown which she wore in 2006 are a complete No No

Is it just me or did she star to look really diffrent between 2007 and 2008?

Better looking then most of the bollywood stars

So she first came 9 years ago? wow

The lacy black dress in 2005 was her best look so far.

The green dress was the worst

What is wrong with the 2004 white dress? I like it.

Sat, 2012-05-19 19:41 — barbie girl

LoL girl. Who are you fooling. No one even knows Ash is in the "best dressed " list. .. and to be voted as THE best dressed last yr in USA .. like 2011 ?? you gotta be thinking, people visiting pinkvilla live in the slums of mumbai.

Actually- if you see from top pic to bottompic, she is gradually reducing her jewellry and increasing skin-show. So we a traditional lady transforming into this skin-show model, which is not indian-culture.

on the contrary, aishwarya has a great dress sense, not what shobha de believes- she only wears sabya saris what does she know anyway?

and lately aishwarya has relaxed and tried to wear clothes to mask her pregnancy flab

but on the red carpet she has looked fabulous 90% of the time

on the contrary, aishwarya has a great dress sense, not what shobha de believes- she only wears sabya saris what does she know anyway?

and lately aishwarya has relaxed and tried to wear clothes to mask her pregnancy flab

but on the red carpet she has looked fabulous 90% of the time

the Green an Pink lehenga sorts were HORRIBLE! and the make up in her black gown in 2010 was horrible as well but we have to admit...she did look very pretty in most of the gowns. The white trashy gown is a no-no though. I have a feeling her personal dress sense is not great, seeing the choice of clothes she wears these days, after her pregnancy and also the few clothes we saw her wearing at Cannes.

i think she will wear elle saab

Dress in 2002 & 2003 is YUCKKKKKKK

I don't like most of her fashion choices, but oh man, she really used to have a gorgeous face. She is still very beautiful, but she needs to go softer with her makeup. The older a woman gets, the more discrete her makeup must be. I am not sying she's old, just not 20 anymore.

such a cheap dress she wore in 2004.
boobs gonna pop out.
she was not Bachchan bahu then ;)

definitely something different about her nose in first set of pics.

I love all her looks and outfits, except for the revealing white silvery dress from 2004. Ironically, that was the first time L'Oreal had styled her Cannes red carpet appearance. I also dislike the high coiffed hairstyle from 2010.
The yellow saree look is a classic.

There is too much pressure on her. She can never please everyone because everyone has their own set of demands from Ash. As for me, except other than 2003, she has dressed herself really well.

Her extremely revealing 2003 appearance is really cheap

She looks extremely tired in the last pics...She was tired and pregnant. You can see the darkness around her eyes. She should try to get her old figure.

amazingly beautiful


People are so jealous of you Aish, i can understand, why? The real beauty always makes everyone jealous.
Jalne wale jala kare jalana tumhara kam hai aish...

No wonder that she got a title of "most beautiful woman in the world" cuz she is.

She look soo beautiful in the gold sari.I think thats the appearance IMO.But most of her dresses looks tacky..I cant believe she wore that 2nd and third dress thats soo tacky..Total stylist alert..Also the white gown where her boobs are popping out look so trashy..I love the black gown in 2005 also the gown where she is wearing red lipstick..Those were beautiful..last year was also disappointing..I think elie saab gown wAS OK.

She dressed her worst at cannes.

The white sequence 2004 dress looks like malika sherawat kinda dress.DOesnt look sexy but cheapy kind.THe 2004 black dress with net/lace is nice.The white /pink floral dress is nice too.And yeah the golden something saree with tied up hair is very nice too.

I LOVE her look in the yellow saree and floral dress one, I like her makeup there,it is modern and light. I don't think Ash needs alot of makeup, She looks best when she wear less because she has TOTAL natural beauty.

Btw way to the couple of "anonymous" fashion police on here (lol) If YOU know anything about fashion FRANCE is the fashion capital of the world and U.S.A also have alot influence on fashion and last year Ash was called the best dressed by the INTERNATIONAL MEDIA! Also this year Ash was voted the best dressed on the red carpet by the public on a Indian website so YUP majority rules and she is a beautiful dresser !

she went a little hoochi around 2004-2005 eh.
and then she was still on the heavier side after 2008

Aish could always blow away everyone on the red carpet

The only outfit she looked good was in that gold saree at the Devdas premiere. She looked absolutely stunning. The rest? She looks beautiful but the outfits are horrid

aish is not dad yet, so this post is senseless.

Credits shmedits, this is a copy-paste of Sujata's post! Boo.

I'll go for her saree look.


SHE will wear a Sabya.

That white/silver sequinned cutout dress in 2004 is AWFUL :o Too much flesh, you can see her boobs LOADS! Total faux pas.

The black look in 2006 with the curly hair is just GORGEOUS. She looks really sexy in the curls.

perfact article like aish..

she doesnt mind fashion as her only concern is looking as fair as possible because she knows the weakest side of indians...thats why her focal point has always been presenting herself as fair or porcelain white ...what a drama in real she is as brown as any indian considering global standards

she looks her best in sarees

She's looking horrible in all of those outfits.. how in the hell do people call her well dressed?

LoL, where is the latest pic ? always pulling up pic of her childhood.

She made so many fashion mistakes...also many times shes wearing what i call dirty make up....You can see shes wearing alot

you know she is going to look nice..and i think an abaya style dress will suit her as its floaty.

I never thought she was all that but now that she has the guts to walk out of her house without giving a damn about her weight (espesially since she has ALL the money in the world to lose it), I have gained respect for her 10 fold. Sushmita and her are really the true beauty queens! Salut!

she was so beautiful when she was young.

The white gown from 2009
The black Armani gown and the sabyasachi saree from 2010
The Armani gown n elie Saab gown
Were her best during this journey

She should have just worn sari every year. Her dresses gone more revealing from her first Cannes...cheapskate and Hollywood wannabe!

she really needs a stylist
agree....and tons of make up is too much !

All her outfits suit her so well! Perfect!

why has she been so brown after giving birth...not as fair as in those photos

the beige dress in 2003 is really trashy ........she looks like porn star
after 2004 she 2011 she seemed bored and her poses were weird

the beige dress in 2003 is really trashy ........she looks like porn star
after 2004 she 2011 she seemed bored and her poses were weird

We would like to hire you as her stylist. *eye roll*

same post every year it has just become boring

who cares!!!!! whether she need a stylist or not????? her classic BEAUTY AND SKYHIGH SELF CONFIDENCE IS ENOUGH TO PULL OFF

she is a hot hot beautiful lady. i am not a indian but watched a couple of movies. never seen another actress as beautiful.

Roberto from Spain

Ash looks good for most of her Cannes career. But does her nose look different in the first snap to the last snap? Really.......take a long peek at the snaps of the first few years & then compare it to the last few years.

i'm no ash fan but she looks amazing in the green strapless 2009 appearence with a pony tail. The white gown of 2004 is extremely tacky and looks like shes nicked it from mallika sherawats wardrobe. Its clear from these pictures that everything went downhill from 2010, the weight gain, the horrid hair and make up and mediocre gowns. Its funny how quickly she aged in a year, from looking fresh faced and fit in 2009 to flabby and overly made up in 2010. An ageing beauty queen desperately hanging on to her looks, what a cliche.

She is a true fashion the 5th pic she looks lik a princess..........

I liked her look in simple black from 2005 (studs in the front and straight hair) and the white gown from 2009 was another memorable and pretty one. Oh so beautiful in the first yellow one too.

har photo se ek hi baat pata lagti hai ke ye aurat attention ki bhooki hai

End of Ash era...this time she will look bad...

She looked so gorgeous. What a stunning face she had!!!! Oh dear please get back into shape as early as possible.

omg you pics are very ill managed here... She looks good obviously...

Wonderful....My dear...sweety....Aishwarya...ji...ur Much...............

How beautiful she

her eyes are absolutely beautiful! But her skin has been lightened since her first appearance for cannes. Her nose looks altered and her lips huge! Most outfits are a disaster, the first one in yellow is so pretty, and the one in the gold sari and green blouse too! Her eyes are her usp, they are beautiful.

she looks good in all of them though i don't really like the cut out gown one, my favorites are the yellow sari, the sari at the end, the black lace gown, and the floral gown, for some reason i think aish looks more gorgeous in sari's they just suit her so much

love all the black dresses. esp the cut out one

where is she this year?????????????

It's hilarious to me that she wore SO many amazing gowns, but the Indian media still bash her for 2003.

Fri, 2012-05-18 14:37 — Anonymous

See, carefully, Aishwarya IS wearing a bindi

I love all her dresses, excpet 2003

Wow, what a collection..... thank you for the collage..... what a beautiful lady and such wonderful clothes.

She looks like a Queen

Her snake necklace looks nice....

wow..she looked great during 2002-2007. 2008 she started to look bad


She looks so beautifu, especially the 2005 and 2006 one. Much more beautiful then that poser Freida Pinto, who has been trying to copy Jolie with the Versace gowns and the leg pose , pathetic girl. I bet Freida was invited only as a backup incase Aishwarya Rai did not come. Thast what it looks like.

2002 2003 she was PERFECT

So perfectly beautiful

i only liked two complete looks in the entire time and she wore black dresses in both...she should stick to black dresses

How gorgeous she is, no matter how much you get used to her beauty she still manage to's amazing!!
She often looks perfect at Cannes!! her...ode to her for being the epitome of empowered woman in true sense

Every year this is always there Aishwarya's Cannes Journey man it should be Aishwarya's Fashion Disaster In Cannes ....

She's pretty but I totally agree she desperately needs a stylist. Other than the yellow saree, her makeup and outfits suck big time...

wtf is she wearing!!!

she is wearing a bindi..its a long gold one.

she has aged so gracefully and beautifully through the past 10 years! from a coy beautiful girl to a confident beautiful woman...i am in awe !! wish every woman could look and feel as beautiful as aishwarya rai! she is so stunning...and i for one am not at all worried about her weight gain, she is still as beautiful as she was in 2002 and will remain in my eyes! weight does not change beauty...the same vidya balan/sonakshi sinha u still call beautiful,so why not aish? i feel she is an absolute stunner! whether she decides to lose the pounds or not, she'll always be a beautiful role model in my eyes! i know she's super busy and having fun with her baby and i think she deserves this time off considering how hard shes worked all these years!

Love u aish:)

she really needs a stylist

Seriously...the yellow sari is the best but if she wore a bindhi it would have been perfection. When South Indian women wear saris without bindhis it just looks like something is off.

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