Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: 12 Yrs of graciously gracing the Cannes Film Festival

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Our memories(in India)about the Cannes film festival has got too much to do with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
Criticism did come her way,regarding her choice of attires.But we saw only praise as the yrs passed.She went on to become one of the most famous faces there.

Her tryst with Cannes began when her movie Devdas was screened at the festival.And the very next year,she went on to become the first ever Indian actor to be chosen as a part of the prestigious jury in 2003.And The most beautiful woman in the world has been gracefully adorning the carpet,every year,as a part of the L'Oreal Dream Team and owing to the screening of many of her films.

Its been eleven yrs and we will see her for the 12th consecutive year.

Here is a collection of Aishwarya's splendid red carpet appearances over the years :

The pictures below are from Last year's and 2011's post and also some addition from my side. :)

2012 was particularly a crucial year!The year where her weight gain sparked huge debates nationally and internationally.And was even gratuitously bashed for it.People impatiently waited to see what she takes to the carpet.But she silenced the critics just by the sheet confidence and matchless grace she has always been associated with.

Though her Abu-Sandeep attire didn't meet with a very great response.She still managed to look STUNNING in a not-so-flattering sari.

Oozing unmistakable,flawless confidence and proudly flaunting her post-natal body,she amazed in the gorgeous Elie Saab gown.

Aishwarya Rai has been specially invited by the french government,this year.And reportedly,will be there at Cannes from the 18th of May to 23rd of May.She will be attending the AMfar Gala and will be a guest for a special evening dedicated to 100 yrs of Cinema among other appearances.

Eagerly looking forward to see her this year too!



last one is best..tht shows courage , confidence n power


divinely gorz...........lov uuuuuuu so much

ASH only get better with age.......She truly an beauty and fashion ICON........lovey post.......ASH @ ROCKS.

Great Post... Gorgeous Pics

Correction: The first pic is from 2009 not 2007.

Lol, the 3rd pic is the right contender for fashion disaster of the decade :P

I just realized, Ash used to wear pretty revealing gowns back then. I mean the cleavage show and all, especially the white gown where little is left to the imagination. Sonam, Freida, Viday, even Deepika didn't reveal as much in Cannes. But then, Mallika surpassed them all :)

Aside from the Neeta Lulla and Abu-Sandeep monstrosities, the rest of her outfits are beautiful. She knows how to carry a gown like nobody's business. And of course, that face! Even if she wore a plain saree with no jewelry or flashy stuff, she'd look beyond amazing.

Oh wow. She looks so big in the last pic :o

Seeing all those anti-Abu Jani comments (including my own) made me think, maybe because the designers are close to the Bachchans, Ash is under pressure to wear their hideous stuff? Lol, I imagine it as a typical saas-bahu saga, with Aishwarya as the dutiful, self-suffering daughter-in-law.

please god, no abu-jani/neeta lulla/sabya. please go with ritu kumar or someone who can bring out the indian goddess in you aish...please!!

the first appearance (for Devdas) was the best and most unbeatable look...pure indian gorgeousness...that stunning yellow saree and golden jewelry with perfect hair & beautiful makeup...simply divine!

@Oxygen.. WOAHH !! Such an amazing Post !!Z Loved itt

she is the queen of cannes- from india. no one can compare to her. she rocks everytime!

I have never posted on this forum and I am not even an Aish fan or any other Actors fan.But she does look stunning in all her appearances.And Sonam did look great but you cannot compare apples with oranges.She looks divine.I have met her in person while she was in Miami accompanying her hubby dearest.Just met her at a red light and she was so down to earth.I couldnot believe my eyes that she was right there in front of me.Beautiful lady !!

i love this beautiful angel :)

Ash pls SOS at Cannes. We NEED u.

yeah thanks to loreal and its arrangements lets not forget the money her PR wasted so far but still nothing ...sigh! anyway still nice to see an indian in cannes even though its just for modelling and repeating same cliche over the years

her face is better than any one in this world!

say what you want people.. this girl is a looker! and she knows how to work the carpet.. that grace and elegance is a rare commodity.
my fave looks are:
the black gown with see through lace on the midriff
the blue gown with the snake design neck piece
the green strapless number with a pony tail
the nude peplum one shoulder look
and the Sabya saree...

waiting to see what she shows us this year!

Aish only looks beautiful in movies (hdds, jodha akbar, umrao jaan, josh) but in public apperances she looks ordinary girl with stunning eyes n wierd dressing.

She couldn't groom her beauty well or may be she should stick to indian dress n jewellery...

She looks stunning in black...especially the first black dress in the pix above, my favourite!

we saw her grown, change and mature in her looks at the Cannes Film Festival..

very go post...

@Oxygen- Rocking post as usual! Love it!

I agree with the people who said NO Abu- Sandeep please! I really don't like their designs and they are not good enough for Ash! Ash is the Queen when it comes to Cannes, she is the only Indian star people there go crazy for and the only Bollywood star people in U.S write about and how gorgeous she looked and how she attended Cannes etc!

you can CLEARLY see the outfits she (or loreal) hired a stylist

How many times this kind of posts gonna come up??? Already seen few here about her 12 years Cannes appearances.


also, she is so composed and mature, she really knows how its all done....great ambassador for bollywood and india

yeah compared to sonam and vidya, thankdog she was the first indian ambassador for cannes...damn, she is flawless

is it me or does she look alot happier in the earlier pics then she does now. she didnt have that fake smile either.

I am not a fan of her but now I see picts of Sonam and Vidya wearing that big nose ring, Ash is not that bad:)

I love her.. but omg horrible dresses !!

@ Oxygen: Oh God yes, pleeeease no Abu-Jani this year!

I remember how much flak she received for the Neeta Lulla outfits.. it was kinda sad, because few haters acknowledged what she had achieved by bringing Indian cinema to the world stage in such a grand manner. It was phenomenal! Ask any Westerner about bollywood, and they'd say "Aishwarya Rai."

She was the pioneer.. and had nobody else's mistakes to learn from. I'm not saying that she was the first in Cannes (yes, amazing people like Shabana Azmi had also been to Cannes), but she was the first to be thrust in the glamorous red carpet world of Cannes.

And she's definitely stepped it up since, so more power to her!!

My favorite looks are the first black gown, the white gown where she sports her hair in an up-do (Cinderella-esque), the Sabyasachi saree, and last year's blue Elie Saab.

Aishwarya rai Bachchan is one of those few beautiful women in this world who look breathtakingly beautiful even in rags. Agreed she wore disastrous clothes in the beginning of her Cannes career but she still looked stunning. In fact she is so perfect looking that bad clothes make her look more human and endearing. This year too good or bad outfits don't matter much. She'll shine , overpower and mesmerize all with her killer looks , grace and charm usual:):):)

I think 2012 was one of her most beautiful years. When she was too thin, her teeth looked more prominent and she wasn't as beautiful as she was with a little bit of weight.

Thu, 2013-05-16 21:27 — Anonymous

Aishwarya made a great move by deciding to walk later!Now she can come with the BEST(hopefully)
Go Ash!She is an ICON!
That decision is up to L'Oreal not her.

even though her outfits werent that great...her makeup is impeccable in all!! she never gets it wrong! esp the red lips on her is to die for! WHAT A STUNNING LADY!!!!!!!!!

The first pic in that yellow saree! amazing! rest are blah. Goes to show how designers can spoil the look of a woman!

The true QUEEN OF CANNES! She opened the doors for the rest of Bollywood to go there; she remains the original forever

Btw I really really hope its NOT abu-sandeep when it comes to Indian clothes.
And she will prolly go with her favorites like Elie Saab,Armani when it comes to gowns.That'll be great!

Thank You Guys! :))


"graciously gracing"??? lol learn some grammar. anyway she is old hat now. move over for SONAM and FRIEDA who are ROCKING IT

Queen of Indian cinema!

Even her worst are far better than others..How beautiful is this woman..God was on a vacation when he was making her..She is truly the prettiest woman alive!

Aww!Awesome post.

Awesome!18th,when are u coming?

She never really got it right until a few years ago...initial outfits were plain tacky! None of the outfits except the hot pink one actually bring out her real beauty...!

Vidya and Sonam have set the bar way too high this year for Ash to compete with that kind of body..!

Wish her the best though! Really hope she comes back to her pre-marriage weight...not even pre-baby, pre-marriage!

She oozes such charm n elegance in every pic.Truly a Queen!Not a fan of her fashion sense..But hope she outdoes everybody this year.

Best in 2005-2006 era.

Whoa!Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't Can't WAIT TO SEE HER!

Hope she has lost weight more..Though she looks nowhere near that of last yr.Thank god!

Aishwarya..u cannot disappoint us in any way this year!


Honestly,others are not even worth a mention.

Cannes does not even start till Aishwarya Rai arrives :P Queen in every sense!The word DIVA was invented ONLY for her.

She has to kill it this year!!..And has lost much weight compared to last year.Go aishwarya

Aishwarya made a great move by deciding to walk later!Now she can come with the BEST(hopefully)
Go Ash!She is an ICON!

Amazing collection!!!

"She went on to become one of the most famous faces there."
No!She is the MOST FAMOUS FACE there now :D

Queen of Red Carpet!

Great! we are going to save the BEST for the last...Everyone is WAITING for the QUEEN NOW!Ash has to rock it.

The journey of a Queen...great post Oxygen!

@Thu, 2013-05-16 11:51 — Anonymous rEALLY?She walked the first day/opening day for 11 yrs..She was busy with Longines and other shoots!So she decided to come later.The french media adores her!!They call her the Princess of Cannes!

I love love love love the first picture..Looks like a Queen arriving!

Thats a AWESOME AWESOME post @Oxygen!LOVE IT TO DEATH.Can't wait for Ash this year!

The first picture explains how loved she is at the CANNES.
No wonder she is labeled as the Queen of Cannes!

I love Aish but I'm kinda tired looking at the same post every year with an addition of a new pic !

breathtakingly bful esp in the early jr may nt be a successful actor but he is a lucky man...

I just hope Aishwarya has lost weight and doesn't cover up with clothes. Miss the Aishwarya who is confident in her skin.

How can one woman's face be blessed with all the perfect features we typically regard as beautiful! Some women have the nice eyes, but some defect somewhere else, some have the lips but nose may not suit etc. etc. This is not a put down of such women - I am one of them and we are all good looking. But just look at Aishwarya Rai - she's something else! High, arched eyebrows - check, smooth, blemish-free skin - check, big, beautiful eyes - check, full, well-shaped lips - check, slender, narrow nose - check, gorgeous, thick mane - check. Add to it decent height and a curvy figure. What a beauty! No comparison with any one else.

ash fans are so funny they cant get it over her days are over. if she was queen of cannes why wasnt she invited to attend day 1, day 2 and who knows how many days more she wasnt invited for? get over ur self ppl and move on someone else took over. she look like trash in all the outfits, not to mention that white one where she expose too much.
must be she was trying to get some hollywood movie lol desparate cow

She looks horrible with thin eyebrows, and heavy eye makeup...but she will look amazing tomorrow and next year....

She is a dream.

Last appearance reminded me of Adele. She look huge. She made bad choices when it comes to cannes. but black dresses and the gold sari seem nice

y does every year some loser tries reminding this...she is gone...her replacement sonam n freida have taken over....they look fabulous....

her replacement sonam is doing i dont generation always takes over....freida is also looking fabulous....

haha she is creating such posts wont help...what losers..

She used to look slick and smart in her earlier appearances. Cheeky smile, very confident. Nothing lasts for ever. She looks more serious now, less giggly. The lilac gown onwards major change, appearance and attitude wise.

Once she comes, everyone else will be washedout. Waiting for the tornado eagerly LOL

Can't believe once upon a time she
Look beyond beautiful .. And now she changed completely...

wonderful post! take a bow Oxygen :D
Aishwarya makes our country proud! my queen!!!

Wow. Can't quite believe how fast she aged. Its crazy!!! Her appearance last year was dreadful. She looked so big in the Elie Saab. Here's hoping she can regain some of her old star quality this year.

Without Aishwarya......india n indian's have no meaning in Cannes .....

For regular Indians...Cannes means Aishwarya. Every year a lot of us look forward to her Red Carpet appearances. This year is no different. Waiting eagerly to see you shine Aishwarya.

Wed, 2013-05-15 18:48 — Voiceswriter

Wed, 2013-05-15 23:49 — Anonymous

Which year was the white gown in that 1st pic?
2007 about a month after marriage.
Nope.It's 2008.

most of these outfits are horrible. i think she looks good in the yellow indian outfit and the saree and the last pic. but most of the other ones are cringe worthy! fashion is not her forte

I just loved her Foxy figure in the year 2006

love u aishwarya

love her

Aishwarya was Cannes jury member in 2003, opened the Cannes film Festival in 2005 and this yr she'll be the guest of honor celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema. She's truly the Queen of Cannes.

her face is gorgeous, but the outfits have been hit-and-miss for her over the years.

for me, she looked best in the 3rd pic from below i.e. when she was pregnant i think - wearing the white/blue asymmetrical and the peachy peplum one-shoulder gowns.
the pink-black-white floral gown and the ruffled black strapless ones are also good, but not great.
the first one from the devdas premiere, in the yellow sari, is great but over-accessorized.
the other pic she is wearing the sleeveless green blouse with the sari and her hair pulled back into a low bun, she is looking beautiful and understated.

the rest are all "meh" if not downright awful, in styling or outfit, and some cases both.

Excelland post...
learn Vidya & Sonam
How gracious sexy & esthetic you can look mon red carpet..
Aish is a perfect example & thats y she was among the best dressed ladies list every year

LOVED this post Oxygen!! Aishwarya's Cannes Red Carpet looks are a treasure for us Indians. She's the only Global representative we have in the entertainment business and Boy she makes us Proud each time she represents India and Indians. Love you Aishwarya! I'm sure you'll nail it this time as well.

12 years!! wow!! Aish baby, you make me so proud.God bless you always.
I love 2009 and 2011 the most.2012 worked because of her impeccable self confidence. I hope she wows me this year. can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aishwarya started it all. It being a big deal for Indian reps to be there.

For those who dont know. Ash was on the jury in 2003. She declared the ceremony open in 2005. So she's done it all.
And no matter what she manages to outshine everyone.

to all those over praising vidya. please get ur facts right. aishwarya has been in the Cannes jury for a decade now (2003) and she also opened the festival in 2005.

goddess, queen, diva, icon, angel and many more >> Aishwarya

she's my idol! love u aishwarya


Aishwarya, u make our country proud! I love you

my queen in cannes,.. wow 12 years.. its long journey for indian woman, PROUD of HER :) love love love

Aishwarya my angel!! For indians cannes means aishwarya. That's where she's taken indian cinema. Proud of u ash. Cannes film festival is nothing with U

OUR Queen in cannes,.. she is QUEEN CANNES love her :)

Wed, 2013-05-15 23:49 — Anonymous

Which year was the white gown in that 1st pic?
2007 about a month after marriage.

She's a diva! Excellent post Oxygen.

This post should be on the main page.

PV add this post in the main page.

Which year was the white gown in that 1st pic?

She looks amazingly gorgeous in every single one! And while she was criticized wildly about her weight gain and outfit choice, she managed to look beautiful none the less.

OH my after seeing all the pics the last one is just :)))(((( but yes she looks amazing, hope she wears something nice this year too..

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