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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's New Action Replay Stills

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Two new stills from Aishwarya & Akshay Kumar's forthcoming film, Action Replay. She looks lovely in the first picture.

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let me make u pregnant..

hi ash i am very very love you you are beautiful woman & act waw

This woman always continues to surprise me. Look at her wide variety of roles. She may not be the best actress around but she is a competent one. Way to go Ash!

the speculated lip plump job was just a ploy.. not true. yet, did the public miss something really bigger?:: did she get a very very subtle nose job to correct the long nose.. along with her speculated recent chemical peels, botox, etc.. ? her nose is looking more refined and petite these days.. she definitely looks far far younger now.. and a bit different too.. most of the famous stars often get very SUBTLE works done.. as to not change their trademark looks.. enchance it enough, still getting by the public...

i thought it was rakhi sawant or some of those other item girls in the second pic... no offense intended... i really did think that, then read who it was

she definitely looks like she had a very very nose job at the bottom to correct that droop, along with the works of beautifying treatements and peels .. she's been 'out sick and resting for a while'.. suddenly a brand new look that's at least 15 years younger... GOOD FOR HER, SHE LOOKS GRAND SLAM AMAZING AND NOW 25 !

Ash looks pretty in both picz. Akshayz got an old rock star look. lykin!!
luv dem both. luv smita n sonia xxx

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 2010-03-01 16:05.

I feel sorry for you then. LOL

Person Above.. I wasnt talking about her looking "younger".. first read and comprehend the sentence then talk..

I think Deepika looked way exquisite in the 70's look...Ash looks average!

what are you talking about person below. She looks so much younger!
LOL akshay's hair

the first picture reminds me of deepika in om shanti om! she looks greattt!

looks very old

haha LOVE IT!!!

Since when do you have such neat hair on Holi?? Lol.

Think I will give it a miss

she looks beautiful in the first picture
both look awful in the 2nd though...

love the jhumkas

lol look at gul panag sneaking in below.

hahahahaahaha akshay kumar!

looks average

yup, GO CANADA GO! can't say i'm really a hockey fan but i am Canadian and the game is our national pride :S.

2nd pic is scary love the 1st one!

She looks good and young in movies screen its like reality check for aishwarya

make up overload....deepika in retro looked a lot better....

looking forward to see ash

she looks like rakhi sawant in the second pic..

This is going to be one fulltoo fun film!! Loving Ash's look! 10/10 *Fun*Fun*


its akshay! lol and ash looks pretty in the first pic

simply- gorgeous....

Who is da dude..?!

Who is da dude..?!

she looks really different...............

Aishwarya's movie Action Replay is going to be the best!!! We love Aishwarya!

How can here face structure change so much from real life and in movies. is this a photoshopped picture or do they have techniques in movies to make your face look smaller and angular?

aishu my sweetiepie luv u alot.u r the best.

Aishwarya is awesome.

Love the first the pic

Gorgeous Aish! Can´t wait to see the movie!

I wonder if any of these pics are ones with the face stuff on, you know to make them younger etc like we have heard. She looks nice in the holi pics like bride and prediduce, but black outfit pic she looks old and scary.

looks nice in the first pic.

Hopeing another Awsome Holi Song. Costumes look great.

Love the 2 A's - Yeah bring on the 70's!!

WOOHOO! Can't wait for the romance, costumes, music and dancing.

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