Guzaarish's screenplay at the Oscar library

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While most were surprised when Aishwarya Rai graced the famed red carpet at Monday's 83rd Annual Academy Awards, there was another Indian presence at the Oscars – and no, we are not talking about Mallika Sherawat.

Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali's recent film, Guzaarish, which explored the life of a quadriplegic, received recognition by the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences. The Academy has invited the screenplay of the Aishwarya Rai – Hrithik Roshan starrer, to become a part of its permanent script collection.

Speaking about his film, Sanjay Leela Bhansali said, "The movie makes you aware about the beauty of life and what we have and how we should cherish what we have. I have learnt so much about living a good life, of becoming a better human being and of evolving as a person."

Touching on the sensitive subject of mercy-killing, the film, which was released in November, opened to rave reviews. It was also praised for its finer nuances, right from the script to the thought behind it, the characters and actors playing them and even to the music and cinematography.

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Big lie....the spanish movie from which it is copied scene by scene is already there.....they cant have a copied film in their collection....big fat lie...

Kudos! What a neat way of thinknig about it.

lol I love how they edited her neck wrinkle lines!! She has them and her makeup is unable to hide them this is clearly photoshoped

this is not a honour at all since a lot of other Bollywood movies have already been included in the Library. Sujata, you obviously work for Ash to try to promote her but the fact remains that she's a nobody in the West! i can attest to this since i'm American!

Haha! I'm convinced that some users in this site don't understand the word "recognition". Like several people with sense commented - this is absolutely not a big deal. Action Replay, Rajneeti, Khelen Hun Jee Jaan Se, Rock On!, and even "PHIR HERA PHERI" (the movie was totally crap); ALL of these films have been admitted to the Oscar Library. The list goes on and on. And this is not an Indian presence at the Oscars. The Oscars Academy Awards is one thing. The Oscars Library is another thing.

so many of other films are resered at oscar library..its not as big a deal as you think it is

That's great newzzz. Congrats. I liked the film very much. Hrithik-Ash pair is unbeatable. Dhoom 2, Jodhaa Akbar and now THIS! Amazing films together!

You don't have to be 'Schindler's List' to be included in the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The likes of 'Kambhakkt Ishq' and 'De Dana Dan' are already part of their collection. No matter, I'm sure the Bachchans are over the moon. Yet another nod from The White Man! Yess!

most of the bollywood screenplays make it into the library...go check it out. not a big deal, it was a flop, nothing special about the movie.

recently i watched the movie again on Colors channel & loved it again.... Cinematic excellence.... best actors+awesome director= A memorable movie

Pinkvilla, I think you should reword your articles, Guzaarish was not honoured at the televised Oscar awards held on Sunday. The screenplay being selected to enter the Oscar library is not a televised event.

It's not that big of a deal, a lot of Bolly movies have recently been put into that library, such as Heroes, with Sunny Deol, salman, and preity.

@Naveed- can u tell us your definition of crap movies?
"Guzaarish" was a wonderful movie that low classes like you will never be able to understand and appreciate.

please sit credible source for you information and please nothing from the Indian media but source from the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences. Otherwise you're just pulling stuff out of your ass to prop up this woman.

I watched Guzaarish & I must say that it was a good film! I'm not the biggest Ash or Hrithik fan but I must give it up to Hrithik for his acting & the movie got straight to the point! I don't know why others didn't like it...I mean Raavan & Kites were equally bad but not Guzaarish

Illiterate Indians like crappy movies like hey Bbaby, Tees Maar Khan, when it comes to cinema only few can appreciate it. Its for all the haters who were complaining why Aish was invited in the award

Vaah Bhansali. Your film made profits for you and your team but your distributors becahara suffered MASSIVE losses.

Over rated director big time (except his first few films the rest have been nothing short of crap)

yay for the movie. it was great!

great !

Awesome news... I love the experience of watching this film.

Even the deleted scenes are so nice!!!

Waah! One the most underrated movies of 2010

india seems to be the only country where such a big deal is made about scripts making it to the oscars library.
i started watching bollywood films in 2003 and tere are regularly articles about screenplays being invited to the oscars library, i don't think that's really a big achievement as those articles would like us to think.

Great film..... She looks soooooo beautiful.

Now that's some good news. Happy for the team.

why the hell is this important? so was my name is khan.
if its not nominated or shown on live broadcast no one cares. its just sitting in a library with thousands of others.

Yayy! I love this film a lot despite not being a fan of anyone involved... not SLB, not Ash and not Hrithik.

Aishwarya is a lucky charm. She went to the Oscars and her dear friend Colin Firth won Best Actor and now Guzaarish is getting recognized by the Oscars. :-)

I hate such depressing films. Ah, cried buckets.... :'(

They have a right to die, geddit?

yeah yeah whatever!!!

No this is lie

I love this movie. One of Rai Bachchan's best performances. Was disappointed by Roshan though. A better actor would have done better justice.

It is not a flawless movie, but is better than 90% of the junk that Bollywood churns out.

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