Raavan stills *New*

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Aishwarya's stills from "Raavan". I think it takes guts to go before camera like this - zero make-up and injuries and scars added to the face. I'm impressed.
Since Raavan and Rajneeti are releasing around the same time, I could not help but wonder how much hype was there on Katrina's reported no-make up look; whereas nothing is being written about Ash's look! I wonder why (may be because Ash has already done films without makeup like in Raincoat, Chokher Bali, Provoked, Taal etc).


so crisis averted..she is wearing makeup..but she is wearing it in a way that is appropriate for the character..plus we all have to remember she has a makeup artist who is following the directors vision..im sure she is able to put in her two cents but i highly doubt she is calling the shots about how much or how little makeup she is wearing..so lets not badger her for decisions that she didn't make regarding her look it would probably be more appropriate to question the director and the makeup artist and what they wanted to express through this minimal make up look about the character

Wheather she has makeup or not, the talent counts!! And of that she has a loooot

"I think it takes guts to go before camera like this - zero make-up and injuries and scars added to the face."

lol wtf? she hasnt gone out shoppinh, the look is for a film!

of course there's make up involved.
in fact, it takes a lot of makeup to achieve a 'no make up' look. . . . . . its been done well for this film

but this look is dramatic mani ratnam kind of scene

there is still makeup involved.. faces dont look good on screen if make up is not applied just because of skin tone and how it looks on camera. it must be very minimal makeup. she looks nice

One name, One talent, One star: Manisha Koirala in Dil Se. Enough said.

too too beautiful

Duh Ash haters below. She said she wasn't wearing any make-up when she gets drenched in the rain with all mud over. Of course she's not in the mud through out the film! So obviously the looks will differ.

Also, she's not wearing any make-up clearly. And who said she's wearing lipstick? The same idiot who said she had her lips plumped? (which was proven wrong later, of course)

Her look is 400% times better than Katrina's look in Rajneeti. So much hype for Katrina where as nothing for Ash when she herself is the one wearing the minimalistic make up and with dirt all over the face, yet looking elegant and beautiful.

And to the anonymous poster who said she looks better than Ash with minimalistic make-up ---- Of course you are more beautiful than Ash and I'm the Queen of England and of course pigs can fly. Yay! we both are icons, aren't we? duh.

i think it's silly that we're debating whether she has makeup on. it's pretty clear that she does. although, it is minimal since that's what the role and scenes require. all movies require minimal makeup even for their "no makeup" looks.

i also have to mention that Ash really requires a lot of work to look good. she does not look "gorgeous" in these "raw" pics of her. just a "plain Jane." and, nothing stunning about her here like you delusional Ash fans like to suggest. so, it just goes to show that she's really not naturally beautiful. heck, i look more beautiful than her with minimal makeup.

lastly, regarding her recent interview about wearing "no makeup" in the movie, i think she was just referring to the fact that she was not wearing the tonnes of makeup that is usually required in most of her movies.

ash is super gorgeous

I think she looks great! Yes she may have some very basic make up, but come on, one has to be super special to be looking so beautiful covered in mud and after enduring all those hardships while filming. Amazing Aishwarya!
My favourite...

she has make up on, get your eyes check

gorgeous especially in 2nd pic... mashallah

no makeup??? hahahah that's the joke of the day!!

in her recent interview ,she is claiming i was not wearing a pinch of makeup , this woman is so fake

this is her statement from her recent interview

The role remained a mystery because I was playing the leading lady and there I was with no make-up, no fancy clothes and all drenched in rain with mud all over. But that's what Mani sir expects from us to keep it all as real as it can get, " she said.

this woman is delusional

Luminious Skin

soooooooooo beautiful

films always requite make up.

Aish looks amazingly beautiful !!!! why does she need to wear makup??

Mon, 2010-04-26 18:56 — Anonymous You can't compare Manisha's 0% makeup with Aish's. Manisha really wore no makeup (no masara, etc). she is wearing mascara and a bit of no-lipstick lipstick.. etc. she is covered but looks nice. Manisha looked breathtaking.. she is different. her beauty is raw & powerful and on a completely different level. Manya cannot be compared to these actresses.

she looks wayyy prettier with less makeup

NO make up? Are you serious? She has on tons of natural make up!

She looks amazing in the second pic!!

It was reported than mani asked her to do only a single , that is JUST ONE scene in the movie without makeup and she refused it.. so move on.. every actress in their career have acted without makeup when the role has called for it... Aish looks good here and so did Manisha in Dil se "without any make up" at all... Thats the magic of the 5 times National award winning cinematographer Santosh Sivan.. Give credit where it is due..

Ash is breath takingly beautiful, can't wait to see this movie =D

omggg...her eyes in the first picture look amazinggg!!!!

i thought she was suppose to be wearing no makeup..she is wearing makeup in all those movie along with base makeup

she has her lips thingi done?
if yes god . . . you are naturally so pretty . .

The last still is good don't like the others and like everybody else said - she is wearing makeup and wearing no makeup or less makeup doesn't make it a better movie . Let's wait for the release to see if it lives upto the hype.

The pics are intense - never seen Aish emote this much!! dying to see the picture....

Bollywood Style Diaries

LMAO.. aish isnt only one who wear non make up in her movie
we have seen kareena, katrina, priyanka etc without them
jeez, i hate when people think aish is the top of the world, when shes aint

base, blusher, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and lipsgloss is ALL thats she's wearing
so yea loving the "no makeup" look

aishwariya is so beautiful but in any of her pics even which claim no makeup...minimum of foundation atleast and most of tme eyeliner....this woman at any angle anytime can look preety but how come she is never photographed wtout makeup.....always thrs some...i hv seen other actress absolutely witout makeup who arnt so beautiful to tsart wt...but wt aish who is born beautiful..always has loads of makeup...god knows why

Mani has reinvented Ash which will take her career to a higher level yet.

ok maybe the point is that whether any ordinary person will look as beautiful she looks with such little makeup or whatever makeup she has on,,,,it's not much so lets give her the credit that she looks pretty with whatever she has on....

lol I wear enough makeup to see she is wearing makeup omg

Wow! Flawless, perfection! All I can say is wow! Ash, u never seem to dssappoint me

Wow! Flawless, perfection! All I can say is wow! Ash, u never seem to dssappoint me

she is incredibly beautiful in these pics.

doin a movie without make up is hardly news

she is fuuuuuuullll of make-up. anyways pics are nicely shot. crdeit to the photographer.

There is make-up on, for sure. To give that look is an art.
She looks gorgeous.

She has plenty of makeup on. Concealer, mascara, foundation and eyeliner.

Dude it's not like she's without makeup the ENTIRE movie. There are probably a few instances when she had to go without but I CAN SEE makeup in other stills including the second and last one in this set. The mascara in the second pic and the eyeliner in the third pic are quite obvious. Why do you want to pretend like she's not wearing any?

When aishwarya leaves her mouth parted with that worried look on her face she just looks STUPID. Like...totally BONGA.

OMG-sorry to burst the bubble...she is not sans-makeup! Make-up artists kno how to give "no makeup look". I was a make-up artist. In anycase, ash looks pretty.

Why is she wearing ipstick then? Is that not make up? What a bunch of bozo's...LOL

Thanks Aishwarya looks beautiful

i gguess this is where mani requested for no makeup but ash refused and then mani had a heart attack later...

lol @zero makeup I can see eyeliner mascara eye shadow and lipstick and pancake what more do you want?

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