Bol Bachchan Song Ft. Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgn

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you are right, but this very ad has recently got a best ad' award(i don't quite rbmemeer who has given the awards!) the ad connects quite well with the problems in india, but it fails to deliver its own motive-advertising for idea cellular. Ask anyone who has an idea phone and u'll get a frustrated reply; as u have very rightly mentioned!Nice blog, btw! :)

Only BIG B can do this.
Can't think of any actor in this world.

Hello 10:08 — Anonymous
Who is Aamir or Shahrukh Khan?

Bad song, bad choreography, bad everything.


Bola Bachchan," Ek aur flop" papa ke nachne ke bawajood

Amazing voice lovely song with beautiful bright colours,great height i love it.
kiran sydney

totally agree with samia below.this is y they won't be able to compete with hollywood

Its shame for Indian audience that Hosefull 2, Ready, G3 kind of movie do 100 cr business. I know Rowdy Rathore and Bol Bachchan will also b blockbuster hit. Another shame. Though I like Ajay and Akshay but they both acted so loud in these movie. I can't understand what kind of people watch those movies again again and made them superhit.

Bachchan bakwaas galore. Rohit Shetty got bored with super hits hence he signed Abhishek "floppy" Bachchan.

cute and what a great voice Amitabh bachchan has!! Love it

You guys, Mr.Bachchan comments on every damn thing on his twitter account but did not mention Aamir's Show yet or Shahrukh's KKR win at the IPL. Though he was commenting on a lot of the IPL matches and it quite up to date. He even hinted or let's say taunted at Aamir's show saying how one can be trending on top of twitter one day and out the other. Samajhdar ko ishaara kaafi hota hai. My point is why does he need to be so insecure at this age and stage? The Khans or Hrithik Roshan are not even in the same league as his son, Abhishek though a well behaved person is really far behind and also junior to these guys except for HR maybe. Even then, a truly great person is the one who appreciates. Why rancor and jealousy at almost 70 years of age. He is the shahenshah of Bollywood, no one can replace him, all try to copy him but he should also be the sort to encourage or applaud atleast acknowledge.

As far as the clip is concerned, frankly this whole thing about teaming junior and senior bachchan for a 'rowdy' type of masala song is not happening anymore. Infact it is better if Mr.bachchan refrains from going all out in terms of expressions and songs.

I am a fan of his work but lately not a big fan of his personality.

That's my take.

Not anonymous by choice but too lazy to register and also too occupied remember passwords here :)

song so bad.......

seriously, if everyone in the entire film industry came to feature in abhisheks movie it would still be a flop.

abhishek is like a charity, his dad must feel so sad for him that he has to at his age come and dance to make ppl see his son.

bachchans are just spoiling their name because of abhishek. Amitabh has no need to do these stupid movies and sing songs.

Torture! and i am an ajay devgn fan, the bachchans have ruined this. chup kar bachchan is more like it. FLOP

ABhishek looks quite good though!:) This better be a hit for the poor kid!!

I don't know what Rohit Shetty was thinking when he cast AB Jr. Even RS/Ajay team-up won't be able to save this movie now.

Where do I begin? All the gawdy sets, gawdy clothes (probably Abu-Sandeep), cheap-looking, gratuitous back-up dancers, and horrible over-acting (weird facial expressions) and talentless lip-synching only reinforces that this Bollywood is a big, f*cking joke. Bachchans are first family of Bollywood? I just had a baby barf!

Abhishek looking sooooooooooooo GAY!!!

Yet again, it's all about Amitabh. He can't help but take all the limelight. Same usual, boring.

Amitji :
Watched 'Bol Bachchan' title song just now..... wow wow wow.... wonderful song...loved watching you and Abhishek. The colors are vibrant, your voice as usual is excellent, your dance is great and the song is hillarious and nice. Always love watching you and Abhishek. This song reminded me of 'Buddah hoga tera baap'.
I wish this movie does very well and becomes a super hit.
Best Wishes.

This song is going to be on repeat mode on my iPhone for the next few days :-)

is this an item song? lol

It has the old GolMaal movie's theme songs tune underlined with the new piece. Interesting piece but not catchy enough. BLING BLING for sure, goes with the whole look of the film though, and ABjunior's looking cute like his Bunty days :)

I hope it's a hit for his sake.

can we have a little less of the bling pls.. they should have made a decent copy of the original golmaal's remake.. what we see instead is a movie with a disgusting humour mixed with over-the-top loud actors..

neah this won't work .. golmaal was a feel good movie still enjoyed by the present generation.. what a shame.. to pull that movie down i nsuch a way.

another note- classics like golmaal, sholay etc should never be made.. if so done, then please handle the script well.

The song needed more impact at the end, it kinda fizzles there.. but much better than looking at those cheapo sheilas and munnis lol

What the hell did I just see? I can't believe Big B has lowered himself to this. The Bachchans have become a bunch of flops.

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