Aarav comes to support dad Akshay's production venture 'Fugly'

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Aarav Kumar was spotted at the screening of his father Akshay Kumar’s production venture ‘Fugly’ that was held at the Sunny Super Sound Studio in Juhu, Mumbai.

Aarav was accompanied by Akshay and Twinkle Khanna to the screening.

The 12-year-old was seated at the back seat, while his father and mother took the front seats. Akshay drove to the screening himself.

Khiladi Kumar married Twinkle in 2001 and the couple welcomed their son in 2002.

Akshay even has a tattoo of Aarav’s name on his back.

‘Fugly’ is being produced under Akshay and Ashvini Yardi’s production banner Grazing Goat Pictures.

The movie features Mohit Marwah, Kiara Advani, Vijender Singh, Arfi Lamba and Jimmy Shergill. It will hit the screens on June 13.

Also spotted at the screening were Akshay’s sister Alka Bhatia and his brother-in-law.

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I read he is as some form of autism, is that true? Also read he was being a abused by his former bodyguard, but i find he looks pretty healthy here.

What your way off?! Where do u read such nonsense? He's a fine kid. He's a brown belt in martial arts, won many gold and silver medals for judo, is really good in painting, his fav class is acting (drama) and he's good in education as well. That makes him a normal kid to me....

He looks SO much like rajesh khanna :)

Adorable family!

He looks like a mini Raj Kapoor. Omg. Maybe a rebirth.

Whatever , fugly gonna be big flop

He does look like a young Rajesh Khanna with Dimple's eyes.

Mostly khanna genes I would say.

Aarav is indeed the best looking of all star kids! Hope he has also inherited talent of his star family.

i would be a shame if he doesnt turn out to be an actor though

why is all rich kids are overweight. But once they enter bollywood, they are made to loose weight.

this young boy is future superstar , he looks like rajesh khanna and twinkle.

His smile reminds me of late Rajesh Khanna. Hope he become successful in whatever profession he choose. Both his nanaji Rajesh khanna n Akshay are self-made man in the industry.

Very good looking young boy .Probably the best looking of all the current lot of star children I've seen . Looks a lot like Rajesh Khanna too ! Dimple & her sisters all have light coloured eyes . So does Rinke Khanna 's pretty little daughter . Aarav is only 12 years old...the puppy fat will melt away when he becomes an adult.

Being sporty and healthy balanced eating is not a thing for star kids I guess. I think kids missed out a lot being overweight from physical activities and stuff. That's my saying.

He's a kid. And people are already critisizing him for his weight. Seriously, I can't even. Smh.

He's a Brown Belt in martial arts. Also at national level he's won gold medals in judo. He has the outdoors sporty gene like his dad. Its just baby weight that will easily shed off once he gets lil older...

he is a good looking boy

This boy looks like his nana Rajesh Khanna...Smart boy... He is going to be a superstar in the coming years ...!!

50 % Akshay Kumar , 25 % Rajesh Khanna , 25 % Dimple Kapadia , Super DNA .

and what about Tina who gave birth to him she is pretty phenomenal too...

Beautiful family

OMG. He's going to become frogging handsome once he's past puberty. That face.

Aarav looks like Rajesh and Twinkle. I dont know who he took his light blue eyes after, both Akshay and Twinkle have deep brown eyes. Twinkle used to wear light contact lens when she was younger but her eyes natural colour is brown. Lately Akshay and Twinkle have been smiling and posing to the paparazzi, its unusual of them. May be they're trying to show they're happy together when there are many rumours about Akki's affairs going around.

Aarav seems to have greenish-brown eyes in most pictures I've seen-Twinkle's mom Dimple has eyes that kind of look like that, and Akshay's mother is Kashmiri, so there might be some light-eyed recessives on that side as well.

Aarav's eyes are blue, Twinkle's eyes are brown, Dimple's eyes are brown/hazel. Akshay's mother's eyes are brown. The other grandparents have brown eyes.

His blue eyes have gone on his grandfather raj kapoor. If rumours are to be believe dimple is nargis and raj kapoor's daughter I dont know how far that is true my mom was from mumbai she told me this rumour was very strong that time. And if u look at him closely he looks like raj kapoor also

Why would Raj Kapoor cast both his own children as the romantic leads in Bobby ? Rishi Kapoor dated Dimple Kapadia . How can he date his own half sister ? Wouldn't someone have told them the truth ? Dimple had an argument with Rishi (no surprises there!) & threw his ring into the sea. They would have made up, except Rajesh Khanna pounced on her & Rishi was broken hearted . How can poor Aarav look like Raj Kapoor?

What a baseless rumor!

aarav is going to a heart breaker for sure.

It's a pity he's looking after his mother and I donkt like he is fat

leave him alone, he's just a kid!

wow he'd be really hot if he lost that baby fat. wouldn't be surprised if another star kid was on the way, but he'd have stiff competition from his own father. akshay is truly the ONLY hot 40 yr old in bollywood. pity he does crap films though.

Holiday is getting some extremely good pre-release reviews. And even though I think It's Entertainment looks idiotic, I do think it will work at the box office.

Aarav is a very good and well mannered child star and son.

I dunno, I don't see a whole lot of Rajesh Khanna in Aarav, maybe the chin and overall face shape. The coloring (skin and eyes) and maybe the ears and eyebrows are his mother's; and the big square jaw and the cheeks, lips and eyes are his dad's, along with some of the mannerisms (both the smile and the watchful look in repose are very Akshay.)

The kid's twelve or so, I think; no harm in being plump at that age, especially with a Punjabi grandmother or two who'd worry if he was skinny! He's got a few more growth spurts to go through, and he will probably end up pretty tall!

He's 11 1/2. He'll turn 12 this September.

Twinkle is so stunning. Wonder what she does to bring that glow in the face? Must be a very happy woman. But is Akki over his philandering ways? This woman deserves a committed husband. She's gorgeous.

She is happy only when she drinks a couple of cocktails

They look happy together, so however their relationship may be (it's their business, not ours), it is working.

Lol. What makes you think they both don't have some fun on the side?

The kid will be good looking with those genes.

aarav is going to be so handsome in 10 years.

I love Akshay and Family.

Super cutie.
Going to be handsome man, you can just see it.
Agree: looks have gone more towards maternal family.


Whats with star kids being overweight?? Almost all of them have to lose weight before they decide to join the movies..

Because when you have parents who are super rich, who probably have their own chef and drive you everywhere. They might even have a housemaid to do their work around the house. Over fed and not enough moving the body. They probably eat when bored or emotional low. Being a star child, the pressure is out of this world.

I hadn't even thought of that before haha. But it's true.

good point

He looks like young rajesh khanna minus the eyes. eyes maybe from dimple

He's got such beautiful eyes.

He's so cute and golu molu! When he grows up he's going to be the most handsome starkid. And I love Twinkle. You all should read her DNA columns. She's fantastic!

he has dimple and twinkles eyes

this kid will grow up to be very cute once he loses his baby fat, well cause both his parents are very very good looking, finally one cute star kid

After reading Twinkle's column in DNA I understand why Akshay chose her over Shilpa. As well as having brains and beauty she comes across very funny in her articles.

She's hilarious. I love her articles.

Aarav has light eyes!!!!

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