Akshay kumar's son Aarav photo

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Akshay kumar and Twinkle khanna's son Aarav

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I love you so much axay Kumar sir

I love you so much axay Kumar sir

He is the splitting image of his late grandfather Rajeshkhanna minus the colour of his eyes but everything else yes that is another Rajesh Khanna in the making. Coloured eyes or not he is very cute, wonder what his sister look like

yaar ye bada hoke apne papa se bhi cute handsum lagega dekho

"U r lucky n special boy"

He looks like an average indian kid with pretty eyes.

It's not only the eye color that makes him different than most Indians....it's his features mostly.His features are not Indian but European-Arabian mixture.

it very good to be a father

Parents don't have to have gray/blue eyes for the kid to inherit it. Eye color genetics is very complex and a child can almost have any eye color independent of the parents. I have seen plenty of kids in the 'hood in India whose parents have totally dark eyes and they end up with very light eye color. BTW, in rural Indian villages its not considered a good thing to have light eyes. In bollywood, it helps, yes.
Aarav has his gammy Dimple's eyes.

Grandma Dimple doesn't have the eyes like Aarav has. We know Twinkle's mom or dad didn't have light colored eyes, neither did Akshay's parents. If no one from either line has light colored eyes, then Aarav's eyes could be the result of either mutation or genetic engineering.

Cute Kid .

He looks like a lebanese kid but as someone said he has gone on his gorgeous grandmother dimple

his pout is like Akshay

He doesn look like Dimple at all..I think he looks like Rajesh Khanna

I know people in India n outside think tht Indians cant be fair n they cannot have light hair or eyes. There so many like tht. I am fiar skinned n I dnt use skin bleach!!

why cant some people accept the fact that indians can have real light colored eyes. and they dont get optical transplant or fake lens.???

all eye colours are beautiful!!

He is a replica of Dimple. He will grow to look like Dimple. The shape of his eye's is like Dimple. The color of the eye's is same as Dimple's mom Betty Kapadia's eyes

his eyes?

recessive genes...

Hez so cute!

I agree unthinkable,
its can skip a generation

I saw Twinkle mother's Dimple, has light brown eyes coloured
and her dad Rajesh khana has dark brown/black eyes, so it could be run from her mom's side

genes usually skip a generation too so maybe his grandma/pops from either sides have blue eyes

Anonymous on Wed, 2009-08-26 20:07-I know that but I also think she has had that optical transplant done too. Maybe maybe not.

kids can have different coloured eyes from both parents. remember, both of Aishwarya's parents have dark brown eyes and yet she has blue eyes. in any event, i think all different eye colours are beautiful!

I think nowadays these people are getting optical lense transplants. Seriously or maybe he is wearing contacts, how does he have grey eyes. He is cute though!

he's got beautiful eyes.. those lashes curl up like a doe's !!

aww he's such a cutie!

aww soo cuteee
he has akshay's smile and lips haha

akshay's carbon copy... Shooo cute!

awwww..really cute

Waooo he got some bluey and greyish eyes
none of his mom and dad side have those eyes
hes v cute

he has grey eyes? cute

he is so cute

he is a QT

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