Akshay, Twinkle and Aarav's evening out!

Photos,akshay kumar,twinkle khanna,star kids,AaravPhotos,akshay kumar,twinkle khanna,star kids,AaravPhotos,akshay kumar,twinkle khanna,star kids,AaravPhotos,akshay kumar,twinkle khanna,star kids,Aarav
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It was a rainy evening when Akshay Kumar set out with his wife Twinkle and son Aarav to catch a movie at PVR. The three of them are clicked by the paparazzi here.

Akshay recently tweeted sweet praises of his dear wife. He wrote that though Twinkle calls him the 'man of the house', she is a superwoman to him. Sweet?

Also seen is Akshay's son Aarav Kumar. The couple also have a daughter Nitara Kumar.

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Future hearthrob in the making.

They all are looking great..and Aarav is a cutie..

Akki is the hottest and most handsome actor in bw

Which female dancers....he is after female dancers ? Please give more details how do u know

The boy is cute!

The old man in blue shirt is the hiranandani guy, Akshays sister is married to. And the girl is Alka's (akkis sister) daughter from first marriage.

Twinkle looks 50 yrs can u imagine how much time vogue must have taken to photoshop her arms, legs and face .... Did u also notice how akshay calls photographers every time he goes for movies to show how much he loves his family and that he is a family man .... Disgusting..

That you are not satisfied? You often see photos of Akshay and his family? You often see the name Twinkle in the press? In general photo Akshay and Twinkle appear only when they go to the theater and all. Although everyone knows that they go together to relax, but a family holiday for Akshay- holy, he would never allow to photograph your family on vacation. so what's the problem? Incidentally Akshay said that he did not want to show Nitara you see in these photos Nitara?

In a recent interview Akshay said he wants to keep his children away from the limelight. What about these public outings Mr Kumar?

Whatta good looking family,man! Arav is going to be a heartbreaker!

Their son is a chubby little cutie!

twinkle has aged so much. i bet akkie must be looking at shilpa and regretting

Twinkle is much much prettier than shilpa.

No she is not prettier than Shilpa, I have met both of them. Shilpa is so hot and her sex appeal is over the top.

Akshay and Shilpa made the hottest pair

No, Akshay and Rekha did :P

on a serious note, was the rumour true?, remember it being in the magazines bck in the dayz

Akshay and Rekha was true! Raveena has hinted at it over the years.

Most of the rumors are garbage! Why u believe such media created junk???!

I can tell that though he is chubby, this boy is going to be very good looking & he is tall-so if he learns from his dad well, he will be some hero.

Aarav looks so much like his maternal grand father. He is going to be quite tall.

Height doesnt come from his maternal side, the Khannas/Kapadias are quite short

Height comes from genes doesn't matter paternal or maternal.

I don't know, I think he looks like a mini Akshay Kumar!

Oh no he looks nothing like Akshay Kumar, besides the height. He's a mini Rajesh Khanna

the boy doesn't look at all like Rajesh Khanna. zero resemblance. he has some features from Akshay and colors of his Twinkle.

Stop promoting your family Akshay, we all know you sleep with others

Don't jus presume stuff unless u know the truth

I know the truth. Ask the female dancers in his movies

Are you one of the dancers? coz u seem to know a lot

What rubbish!! Clearly your from the media who spread disgusting stories!! Dont u have anything better to do??

The entire industry knows the truth. He & Ajay luv the ladies too much-sometimes even the same ladies.

PR shuru!

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement