Akshay watches Aarakshan with Twinkle and Aarav

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Akshay Kumar watched Aarakshan with wife Twinkle and son Aarav.

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Son dosnt look Twinkle or Akshay. He resembles his grandfather Rajesh Khanna

awww his sons cute

Akshay & all lukin very good,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,par jab woh arakshan ko barawa deni wali film dekh ke nikle honge,to apna matha koot rahe honge................My Review 0/10

beautiful family

They look great, cute kid.. Why these hate comments.. He is a cute normal kid.. bless them

Fat? Aarav is healthy like any kid should be. Give it a rest people.

And what she is wearing is nothing inappropriate.

twinkle shud wear slim jeans....she will luks decent....

MashaAllah, all of them looks great! Twinkle looks hot.. Akshay looks great.. and the kid looks like he would grow up to be a top superstar

oh akshay and tina.they are amazing.but here is full of haters.God bless my favorite couple.and aarav is sooooo sweet.

Like it. Son is too handsome! Twinkle's dress is fab and Akshay is always handsome! Though Akshay's films irritate me, like the fact he is supporting a good film like Aarakshan going to it along with his family.

she is wearing an afghani traditional dress,,,

aarav....of couse he will become a fat young boy, then lose weight in order to 'act' in films

Twinkle looks really young here, she actually looks like his sister not mother
As for her bag it's by a French company called housed and the bag retails for $115.00 US dollars.

Oh Filmychica.....before you call people "loosers" ...you should learn how to spell losers....you are such a wannabe

twinkle looks hot

She doesn't even look pregnant!


I completely agree with you.

By the way ppl twinkle and akshay both are great and sweet couples and leave aarav alone how could you ppl called him fat he is healthy looking boy.

o GOD twinkle show her body alot ....akki luk nice and araav growing cuteeeeee

I'm totally lovin Twinkle's hair, dress and bag. Very decent selection and looks good.

Wow, people are so b!tchy. W/e, she still gets to go home and make love to a sexy man while you losers weep. :)

grow up akshay be a good human being

To the two Anonymous comments:

Akshay's son being molested was "quite a funny story"- you must be a horrible human being to think this and write this. Maybe now you will be able to find the hilarity in such a situation if it were to happen to your family.

Aarav is so fat- Really??! He is a CHILD, not some A-list celebrity to criticize over weight or clothes etc. Go get some therapy. And .... he doesn't look "so fat" in the above pictures.

he looks adorable here!!! too cute

fab couple beautiful inteligent son

aww.. they looks so cute together!!!

wow twinkle looks so nice

Hmmmmm ...............
Very impressed with the way Twinkle is dressed and the bag she's carrying. So refreshing not to see the usual bling bling designer stuff from head to toe. Looks like she dresses to please herself and she looks great.
The husband's green loafers look cool with the jeans and black shirt. Must be her influence because I don't remember him being a sophisticated dresser.

Can't star wives dress properly? What is she trying to be sexy so that her flirty husband who sleeps around with every second woman stops himself. Not going to work twinkle

Did she forget to wear something down?? Jeez woman your son is with you atleast Dress decently in front of him.

happy family


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