Akshay Kumar at Yash Chopra Memorial Awards

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Seen here is Akshay Kumar at the first Yash Chopra Memorial Award ceremony which took place last night. The award commemorates Yash Chopra's contribution to cinema and is likely to take place every year.

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definitely up past his bedtime here, and it shows. I like the shirt and the jacket, but the black trousers don't quite seem to work with them, and although the hairstyle's the same thing he's been wearing lately, it seems carelessly put together this time.

I mean, literally, it's like his staff got him out of bed an hour after he turned in, and said, oops, there's an event we forgot to tell you about and it's in half an hour. That's what he looks like here.

He looks tired

looking dowdy and old

Like the salt and pepper in Akki's sideburns. very silver foxy!

looks old here

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