Alia Bhatt's girls' night out

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Alia Bhatt and her good friend Akansha Ranjan were spotted on a girls' night out last last evening.

Alia was seen leaving Nido, a popular B-town hangout in Mumbai. Dressed in a Being Human tee, black shoes and sporting red lips, Alia surely wasn't dressed to impress. That aside, she looked radiant and happy.

Why not, when she has recently added another endorsement in her kitty. Phillips India, today announced that she has been roped in as the brand ambassador for its beauty range.

Good going Alia!

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Why is she lifting so heavy weights

She can never be Kareena. Kareena is very beautiful has oomph and hotness. Kareena has beautiful eyes and very photogenic
Alia is just lucky to get a break in Bollywood.

She is so cool.

why is she hated so much?,she has such a cool personality

Kid playing around with Dior?? Alia looks like a little girl trying to fit in a the adult world LOL!

She looks lovely!

do you guys realise the post is at no.1??most of the people in pv doesn't like her...yet they have bash her in every god damned article.dont like her,don't read her post. atleast dont spreading so much hatred against her..

She needs to do something with those eyebrows

Even her friend is wearing boots(last picture). Either the whole bunch is crazy or there is some very silly reason for opting BOOTs in summers.(too darn hot to even look at it) Jeans top looks good but minus the bag and boots and also the red lipstick.

Why is Alia making biceps. Lean arms look good on women.

she looks drunk

What does she want to show by wearing being human t-shirt does she think by doing this she will get easy chance to work with salman
or who knows maybe in shuddhi
pinkvilla post my comment

LOL!!!! Again nothing else to bash so let's bash her clothes and her eyebrows...again! You guys are starting to sound like a broken record. Get over it. She's not going anywhere sadly for all of you. She's here to stay and give everyone a run for their money. Instead of hating on her, go spend your time gushing over your favorites instead. Spread love, not hate!

She looks hot and it's a really cool outfit. God she has perfect hair! As for just wearing red lips, it matches her bag and it's a very French style, she looks very European, it looks amazing! I wish some of the commenters would travel and see the world and see that this is a very au courant look.

HAHAHA wait wait wait hold on i was born and brought up in europe and ive travelled alot i havent seen a girl being fashionable with this u better do some research before commenting ...just because ur wearing expensive clothes doenst mean ur a fashionista

She is trying to pull a kareena

looks very trashy.

Gross @ red lipstick

she's adorable

And i always thought u cant go wrong with jeans and t-shirt well apparently you can. Btw why isn't she walking with her friends instead of walking ahead ?

...and she wants to give parineeti fashion tips? .....tshirt and jeans ok especially in india during summer NO ....her bag is nice but doesnt suit the outfit at horrible !!!!!

Love her bag,what brand is it?

Christian Dior

When I look at her, all I see is her eyebrows. I don't understand why she refuses to get them done. Does she think that she is so perfect that she doesn't need to work to look like a heroine at all?

she doesn't need to pluck them at all that's why :)

well....its good she has gain weight again....she was getting too thin.i like the fact out side of shoot she doesn't were makeup mutch.looks good here.

Could you please delete "wasnt dressed to impress"? because that tee looks HOT on her.. are you jealous?

she looks so annoyed next to that little girl like cmon, I know it's night but atleast pretend that you're interested in your fan

Reminds me of another "favourite actress" of Alia - She had similar expressions on her face when kids tried to get close to her

red lips without foundation is a big NO NO! it makes the shadow on the upper lip look more prominent..eek!

Pretty as always :)

Looking pretty.

who wears boots in this hot weather

I see, she missed being in the lime light!!!!!! She could not resist the temptation to be photographed! Thank god, no more of her films are releasing in the second half of this year! Disappear ghost!

4 releases and 4 hits.. she is in it to win it, keep sulking ;)

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