Big B's granddaughter, SRK's son enjoy a night out

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With looks resembling to his superstar father Aryan Khan has turned out to be quite a charmer. A photograph was posted recently on his Facebook fan page which shows Shah Rukh Khan’s son getting clicked with Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter Navya Naveli.

In the photograph Navya can be seen holding Aryan by his waist and posing for the camera with a smile. Don’t know why Aryan had such a serious face.

There was another photograph of Aryan being kissed by two ladies that went viral.

What's interesting is that Navya was present at the same party as Aryan can be seen in the same clothes.

Looking at these photographs we can only predict that even Aryan will be famous among the ladies like his father is on-screen.

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Omg!!! Aryan and Navya are so freakishly bad looking.. I don't understand why people like them.. I mean, they might be rich kids, but yeah..whatever!! That doesn't matter, they don't look sooo good that people r swooning over them. In fact, they look quite normal, nothing special...Just rich kids having useless fun..yaaawwwwnnnnn...

badde logo ki badde badde batain.......

R these girls kissing a statue??? He is totally stone faced, no expression nothing....good for Bollywood.

i reckon navya and aryan are both hot. but i think they both also probably have bad attitude. srk only ever has nice things to say about his daughter...the son is probably not as attached i guess.

Future BW couple.

they are kids, leave them alone.

So how many times does the media and here plan to post SRK's older son private pictures!! Nothing wrong in posting public pictures but private ones and that from the girls accounts are nothing but tacky attempt and sick. Leave the kids alone in such sick silly discussion.

what's ur problem ? are u SRK or gauri ?!!!

Aryan looks really cool....he's only 16 and the girls are already all over him...hehehe.

Actually, it's impossible that the indian media could have gotten these photos by themselves. Obviously they were taken privately and not by paparazzi. I am sure that they have given these private photos to the Media so people could write articles about them (making them famous when they're not even an actor/actress). So next time don't try blaming the Indian media for star kids when in reality it is these star kids (and their parents) who give such private photos TO the Indian Media to PUBLISH.

At least get ur facts right before u start mouthing off....and stop being jealous of celebrities and their kids. These pictures were not on aryans private instagram account.....they were actually taken from the girls private instagram account...and these girls don't have famous parents...they are just normal teenage girls who put their school friends pics on their personal accounts. If the media was proffessional and had any standards....then they wouldn't have published these pictures and written articles about them. It's the corrupt media that is making money by printing these photos.

and how do you know these pictures were given to the media....were u there...???....or are u just talking out ur backside...????

The media should have some standards and some control when it comes to star kids. Aryan is a 16 year old teenager, and these are pictures from a private school party....leave him alone....he's just a kid, not a celebrity. And what about the girls in the photos?...even if you forget about navya bachchan, i don't think the two girls kissing aryan have famous parents...what would the girls and the girls parents think when they see the indian media using their photos. The Indian media has no shame and no sense.

these are old pics....pathetic media rehashing old pics of SRK's kids just to make articles on them.

look at big b's grand daughter clinging on the aryan....and he doesn't seem to be that bothered.

mini King Khan already has girls all over him....what will it be like if he joins films....????

He resembles Gauri more.

he used to when he was really little....but since he became a teenager....he's starting to look like SRK a bit more.

this guy doesn't smile (at least for camera).someone needs to tickle him

looks like navya bachchan would like to tickle him.

He looks really shy.

Those girls are more expressive than him. He has the same expression like John Abraham in all the pics. lol

well they aren't acting so why do they have to give expressions...???

the girls look thrilled to be near Aryan, thats why they look more expressive....and as someone else commented, Aryan is going through his teenage phase and has the "i'm too cool for everything" look.

Shameful indian media. Aryan is just 16 and they should not be printing private pictures taken at a school party.....and also the other girls in the photos. What about their privacy....????....I don't think the girls that are kissing aryan have famous parents....what would the girls and their parents think when they see their photos being used by the indian media???

If you see school pics of SRK, then aryan does look alot like him....very cute.

Instagram is a public forum! Don't post pictures up if you don't want them to be stumbled upon. It's one of the pitfalls of social media but none the less social media is part of the public domain. It's as good as you walking around on the street and getting photographed. If he doesn't want people to pounce on his pics don't have them taken, it's that simple. Numerous articles are written about celebrity instagram pics/tweets/status's, you can't simply blame the media, it's a source of information about celebrities they use.

it wasn't on aryans instagram page....the pictures were taken from the girls private instagram page....and these girls don't have famous they are just behaving like normal teenagers. the media shouldn't use kids private pictures....and it's illegal in the rest of the western world....but i dob't know about India though.

These pictures are old....we've seen them before...the media needs to stop using SRK's kids pictures to get more hits on their websites.

SRK should trademark his when people try to make money by using his name....then at least they would have to pay him.

Big B's granddaughter, Raj Kapoor's great granddaughter ... still can't afford clothes that cover her. -_-

Lol too teeny bopper nights out. Why are kids so keen to grow up, a few years and you can indulge in all the partying you want. Enjoy being a young person! There's a time for everything..

How happy does big b's grand-daughter and the other girls look to be with Aryan....hahaha. He does look a bit like SRK and if aryan has even some of SRK's charm and personality....then that explains why the girls can't resist him already.

Even though Aryan is only 16 and is going through his shy teenage seems that girls love him....just like his father.

Aryan looks really cool...and is starting to look a little bit like SRK. There are lots of pictures of actresses kissing SRK on the cheeks....i remember one where anushka and vidya are both kissing SRK (sorry i don't know how to post pictures on pinkvilla)'s so sweet that aryan does the father like son.

Ahhh...aryan does seem to be a bit shy. Indian media shouldn't be allowed to print private photos of star kids. In the west, paparazzi are not allowed to show photos of star kids until they are over 18. It's hard enough growing up in ur teenage years without the media following ur every move.

LOL....Aryan is going through his awkward teenage years....but he still looks really cool and has an attitude....and he's starting to look like wonder all the girls love him. Lucky guy.

Why is the media posting articles and pictures of kids....don't they have any standards or morals??? These pictures are not for the media but are taken from the private instagram accounts of the other kids that attended that party.

I guess it just shows that SRK is the biggest superstar...that the media can't even leave his kids alone.

Aryan looks cute.

Aryan looks quite a bit like SRK now....all the lucky girls that are in his school...

all the girls in the phtos look really happy to be snapped with him....whilst he's like...."whats the big deal".

Aryan used to look alot like gauri....but now he's starting look like SRK...especially his jawline and his neck. and Aryan has the teenage "i'm too cool for everything" look down pat.

One of the reasons why Aryan went to london to study was so he could have a normal childhood....without the media following him everywhere. It is disgraceful that they are taking private photos from a party....and writing articles about it.

If and when Aryan becomes a movie star...then write about him....until then the media should leave him alone.

Aryan is looking really cool, and is starting to resemble his sexy father....and girls obviously love him father, like son..hehehe

Awww....Aryan is quite shy....and doesn't like getting his photo taken. Media should have some morals and leave kids alone. These photos were taken from the private accounts of the girls at the party...and the media should not be allowed to make money off kids private instagram accounts. Shame on them.

How thrilled does Navya bacchan look to be hugging junior king khan. Aryan already has a "cool dude" type of attitude.

Aryan is a 16 year old should leave him alone. Growing up during ur teenage years is hard enough without the media writing articles about who he's friends with...and who kisses him at parties.

The media writes enough crap about SRK.....leave his family alone....they are not celebrities.

SRK's kids have the most awesome lives. Aryan is starting to look a little like SRK wonder girls are all over him....and if aryan has even 10% of SRK's charm....then he's going to be a heartbreaker.

Aryan is a chick magnet...just like his father....lucky kid!!!

He's going for the Justin Beiber expression. smh.

I read here he is extremely average looking or like Karan Johar will say 'unconventional looking' means ugly as can be...worst case scenario ugly ness doesn't stop grows along with imagine he is the perfect ugly duck...

These kids aren't even in Bollywood yet. Don't post their pictures!

Stop stealing the kids FB pictures. It's really weird!

Aren't these old pics?

Lol he looks funny.

seems like a big snob.

He is actually extremely average looking

Just like his Father.

And this is news because?!

hes not that really good looking...

He would look much better if he would smilie sometimes. An unhappy boy in a unhappy family, no wonder!

like a boy and girlfriend

Rich kids joyful life.

why so serious?!

OMG, what an unhappy boy. Feel sad!

Probably because it's from yes same night... Why do you try to make their children celebrities before they've even lived? Poor Wish's daughter can barely walk and they stalk her like crazy.

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