Vogue Beauty Award 2012

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Vogue beauty Award 2012 Winners !!!

Kajol : Timeless Beauty
Deepika Padukone : Beauty of the year
Farkan Akhtar : Most beautiful man
Illeana D'Cruz : Fresh face
Diana Penty : Debutant
Angela Johnson : Model


Diana ♥

Angela modellllll
Now that's a joke

farhan akhtar most beautiful...kya joke hai

It is true! Kajol is amazingly beautiful. She has aura, charisma and personality. She's the best!! Love her!!

Diana Penty should have got Fresh Face as well.Come on guyzzz, she is soooo cute!!!

Yes kajolllll is beauty and has magic

Please what is timeless about kajol's beauty? Is even beautiful at all

Are they serious with the most beautiful man and model?

Deepika looks so pretty in that picture. And Kajol is a naturally pretty woman - classic. All the choices are really good this time! Nice one, Vogue.

haha, good joke

Who decide these rubbish awards.. I mean r u serious about Farhan .."Beautiful" with those chicken pox holes on his face..kajol looks "Kaamwaali bai" if she don't put whole lot make up on her face (I agree she is talented & I admire her for that) but anyone will look beautiful with 4 shades light & perfect make up if they have ok ok features..I agree with Deepika, she is beautiful though she is not at all my fav..rest of these skinny/hangers here total "GARBAGE"..We don't need beautiful face with not talent at all in BW..Seems like vogue gets paid by them..

Deepika, Diana and Illeana are *so* beautiful, seriously. Angela looks like Dipanita (sp?) Sharma here.

Love it that Diana got the award.....she is lovely....

Kajol : Timeless Beauty -----funny, ridiculous

In my opinion Kajol is the most beautiful woman in Bollywood not only becouse of her outside beauty but also becvouse of this amazing smile and passion.

Illeana D'Cruz & Diana Penty already won fresh face & debutant :P :P
still got 5months left :D

Congrats to kajol and deepika. You girls deserve it.

they're all beautiful people but really i dont understand how kajol is timless beauty when clearly it should be ash

Yay!!! Deepika for the win!!!!!!!So happy!!!!

Farkan Akhtar : Most beautiful man ???!!!!!!!

tell me they're no serious. tell me they're just kidding pleaseeee????!!!!!
I love Farhan, he's handsome in his own way but not - Oh My God - beautiful ?
and this timeless beauty award should go to Ash. i'm not a big fan of her but she's like a unified choice for different people on how beautiful she is.

Kajol is timeless beauty!

It is a matter of fact that who comes 4 award shows always get one(even at filmfare & iifa).others who dont attend cant get though they deserve.but here 1st 2 awards r given 2 deserving party no doubt.

It is a matter of fact that who comes 4 award shows always get one(even at filmfare & iifa).others who dont attend cant get though they deserve.but here 1st 2 awards goes 2 deserving party no doubt.

Beautiful people, congrats to all.

kajol is timeless beauty
love her

kajol and timeless beauty?????? your having a laugh!!!!!!!!

so Angela is next hot actor of Bollywood i guess

timless should have been ash and beautiful man should have been hrithk

Deepika Padukone is the best

Kajol and Ileana are not beauties. They're are sweet and talented women, but not beautys. Loved Kajol since my childhood but I must admit she doesn't look "good". So does Ileana.

deepika, angela, diana - all untalented people. bad choice vogue

Agree with all of it!

for the most beautiful man I would choose: Arjun ramphal

kajol is the best
natural beauty
love her

the only one that looks good is Diana Penty...kajol is not a beauty..but an example of what talent, fame and good make up can do

so predictable and boring.

not completely satisfying..

usually, katrina tops this kind of award - what happened?

agree w the awards.. thumbs up!!

deepika padukone is hideous...

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