Ranveer Singh and other celebs attend Anil Kapoor's screening of 'Khoobsurat'

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Anil Kapoor came all out in support of his lovely daughters, Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor as he held a special screening of 'Khoobsurat' for his near and dear ones.

In attendance were Ranveer Singh, Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, Abhishek Kapoor, Chunkey Pandey, Tisca Chopra and Mandira Bedi.

Khoobsurat starring Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan releases today.

On a side note, does Anil Kapoor in any angle look 57 ?

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Ranveer can light up any event. He is the life of any occasion..

I wonder what ranveer has to say to sonam after she said that nasty comment about deepika

Overacting n overacting.....r....rajkumar ka dailouge hai na "meri life mei sirf 2 cheezein hain pyaar pyarr or maar maar"n ranveer ki life mei b 2 cheezein hain over over n overacting.hahaaa.still overact..

He is in bollywood becoz of his uncle anil kapoor.not from his acting.bakwas...

hahaha...Ranveer is daring to try and pull this off...I like his hair reminds me of Dragon Ball Z..and Anil Kapoor looks really good..come to think of it, maybe Ranveer got Anil's style as he used to dress badly before...

Ranveeeeer!? What happened? No beard no mustache, it's like he lost half of his charm!!

Ranveer channels Liberace a lot. He's either gay or bi or just thinks he's a clown and must always entertain us. Love him anyway.


So you are bigot too. Good to know.


Ranveer is channelling his inner govinda LOL! But even though its whacky, I still like the guy. No fine this time for this crme against fashion!

lol ranveer needs to realize that now this is getting really over

Gosh! This guy never stops amusing me! How does he manage to do that?? EVERY SINGLE TIME!
I never thought I would be this fond of RS when BBB was about to release.
How things change with time!!
Some man he is!! A fabulous one at that! Things can never get dull when this fella is around!

Why does Anil Kapoor keep his mouth open in every photograph?

Farhan Akhtar looks damn good! Damn fit!

Ritesh and Farhan are too sexy !!!

If he can't pull this off, no one else can. LOL

But his sense of fashion is better than Aamir.

So? How is that relevant?


So? how is that relevant?

ughhh,dont ever do this again Ranveer!

awwww Ranveer is soo cute and adorable, his pics never fail to brighten my day hahahaha :)

What is that, Ranveer?! LMAO


Indias got talent and Imaam got compitition.

Ranveer still can't take New York out of him!

Ranveer such a rockstar. Awesum personality can carry of anything

Okay, Ranveer Singh, I love you. Seriously this man should be on the front lines of a war zone, I tell you he can make both sides of that line smile, together.

ranveer reminds me of Robert downy Jr both are fun,crazy,witty,have their own style,love their fans to death and most of all dont give a damn what people say about them...though RDJr is on another level of awesomeness...i love ranveer's individuality

LOl. ranvir is cool

Seriously, couldn't he at-least leave the chain out to save the grace

Haha what is Ranveer wearing but I can't deny his hotter guy

So garish!

Ranveer's smile melts my heart! Please God make him mine and prove that you exist. Lol! Hotness!

ranveer ching!!!

I think in 7th pic he is sayin 'chalo london'

Mehra´s family outing is soo cute! He is the only male among all his ladies! I bet they couldn´t wait to see the movie. So cute yaar :P

Ranveer looks like he is listening to too much gangster rap lately

Anilji will give complexes to everyone & Farhan looks super fit.

What i like about Ranveer is that he's probably very aware of what some people would say and think about the outfit he's wearing, and he still doesn't care lol.

what the hell Ranveer LOL

I feel like ranveer's outfit could have worked without that cheap, sleazy looking chain. I rather like the colors and shoes.

Why Ranveer why???!!!!

Ranveer's outfit.....what. the. hell.

Bless you Ranveer !! I guess his Team Misfit ? lol. I'm really happy seeing Farhan Akhtar & Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra (Team Bhaag Milkha Bhaag !!)

eshtyyyle~ get on his level

ranveer and his whacky style .....ha ha ha ....only he could carry this stuff and still look hot as hell........

Ranveer make up more flawless than mine. Smh

what in the world is he wearing?

Only Ranveer can pull off this look. Surprisingly he makes the over the top look work wonderfully. It gels very well with the theme of the movie,'The royal misfit'.

Lmao this has got to be intentional

This made me LOL

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