VHP complains against 'PK'

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The VHP has said Aamir Khan's movie "PK" has several scenes that hurt religious sentiments of Hindus and has written to the information and broadcasting ministry demanding a curb on such movies and "changing the character of the censor board".

In a letter to the ministry, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad said "the movie has been made to hurt and provoke Hindu religious sentiments".

The letter, signed by VHP spokespersons Vinod Bansal and Vijay Shankar Tiwari, referred to some scenes in the movie and said some similar movies "targeting Hindu practices" have been made in the past which have been ignored by the censor board.

"It is requested that such films are stopped and character of institutions like censor board, which approve such movies, is corrected," the letter said.

Bansal said police complaints have been filed in many parts of the country against the movie by people who have taken objection to its contents.

However, senior BJP leader L.K. Advani has hailed the movie as a "wonderful and courageous film". A movie buff, Advani recently watched the film directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

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As was expected!

Tumhara sar !!!

I think PK brought up many good points and questions alot of these "fake" babas who use the name of God to get fame and money. And more movies like this should be brought into Bollywood.

for once vhp and the muslim board are united in india - well done pk :)

"Just because you're offended, doesn't mean your right!" ~ Ricky Gervais

The day when the term "hurt my sentiments" as justification for censorship of any type, good or bad, will disappear, and law and order will be maintained, will be a godsend to India. If they want PK to be censored, then the head of VHP Praveen Togadia who wants Hindus to dissociate themselves from Muslims, kill a Muslim landowner for being in a Hindu area, stop intermarriage between religions, wipe out all other religions from India, and overall promote ridiculous hatred in the Guise or protection should be arrested as well. He is scared because he is the type of person ridiculed in PK. Those who use religion for personal and ignoble gain. What nonsense double standard. Films must censor themselves, but VHP and their babas promote and execute religious hooliganism, certain Muslim organizations create havoc if one word is uttered against religion and overall indulge in terrorism, but are still protected in speech by courts. What about my sentiments? Hmm? You find it okay to let men pee on the street and indulge in violence in the name of religion, but I am outcasted when I wear short skirt?! Freedom of expression (as long as it is not threatening) and PROTECTION of those who exercise their right zindabad!

Then why was a ban sought on vishwaroopam? Look who's talking of double standards? You don't realize what a dangerous precedent is being set.
Aamir Khan needs to set his house in order first. Talk of how islam is treating women like pigs , debauchery and polygamy encouraged, murder , mayhem and terrorism encouraged in the name of religion. Why was no reference made to any of these? Aamir took his mother on a haj yathra 2 yrs ago. Isn't it hypocritical of him to then say "jo dar gaya wo mandir gaya"?
Why was the satanic verses banned?

Dude PK shows that we should not let religious 'dhongis' prey on our vulnerabilities, it doesn't single out anyone. Open up your mind. We are a secular nation love and respect for all. No respect for hate mongering and ritualized religions as if they were a cult!

Kissing Baba was arrested in Andhra. Google it. Is only because of these kind of fake Baba's that the movie talks about..What is wrong with that

VHP should grow a pair.

Pinkvilla...VHP is just aimless and completely jobless. Please don't give them any attention...they just don't deserve it.

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