First Look : '2 States' Feat. Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

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Here is the first look poster of '2 States' starring Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. 2 States is an adaptation of Indian author Chetan Bhagat's novel of the same name.

The story revolves around two individuals from different cultural backgrounds falling in love and the problems they had to face in convincing their parents to approve their marriage. Arjun Kapoor will be seen playing a North Indian nerd named Krish Malhotra, while Alia Bhatt plays Ananya Swaminathan, a South Indian Brahmin.

The movie is directed by Abhishek Varman and the story and screenplay is written by Chetan Bhagat. Produced by Karan Johar, Sajid Nadiadwala and UTV, the film is slated to release on April 18, 2014.

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The terms 'North Indian' and 'South Indian' are so abused and overused, they should just be banned. There is nothing like 'South Indian'. It is either a Kannadiga, Telugu, Tamil or Malayalee and they are all VERY different. Bollywood uses the term 'South Indian' when it really means Tamilian. Weak geography or just plain low IQ of bollywood wallahs ? I'd say both.

this is funny...arjun looks south indian and alia looks north indian...

No one expected Alias performance in Highway...i think we should wait for the movie to get to who would have been better. As per Chetan Bhagats novel Ananya is a fair south indian girl, at first glance no one can say that Ananya belongs to a tamil brahmin family. So well YES!!. BTW interesting poster.

So it's ok for Katrina and Amy Jackson to play an Indian girl and have their voices dubbed for the various movies , but to have an actual Indian girl to play an Indian girl of a different region is blasphemy. What irony that Two States is about One Love, but regionalism is going strong in our country. India will never get ahead for this reason. We always preferred white people over our own. That's why the British Raj happened in the first place.

I think they should have chosen a real Tamil girl for this. Alia does not look Tamil at all

lol u sound like u have no exposure and very narrow minded;) get out of the small little pond u live in..Travel, talk to different ppl from different races and religions, embrace different cultures my friend..there r a ton of south Indians who r very light skinned..just like a ton of dark north Indians from UP etc yeah..time to open ur eyes..just sayin;P

Should have been Asin instead of Alia!!

I love it.
Good luck Alia.

some alia fan is ranting about how alia is the best thing in bollywood and asin's pr and fanatics are working really hard to bring down the prospects. sounds a lot like mahesh bhatt or karan johar. silly people.

Actresses like priyanka, sonakshi, kareena, Alia, parineeti, should accept roles and characters with different cultures if they get such opportunity. This bring out unity in diversity. Some fans here are fanatics, shame!!!! Some comments irks.!!Hats off to Alia..flop or hit..tap every talents of yours..go gal..more power to you.

Flash News- Asin not getting films. PRs machineries being explosed. Insecure, jealousy and enviness of some desperate deepika and asin fans. Even priyanka chopra would be great.

that's because there are no bollywood actresses who are established in the south india but asin, ileana, and shruti but they are real south indians. also bollywood heroines are too pricey. pc started off with a tamil movie too but she has no takers down south. so unless it is a mani ratnam or shankar film they can afford a bollywood heroine. but asin ileana and shruti are also well known in bollywood therefore they can be casted to avoid typical stereotyping like many said. also ileana would not be the best option because she doesn't know any south indian languages fluently. i am not an asin or shruti fan but honestly they are the best option. in fact asin can be a better option as she has more fans in bollywood and it can at least some better prospects at the box office.

Please just don't judge a book by its cover, wait till the film comes out, you don't know who will surprise you.

I think Ayushman Khurana is apt for this role.......

I have nothing against Alia but I believe she is a miscast! She looks too young to be an IIM student!

When do south Indians ever cast north Indians for movies? South Indians are always of the opinion that they are better, many south Indian actress cross over to bollywood since the start of the Mumbai film industry but never the other way around....I wonder why? I think Alia is good for the role, but would not mind if ileana was cast instead


All of this for the sake of nepotism & more importantly to retain control of the narrative in the industry.


Asin, Ileana, they all have a great following down south. It means people there would GO to SEE the movie because they can see themselves in the actress. Not to talk about the realism of the acting because of that.
KARAN IS THE WORST THING THAT HAPPENED TO BOLLYWOOD IN A LONG TIME. Because he is blinded & doesn´t care about helping the nation grow strong together. He has a voice & doesn´t care to use it, unless it suits his personal agenda just like we see him pushing the gay-genda for his own gain.

STATES DIVISION IS A PLAGUE IN THE INDIAN CULTURE, shame on him for not caring to help solve this problem by educating the masses. *rant over*

asin is pretty, but when she's in front of the camera, she can't just "be"....she has to "act" - and that isn't a compliment. it's not good acting if you can tell someone is forcing it out of themselves, and asin is an extremely artificial actress. what alia did in highway was just "being"....and it was beautiful to watch. asin would NEVER be able to do that, and this comes from someone who's followed her body of work for a long, long time. most of the pretty lasses from south india that end up making debuts in hindi are the katrina kaif's and sonakshi sinha's of the south - they are merely decorative pieces and arm candy for the hero...and asin is no different. at least ileana proved her mettle in barfi, what on earth has asin done?
i'm a south indian, and frankly good riddance - i'm glad i don't see asin in south indian movies any more. she has never done a performance oriented role in her life - her only claim to fame, be it in tamil or hindi, is ghajini. asin may be talented (unlike katrina), but she is really more concerned about looking attractive and acting with big-shots. she's hardly interested in playing good characters (even though she lies that she is in her interviews - actions speak louder than words asin!)

i'm all for a south indian playing the character of ananya - but if the south indian in question is asin, then honestly i'd rather alia. and honestly asin probably would've rejected the movie if it was opposite arjun kapoor - she would've done it when saif and shahrukh were being considered though...cos that's how superficial she is.

Alia is the new best thing in Bollywood....and BTW kareena got the same reaction when she started off in the Indian film industry...way to go Alia u will rock the pants off 2 states

Super cute. I like.

Well some comments here are pathetic. Its just a poster here, am sure Alia will be fab, its her third film and shall be great. Whyyyy can't she play a south Indian gal, thats the objective to act and experience different characters. If a south gal like Asin play it would have been boring as she would have play herself. I expect Asin to play some nice and different shades of characters as she has that potential. Bollyentertainment here is just faking things here with her desperate comments just like her fav one. If an actress like priyanka, kareena, parineeti, sonakshi would have ben approach it would have good too. Never underestimate someone abilities. Priyanka play a Marathi girl in one film..she was superb and sure she can pull off a south character. So does kareena, its not the skin here which will say otherwise, its just about learning and experiencing cultures of different groups. Am happy Alia is playing the part. Have seen some pics, she is simple and beautiful. It must have been shape well. PV post this.

D thing with map in background is good..but them lying on it..doesn't look that appealing..could have been better

lovely poster though

Great...the girl who doesn't know the president of India is playing an IIM graduate. :-o

Too many Asin fans here. Asin cant act, period. Thats the reason she only gets silly masala movies. Alia has proved herself in highway, she can pull of light ad hard-hitting characters with equal ease.

asin cant act??? have you seen her south films? dont judge hust on basis of movie offers in bwood., where everything depends on connections, surname. the only reason she is not getting offers is cuz she is southie, no connections here. and oh pleasee dont compare her with alia, she is just 2 films old. i am not liking this overhyping of highway movie.

If Asin's is that awesome in southie movies, then her best bet is to go back to doing southie movies. Why waste time in BW. Isn't it Anon!? Plus Asin doesnt look as young as Alia. The role in Highway demanded someone who looked young, protected and naive. Which Asin clearly isn't.

I am not sure if Arjun is fit for this role. He has a long way to go before doing romantic/emotional scenes. In Gunday he was overacting most of the time and the same kind of acting no matter what kind of emotion the scene needs. He suits more in roles with grey shades where he can give his usual evil grin.

I said it before and will say it again, Alia is miscast. I even felt she looked like a child in Highway. Now don't get me wrong people. Alia's acting was great in Highway I felt uncomfortable watching Alia as she looks like a 12 year old boy when she wears no make up. I know she is 20, but its about the look. I can't imagine Alia as a MARRIED SOUTH INDIAN who goes through MARITAL ISSUES. I think they should have opted for Asin, as she is already known in Bollywood or should've given a south newcomer a chance. Im not Indian so I have no much understanding of this north vs south issue...I mean all are Indians. It''s very simple, girls like Alia and Kareena don't have that South Appeal and it's not about being fair skinned, as Aishwarya CAN play (and is) South Indian. I hope you know what I mean.

I really don't understand why people are going ha ho about alia's performance in highway. yes there is an improvement since her soty days but expecting her to pull off this rule is just out of mind. even deepika who has got more experience didn't pull off a tamil girl to perfection in chennai express. this girl is too young too even play the character in highway or this movie. if you guys can praise her performance in highway then you all should equally praise katrina's performance iin rajneeti, new york, and namastey london. in those films she has showed potential yet you all are calling her a horrible actress. you all have been calling abhishek a horrible actor when he showed potential in guru, yuva, bunty aur babli, and etc. now she only has done highway and you all are praising her as if she is a sridevi or madhuri. she is still has to establish herself but i doubt it with this role. she doesn't suit the south indian role.

miscast all the way. Arjun looks south indian, Alia looks north indian somewhat Chinese actually :)

WOW I like the poster. very sophisticated and unique.
hope the film is as sophisticated and unique!!

someone please give that Bollywoodentertainer the best Kareena troller award. He or she really cracks me up. Too funny yaar.

so true yo that person is burning kareena and her fans fans left and right. if a troller can make money then that bollyentertainer would have been a rich man or woman by now.

The reason people are harping on about Alia being miscast is because the entire premise of the film rests on the difference in ethnicity. The story doesn't just happen to have a south indian female lead character, that IS THE STORY. And considering the vast array of talent in South India, casting Alia Bhatt is freaking ludicrous. People going on about her after Highway like she's the second coming of Meryl Streep are missing the point entirely.

or bollywood's JLAW

Alia is also too young for the role. And looks nothing like Chetan's wife who looks more like Kiran Rao.

Half the battle is getting the casting right to add credibility to the role. One expects a certain look of the actors . South Indian girls typically have those huge luminous eyes ... Vyjanthimala ,Rekha , Hema , Sridevi , Bhanupriya ,Shilpa ,Deepika ...their eyes speak ! Not that Alia is bad, in fact she seems to have really rocked in Highway ,just that she's miscast for this movie . It's the same as trying to pass off Amy Jackson as a Malayali girl or Imran as a Tam Bram in GTPM. Your cast must support the script starting off with the appearance.

i don't like the female casting here. asin did act as an iyer girl in dasavatharam and she done it with pinache with perfect accenting. don't know why non south indian alia who can't pronounce tamil words has been cast. thank karan johar for making us live this horror.

That's a messed up comment. Did you say the same thing when DP was cast for Leela, a Gujju girl? Or when Sonakshi was cast for Pakhi, a Bengali girl? Or when Farhan, a non- punjabi-Sikh, played Milkha? Or when Madhavan, an Iyer, played Farhan in 3 Idiots?
That's what acting is about! Adapting and assimilating yourself to new characters, accents, looks. Doesn't mean only a south indian actress can play a South-Indian role!!

no she is right cos Bollywood has always had a plenty of south indian girls to choose from.Its not like speaking Punjabi or Gujarati with a tongue which is already speaking hindi. It is like a South indian managing to speak another south indian language.Bollywood has a choice form the lead lot so why should it compromise. North Indian actors are unaware even is they do act they mock it just ike shekhar subramaniam of I havent seen any southie eating spaghetti with youghurt

You're messed up. It is not about only doing justice to a role but the matter of fact of an actress being the best in that role. Deepika has played a south indian role in CE but many criticized her accent. Also at least Farhan and Sonakshi were believable and looked like a bengali and punjabi in the pictures itself. Even Ileana looked like a bengali in Barfi. But Alia does not look south indian under any level. most likely the accent will be stereotypical too. I have seen Asin playing a south indian iyer in dasavatharam and got the accent right. she is not even an iyer, she's a christian girl but looked like a south indian iyer in the film. Any director should cast someone who can be the best in a role, but karan signed this non south indian looking alia up because she didn't get any offers but Highway. it's going to stereotyped and I don't want that.

Farhan, when he was promoting Milkha in Chandigarh had to hear comments similar to yours here-- "why didn't the director pick a punjabi, Sikh to play Milkha?" But he nailed the role, didn't he? Atleast wait for a trailer/teaser before you make such a comment about he accent and look etc? You've already written Aliya off based on the back of her head in this poster?

Well Farhan is the best choice as there aren't any established or well known sikhs in Bollywood. Farhan did seem like a person who can suit the sikh look anyday. But alia? nah! No I didn't right her off after seeing her hair in this poster, I think you have missed a snap of 2 states that was posted 1 year ago.You can google the pic and see it yourself. She doesn't look south Indian from any angle. Many south indians will be complaining after seeing her looks and accent for 2 states just like the way they've criticized Deepika in CE. We're getting a bad repute from south indian viewers nowadays and it will continue sadly.

I am not going to comment on if Alia can pull of the role or not as everyone has there own opinions. but what you've said about south indians giving a bad repute to such films and casting is 100% right. I saw some poster of Chennai Express in Tamil, and they didn't even spell Chennai properly which irked many south tamilians. And Deepika's accent and tamil sounded to be exaggerated which offended us but i did love her acting though. When Bollywood has a some well known Tamil actress like Asin and Shruti Hassan who knows how to read speak and write in Tamil, it's sad how they've opted for another north indian who is for sure going to irk us even more with a lot of stereotyping of Tamils. Not something Bollywood can celebrate. It's disheartening.

so many all can turn out to be great politicians or debaters in the near future. I can see a bright future for all in that aspect.

I loved Aliya's look for this movie (with the south indian jhumkas) and bindi. She looks beautiful! I actually think, just looks-wise, it's great casting-- Aliya's face, body structure, aura resembles Bhagat's wife a little.

I just hope she get's the acting, diction and accent right-- initially, her South-Bombay brat image was soo etched in my head, that I couldn't imagine her playing an Iyer girl at all. But after watching Highway, I think she could maybe pull it off!

i think the cast is perfect! as they will be IIt students first then comes the marriage story..

Love it

Love this poster! And, people! Let's give Alia a chance. Maybe she might pleasantly surprise us like she did in Highway :')

no way


Asin & Imran Khan would have been a better choice (assuming Imran can act well like Delhi Belly)

Imran Khan? no please, let him make more cult films like GTPM and he should just stick to acting with kareena only..

Lafangey parindeyyy..dnt forget your own disasters and those coming after 2 years.,it might write off you completely by then

but kareena has been a flop since her debut days for crying sakes.

Asin totally deserved to get this role instead of Alia. I read thd book and only could imagine Asin doing Ananya. What to do? You never get what you wish for.

I agree Alia doesn't look south indian but I will say she is getting some damn good roles so early in her career. Most actresses have to wait a while before they can get a movie like Highway (which really showcases the acting potential of an actress rather than being shown as a glamorous doll) and now this movie will also show her in a completely different light and again challenge her as an actress. Lucky girl.

yes you are right about how it is difficult for an actress to get such roles so early. but you should thank karan and mahesh bhatt for lending her a hand when she has been left with no opportunities after SOTY but karan johar movies 2 states & some varun dhawan movie and highway which was taken through mahesh bhatt's request. her talent hasn't really earned her the role, it was her strong filmy background that did. but sadly like what some unknown indian american actor said, bollywood is full of nepotism. can't do much about it.

i got it arjun is from apkistan and aalia is from sri lanka they r fighting with india to win asia cup .lol.................
i knw u will dislyk dis comment........................

who are you?

I might not be wrong that we would see SRK pair with Sredevi-Bonny kapoor daughter Janbhi and Salman pair with SRK's daughter Suhana! Veryyyy soooon !! No wonder if THEY can do whatever they want to do when they don't have any strategy of ethics with any sorts of character!!!

Aalia doesn't look anywhere close to a south indian and that too to portray a South Indian Brahmin girl , they should look for a girl with simple looks and sharp features... esp the Eyes... South Indian women are best known for their big beautifful eyes... check any actress of that origin ..Vaijayanti mala, Waheeda Rehman, Hema Malini, Rekha, Sridevi, Meenakshi Seshadri, Jayaprada,Bhanupriya, Shobhana, Asin and yesteryear actresses like SAvitri, Jamuna, Kanchana...etc... name anyone Eyes are very imp..... this girl has no good looks except for her complexion and a big family name...She is just cute.... I hope she acts well atleast

Rough start for the film at the box office but I'm sure the budget wasn't too high and it wouldn't need to cross 100 Crores to be declared a hit.

lol you're on the wrong page. two states is still in post production. HIGHWAY released yesterday :)

LOL don't know how this got here, I posted it in the HIGHWAY review thread.

Legendary south actress Revathi is playing Ananya's mother in the movie and Karan chose to cast alia. first of all she doesn't even look like a south indian and she doesn't even look like a daughter of revathi. Asin was fondly referred as a Revathi look a like down south, it would have made more sense if he casted Asin as Ananya. But alia? that's some laugh out loud worthy casting.

In South India, men actually prefer women who have some flesh and healthy weight. Skinny girls aren't seen as attractive. It's not Alia's face but her petite frame that I feel is off. Look at Asin's body : that's the ideal one.

Though Alia is immensely talented (Highway anyone?), I think Ileana would've been a better choice.

Ileana and Arjun... hmmm interesting pair... I can imagine them onscreen together I mean I would love this pair!!
hope it turns into reality:)

Nice poster.

Just googled Chetan's wife. Woah........she's lovely and so chic! She's also delicate and petite.

Now will start the jealousy of Alia and the comparison her between dp because of this role

I mean tamil girl

There cant be any comparisons. Infact deepika's meenama in chennai express has already become an iconic character. So alia should be on that par to be compared with her.

Alia will never be compared to Deepika, she will always be compared to Parineeti because of their KWK episode just as Deepika was compared to Sonam in the beginning !

Why Alia ??? Neither she looks south Indian nor she looks of marriageable age...its not convincing

All the best to the team :)

I liked the book but I would of loved if they would have taken Asin instead on Alia! :(

So tru.

Btw this kinda remind me of GTPM poster where kareena and amran were on a broken brigde inbetween them!


Don't like this poster at all. Too predictable IMO.

Hey now you mentioned it,,,it looks Like GTPM poster.....I bet you did like that one but dont like this one. Alia was really good in Highway, why are Kareena fans threatened so much. I hope this movie does well and doesnt have a 3.5 cr opening like Gori Tere Pyar Mein. Im a well wisher and hope all movies do well and I truly expected GTPM to do better. I loved the song TOOH, such a beautiful and meaningful song.

LOL 3.5?GTPM has a 2 Cr opening.Says how un-bankable the lead stars of the film are.No wonder they are jobless!

"I loved the song TOOH, such a beautiful and meaningful song." LOL you're awesome girl :D too funny!

yup, just like GTPM :P

No feelings. Not sure if I like it or not. Waiting for the trailer to decide.

BTW the role stater with Srk as lead and the girls that were considered or approached where Priyanka, Asin and Deepika, but then came karan Johar on board of the movie as the producer and made Alia Bhatt the South Indian Siren. Lol Asin would be best in my opinion.

I like how Alia has chosen exciting roles, however Alia doesnt look South Indian from any angle. This can be such a lovely film, but the very fact Kjo is on board already make me think otherwise. I hope they dont glamorise it to the point where it is a romcom. The story can have far more depth than the typical Kjo finger crossed.

Alia is so petite, I hope Arjun is in decent shape in this film because then they'd look odd.

i think asin n ranbir would have worked too but this pair do look good too..except the poster could have been done better hands r kinda awkward

Yeah, cause Alia is totally South Indian. They should have cast a South Indian actress. :(

I think it's an awesome pairing of Alia and Arjun. I've become a huge fan of Arjun during Gunday promotions. I think he can be a really good actor if he has the right director. He's just a few movies in..he's got a long way to go

Intellectually lazy and creatively bankrupt poster!

CUTE! Deepika was actually offered this film before Arjun was signed on but she didn't have dated and also the SI girl role she was doing already with CE. I have the Filmfare magazine from early 2012 that has the article.

after an amazing beginning as a star in SOTY, she proved her acting abilities in Highway and now this one also looks promising. she is refreshing, beautiful and confident. really like this girl.

such a boring poster

deepika and ranveer should have done two states..she is from the south and he is from the north.

deepika and ranveer ,, deepika and ranveer
deepika ,,, deepika ,,,,, deepika ,,,, deepika
What is this boredom !!!!!

Ok Ranbir Deepika then. They have fantastic chemistry onscreen and amazing screen presence. ;-)

Kareena would have been a better cast

Nope as Karan Johar only gives her rubbish roles in dud films, barring K3G!

Sorry, kareena is outmoded to majority of people. only u her fans still don't get it. her hey days are over. that is why she keeps giving flops upon flops.

no, she doesn't have the delicate beauty of South Indian. Nowadays she looks like a brassy middle eastern lady. It would have been great if they had picked a south Indian actress.

Since when SI r having delicate beauty .u have gud sense of humour

Aishwarya rai,hema malini,Rekha,wahida reman, vijantimala,Deepika Padukone,sridevi,jaya Prada,Asin all are south Indian beauties.

Since Rekha, Ash, Deepika to name a few.

and sridevi, hema malini, vijayanthimala, meenakshi sheshadri, asin, shilpa....want more...dont be racist.
south indains are beautiful.

not just south indians. everyone is more beautiful than bebo aunty. even her fans are more beautiful than that aunty.

why do people call kareena aunty? she's only 34... why not call ranbir kapoor, imran khan, hrithik roshan and shahid kapoor, uncle too? let's call PC, katrina aunty as well...

girl you've switched the numbers around. she's 43. well at least she looks like one. she's lyiing about her age.

i really admire your hatred/ humour sense. you are seriously damn funny, probably you should be the most popular PV user after PVboy

In 2-3 years your Deepika will turn into an aunty too. Everyone ages, just stop being so conceited and delusional.

As in would've been good because she's an actual South Indian and she wouldn't do stupid exaggerated South Indian stereotypical stuff.

SO TRUE!!! just like how deepika exaggerated the south indian accent in CE. Asin even knows tamil and has dubbed for herself in tamil too from what I've heard. i don't know why asin didn't play ananya.

cant wait to see this one ! Arjun fits the role perfectly ... ! nd alia

I think someone like kareena or Sonakshi would be a good choice. But either way looks promising.

nope Kareena wont fit a south indian role.She doesnt even look conventionally indian. Sonakshi can so does Deepika,PC, Asin etc. Though i know a lot of SI Hindu gals with green/light eyes but it would hard for the North indian audience to swallow..So never KAreena though i love her

Looks promising. Will watch it for Arjun

Amazing! !
Alia is getting all good offers:/

thank Karan Johar

Such a terrible poster! One of the worst I have seen in a while

I'm eargerly waiting for this movie. After watching "Gunday" I'm a total Ranveer and Arjun Kapoor fan. Arjun is hot and happening..."love you. Keep smiling, you look hotter when you are relaxed or smiling." "Plz, plz don't ever put on weight, I have seen your then fotos, not a hero look...sorry...just being honest and want you to keep your body toned...Salman bhai has done it for years...use him as you role model forever".

Alia n arjun cute apart cutest together...can't wait!!

Wish it was anyone but Arjun! I think Ranbir/Ranveer/Ayushmaan could have done more justice to the character.

bad cast... Asin would hv been perfect as Ananya..

really excited..!!!

Alia is like Bollywood's Nazriya. Oh No. wait! Nazriya doesn't belong to a filmy family, she can act and looks better. Wish it was her instead of Alia.

If it were Nazriya in this movie, I'd actually be excited to watch it. Alia may have improved a bit with Highway but I have my doubts about her in this role.
I was hoping Asin would get the role when all the casting rumours were flying about.

Actually after Sajid Nadiawala produced Housefull 2, he had planned to cast Asin in the movie opposite SRK. Only after SRK and Sajid left the scene and KJO came on board he signed up Alia. Yes I do agree that Alia has improved but it is not really praiseworthy though,too much hype going around.I think Randeep really shined in the movie. Alia seemed too young and a little lost in the Highway. Also Nazriya could have also pulled off Ananya.

Who in the world is Nazriya?

nazriya is a heartthrob in the south indian film industry.

Just watch Nazriya's song from Neram(her first film) and you'll know who she is. For sure you'll start liking her.

Just googled Nazriya. She would have been perfect. And with Ranbir Kapoor. I think he's the most famous Punjabi lad in Bollwyood. I don't mind Arjun......something likable and attractive about him.

omg yes!!! they should've cast nazriya...she is so frickin gorgeous...and could pull of the tamil role. but honestly if u check out chetan baghat's wife, it's scary how similar she looks to alia bhatt :S

O yes! I just looked at Chetan's wife, she does look like Alia!!! Good casting!


Wish it was Sonakshi

Kareena would have been a better choice

Kareena is a good actress but I doubt that she can suit the role of a Tamil girl though.

REALLY :o ?? Are you serious ?? Kareena doesnt even look like a south indian . And so does alia ! I think Asin would have suited the role ..She is an amazing south star . I do not prefer any white skinned girls for the role .. Sonakshi , deepika , Asin woud have done a better job

i hope alia does justice to the role...arjun is not that great an actor tho :(

I dont know !! I JUST LOVE 2 STATES BY CHETAN ! I am eagerly eagerly waiting :)

Nice poster.... Creative Stuff

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