Asin - the new face of Avon India

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Asin Thottumkal became the new face of US-based beauty care products company Avon India. The company mentioned that Asin would represent colour, skincare products and support Avon's philanthropic efforts.

Credits: Pinkvilla

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Beautiful angel...

Gorgeousness redefined!

I thought it was Aish for a sec

just love her eyes

i would just eat the picture. it's so yummy!!! a beautiful woman in black with a cotton candy like background.

she is miss photogenic. such beautiful features. can look at her all day all night.


makeup is perfect...welldone. asin looks fab

Asin looks a million bucks. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess both Avon and Asin would be happy with the deal. I still remember, when ads are played on tv, most of them will feature Asin back to back. She was and is the queen of ads even though she is keeping low profile these days.

she is hot

Avon is extremely lucky to have Asin who is fondly known as Queen of ads in south as their Brand Ambassador. She is one of those actress who is so dedicated and loyal :) We all know what happened to Fairever once a popular brand just because Asin was endorsing for years and when she didnt renew the deal it just was blown away. Such is a star power of Asin with her loyal and crazy die hard fans all over the world.

I guess Avon wouldnt wanna miss her at any cost just like Pepsi n co's Mirinda brand. All the best to both Avon and Asin :)

what I like about her is that she has never done a kissing or bed scene so far. I am so glad that she has never done any of these unnecessary gimmicks to grab offers. she is glamorous but not vulgar. I love actresses like her. even south actresses who tend to be conservative are going the desperate way by dropping clothing, wearing bikinis and doing liplock/bed scenes. kudos to you asin for making it this far for over 12 years without doing any of these cheap things. love my dear.

never expected this many comments on an Asin post. but yes she is very attractive in these pictures. great choice for Avon too.

hope this brand will give her more visibility because she is so underrated. so beaut-iful


great look Asin ji

i thinkk she is pretty. i liked her look in housefull 2

if not her talent people should at least celebrate her beauty like because she is damn gorgeous.

If hrithik n kat wouldnt do bang bang which is a remake of tom cruise knight n day n if shahid would not reject it then I would like to see deepika or Asin opposite him. Or if they made mr & mrs smith remake then shahid n her. Imagine him w his short hair n open shirt tht he usual likes to wear in begining of the film n then later keeping lighter beard n w a bit longer hair n then asin as his reel wife...uff they would look soo good!!!

the colours used in these pics are nice. asin also looks great.

Asin looks like Aishwariya's lost sister in these pics.

Asin's post it one of the top posts on PV? seems like she does have star power, well at least on PV. And yes, she looks stunning in this pic. kind of like Aishwariya Rai.

she is damn perfect

asin? shes still around?

sadly for a hater like u, yes she is still around.

Asin is so beautiful. My favorite woman after Aish in terms of looks. But why does she seem so underrated all of sudden? She played the loud, bold, romantic, funny, and kind girl in Ghajini, the talented dancer yet emotional woman in London Dreams, the hot and beautiful in Housefull 2, the bubbly girl in Ready, the soft and earthy girl in Bol Bachchan, and the rough and tough girl in Khiladi 786. She has played all characters to perfection but is still not on the top. Probably it must have been due to her roles having lack of screen space, except for Ghajini. She has everything in her to give a tough competition to Deepika and Sonam.

that blue and black eye makeup really stands out. i have used avon makeup but i have never looked beautiful like asin lool. i tend to over do but asin seems to have got it right.

oh my, this pic seems to be attracting people to comment on this post. great job asin! I mean, great job to her parents for giving birth to such a natural beauty. Anushka Sharma can learn from her on how to be believe in natural beauty and aging gracefully.

THhis has to be one of asin's most popular posts. she has the talents, awards, blockbusters, trained dancer, popularity, a strong loyal fan base but she is not taking advantage of that. she should get on twitter and facebook to promote herself more. a lot of actresses are doing that now and that is how they are becoming bollywood's number one actresses. she should sign many projects and make her filmography much longer. her looks in these pics are pleasant. pretty girl she is.

i like her so much why is she not doing any films?

drools! :o love her versatile beauty

she looks great

Asin is such a snoozefest. She induces massive yawns in me neverytime I see her. Is it just me?!

ya it's just you. now go back to sleep.

I feel the same way YAWNNNNN

just go to sleep. don't lie on Asin's post.

Asin is a very natural actresses but she has not got the kind of roles to befit her talent in hindi films. Many of the leading actresses in hindi films today are rather overrated but they enjoy a lot of media mileage. Asin has performed a variety of roles in south indian movies and she excels in comedy as well. Hope she will get her due recognition soon in hindi films. I feel she can be a perfect match for Ranbir Kapoor as both are excellant actors.

Ohhhh myyyyy goddddd... just skipped a heart beat... i mean what a perfect face...bollywood look what nepotism is doing...
Taking away all the real beauty and talent...hope she gets what she deserves...high time

What lovely,big eyes & pretty full lips♥♥♥♥♥ She has one of the most feminine & photogenic faces I've ever seen,& one of the prettiest actresses in Bollywood.BTW I can see where that Aishwarya Rai comparison is coming from,especially in these pictures. In fact I've always thought Ash,Asin & Deepika all 3 look alike in some ways.But to me Asin seems more like a combination of Aishwarya Rai & Scarlett Johansson-two of the most beautiful women in the world. Which shows how breathtaking she really is,way more gorgeous than most other overhyped people in Bollywood who the media brainwashes into thinking as 'hot':-/

beauty n brains... such a catch!

Love her :)

Oh my sweetheart :*

love her makeup here....she deserves more....better than self proclaimed no 1 actresses:)

She looks gorgeous.The calmness and grace in the face reminds of Aishwarya/ :)

her beauty is perfect. such a gifted woman she is.

holy smokes, her looks are breath taking... love it. also congratulations for being selected for Avon. very well deserved.

I'm impressed! Asin is stunning!

Wow Wow Wow

I used to like Asin a lot before... n then I saw her act in Ghajni. Tried so hard to like her back after that. Just not happening. She should stick to South Movies

Asin is so underrated. she should be celebrated more often.

great! 1000x likes (y)

Damn she look so much like rakhi sawant


Enough with the skin lightening!

Such a beauty such a beauty...wish she was more appreciated in india and worldwide

one day she will be

looking fantastic you asin.

ravishing! what is she wearing by the way? I want to see her dress too


ya.....its great news......nice photogenic angelic beauty in the whole & only ASIN.....talent+beauty+gesture+non offensive+stylish+structured=ASIN......

Congrats Asin!!!!!!!!!Hope you do more performance oriented film....

wow I love avon makeup. asin looks so good ...

Asin is beautiful and should be getting more movies!

SHE said at the avon launch that she is doing more movies other than "All is Well" but she said that it is too early to talk about them for now. I think she is also doing some south movies too. hope the producers will announce them asap.

looks like a Hollywood photo shoot. very simple and classy. Asin also looks gorgeous. I thought that she was the wrong choice for Avon but I'll take my words back. She is fitted the bill perfectly.

damn she is photogenic. looks great in all angles.

none of her photo shoots disappointed me. she is a great model but she needs to sign more films in Bollywood if she wants to make it big. Deepika and Sonam who's career was on a downfall during 2010 is now going sky rocket high after they've signed more films. Asin you got the hits, looks, dancing skills, loyal fans, and talent; all you need is more films.

awesome look miss Asin

holyy I have never thought that I would say this but she actually looks good here :/


ya ya we got the point that she is gorgeous but when is she going to sign a new film though? i want to see her act more.

hello fiza khan and kitty! This is the official post of Asin as the Avon ambassador. The previous posts were deleted because that wasn't the official announcement. Asin was only announced as the ambassador on February 3rd but the previous posts were posted way before the official announcement day. Yes, this is the official Avon photo shoot. Just clarifying as an Asin fan to everyone else who has doubt to why this post was posted again :)

Thanks :)

why this topic got posted thrice? Anyways, Asin is so pretty and I am very sure she is going to prove herself because I do see the spark in her. Avon made the right choice :) She does look like Aishwarya in these pics :) guess they have the same lips, nose and face structure. #SouthIndianBeautiesYouRock

drop dead gorgeous!!!

nice pics. it looks like one of those aishwariya rai photoshoot.

Is this a photoshoot for Avon, or is it just the third PV article on the same topic?

She looks gorgeous BTW.

the previous post was deleted because that wasn't the official announcement. that post was posted before January but Asin was announced officially as the brand ambassador on on February 3rd. this is the official announcement with Avon's official pictures of Asin as the brand ambassador :)

* before the beginning of February, not January.

Oh OK thanks for clarifying. :)

saw a post on facebook of asin and dang, asin has some crazy fans. they seem to love asin very much. the way they've talked back to her haters was remarkable. and yes she looks like aish here. perfect choice for the brand. but this woman should sign more films though, she is wasting her talent.

i like the second pic. her beauty is versatile, looks great in both indian and western looks.

i like her face shape and nose.

The most gorgeous woman I've ever seen. I'm missing her so much. I want to see her movies.

alluring and scintillating!

asin is a white wannabe

jealousy is not good there. you can be witch-crafted.


FINALLY! a good brand that can keep her in the limelight.

she should act with younger actors like ranveer singh and aditya roy kapoor. she would look so good with them.

Asin is commenting here?

hello hater but these people commenting are called her fans. asin doesn't believe in self promoting. she has always has been keeping a low profile. i don't even think that she knows such a forum even exists. so there is no way that she can come here and comment for herself.

Asin looks Ravishing! Stunning Woman! Lucky is the man who'll hv her!

We wanna see moreeeee of Asinnnn! Pls do Moore shoots and films!!!

Beauty n quiet confidence personified! Asin is so elegant n poised

I'm speechless!!! She looks gorgeous. Definitely she is the most beautiful woman in India after Aishwariya Rai and Deepika Padukone.

Deepika, hahaa, no.

run away deepika hater. no one likes you.

Would like to see her in kaminey 2 with shahid! If they are going to make an sequel ofc. Shahid as charlie n w her would look sooo hoot! There were rumours tht she said she would not like to work w him n he didnt like her statement but hope its not true! :s

i love to see asin act with shahid too.

no it is not true. someone made that rumour to show that Asin will only work with superstars. but asin has clarified that she is will work with anyone as long as the movie has a good script.

She is killing it!! She has only one film this year which is such a waste n tht also w abhishek..she had no movie or presence in 2013...and Acctually didnt like her much before but after seeing her in a schampoo ad with shahid OMG both looked like kileerrs! They looked hot n thts why Im diying to see both in a action type film. Something like mr & mrs smith!

Don't underestimate any films. That film with Abhishek is being directed by Umesh Shukla who directed "OMG" one of 2012's best films. Also she is provided with a performance oriented role. You'll never know, this film can be Asin's Lootera or Ram Leela. Asin pretty much knows the the type of films she wants to do. She won't do a film if she feels that it won't be worth it. She also said that she has signed more projects during the Avon launch but can't talk about them for now. But yes, I would love to see Asin in a movie with Shahid Kapoor though.

My my Asin

Asin is so pretty. So much better than many of the actresses from recent times. Hope she will get her due one day as an actress.

Asin is like the Indian version of Scarlett Johansson. She looks so much like her!

Asin is wasting her talent... she has only one film n that is with Abhishek. I wish we could see more of her in Bollywood. Please sign more projects.

she is an eternal and internal beauty. overall she is a timeless beauty

Gorgeous.I see a little Aishwarya there. :)

I have a strong feeling that she is going to act in a Hollywood film soon.

Hollywood? I mean it wud b nice but ive never heard her talk about hollywood..i think shes trying to prove herself as a performance-oriented actress in bollywood

aishwariya rai look alike

Looking very pretty!

the tags on her beautiful face are such a turn off. very unnecessary. but she looks gorgeous though.

LOVELY! Confident, cool and stunning!

WOwwwwwwwwwwww she looks so beautiful. In these pics she has a strong resemblance towards Aishwariya Rai.

Wowww. She looks beautiful,, Her eyes exudes confidence ..

OMG she looks like Aishwarya in these pics

So, so pretty. I think Sid Malhotra and her would make a nice onscreen pair.

waaaaaaaaaaaaw ......she looks stunning ♥♥

Yeah soooooooooooooo?

this has been posted. nice makeup but she looks different than before.

Yeah we know. This has been posted we know!

by the way, nice makeup.

this is the official announcement. in the previous post she wasn't announced officially.

I love her eyes...they have a lot of surity and depth

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