“There Are No Compromising Pictures Of Ayesha & Saahil Khan,” Says A Family Friend

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Dismissing the report that pictures showing Ayesha Shroff in compromising positions with Saahil Khan were submitted in the honourable court a friend of the family says, “There are no such pictures. Ayesha dares Saahil to prove the existence of such pictures. Saahil has been feeding misinformation in the press. Forget ten so-called intimate photos. There isn’t even one.”

The friend goes on to state that only two photos were submitted in the honourable court, both according to the friend, doctored. “The two pictures looked so fake that the honourable judge even asked the police if they had investigated the source of the pictures. Upon this, the police told the honourable court that they asked for the phone from which the supposedly-shot pictures were taken, to be handed over. To this Saahil Khan’s response was that the phone was lost!!!”

Ayesha’s friend wonders why in spite of the gathering evidence against Saahil Khan and his sister Shaista Khan they are still not being brought to book. “Ayesha has now gathered a lot of incriminating evidence against them which her lawyers will present to the honourable court

Ayesha’s friend says these attempts to malign her with fear of compromising pictures are meant to bully her into withdrawing her case. “His version of the story keeps changing. It’s completely obvious that he’s doing this with the malicious intention of bullying Ayesha.”

Says the friend, “Ayesha befriended Saahil to help him. How was she to know that he’s turn around and try to cheat and malign her so viciously?”

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This guy was in a movie with Sharman Joshi called 'style'. During one of their interviews, Sharman seemed slightly drunk, and kept trying to hold Sahil's hand intimately - all on camera, with Sahil trying to let go off him. Am sure the video is floating around somewhere. Masand had a blind long time ago, that outed Sharman as gay.

Opportunistic young guy hooks up with older rich patron. When she's done with him, he can't afford to lose the lifestyle and starts mud slinging. Dude, you're a nobody. Get over it and find a new "patron" male or female.

What exactly is the case about?

his eyes have nice mascara than hers..very girly

He has scary eyes

hmmm ...

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