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Here is the winner list from Big Star Entertainment Awards 2013.

Most Entertaining Director - Rakesh Roshan (Krrish 3)

Most Entertaining Film Of The Year - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Most Entertaining Song of the Year - Tum Hi Ho (Aashiqui 2)

Best Actress Social Drama - Sarika (Club 60)

Most Entertaining Comedy show - Comedy Nights With Kapil

Most Entertaining Judge - Shilpa Shetty, Terence Lewis, Sajid Khan

The Most Entertaining Dancer - Prabhu Deva (ABCD)

Best Actor Female in a Thriller film - Mahie Gill (Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns)

Best Actor Male in a Thriller film - Jimmy Shergill (Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns)

Most Entertaining Thriller Film - Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns

Best Actor in a Action Film - Hrithik Roshan (Krrish 3)

Best Debut(Male) : Manish Paul

Best Debut(Female) : Vaani Kapoor

Best Action film - Ram Leela

Best Actress in a Romantic role - Sonakshi Sinha (Lootera)

Best Actor in a Romantic role - Aditya Roy Kapur (Aashiqui 2)

Most Romantic Award for 2013 - Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor for Aashiqui 2

Best Entertaining film - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Most Entertaining Film Music (Best Music) - Ram Leela (Sanjay Leela Bhansali)

Most Entertaining Director (Best Director) - Rakesh Roshan (Krrish 3)

Star of the Millennium - Amitabh Bachchan (Satyagraha)

Most Entertaining Film - Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Most Entertaining Comedy - Chennai Express

Most Entertaining Comedy Actress - Deepika Padukone (Chennai Express)

Most Entertaining Comedy Actor - Arshad Warsi (Jolly LLB)

Star Plus Entertainer Of The Year - Shahrukh Khan (Chennai Express)

Jodi Of The Year - Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone (Chennai Express)

Best Singer Female - Bhumi Trivedi (Ram Chahe Leela - Ram Leela)

Best Singer Male - Siddharth Mahadevan (Zinda Hai Toh - Bhaag Milkha Bhaag) and Honey Singh (Lungi Dance - Chennai

Most Entertaining TV Actress - Disha Parmar (Pyar Ka Dard Hai)

Most Entertaining Television Actor - Nakuul Mehta (Pyar Ka Dard Hai)

Best Fiction Serial - Maharana Pratap and Diya Aur Baati Hum

Most Entertaining Sports Person - Dipika Pallikal

P.S: We shall be updating this list as and when the results are announced.

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Gautam Rode from saraswatichandra deserves Most Entertaining Television Actor !!! Deepika deserves her 4 awards!!!

Looks like she is missing a few awards.
Awards look like grocery and garbage bags :-)

I'm happy for once they gave Mahie Gill something!

Congrats to the winners!

sushant should won debut award

What the ---- ! Deepika won four awards!!!!!oh boy!!!she looks very beautiful though.. love her smile..:-)
Honey singh won a trophy too!! Uff kya din aa gaya..

They deserve it...............

LOL that picture is funny. :)

If I was a star I would be ashamed to accept a award from this award show. This has to be the worst of the worst. I swear they made categories so everyone who attended got an award.

It was a worst award to start with. I don't care about winners because the categories are so damn funny.

U just sad bcos ur favourite didn't win

WOW! What an observation but I am sure you like all the categories as it is just as stupid as you are.

sushant should be best debutant...kya faltu award show hai..bc

why i'm not surprised ???oh yeah got it!!!!these are indian award shows...

Only 4 awards for Deepika..they forgot to give her these :
Best actress in a glamorous role - Race2
Best actress in traditional role - Ram leela
Best actress in a south indian role - Chennai express !!!
Is this a award show or a comedy show ??

saw her 2day..looking fab...

honey singh is the best singer? this is why bollywood is becoming a joke.

The award names are so odd..

Wow deepika is sure a proud owner of theese pieces of planks hahaha

as usual reliance loves deepika

lol very singer (male) - honey singh???...arijit singh is the one who deserves it
dhanush deserves the male debute award

Study table..LMAO

Deepika deserves all the accolades...but very disappointed that Dhanush and Sonam were completely ignored...esp Dhanush...

I only love FILMFARE AWARDS...People may utter out that they are biased to srk , madhuri , kajol , kareena but I don"t think so....
There movies were really superb for which they receive the filmfare trophy....
Except filmfare all awards are a BIG JOKE for me !

is there anyone that actually didnt get an award?? those are enough categories for everyone in b'wood to get an award!! Including the judges on TV!! what with the newest crappiest category of "Most Entertaining Judge"!!! Yesu!!!!

What I find even more ridiculous is these actors very openly say , forget saying they KNOW theaward shows are nothing but a hoax but are the first ones to receive them. SHAME.

BSEA=Sab ko ek ek milega award show.
Filmfare= jaan pehchan walo ka award show.
Star screen= ekta ke bhai bandu award show.
Zee cine= perform karo aur le jao award show
IIFA= humare saath India ke bahar ghumo aur award le lo show.

ROFL!!!! This is the best comment I read in my entire life. Great job.

BSEA=Sab ko ek ek milega award show.

congrats to deepika but these awards sucks.....

Deepika is having a hard time handling 4 jokes at a time..

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaaaaaaa... Ambani's have gone crayyyyyyyzzzzeeeeeee...hehehahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahhhehehehehe

OMG!!! Deepika can make a study table out of these planks
ha ha ha.... And the best comment award should go to you :-)
BSEA are you listening ? We need a best comment award as well next Year ....

Wow! Deepika, congrats!!!!!!! + #1 post. Rock on!

Manish Paul instead of Dhanush, really? To make things worse, the credibility of these awards has been proved MORE with Yoyo Honey Singh being the best male singer. SMH :/

hahaha seriously "p

Deepika, Sonakshi and some others mentioned here totally deserve awards. but god, most of the categories and winners mentioned here are soooo BS. Krrish 3? Rakesh Roshan? Honey singh? Dancer of the year? Star of the millenium changes every year? Also, how come Ranveer's not nominated!??! He equally deserves one for Lootera-- ARK was good in Ashiqui, but Ranveer was WAAAY better. come on, people!

WTF is this supposed to be Big Star Entertainment Awards or "Kiss Everyone's Ass & Make Everyone Happy Awards So That We Get Maximum TRP's Awards"? Absolutely ridiculous & a complete mockery of true talent only for the sake of more $$$$$. #Bollywood Award Functions suck ass.
BTW the trophies are horrible-I got better trophies than that in my school prize-giving,& trust me I didn't go to any rich-kids school,but we still had better aesthtic sense than them.

Yeah, they have way to many categories but I happy for Deepika's wins all the same. =)

Sure I'm happy for Deepika & Sonakshi too-they totally deserve all the adulation coming their way. Keeping them aside the rest of the categories and nominations were a complete sham & the winners list is even more retarded. The panel for Big Star should get the award for "Best Ass-Kissers Of The Year Award".

Big Star Cinemas are the ones behind it right? Seems like they want to make everyone happy because they are new to the game and want to make sure stroke the right bosses and get on all the right good-sides lol.

seriously this award show is just horrible.... categories doesn't make any sense ... but one thing i wanna tell is dhanush deserved an award.... he s the saving grace of the film...superb acting.. lol manish paul better than dhanush....seriously????

Not Good .. Dhanush Deserves best New Debut Male

Ranveer entitled to the Award...

Best debut should go to Dhanush!!! Or atleast as comic male!! The only reason this film was hit was bcuz of his performance n nothing else! Cuz the movie 2nd half totally became satyagraha!

Those who won for categories doesnt make was YJHD MoST entertaining film? It was a nice soft realistic film but most entertaining could go to R RaJkumar..krrish 3..CE. n jodi of the year shoukd go to deepika n ranbir! N comedy role could also go to vidya for ghanchakkar but for comedy male should deff be emran hashmi for ghanchakkar.

Best film music when it comes to entertaining should be R Rajkumar/PPNH that is entertaining like dhating naach agal bagal, gandi baat etc or go goa gone. Ram leela werre just mixture of folks n slow songs have nothing entertaining in it really.

N vaani kapoor were a disaster in SDR all expression were the same n confusing. N entertaining song is certainly not tum hi ho..yess its my fav song if this year n its just best but its not entertaining at all it a nice romantic song tht u wanna fly aling w. Most entertaining song should deff go to saree ke fall sa! Or tu meri agal bagal, khoon choos le , tooh, gandi baat etc there are so many to chose from thats entertaining.

The only one that truly deserved was best comedy show - comedy nights with kapil!

Are you Shahid Kapoor ?

deepika stop trying to show off..she is always trying to hog the only got one awards...the remaining belong to the film and srk too! she loves being a bloody attention seeker! and what kind of awards are these? the best film lootera gets like 1 award! are u kidding me? if this is going to happen all year it will suck because good films always get overshadowed by the commercial films sold on past affairs between the leading stars!

i dont liek sonakshi but she done an amazing job in lootera as did ranveer. that film was the best film of the year. it should have got a lot more awards. and deepika. what has she done? yeh jawani was mostly ranbirs. race she was non existent. chennai was equally srks. ram leela doesnt desevre all the awards!

why would new talen try new stuff if they dont even get appreciated...and where is shraddhas appreciation?

wat ???? best male debut manish paul??? wat about dhanush yar???

Yeah,,,Ranveer is much more deserving of that award...N0 Aditya

OMG!!! Deepika can make a study table out of these planks

ha ha ha.... And the best comment award should go to you :-)

Those trophies look horrible lol, really a piece of wood with gold engraving? I think that these stars deserve better than that.

Yess ram chahe leela wins big at big star entertainment award 2013 she rules bhoomi n priyanka must be very happy

Where is parineeti? She was far better than DP in a comedy dance Prabgudeva........most entertaining and then entertaining....most romantic then there are list of a joke or what and shahrukh??? Entertainer of the year????? Really....

OMG! ye most entertaining nd best entertaining keya hain? :/ kuch bhi!

Sonakshi nd DP well deserved actresses :) Now I have some hope for the future of BW :)

The winners list in this award shows how Ajay devgn was right when he said that awards are "reality show" how could faran akhtar doesn't win any !!!!! even ajay acting in satyagraha are best than most of the winner .

According to me, the winners are a very deserving choice. It's surprising to see for the first time the deserving people winning.

I read the full list and still don't even understand what it means. Who do they actually think was the best? They just threw awards at EVERYONE!

Is star of the millennium award in a loop or what ? -_- Its being doled out every year since the past decade. -.-

Srk and deepika for best jodi?! It should've been deepika and ranveer!!

honestly,the only people that deserve an award this year are ‎Farhan Akhtar and sonakshi sinha ...others are just mehhhhhhh

Hahahaha to the winners that have been honoured a piece of plank for their hard earning act work
This is one award I don't take seriously because theese piece of trash award organisers have harmed the trees.

Good for the winners for theese awards while the trophies are a piece of plank with gold writing stamped all over it

Why did Aditya win? I think Ranveer is much more deserving of that award. He was simply amazing in both ram leela and lootera.

Only Aditya Roy Kapur & Shraddha Kapoor!!!

I didn't know there was a difference between BEST and MOST until today. Thank you Bollywood

boring every award show will be same not wachting it !!!!

i agree with you DP deserves ALL the female entertainer of the year awards or popular award w.e. there called, hands down this year!!! but Sonakshi deserves ALLLLL the best actress awards for Lootera cuz aint no way in HELL!!! anyone could of done that role justice the way she has:| but DP deserves a nomination for Ram-Leela/YJHD though... and just because the competition for best actor is so tough this year for ONCE!!! it is only between these 3 Farhan, Dhanush, Irfan i'm not including Ranbir or Ranveer cuz i mean lets face it anyone could do there roles in YJHD and Lootera but Farhan and Dhanush could of only done those characters that they played, no one else and that is bloody rare in bollywood.. i hope sonam gets a nomination for Raanjhanaa and her supporting role in BMB if there going to give DP/Ranveer 2 nominations each they shouldn't cut her out especially if she is in two different categories (main lead and supporting) i also agree the newcomer award should only be between Dhanush/Sushant and no one else!! and dhanush over-ruling as he carried a entire film on his back unlike sushant who was in a multi-starer. i agree SRK deserves some recognition for giving the most successful bollywood film this year CE deserves awards just for surpassing all it surpassed :) and i know aamir doesn't "attend" award shows but we already know he should get a nomination for best villain (dhoom 3)

100% Agree. Sonakshi Deserves BEST ACTRESS!!! Deepika can take power/entertainer awards

How can a director be entertaining?

Deepika and Farhan won so I am happy the other winners not really bothered to b honest

soo much repetition in the categories... whats the point??.... and whats the difference between "most entertaining film, best entertaining film and most entertaining film of the year"?? Lol looks like they just rearranged some words and were like: "yay, we've got another category now" looks like they made sure everyone left happy. cant believe manish won an award over dhanush's amazing performance... what a joke

Ah yes. The gratuitous award season has begun!

i am just happy deepika won rest i dont care congrats deepi

Who even takes Big star entertainment awards seriously?

Sushant & Dhanush were way more deserving than Manish. Arjit was WAYYYYYYY more deserving for TumHiHo than Honey Singh for Lungi Dance. Monali Thakur (SawarLoon) was WAY more deserving than Bhumi. Best music award should have been given to Ashiqui2. The entire nation loved Ashiqui2 album, EVERYONE! And the winners of 'Most entertaining film' & 'Most entertaining director'.....Ahemm #Faceplam!!

oscar bound baby.

Deepika winning awards so well deserved!!!!!!!!!! Thank God and thank audience and critics this is just the beginning she deserves to sweep it all for the consistently amazing and diverse performances this year in all her films.

WTH?! where is Ranveer Singh! He should have won the awards for romantic role! I love Aditya but come on Ranveer was 100% better than him!!!

I am Happy with Sonakshi wining it for Lootera. Undoubtedly the most deserving actress of the year. She is Lootra was something else. She spoke so much through her eyes. She deserves all the Big awards this year!

Likes: All the normal people/fans
Dislike: Deepika fans

Can u plz stop spewing venom? Bcoz 1. I liked this comment even though i like dp 2. BollyDeewaana just expressed her opinion nd 3. I agree that Sonakshi did a splendid job in Lootera. Please stop creating fan wars.

I am a Boy FYKI :P :D

Lol, sorry :P

Congrats to Deepika the only one I am happy to watch winning this year......truly the year belonged to her and only her. hope she bags all.

LOLing! Only a very few are the deserving ones. Others are Utter Bullshit!

Most entertaining dancer?!Hahahaha....This is like BW's version of Teen choice awards,so many utterly ridiculous categories.Congrats to Deeps and Srk anyways.

Happy for Chennai Express Best Comedy,for Deepika and SRK-really deserved..I think SRK have to be best comedy actor also,but ok.....Very happy that he and Deepika get award for best jodi .Katrina Kaif was right when she said last year when she get award for best jodi for JTHJ again with SRK,that every actress who work with SRK(expecally in romantic movie) will definetly get award for best jodi...and now Deepika also get ...


What the heck are Most entertaining film & Best entertaining film. My head is spinning with this nonsense. Can you tell me what's the difference between Most & Best and if it's a slightest difference just to serve your purpose of satisfying big names in BW so that they attend your award show and make it respectable . I suggest you go to hell and spare us with your lamest awards, we are not fools sitting out here and buying your crap. Isse achhe to KELA awards :P - PV Please post this, Thanks !!

most irritating award show of the year

Those award categories are crazy. However congrats to Deepika for winning 4 awards. I loved all of her performances this year and she has done such a great job an an actress(and entertainer) in diverse movies that all had huge success(and critical acclaim).

what is this? a joke

looks like cheap trophies...wooden trophies?

Some people are criticizing the awards the they shamelessly add ' but im happy for so so and so actor for winning'.
two faced!

Deepy got 4 awards?? O.O

Btw was ram leela an action film?? And I though krrish 3 and chennai express was action. :p

I'm glad that Sonakshi got a best actress award. Her performance in Lootera was truly the best in 2013 among all female performances. While DP is the star of 2013, I'm happy for her too :)

Ok.wats the difference between most entertaining film, best entertaining film and most entertaininv film of the year??? And rakesh got most enterraining director twice. Why so much repeating categories? :P
Anyways boomi trivedi deserved best singer for ram chahe leela. Loved her voice. :)

So everyone is happy... until filmfare award winners are out

Sarin got the award and not rani looks stupid

ramleela won action award for best lips action between ranveer and deepika hahaha

sonakshi sinha deserves this award for lootera! After all that nonsense masala films, she should choose quality roles!

This is the lamest award show in Bollywood. It's actually quite funny, some of these categories!!!

Let us all have a moment here... For Ram Leela just won the award for the Best ACTION film.

Best Singer Male - Honey Singh (Lungi Dance - Chennai Express)
--------> seriously???????
This shows why Aamir khan is not attending these so called awards.

well when Amir don't have get anything....... it's 1000 % undestand . why he is not there...Poor Amir...If you don't know SRK even when he don't win award he is there,because he want to thanks to audience and his fans to be happy to see him...well.Amir may be is not so much care about his fans and audience....To bad for him......

LOL !!! Whole lot of winners... But happy for Mahi Gill, Arshad Warsi, Aditya Shraddha, Deepika, and Mithoon Deserving !!!

Had missed KAPIL SHARMA for KNWK Deserving aswell.
Arijit Deserved tooo....

Congratulations to Shah rukh khan soooooooooooo happy for Chennai Express it deserve all awards

Most Entertaining Film Of The Year - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Best Entertaining film - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Most Entertaining Film - Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
-----> seriously what is their difference? :|

this is what happens with a list is copied from confused tweets and posted.


And this is why indian awards dont have any credibility .

worst awards ever...this makes me hate award shows...screw the organizers...chennai express made me laugh just ONCE it was soo lame and srk please dude retire and deepika omg forget it... world seems unfair attimes

I think u should watch bhojpuri movies... Bollywood movies are not for u... u don't have that class or level of thinking to understand Bollywood movies

only because you don't like it means it's worst? O come on who are to tell that? and if SRK have to retire(for you unphappines he will not,,sorry) then Salman and Amir have to also? They are on same age if you don't know.....But you are jelaous onlu because SRK I'm sure..Well sorry be don't will retire very soon..Infact many directors want to work with him and he will do many movie.........Hate that if you want....nobody is care !

best manipulation award - Krrish 3

yess my favourite song RAM CHAHE LEELA wins on best playback singer female congrats priyanka n bhoomi u deserved all the praises n awards


If Tum hi ho is the best song of the year it is only because of the rendition of the song by Arijit Singh. It is the singer who has made the song the greatest hit of the year.

manish paul? seriously? he's not even a good host much less a good actor... is he hosting this too? and ram leela for action?
are these for real?


Some of the categories are beyond bizarre. What's the difference between best "romantic jodi" and "romcom jodi"? Ramleela as best action??? Three best actress categories but only one for best actor? An all round sham really.

Except for Manish Paul, everyone is deserving. .Congrats to the winners.

no award to ranveer? what crap these shows are

hey dude, you do realize that Ranveer Singh wont be getting much awards this season right... especially if Dhanush(raanjhanaa) Farhan(bhaag milkha bhaag) and Irrfan(saheb, biwi aur gangster returns) are nominated???? which they most likely will be... his best chance is at getting best jodi nominations for ram-leela and lootera and that too he will be loosing to SRK, as that guy wont be winning best lead for (chennai express) so they are going to give him and Deepika all the "jodi" awards, because they need to reward them for there "All Time Blockbuster" hit this year... these awards work differently whenever a mega star like srk salman aamir wont win for the lead awards they end up winning all the "most popular" "jodi" etc. awards

'Best Movie(ACTION) : Ram Leela' - anyone else find this ridiculously funny or is it just me?

I think they took action in different

Why didn't they make a "Best Onscreen Sneeze" & "Most Emotional Sob" catagory whilst they were at it? I mean, God forbid if anyone is left out.

Best Debut Male : Manish Paul and not Dhanush. o.O
Was this category decided by a 6 year old? We get it you want to please everyone but at least have some standard. >:(


rakesh roshan...bwahahahhahaa!

Congrats to the winners. How I wish awards shows in Indian are live!

Bakwas Award.... where is Sushant n Dhanush... Manish thumps down

Sonakshi so well deserved. Everybody else's performance falls short in front of hers in Lootera.

Happy for Mahi Gill.

Entertainer of the year should be DP.

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