Celebs at Imran Khan & Avantika Malik's Sangeet

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Photographed are Salman Khan, Manish Malhotra, Katrina Kaif, Minissha Lamba (her sari looks pretty), Simone Singh, Karan Johar, Aamir Khan, Faisal Khan, Kiran Rao, Shahana Goswami and Aamir's ex-wife, Reena Dutta and daughter, Ira.


Wed, 2011-01-12 19:22 — Anonymous

yeh agree with u...but what can u do eh...most of the haters who hate white girls hate them because of jealousy and insecurity issues...most of the comments don't say girl..they say...stupid white girl..or british bimbo...or another european bimbo...go back to ur country...funnily enough its usually a country which houses most indians anyway...like UK...they comment to hide their envy of them as they have what to them is a jealousy factor "fair skin". also they can't accept a non indian coming into the industry in any way...but they forget to think about the vast amounts of indians who are residing in europe and fully taking advantages of the rules and regulations there which benefit immigrants in a big way and which the UK RESIDENT has to pay for out of their own taxes! but no these haterz don't see anything beyond their envious eyes!

amir's daughter is adorable. I wanna whack karan johar, who does he think he is victoria beckham? perma pout is sooo uncool.

Wow. Amir khan's daughter looks just like him! How old is she?

Katrina and Minisha look so beautiful

Who is the man in the blonde wig riding in Salman's car?

nice to see aamir's first wife in the pictures - reena dutta looks so nice. his daughter looks just like him. funny how his ex and his kids are no where near kiran lol

If Sallu is going to launch one of Kat's sisters in BW, then he deserves a beat down. Thanks to him, we have the atrocity known as Kat, we don't need her sister too. If they had any talent, they would act in their own country.

It's nice that Aamir Khan's daughter got her dad's sensitive fine face. And the son got the mom's big face with masculine jaws because that looks good on a guy. From all the star kids they seem most likable and grounded. It's so sad to see his brother look so bad......he used to be so handsome. Anyway I am glad to see him back with his family and being taken care of.

She is not Katrina's sister...google n you will get pics of her sisters...stop linking all firangees to her...

I dont know if it is Katrina's sister in Salman's car. I read somewhere that this girl has been accompanying Salman and was first seen with him at the airport when he returned from Dubai after his recent visit there with his family. She walked a little away from Salman at the airport and covered her face with a scarf and finally got into his car and drove away while the rest of the family got into different cars! May be she is his present arm candy?!

kat sister. ..its Isabella Kaif

its katrina kaif sister ,, Isabella Kaif who really wanna b in bollywood but katrina dont want her in showbiz(dont know y ?may be isabeela is more beautiful then kat thats y she is jealous with her own sis or something else)

the white grl in Salman's car is not Katrina's sis folks !...It's one of those firangi troupe girls who were performing every saturday with Salman at Big Boss show !

this is salman's new chick......he told me personally i know it :)

don't tell me that Sallu is dating that bimbo sitting behind!

its good to see reena and kiran have friendly terms

She could be Kat's sister but she looks different here..who cares! Good to see Salman :)

deepika, Ranbir Sonam not invited? I thought they were all good friends of Imran!

Salluuuuuu :-)
Minisha and katrina look nice!

What is Katrina the man doing in Imran's wedding? just coz she is salman's gf? pfft

no, thats not her sister..

she is the girlfriend of Salman's friend he is sitting behind him!

The girl in Salman's car is girlfriend of one of his friend. It was on the tv the other day. Media thought she is Salman's new gf but in fact they corrected saying she is his friend's gf.

is that katrina's sister in salman khan car??????? answer plzzz

Minnisha and Amir look the best!

Salman got himself another firangee?

is that katrina kaif's sister sitting in Salman's car?

who is the girl with sallu?

Aww....Aamir's daughter is cute with that pixie haircut.

Who's the white girl in Sallu's car? Another sister of Kat's that wants to enter BW?

who is that white girl on Salman's backseat? One of Kats sisterS?

whos sitting at the back of salmans car

Kat looks best


is that katrina sister in salman car??

I wonder who the lady is in Salman's car.....

ok i swearrrr thats katrinas sister in salmans car at the back...im not just saying it coz she's white..lol...but i saw her in this video with katrina once...on making of some TMK song!!

Faisal looks waay better than Aamir, I think.

Katrina Kaif's sister in Salman car..

awww ira is so cute :)

minisha looks stylish.nd the heena fame girl is most gorgeous of all.

Ok, did anyone notice that is one of Katrina's sisters in the car with Salman?!?! What the hell is going on with these two? :\

isn't that one of Katrina's sisters with Salman?

Salman and Katrina are the best among the guests,
Must say Manisha looks gorgeous

btw who is the white gal sitting at the back seat in salman's car?

does anyones know?

i dont understand y do always frm day 1 salman n kat dont attend functions 2gether....even being on the same function
tht doesnt look gud....i wud nver evr do tht!!!

Who is the blonde girl behind salman, katrina sister. Why aren't Salman and Katrina just getting married!! Why are they playing games with the media and viewers. Just be clear.

Ira looks just like Aamir..the looks ,the ears..looks like a mini aamir sitting in the car!!

who is that with salman khan
all look great

Katrina looks stunning, I want to see what her clothes look like.
Amir looks so good and I have seen his whole oufit, he looks better than the groom, but I loved avantika's lengha, just not the way her dupatta is worn.
Who is the english looking woman in the back of salmans car??

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