Imran Khan & Avantika Malik's Wedding Pictures

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Imran & Avantika get married
Venue : Bandra, Mumbai, Mon night
They both look fantastic! I love the shots with their parents and also the ones with their whole families. Wishing Imran & Avantika a happied married life.


Inshallah, their marriage works. She needs to stop making negative remarks about other stars though, because Imraan is such gentleman, that he may lose interest in her due to this side of her. Not pretty. Just average looking and fair skinned. He outshines her in so many different ways.

Awsme Photos.dey look really damn cute couple.
HAPPY MARRIED LIFE 2 BOTH OF U.....................................

Congratulations immu (imran) for your newly happy married life.
From : Bindu Sirowa (your true fan)

wat a big family

Kiran Rao makes Vidya Balan feel best dressed

Avantika is a clear case of looks can be deceiving. These pictures paint her to be so angelic and classy but in reality she's so foul mouthed. But i can see how this Jodi works! Opposites attract and how!

Everyone looks great.

Wed, 2011-01-12 20:38 — Anonymous
It's sad it happened and we don't know the details so let's not conclude who did what to be a jerk.
Hema Malini, Rekha, Shilpa and several others have done the same, what do you call them?

i agree his first wife reena was so much prettier than this new puppet - i wonder who he will choose for his thrid wife. aamirs a bad example to follow for imraan.

I agree with others below who have commented about Aamir's wife Reena and Kiran. However modern they may say they are and however understanding, it is painful to see his first wife standing way back in the crowd while Kiran shares his side. It may be just accidental and may be the family still love Reena, yet it is awkward and I too stopped liking AamirKhan after he broke up his young family. He may be talented and all, but he sure is a jerk.

awwwwwww god bless them!!

You know what is so nice about this wedding,the simplicity of it all. The big family photo,especially looks lovely. Its how a wedding should be,nice with genuine people and not a big show off exhibition. Top that whats also refreshing to see is everyone is dressed appropriately. Zero vulgarity,maximum class, just how it should be.

please ask kiron rao to strainten her hair

they made for each other both r looking mind blowing

OMG the lady in the silver saree looks like the older version of preity zinta!!!!!!!!! HAHAH

avantika's wardrobe has been utterly classic and gorgeous throughout the wedding events. who has been the designer?

May God bless them in wisdom and give the a happy married life!

they both r lookin so good together, love it :)

aaw they look so cute together:D loving them!

gotta say but i always remember seeing Avantika in western outfits which doesn't suit her that much but here in the wedding she looked amazing , very pretty!!!!!!!!!

What divorse does! Look at Amir ex wife reena all the way back in the pic. She is the one probably spent so much time with Imran when he was child cuz junaid and Imran looks close to age. But this Kiran one front of the pic and Reena all the way back. Its nice atleast she came to the wedding. I hate Amir for what he did to his beautiful family. Why in the world you leave two beautiful grownup children and nice wife. Look at him what he got gipsy girl have no sense of style and seems quite hard headed too maybe amir deserve that!

Ah, the velvet border attacks again.
Imraan looks so tall and boyish, both make a beautiful couple.
Reena's included in the family picture, that's sweet. Avantika's parents are hot.

Imran could have got a much better wife if he wanted to but childhood crush always reign victorious I guess.
We all know Imran will be faithful to his wife and hope she does not cheat on him because he seems to be a nice boy who will take crae of her.

the 3rd to last pic pic is HILARIOUS xD xD xD
talk about media circus :)

aamir looks nice w/ beard and earrings :)

imran looks like 22-23 why is he getting married now ???

i feel so bad for Amir's first wife. i think she is in orange at the hard it must be for her to see Amir with other woman , even though she left him before his second wife came in pic.

hats off to her , for kids she is still in touch with Amir's family.

They both look great.. and nice simple wedding.. she is perfect, makeup, jewelry, dress.. everything is perfect. Not too much.. like Shilpa and Ash where there was money display everywhere..

love mama and mamu!!!!
awww they both look cute. why didnt she dress up more like a bride?

they look grt n happy bless em...altho neone short standing next to someone tall shud not wear huge skirts

Thisis the best i've seen Avantika look. Usually, she's always dressed SO tacky. BUt she looks gorgeous as a bride!! btw, where is Imran's parents?

wish u both a very happily married life ... :)

imran's a prince charming to the T!

Avantika is gorgeous

Avantika makes a glowing bride and Imraan is just too handsome. Both look like dolls, I love them and God bless them with a long, lasting and happy married life!

The bride looks gorgeous!

lovely! love how traditional she is dressed up for the wedding. hate it when ppl try to be western with lehngas even on their wedding days by throwing boobs at our faces.


oh god i just loved avantika's dress its damn pretty and makes her pretty tooo

oh god i just loved avantika's dress its damn pretty and makes her pretty tooo

so cute yaar, esp the height difference, it's like another jaya and amitabh. MashAllah! God Bless :D

how is sarika related to the family?

in the baground aamir's son junaid is helping Ak's mom (his gradmom) get down the stairs..soo sweet

Avantika looks pretty......

Both of them look fabulous! Never thought much of Avantika's looks or dressing-sense...but gotto admit, she looks gorgeous her outfit.

imran khan's looking dapper!

love the dress!!!

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