10 Bollywood Dialogues applied in real life situations!

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Bollywood has a profound impact on our lives and there are so many souls with filmy keeda residing in them. We absolutely love tinselville and whatever it brings along with it. (Umm! No! Not the B and C grade movies though!)

Are you someone who breaks into a bout of filminess when in real-life situation?

Do you think any given situation is best described by lip-syncing a Bollywood dialogue?

Do you have an eye for catchy filmy dialogue and instantly pick it up and use it whenever you can?

If the answers were yes, then you know how relatable Bollywood scenarios and dialogues are for you and optimally use them.

And if the answer were no, then let us show you how you can apply these Bollywood dialogues in real life situations and walk away, like a boss!

Watch and learn!

1. When our teachers or mentors wouldn’t just stop teaching, we’d be like
“Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chor do”

2. Something comes as a shock to you or doesn’t go down well with you! Say

3. When you know you are looking good and someone compliments you.
“Main paida hi hot hui thi”

4. When you get a good grade, a promotion or something that your bestfriend doesn’t have. Why not break into an impromptu, “Tumhare paas kya hai?”

5. Before entering an examination hall or a job interview. Keep chanting, “Joh Darr gaya, woh marr gaya”

6. When you don’t like milk and your mum makes you drink a whole glass of it which is out of your “bardasht”. Say to your glass of milk, “Kaun kambakhqt bardasht karne ho peeta hain, hum toh peete hai ki tumhe barsdasht kar sake”

7. When your family insists that you learning cooking and you just don’t want to. Go to the kitchen, pick up a knife and mouth this dialogue, “Yeh baccho ke khelne ki cheez nahi hai, haath kat jaaye toh khoon nikal jaata hai”.

8. When your BFF on purpose makes you get a scolding from your parents by complaining about you. Turn red and say, “Aaj khush toh bohot hoge tum”.

9. When you wanna make an impression but are so clumsly that you end up tripping and falling. Get up on your own and announce, “Mujhpar ek ehsaan karna, ki mujhpe koi ehsaan mat karna”.

10. When you like something or someone and you either don’t get it or aren’t liked back in the same way. In a sad-serious tone hum. “Yeh duniya, yeh mehfil mere kaam ki nahi”

And when you are happy with or without a reason, break into a Kangaroo Dance. That is anytime, anywhere scenario. P.S If you want to avoid public embarrassment. Then. Strictly! Try this at home.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement