10 new Bollywood on-screen jodis we would love to see

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It is hard to define what the chemistry between two leading actors is. It is something which can be felt. There are movies which become blockbusters but the chemistry between the lead actors therein hardly clicks. There are some other movies which do not earn a truckload of money, but the chemistry in their lead pairs remain etched in the mind of the viewers.

When a broad spectrum of people appreciates a Bollywood pair, it goes a long way to prove that the chemistry in them has clicked. Actors are said to have a good chemistry when their presence on the screen complements each other in each and every aspect and does not seem to be forceful at all.

Bollywood is a weird place. They seem to never respond to or at least survey what audience wants. The end result is a movie which seems to be badly cast and the audience simply fails to connect with such movies.

Here is a list of 10 pairs which we would like to see in Bollywood. A broad consensus is never possible as ‘chemistry’ is a very subjective term.

Aamir Khan & Deepika Padukone:

There have been rumours since time immemorial regarding this pairing but hasn’t materialized till now. Aamir Khan and Deepika Padukone are the proven box office juggernauts. This pairing would indeed be one of the most memorable Bollywood pairings if it materializes. However, the movie should not be a ‘Dhoom:3’ movie in which there is hardly anything to do for the lead actress.

Sidharth Malhotra & Anushka Sharma:

If one has to choose between two things – Imaginary or existing, it is always better to go with the existing. Everyone will find the chemistry between this pair in the Bru advertisement interesting and awesome. Quite surprising is the fact that no one has still announced any movie with this pair. This however does not mean that things won’t fructify. Sidharth is one of the best actors amongst the new brigade and Anushka is good actor. The end result would be indeed a good and memorable movie pairing.

Ranveer Singh and Kangana Ranaut:

Ranveer Singh and Kangana Ranaut complement each other in each and every aspect. Ranveer Singh has always come out as a person with many facets and hundreds of colors. Bollywood has recently (very lately though) understood what a tour-de-force Kangana is. Their chemistry will indeed be one of the most irregular yet interesting.

Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor:

Shraddha Kapoor has proven her acting capabilities beyond doubt in her recent outings be they 'Ek Villain' or 'Aashiqui 2'. Sadly, Ranbir Kapoor’s chemistry in recent movies has failed to materialize. This pair can surely complement each other in every aspect if paired in a movie together.

Salman Khan & Deepika Padukone:

Salman’s recent movies have had their fair share of problems when it comes to casting of the lead actresses. While movies like 'Bodyguard' had an equal emphasis on the lead actress, movies like 'Kick' and 'Jai Ho' did not have much scope for the lead actress. Considering that Salman does a movie that has a good scope or equal emphasis on the lead actress as well, this pairing will be indeed a one that Bollywood fans would want.

Salman Khan & Anushka Sharma:

There have been countless rumours about Anushka being offered 'Sultan' but those rumours have remained pure rumours and nothing else. Anushka comes out as an actress full of energy and so is Salman Khan. Let us hope that this pairing materializes and does not remain a rumour.

Tiger Shroff & Yami Gautam:

If mere looks are enough to make a successful pair, this Jodi will score a 200 % on it. Acting wise too, both actors will be good enough to create a memorable romantic experience for the viewers.

Hrithik Roshan & Anushka Sharma:

Anushka Sharma is on top of her game right now and Hrithik has always been there. So wouldn't it be great to see these two gorgeous people together on-screen.

Any leading Bollywood actor with South actress Samantha:

South actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu is quite a popular and successful actress down south and her pairing with a leading Bollywood actor (and in a good production house) will surely work wonders.

Let us hope that Bollywood listens and observes what the viewer demand and make good movies with the above actors. Instead of creating lifeless pairings (which it has been doing quite often now a days) these would at least leave a lasting impact on the minds of viewers.

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