Deepika Padukone bags the 'Star of the Year(Female)' at Stardust Awards 2014

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The COLORS Stardust Awards 2014 was held today to honor the achievements and finesse in film across more than 25 categories including some newer categories like International Icon of the Year. The star-studded and glamourous awards took place at the MMRDA Grounds in Bandra Kurla Complex.

At the awards ceremony, Deepika Padukone won the ‘Star of the Year(Female)’ for ‘Happy New Year’ beating Priyanka Chopra(Mary Kom), Kangana Ranaut(Queen), Parineeti Chopra(Kill Dil) and Rani Mukerji(Mardaani).

With this, Deepika bagged her very first award this awards season.

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deepika is the epitome of grace and class

she's the DEAL

the loveliest of them all,she's my girl crush couldn't be happier

to those saying that she is plain without good make up,on her worst day deepika is breathtaking,you're just jealous

her eyes are so big and when you have big eyes kohl is not for you,she looks more beautiful make up free or with minimal make up,but i have to say the red lip stick looks really good on her..have to say her style and make up people aren't doing a good job

Gorgeous always

A true star, so dignified and eternal. You make me proud. Keep shining always.

Joke of the century!

She looks beautiful in all the pics, some kat fans are burning with jealousy.

These pics prove that deepika only looks good under lighting and with red lipstick. Otherwise she looks like an average woman you see in the markets.

deepu is the best thing that has happened to BW in a very long time,not happy with her choices this year,she basically did HNY for farah and SRK,she did FFF for homi and the cartoon movie for rajniti but i think she won't drop the ball next year or the next,she's on top and she's gonna remain there for a very long time

Right now kat is slightly better than her in dancing but I'm sure that vil change with bajirao mastani. But in acting dp is miles ahead of kat, there is no comparison at all. She is expression queen, kat is expressionless queen. In terms of acting its vidya,kangana, kareena n PC, then dp, then all other actresses n finally kat. Even sunny leone is a better actress than kat.

For the comment below on dancing of deepika, all I can say let's wait for bajirao mastani. I'm sure she will stun the world with her dancing in the movie. Tats the movie I'm paying to watch next year, the rest I prefer to watch on TV. Slb movies r worth watching on big screen. RL was like a painting and dp was looking like rapunzel. I'm just waiting for bajirao mastani

deepika is the most beautiful thing in the solar system

she looked like a Cinderella in that photo of her leaving the stage with Big B :-) (though i didn't like her makeup) my opinion, what set her apart from the other actresses, is something that happened to be in her heart and emerges out like a beautiful fresh wind, and that makes her lovable and likeable for people....the same thing with katrina, and that's what make them stars....the only difference between them : katrina is a little bit better in dancing, while deepika is a little bit better in acting....

plz don't compare her to anyone else deepika right now is in a league of her own

i love her fair or not happy for her

last year non of her award shows gowns blew me away,this year she starts off with this paper bag,something tells me am in for another disappointing styling on her part,which is a shame coz she has a gorgeous face and a hot bod,god if her stylists are reading this STEP IT UP PLZ

that was an award for popularity not acting,no one and by no one i mean absolutely no one is more popular than her right now

Star of the year was Kangana and Alia.

Deepika was in news for her Cleavage throughout the year.

Star was Alia, Actor was Kangna.

You guys are both wrong. This category was done through voting. It's a popularity award. Clearly, Deepika is a STAR!

Who cares if Priyanka n her friendship fizzales. Legging behind Priyanka is nothing in front of Deepika. Sometimes Her Beauty is like Aishwaryas, Sexyness mathes to Bipasha, her Acting is like Rani's and it a thing to watch out for that can she manages to rule Bollywood for 10-12 years like last Queen Madhuri Dixit did, Interestingly her lucky phrase started with fairy Madhuri's touch in 'Yeh Jaawani hai Deewani' & now she's going to play the same to SRK-Madhuri's FAN with her Item Number.

Friendships are fickle in bollywood and pple take betrayal lightly .

Wow, great line up of 2015 man, with films like Piku, Bajirao Mastani, devil x with BigB, and Item number in SRK n Madhuri's FAN,(I guess her every rules or not to do special appearances oath everything is meaningless in front of her fev dahling Hero SRK)

Huh Madhuri Dixit is in Fan? Since when?

this was voting based award and she won it and deserves it she is a superstar loved around d world

she's the new "IT" girl. every few years, it changes. it went from Rekha, Hema, Sridevi, Madhuri, Kajol, Aish, Rani, Kareena, PC, Katrina and now DP. although some of these girls actually had talent (Sridevi, Rani, etc). DP however doesn't. Im sorry, her acting is not great. Average at best.

couldn't agree more!!!

All hail the queen of 1 billion hearts, the fear of all the actresses, the star of the stars, the queen of the queens. take a bow haters, the queen has arrived and how.

she's the queen..the end

Thanks to SRK!

Yes ofcurse Without Shah Rukh Khan she is nothing

say what you want,you can't change the fact that right now,she's the biggest and most popular female actress in india right now

wht a stunner my god,, love you my darlo

She was great in HNY, nailed the character in it. Perfect accent. In Fanny Fernandes, we got to see a completely different side to her. She brought the character to life, took a risk to do this kind of film. Financially, all 3 of her films did more money than any of the other female actors. Thus, keeping her star power intact. Her Rajnikanth film Kocha'yaan- also a risk, considering you get to see only her animated self. So all in all she had a great year, mixed the commercial with critical appreciation, and so deserves this award more than anybody else. Do Deepika, keep rocking! We love you!!!

I know.I am not retarded.You don't seem to get sarcasm though!!!

Brought the character to life???LOL

it's a figure of speec

figure of speed?? LOL!!

Deepika, you will continue rocking till thy kingdom comes. keep rocking. Opposition go shy

She is looking horrible in that dress

Not fair she doesn't deserve this!

Not fair to you cause u don't like her, but fair to us cause she deserves it. She is the most popular Actress with huge endorsements with biggest fan following both on twitter n face book. So yes, she deserves it.

Undesrved and overrated !

Going stronger and stronger

way to go queen deepuuu

It is undeniable that when it comes to star power she is next only to ash or Maduri, though people say kareena katrina r stars, they never had the universal acceptance that deepika enjoys. Her fans range from children to old people n she has huge fans across India , she is most loved in North East, South,west n north. In my opinion all big stars always had the south connection, that way they have nation wide acceptance. Vyjayanthimala, hema mLini, rekha, sridevi, aishwarya, n now deepika they all ruled Bollywood in their times. Dp has the potential to be a legend something in their likes. From now on she has to do roles that can exhibit her star power well. In another two years time m sure she can reach the stardom of Sri Devi or Maduri.

congrats keep rocking my love

is this the end of deepika-priyanka friendship?

Bags???Its more like buying!!

Out of the HNY cast/crew members, only Deepika deserved her award (and Abhishek deserved Best Supporting Actor; I have no idea how Govinda won it). She gave us a great performance in FF, and a decent one in HNY. She's hugely popular and one of the most talented actresses today. She has STAR written all over her! Also, last year she missed out getting this award for her 4 hits, so it makes sense she got it this year

My adorable Angel

Where has the news came out that she's doing an item number in Fan? Fake news! She already said that she doesn't do special appearances anymore

she defently deserevs this one and moe awards in this csategry. bcoz i dont think at this point anyone is as popoler as her.

worst awards of the year star of the year male:shahid kapoor star of the female : kangana or priyanka but kangana more deserving

she is the most stunning to enter bollywood after aishwarya, IMO. she has worked hard on her acting and deserves all the success that she getting.

LMFAO, it's aishwarya and priyanka always was always will be upto this day. they are only 2 who make it to every list, poll, title. deepika has popularity at the moment doesnt mean she's extremeley beautiful like them, only in india, but it comes whit popularity.... aishwarya is first priyanka is second. so many people even roll their eyes when either gets compared to anyone else, it's like they are goddesses and others are random beautiful people.... everybody knows this. this is not my opnion but in general.

love u deepu.

Deepika is certainly the brightest shining love love her

Yay, Deepika is the Queen 2013-14, only because she's loyal person towards SRK, so he makes sure her star power stables. Thats why she got that item number in FAN too. That makes her Star of 2013-2014-2015. Someone saying Priyanka deserves itmore, are you crazy. Even her gunday flopped and mary kom is quite average with over hypes and how can she'll be able to top her with her second fiddle role in Bajirao Mastani n Sisterly roles in DDD. Even Bipasha Basu is in better pisition, maybe she's doing films with newcomers but all are Female oriented movies n Hollywood movies.

The Good news is Deepika is doing an Item Number in Yrf's 'FAN' starring Shahrukh n Madhuri

She's the woman of the years 2013-2014. Looks like shahenshah is also very fond of Deepika, they're doing two movies back to back.and After giving two blockbuster with SRK, she's doing an Item Number in SRK-Madhuri's FAN

She is a star, yes, but she is also a wonderful actor. How good was she in Finding Fanny... and indeed, she was one of the good things about Happy New Year!

Priyanka has always been the second fiddle when it comes to popularity. First, she was second to Bebo, than to Katrina and now to Deepika. She plays the second title best.

The so-called number ones have come and gone.Priyanka was,is and will be here!!!

And the best part is that priyanka got 8 crore for her 5 min role while other actress get 5 or 6 crore and we all know bebo is not relevant anymore . Second best part is she haven't worked with khan for 4 years and still going strong . We have already seen deepika and Karen a without khans .Kat in a without khan is glorified khan .

Bebo is relevant why cuz she isnt doing alot of movies? She is still popular till to this day.

You spell to gauri khan wrong...

She looks stunning!

Lovely lovely lovely.

Now why is she getting award....rigged for trp

She is truly a star. Well deserved!

It's given to STAR of the year, not ACTOR of the year. She definitely deserved it!! Plus, I remember she missed out last year cos they didn't hold Stardust Awards in 2013. She probably would have won 5 awards otherwise :P Btw, my gosh. Deepika looks drop dead gorgeous here ♥♥

neck down she looks good. but why did she win this award? For HNY?

Crazy amount of categories. Everyone who attends goes home with an award.

Kangana deserves all awards in coming awards season

She deserved it completely. The award is for star power and probably the most popular actress not for a particular performance. Priyanka and kangana did receive their deserving awards so stop whinning.

She was the star of last year not this year. Pc said it quite well politics meets art. Should have been kangana or priyanka.

Priyanka or kangana should have won this even just on the basis of popular performances this year. Like most film makers agree award shows in bollywood are a farse.

This award was for popularity not acting, though Deepika could have won the acting for Finding Fanny rather than HNY. Deepika is looking lovely too.

She won it for both. One movie was critically acclaimed, the other commercially successful. Great year for Deepika!!

This proves why amir dosent endorse awards I mean just look at the poll here on pinkvilla. Blatant bias! Pv don't ignore.

And so?

the only indian actor tat world will remember after 50 years is depict padukone.....somebody must make a bio on her soon....her dream break....her heartbreak....and how she has survived it like a strong woman....she is the artist the world will remember for her everything

I hear Priyanka kinda regrets choosing Mary Kom over RamLeela as that let Ranveer slip away from her arms. Lucky Deepika!

ahhahahahaha, kareena didn't regret doing doing Singham Return, why would Priyanka regret doing the mighty Mary Kom.

Scary and Her dress like a nightgown

She was, is and will always be an amazing actress - a bonafide superstar and a good actress who keeps on getting better.

Ha ha ha ha awards are given to those who attend those award ceremony even housewives knows that!

This award is an award of stardom. With hny she reached to a large section in audience n hence the award to her. It is expected for those complaining. But it also looked like the awards were distributed like sweets to everyone, making sure everyone receives one.

I'm fed up

my first expressive WAS for what!! happy new year ????? Ha ,, Better than queen and mardaani and even mary kom ?? But after thinking maybe because the award is not for performance .... congratulations deepika hehehe

I like Deepika but she didn't deserve this award this year ! :|

It's given for the most popular actress of the moment rather than any specific performance.

Honestly I do believe she deserve it no matter how much I'm not fond of her. No doubt deepika name is becoming a household name not just in india but elsewhere especially this year after her last year sucess that alone deserve to be acknowledge

This category wasnt for acting skills but for the one that excelled in screen presence,looks dancing etc

Priyanka deserves the award more than that

priyanka did get the best actress award for best drama. deepika got the popular award one

Good keep rocking Deepika

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