Deepika Padukone to endorse Neutrogena Fine fairness in India

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Deepika Padukone has been signed to endorse the NEUTROGENA FINE FAIRNESS range. Deepika Padukone spoke about her association with NEUTROGENA FINE FAIRNESS saying, “It is an honour to be associated with a brand like NEUTROGENA”. She joins the league of other bollywood actresses who have endorsed fairness products.
She looked radiant in a peach colored strapless dress. When the media asked her about her breakup with Ranbir Kapoor, she neither denied nor accepted it.

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I do think tanning and fairness creams are part of the same spectrum of the grass in greener on the other side problem. And it's actually more universal then we think. Even in developed countries like Japan there is a demand for whiter skin.

In both cases women go to strange (even dangerous) lengths to change their skin colour but why the fairness cream issue is scarier because when local media starts brainwashing uneducated masses then it doesn't take very long for things to go nuts.

Blaming someone for being dark is like saying it's their fault for being female. Can you control your gender? Then why do you think you can control your skin tone.

There is NO cream that can change skin tone (Deepika is the perfect example, she has all the money in the world to buy the most expensive stuff yet her skin colour has never changed). Most of these creams are sun blocks so it isn't the miracle of some cream that the skin lightens after using them. It' just the tan that washes off.

thanks to photoshop u all choose to look fair in ads, pics, photoshoots,movies
we aam janta wont buy neutrogena fair . we r happy in our skin . I am not buying it .No Thanks
You just lost all virtual affection .

mmm Neutrogena fine fairness, not very fair on all those animals they test on.

My luks is smthng similar 2 u.

she should keep her hair like that in "Chandni Chowk to China,"

l dont like her ears eww what ppl like in her god knows

i can see collar bone and the ends of it is GROSS. 2 round bumps.
She is a pretty girl but seeing bones is never hot.

i can see collar bone and the ends of it is GROSS. 2 round bumps.
She is a pretty girl but seeing bones is never hot.


deepika, i know you have enough money to buy good food. please eat and gain weight, so you could have more curves and also a prettier face with more charm.

Someone give her a cheese burger please

whats more disturbing then the fairness product it her weight...omg whats wrong with her? she will be in the hospital if she goes with this rate!!

she cut her hair, aww i love how it look
she looks gorgeous,i just wish she wasnt soo talkk

shes crazyly anorexic, ehh she luks like she ill or sumthin

what's troubling about this is that people are more troubled that she's wrong for the product due to her color. irregardless of her color ranging from albino to ebony, she's wrong for the product because the product sends a wrong message- because she's a celebrity and role model. period.

and to those who think that these products are ok, go see all the exclusion certain colors face there- which ends up as life choices. it has a history, that's why it's wrong. brozers do not have a history of discrimation, unlike these products which promise a better life (and due to the culture, many ppl react worse to certain colors). stop the denials.

Thu, 2009-12-10 08:56: ok, things get lost in translation..

you're acting like I'm racist?

I'm a Tanzanian, my family members are black, dark brown, brown every colour!

I'm just saying that not a lot of fair bollywood celebrites tend to pay attention to these things.

I didn't say it's right.



I think poor Dipika lost lot of weight.. my gosh.. she looks anemic.. Looks like she as taken this break up seriously.. hopefully she recovers soon..

Dull as dishwater

if she was promoting a tanner or tanning lotion many of you would be praising her. so for many of you its ok to get darker but not fairer? thats a true double standard.
indians adore indian girls with a fairer complexion but that doesn't go to say we don't appreciate our darker beauties.

Anonymous on Tue, 2009-12-08 16:07 : fairness is related to beauty but if a person is not fair doesnt mean that they cant be beautiful. :@ --> you act like darkness is some handicapp that a person can 'overcome'. something is off about this... , you're berating her for being a dark lady. if fairness is related to beauty, then albinos must be the most beautiful on earth.

beauty is personal and in the beholder's view. that's it. By the way, Deepika is looking STUNNING as a 'dark lady'-- glowing.

berate her for endorsing products which are wrong (same as fairer stars like Katrina Kaif, Aish, Sonali, etc who also have). it does not matter if someone is albino or ebony, they are the same. if they endorse a product that's wrong, it's wrong. but don't berate a person for being dark.. ok?

Tue, 2009-12-08 21:05: umm.. like no. Sonali has (she's rather fair). Katrina Kaif recently has (big launch of Olay Whitening). And they say Kat is fairer than the rest. and no, it's not funny.

it does not matter what your color is, if you are a celebrity, it's wrong to endorse these types of culturally-damaging products.

you guys isnt it funny, don't you notice that like some of the fairest people in bollywood (Kareena, Karisma) Etc. have never endorsed fair creams? LMAO.

(Im not positive but I haven't seen it yet so yah)

It's just crazy

shes is soooo pretty

i love deeps to death but i hate when i see celebs endorsing fairness only emphasizes the stereotypes that indians want to be white.

she looks disgustingly thin and emaciated. more like a promotion for starving indians. she needs to gain weight asap, she doesn't look healthy or attractive at all. she lost all her glow back in OSO or BAH days.

celebs dont endorse products because they use it themselves or they beleive in them...they do it for money...and lets face it she has more money than all of us here combined..

i luv her hairstyle tho....very cute and brings a nice chnage from the long locks..

omg she looks gorgeous.

let's put aside the fact that fairness products are unhealthy, stupid, provide negative and sometimes even racist delusions on the matter of skin colour and are discriminating against darker skinned people no matter of whatsoever ethnic heritage...
I just want to comment on the phrase: "She is not even fair to be endorsing this product in the first place." i mean, hello?! not that it'd matter, but i'm german and for that reason live in Europe and people her are not fairer than she is. i mean, some are, of course, but the majority is about her tone. even my momma's darker than her and she's "full german".
but why even get all raged up about this? we should all know by now that celebs are just greedy for the money.

she's all bone, no flesh...eww

what is she smiling over, she should first realise that the product hasnot transformed her into a fair lady, shes still dark secondly why does she need to endorse fairness productssss? this shows that she is herself not satisfied with her complexion though shez preety but not satisfied. they should stop doing this. fairness is related to beauty but if a person is not fair doesnt mean that they cant be beautiful. :@

just not lookin god..she need a makeover ASAP!!!!!

She did say that the concept of fairness creams is wrongly ascertained in India. It is not supposed to give you a fairer skin but an inner glow. But, yeah, what's wrong is wrong, under which ever pretense it is marketed. Let's see how she goes around about it in the promos.

really good observations

i love her hairstyle?

and.. this must make everyone proud too (got 0% coverage):

Katrina Kaif is the Brand Ambassador of international cosmetic giant Olay Natural White (whitening cream) that launched the newly formulated White Radiance range in India. A source close to Kats said, ”Kats is a teenage icon of today. The international brand found Kats to be the apt model to market their product. Also she is the number one actress in the film industry. What also worked for Kats is that she made the right decisions at the right time.”With the Olay Natural White (whitening cream) brand in her pocket Kats has once again dethroned a popular face in the ad and film world. Olay Natural White (whitening cream) is the teenage brand.

by the way, this prouduct is wrongly named. it is not a fairness product.. Deep states:

It's not about using a product and suddenly becoming fair. The fairness creams are used to even out your skin tone and protect your skin from pigmentation due to harsh sunlight. You get a sort of inner glow in your skin," Deepika said at the launch on Monday (Dec 7

Looks like she lost quite a bit of weight. I don't like her makeup, too peachish.

I don't know why all products sold in INdia have to have the word "fairness" or "whitening" in them. Guess that sells.

seriously...she is not even fair enuf! tho her oder hairstyle was bettr this is also ok!

she has lost SOO much weight!! poor thing. It does seem as though she has gone through stressful times. She used to be so healthy during her OSO and BAH days! Agree with Anonymous below that her arms look like twigs. I really hope she puts on that weight soon. She looks healthy and beautiful. Also, i think she got a haircut (I'm sure her hair was longer) for the movie with Farhaan Akhtar... it really suits he!

Omg deepikas legs are amazing and her face is so gorgeous, just like ash.

her eyes luk lifeless. I used to love her eyes and her smile . They luk gone in these pictures. what is happenin to her?????

there is no such thing as an 'honest fairness cream' what it does is in the title "FAIRNESS CREAM" if it was to give a glow it would be called a glowing serum or cream. ive lost some respect for deepika and all those actresses who endorse such products.

lol.. you ppl complaining that dark people should not endorse fairness products.. why don't you get albinos to endorse them? first of all, Deeps is just GLOWING- her shade is lovely. she has perhaps one of the most stunning shades-- a peach bronze. she should not lighten her tone and does not need to. perhaps this is an 'honest fairness cream', which promises a glow but no change in tone

she's been through a lot of stress lately.. over Ranbhir and his family's interference to break their relationship (rumours). yeah. she looks like she's under tension- and also, like she's holding the product just to make $ and she hates the product too.

Anonymous on Tue, 2009-12-08 02:57: you're wrong there. neither Deeps or the one next to her are right for this product. because these products are hoaxes. both Deeps and the one next to her are given their shade by NATURE and NATURE made their shades beautiful, both of them. the cream is just a $-grabber designed to trick ppl into thinking their shade is wrong.

Anonymous on Tue, 2009-12-08 03:02: and does that include all stars, like Pri and Sonam? And Katrina also-- who recently launched and endored Olay Whitening proucts and stated she endorses only products she believes in? Strangely, Katrina got 0% coverage on PV endorsing it (she seems to be the most popular star among women on PV- hence forgiven).

it's all about making bucks for these stars.. sad.

deepika's lookin so different...very skinny

well.. worng is wrong and she's wrong.

p.s. to the people who have lost respect for her endorsing this: have you also lost respect for Sonam (a natually dusky beauty too in real life), Priyanka, Aishwarya (??), Sonali, and to the countless actresses who have made $ posing for these products?

And by the way, these products are designed for dark people.. so why the bashing that she's dark and not right for the product. maybe the fairness product just brighens.. not lightens???

So Deep too ? then its Deepika, Priyanka, Sonam, Aish (??), Sonali, etc. etc.

The only trustable person who won't is Bips. She's cool.

Also, what is this nonsense that dark ppl should not endorse fairness products. these products ARE designed for dark people. but no matter what their color, dark or light-- CELEBRITIES ARE SENDING THE WRONG MESSAGE TO THEIR FANS AND SOCIETY BY ENDORSRING this>.

i have lost all respect for her... endorsing fairness creams is just disgusting.

wow...the girl next to her in the last pic should be given the endorsement seeing as she looks naturally fairer than deepika
and i've also noticed that dips always stands like that with one leg bent forward infront of the other?? maybe she does it so that the skin on her knee is stretched and will look less dark?idk
but anyway,i think she is making a fool of herself by painting herself white(which didn't even work well b/c in the pics without lighting her shoulders and neck are still visibly very dark)
sigh..i dunno when there will be a vaccine for this fairness epidemic spreading through india

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