Deepika Padukone at the IIFA Magic of the Movies

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Deepika Padukone walked the green carpet at the IIFA Magic of the Movies event at the IIFA Awards.

Shiamak Davar kick started the celebrations with IIFA Magic of the Movies with Sonakshi Sinha, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Bipasha Basu performing at the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre.

Deepika looked lovely in a Sabyasachi creation.

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Horrible make up and what's up with the accessories?! Was she and her team blind?
She doesn't have that innate flare for fashion. U gotta inject some of your personality deepu.

Deepika is definitely not looking her best
Makeup is horrible and the whole look is too tacky especially the hair

Ugly lipstick

i wish she went for lighter lipstick....doesn't she see that dark make-up doesn't suit her? but otherwise, very pretty!

oh i will kill for this dress, so gorgeeeeouussss....deepika looks like a queen

I have a question to ask???where issonam kapoor in the entire celebration of iifaa??didnt she just leave for tampa bay with ranveer singh???where did she dissappear??

minus lip colour she looks fab ...

How MANY days now top post! The reigning Queen of Bollywood. Beautiful, graceful, humble, modest, relatable, natural, no faux accent and haughty airs and a thorough professional - in short, the complete package.

Deepika Gorgeous Padukone...and it is still no:1 post


The last pic killed 9millions guys ;o

Absolutely stunning! But the red shouldn't have been that dark. I'm applying this on me tomorrow, who knows? If I wear it I'll look (I am optimistic ) half as gorgeous as you, deeps
you Are ADORABLE ! Stunning x

Absolutely stunning! But the red shouldn't have been that dark. I'm applying this on me tomorrow, who knows? If I wear it I'll look (I am optimistic ) half as gorgeous as you, deeps
you Are ADORABLE ! Stunning x

poor woman. she cant live without makeup. she always wears more than other actresses. and she looks just like a witch

Please I imagine you looking like a lonely witch looking person even without make up. Cry all you want haters, this is still the #1 post!

im 16 i dont need makeup. you are mean! :'( she is just an actress not your sister why are u so mean to me??

im 16 i dont need makeup


Fab fab fab!

One mistake and destroys the whole look....awesome dress,jewelry,makeup...but the lipstick omg so horrible it destroyed the whole look...i hate that colour...shr should have put some light pink or light red lipstick..the maroon colour is just horrible...but love her dress but a creation the design,the flow..each and every bit of that dress is just so beautiful...

Destroyed is sort of an exaggerated don't you think? I like it. It goes well with the dramatic and bold look she was going for :)

Beauty queen, movie queen, personality queen, sexy queen!!!

Friggen OUT OF THIS WORLD!! WOW!! Sabya creations work on everyone. love it!

One word! Stunner! ;)

Deepika's lipstick deserves an IIFA of it's own.

Gorgeous outfit and she carries it elegantly!
Can't say the same about her makeup...she should've let her hair down, with the curly/messy look, and gone for bare minimal makeup, except for a flash of lip color, preferably a soft pink rather than the harsh maroon she's chosen.

The lipstick is too dark but... nonetheless, she looks absolutely stunning!

The dress is so heavily decorated & her lips are so bold- which is fine but she should have kept the earring simple.
too much going on at the moment.

Cruella I right people??

LOL. No, no you are not.

Yup Bebo the step mother is that. poor saif's kids aren't allowed to be near their FATHER.

wayyy too over-styled, she looks scary. Shes proving sonam right time and time again!

She looks bold and regal. Your precious Sonam didn't even go to iifa because she knew that wouldn't win anything since she can't act. Deepika has talent, Sonam doesn't. End of.

Forget IiFA. PV pls post a copy of the article where Kangna blasts sonam. DNA has taken it down.

ooh what did kangna say about sonam?? tell tell!! :p

Deepika was definitely best dressed. Really classy & elegant

if she look so bad with makeup then i never want to see her without makeup.

This is what happens when you overdo!
Less is more can always be a good motto.

Yes the lipstick was too OTT. otherwise she looked pretty on the green carpet.


Super beautiful and gorgeous diva Deepika.

dpad looks a little OTT, though its probs because shes winning best actress

I Like the turquoise ring it added a nice pop of color but hate that dark lipstick on her she needs to change it asap and stop repeating that hairdo- it aint that nice deepika

l'oreal should have signed true indian beauty deepika instead of that firangi pretender katrina. she would have killed it at cannes with these gowns and those sarees she wore there a couple of years back. the international media would have loved her.

Ua smelling of jealousy. LMAO

in your dreams, paresh! only losers would be jealous of a doormat with no talent.

lol...jealous of what exactly?!! there has to something to be actually jealous of na?! i feel sorry for her more than anything. and i feel sorry for you if that's all you can come up with. deepika has more than enough to admire to have time to be jealous of a talentless bimbo, so jog along dear!

there has to be*

Dude, you need to learn how to Spell before writing comments in English. Oh, and considering you're a fan of an "English" actress, it must be shameful not knowing the language of your idol.

i have never ever seen a witchiest makeup like this before on anyone, i just pray i never see her without makeup.

My respect for kagana multipled by 10! Seriously Dips is queen of Bollywood!! no doubt why Bollywood films sucks now a days.there is no style ,originality creativity whatsoever. You are commercial actress that to no 1 so u can not give excuses to look boring. That is what u r paid for.

Relax Kareena/Katrina's Fan :D Even if it wasn't for deepika your idols wouldn't have won. Stop praising kangana to look better, Kareena Fan :D

The lipstick colour doesn't go with the dress

YUCk .. the biggest yuck.

haha... the witch is back.

Yup, the witch and evil step-mother.. bebo :D

I can't stand the girl. But she does look good! Love that outfit

Too much happening on that dress.

WOW! the best!

haha.. u are too funny !!!

whose wedding was it??

Definitely not hrithik-kareena's that's for sure :D

Definitely not hrithik-kareena's that's for sure :D

That dress looks so regal. Simply beautiful on her.


Love this look sooooooooo much

I love everything about this look. She well and truly looks stunning.

Not her best but she is free-living, free thinking personality, so much like Ranveer. The tvasia picture is good one.
Bottom line- Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh don't live their life to look perfect all the time, they experiment and are fearless...may be that's why they found compatibility between themselves. Wish all other actors n actresses could attempt this. They are normal, yaar. And they wore what their stylist wanted them to try.

looks like Deepika is trying to find her own style and she clearly has gone completely wrong. Whats with the makeup and hairstyle, the whole image just looks tacky!
PV please post this

Deepika in no way whatsoever looks tacky! You must get your eyes checked because she looks regal, bold and elegant.

Deepika you look best when you copy the west

Wow! I'm so going to get that dress! Love DP in Sabyasaachi!

She always has that hairstyle

Lol hiw do people find this pretty? Seems like people just want to make her out to be the best because they hate pc or bebo or kat.

She generally doesnt look that nice here. Her hown is amazing. Her face looks like an owl with huge popping out eyes and vampireish black lips. She should do lig make ip especially with that gown. And concentrate more on her skin and covering those discoloured areas around her lips. Ew

Actually they like Deepika because shes a great actress, stunning looking (if that was not true then she would not have so many fans worldwide complimenting her about her looks) and great personality. Shes so stunning and you just cannot take it. Oh well, #1 post at the end of the day so keep talking.


gosh a nude lip and a small earring would have done justice this beautiful dress deserves. As for the the no style sense by Sonam is way too harsh. How can Sonam say that Deepu has not sense of style, just because Dips looks good in most styles and she likes to experiment, Sonam is taking a dig at her.

I'm Deepika's lipstick and I find these comments offensive! -_-

I'm Deepika's lipstick and I find your comments offensive! -_-

Deepika looks fantastic ( minus lip colour)!

sorry but that golden gown with bling bling earings don't tell me anything as a fashion statement.

she can look pretty, but this is all too much for the eyes. all that dull gold, then those vampy lips, overdone makeup and huge earrings...too much at once :/ oh and the hair looks like some kid has been playing with it and randomly pulled out some bits from the top lol.

the whole look reminds me of dolce & gabbana. same kinda dress and earrings, even the deep blackberry lips. i guess since the dress colour is too close to her own skintone, she needed something to balance it out and add a kick of colour to her face, or she would have looked washed out. bronze is a difficult colour to pull off.

this dress would have looked great with someone who has hip and shape, sonakhi would have looked great in it. sorry deepika.

the look and makeup can be too harsh (specially the lipstick), it look like she comes out from a spread of vogue magazine. she makes it work though cuz she looks like a model.

surprise to not see deepika/ranveer pics together. are they now hiding from the press or subtely saying it's over?

Horrific make up

#1 Post for the #1 girl.

Beautiful as always . Not a great fan of that lipstick shade .

She looks stunning and regal. Queen worthy.

She should've done a smokey eye with turquoise jewelery and peach lip color

That lip color is not for summer

Too much usual.

EWWW....she just looks scary. After IIFA, she should find the nearest Haunted House and pose as a witch and scare people!!

Even if she is "number one" right now, we all know it is not because of her acting skills so DP fans, please just calm down with the "You're just jealous of Queen Deepika's fame/looks/ success blah blah blah" People are allowed to have a opinion on something without it being indicative of jealousy!!

Of course you can have an opinion, however when you people say that Deepika cannot act its laughable considering how many awards shes won for Best actress and how many hit movies she has delivered. And by the way if you believe she is number one but not for her acting, what are you suggesting? People like you may not be 'indicative of jealousy' as you say but you sure happen to act like airheads when you always think whatever you say is right. So, fine have an opinion, but if its negative all the time then there's no need to always express it. Keep it to yourself.

People can express what they like who are you to say to keep it to our self, damn hypercritical, you state people are free to express but then at the end of your comment you say to keep to ourself. Deepika has only been winning awards this year because her counterparts the real big names barely had any releases in 2013.

Yes, you can have an opinion, however if its cruel and only said out of spite then frankly it better not to be said! What good is it going to do? Tell me???? Deepika stole the audiences hearts in Chennai Express and outshone SRK, in YJHD her and Ranbirs relationship on camera got the viewers crazy because of how much they loved it (last time i checked, in a couple both people need to take part or the relationship looks fake) and inn RamLeela Deepika and Ranveers performances were spectacular, fiesty and passionate. And how is it Deepika's fault that other actresses didnt release as many movies?! Last time i checked, you work as hard as possible and you can outshine your competitors, she did just that! If her competitors were not making movies that has nothing to do with her brilliant acting. So stop hating and putting others down when you know perfectly well that Deepika has done well for herself whether you think shes done it well or not, she has.

So? That's deepika's fault? If they didn't have any good movies to bring to the table, oh well sucks for them :D deepika has a great line up next year with finding fanny Fernandez and piku. So I assure you she will prove herself again with her acting. So if you want competition oh she'll give you that :D

I am not a Sonam fan by any means but she was right when she said Deepika has no sense of style. This outfit makes her look like a witch, no offense. PV, post this!

But the real witch is Bebo who is acting like a typical step mother :( poor saifu's kids. And yea his kids are being honest just like sonam.

I'm sorry, but from what angle does she look good? The whole look and styling is too much! The outfit itself is heavily embroidered and intricate and ,on top of that, she chose dark garish makeup, heavy earrings, and a blue ring that doesn't match anything in the rest of the outfit! Also, I don't know if the hairstyle is purposeful but it looks like the wind messed her bun up and now there are a few random pieces of hair just sticking out. By the way, since when did not liking someone's look or outfit/makeup choice automatically make someone jealous of Deepika's success/fame or whatever!!?? I mean come on, get real...if someone doesn't go ga-ga over her on every single doesn't make them jealous! People are allowed to have an opinion! ( PV, please post)

she is the QUEEN

Lipshade is tAking away the glow should have opted for a lighter and brighter one may b majenta pink would have looked fresh

She is no Queen..just on the top coz of sheer luck

The dress is really stunning! Wish she didn't go for that dark lip colour, but her hairdo, jewellery and dress is fab!

lovely she is

She looks beautiful! But I think she should have gone with a lighter lip shade. Sabyasachi's outfits are simply stunning!

She is dazzling!

lipstick is too heavy for the look. It ages her by 10 years!

nay for the lickstick

Lovely & n1 post- you can hate her as much as you want, she is still the most popular and sought after actress.

Deepika looks superb!

get real, she looks like Cruela de Vil

Are you that threatened of Deepika that you can't stand to see her get a compliment? It must really burn you that she is universally known as Bollywood's #1 Heroine. :) LOL

I like this look of hers!

The make up is too garish! The colour is nice! And the bouffant is getting a bit too much! Otherwise she looks good!

Bad, garish and gaudy. Sorry Dips, I admire you but this is not your wedding, just a film festival. You could have taken it easy.

She looks stunning. Love it a lot. Just don't know if it looks right at this event.

DP is looking gorgeous, but if some of fans meet her plz tell her, tired of this hair style..She has to get rid of this hair style.

Queen of Bollywood! She looks beyond beautiful

I like what Deepika is wearing but I don't like that she use all these dark shades of lipstick. Try to go into nudes, it will make you look more polished. But she has stunning features. Amazing.

Wooooooooooow I really liked their appearance...

I love you my baby

Gorgeous dress, she looks stunning !

Soo beautiful :) Ranveer u are so lucky! Btw i hope to see some pics of them together :)

From the close looks like the lip color was nicer in person....but in pictures....yea a bit too harsh for my taste. Still a stunner though!

Ummm I agree, the lispstick is off... Prolly red would be better! Nonetheless stunning as always!

She looks beautiful, but what stopped her from looking this good in the other award shows. She was tackily dressed. Btw I am so over this hairstyle. I wish she would do different things with her hair like Kangana and Sonam,even Kareena and Priyanka. Her and Katrina are very boring when it comes to fashion. Expecting something even more beautiful for the main event.

She looks stunning but i don't like the lipstick

Make up is too harsh, she is beyond stunning and these make up artist always do a trashy job with the make up. She needs to brighter colors, corals, nudes and pinks

i think sabya is behind the dark lips as he loves deep reds and maroons. remember aish in guzaarish?! expect more of this in bajirao mastani. loving it!

She is so beautiful, that whatever she wears ,she always looks stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love her, and hope the best for her and ranveer.....

Deepika looks beautiful & those pictures where she is smiling are just killing me :D :D

The handshakes that you see in above pic is all what you get from stuck up Bollywood stars.....Even when you scream their names from the bottom of your lungs, they just walk past you and don't even take pictures with you. Please, come down to EARTHHHH and smell the MITEE! PV post this!

all hail queen deepika

Blue ring is mismatched to the outfit.

Because the dress is so stunning and blingy, I think she should've opted for a more natural lip-shade to even the look out. But otherwise she looks perfect

I can't take my eyes off of her! Wow

BTW, #1 Post. =)

Makeup is too harsh, otherwise perfect.

I agree. She still looks gorgeous! Is it only me or is her make up similar to PC at times? Maybe their make-up artists are the same.

Mesmerizing beauty.. The QUEEN is here!! hands down she is the best

I have a huge hugggeeeee girl crush on her.. I can keep looking at her

she looks lovely but a lighter shade of lipstick or maybe other shade altogether would have looked better.. but she is still looking breathtakingly gorgeous :)

stunner!!!!! But that lipstick ewwwww

WOW! the lady with the best body in bollywood. Can carry any & every thing!

Totally agree with you!

Please tell me the dark lips arent making a comeback!! See lot of them in it now...

Wow she looks like an Indian princess, absolutely flawless and loving the dark lips. Hopefully get to see Deepika perform at IIFA.

She's a beauty but i wish she would stop w the dark lips. She's got such exotic perfect Indian beauty she needs to stick w the long float sexy hair smokey eyes and nude lips. This look is too severe for her esp for a young women!

For people who pitch Deepika against Kareena or Priyanka. Chill!! So Deepika has: OM SHANTI OM (HIT because of SRK), Bachna Ae Haseeno (Semi Hit due to Ranbir, more established star: Bipasha and YRF), CC2C (FLOP), Love Aaj Kal (She was good here, Good music and story), Karthik Calling Karthik (FLOP), Housefull (You know it's not a HIT because of her), Lafange Parindey (FLOP), Break Ke Baad (FLOP), Kheilen Hum Jee Jaanse (FLOP), Aarakshan (FLOP), Desi Boyz (Semi Hit - She ruined the film with her accent and acting + Chitrangada was hot), COCKTAIL( Hit - She stole the show, excellent music but still the numbers are much lower than other films released in the same time: Bol Bachchan and Barfi - Cocktail was not a blockbuster) - So after this film she gave three more super hits with superstars backed by huge production houses. What is the big deal? Akshay has had five blockbusters in a year. People need to chill and not compare Deepika to Kareena and Priyanka. They survived for so long and did very good work even when films didn't work at the BO. Deepika's films didn work neither did her performance. She has improved but it's more about her image and name than her acting now.

What matters is ..She is on the ladder UP! And thats what counts for everyone in every walk of life.

Oh, is it??? Tell me how many hits does Sajay leela Bhansali had? ONLY ONE Clean hit it's Devdas...Ranveer was no star before RL, DP is the star of RamLeela . Infact DP had given him hit like after 11 years.. Tell me one movie of Ranbir where it is hit without Bankable heroine or top production house..NONE..So YJHD is hit both due to DP-RK..I think U know RK didn't give BB with any of his heroines..When was SRK's last BB..So Deepika was alone star in all these 3 Buzz of U hater..Sonam or Kareena or Katrina's jealous PR..

Ranbir had flops but was always commended for excellent acting. Same for Kareena and Priyanka. Alas, not true for Deepika. Not a hater or PR but the truth hurts :)

Kareena was known as OTT loud annoying actress till 2007(Jab We Met), even in JWM she played the same loud character but director treated the character well..So it took her 7 years to be called as good actress, oh plz don't tell me about her so called Chameli and Awards, coz she did nothing but OTT in that Chameli also and we all know how awards work..Priyanka, I agree she was/is always best actess..RK again family background, so critics will lick his ass..He is too feminine for my taste to bother waste my money on his films..So I think truth hurts for you..In BW ppl think OTT lound annoying acting as mind blowing and subtle acting as Wooden , that is the reason Loud Annoying actresses like Kareena, Parineethi gets critics praises and subtle actors like DP, Vidya(It took her dirty picture where she played OTT character for the first time to get fame)..DP was very well known fro her first film OSO to real audience, but her film choices were bad after that..So buzz off.

Haha! Even Farah Khan ranked her lowest on KWK after seeing her work post OSO! Except for Cocktail, she hasn't done something special that can't be done by anyone else. Actually, Priyanka could have done Cocktail easily and maybe even better :) Truth hurts. The fact that I am smiling and you are angry, shows that you are in the wrong. Take a Chill Pill. Deepika is just another girl who came and will go.

thats why she's doing farah khan's movie now..... lol

In that case Sonam and Katrina are fabulous actresses. Btw did u really put Vidya and DP in the same category? smh

So what's the big deal if Vidya and DP on same level..Infact Vidya was never NO1 Star..

wow, truly stunning.

the comments are hilarious as usual! :D

Ek Thi Dayaan :)

She is soo attractive...when she is in the frame you hardly notice anyone else..all ahil the new queen bee!

i dont see her tattoo :0

she looks gorgeous in the 3rd pic (close up, side profile shot). i like it that she wears deep, richly coloured lipsticks to suit her skintone instead of those nude, washed-out shades like most other actresses. beautiful dress too...very sparkly! :)

She is hands down the best dressed! And I love her eye shape, she/almost all bwood actresses need to stop wearing those colored contacts! She kinda reminds me of Indian Miranda Kerr.


Toppppppppp model


Omg i love the lipstick!
If only i could pull off that colour..I am slowly experimenting.
Also those earrings are beautiful.


I can't take my eyes off this gorgeous diva. She is too beautiful. She is the only one who looks so pretty after Aishwarya.

she looks gorgeous in the 5th pic (close up, side profile shot). i like it that she wears deep, rich coloured lipsticks to suit her skintone, when most of the actresses wear nude, washed-out shades. beautiful dress too.


Guys I wanna tell you something funny :P So like Me and my friends were at the green carpet yesterday (when deepika wore this) So, she and Kalki walked in together and me and my friends shouted Deepika you look hott!!! and she waved and smiled but the media people were calling her so she had to go, so just when she was leaving we shouted again "You are hottt" and at the same time gauhar walks by and she thought me and my friends were shouting that for her, so she stopped by to take pics, we were like umm awks :P :P :P
Pv please post this.

Kareena fans are jealous

She look good....but Plz upload more photos of her in this dress....

Ha gorgeous lady

She looks cuter when she smiles.

She looks great. Love the dress and the burgundy lip works well with the gold glitter of the outfit. That killer smile is just the icing on an already beautiful cake!


Deepika padukone's style statement: I am the queen, I will always wear gold., I am so clever ;)

I was so excited to see Deepika but was unable to get selfies with her because too many fans. Anyway, she did not look good in person with those dark make up. It was WAY TOO MUCH MAKEUP. You can barely see her bare skin!

All i can say is she is wearing either viva or media from Mac or Rihanna limited edition lipshade...

she look super fab

Gorgeous hamesha :)

Yaha bhi copying ranbir's dance moves. Get over him baby

Not even Ranbir's father can get over Dp now.

That funny...because he is over about four years ago that happened. And he is so over her that even though shes openly put herself out for him he is still not interested in her. In fact he is with the person she probably hates the most in this world. not only that but he is pretty much obsessed over her :) So why dont YOU get over that now??

But ranbir is still least bothered abt her :p

She is so gorgeous, why the dark make up? Everything always brownish at events. Girl ditch ur make up artist or tell them to change it up a little.

I am a girl and I am mesmerized by her ...... what a contagious smile, those dimples, expressive eyes , dusky beauty, she is ooozing charm. Not only is the dress makeup and accessories perfect ...the smile adds to the beauty 10 times. And I love the dark burgundy lips , its the new in thing and she can pull it off with sass....

What hap?...deepika is not wearing her copy gown from hollywood celebrities??? Buahaha...she feared this will be on front paper news..she plays it safe wearing sabyasachiii? Coward deepika...can't act, can't have style..but full on copycatssss


Same dress karishma wore with lot more grace and style . Deepika like usual self . Wearing misfit cloths , as if she wore somebody elses dress. This time deepika copied karishma . Lol. Nakalchi bandar .

Here' she again! This dress was worn by karishma kapoor earlier. And looked 1000 times better than deepika

bloody.........hnh!! din't cast her vote just for an award ceremony......shameless!!!!

Hope they bring us the make up break down. Love the make-up

After Aish, This is one particular lady who stole my heart


Cause you worth it.

Katrina's worth it more. that's why l'oreal wanted her.

Love the lipstick!

Omg she looks gorgeus stunning!...n for those whose saying she's looking bad or doesnt have her own style needs to check themselves..what more styling can you do with this suit/dress? It doesnt matter how she dresses or how well it is hater will hate! So just try to get a life Im sure u will not look anything good near her -.- n those who are saying she dont have style are those who self dont have any idea what kind of style they are talking about

Oh my, Deepika dazzles! Every inch a super star and pretty to boot!

Current superstar of India, which haters are finding it difficult to accept. Deepika, you they beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Superstar? For giving 10+ flops and hardly 3 hits ? Or for being a wooden face for 90 % of her movies till date?

Read my comment well. I said DEEPIKA not KAREENA who has only JWM to boast of in her 14 years entire career, with that too, there is shahid's oomph in it, other than that,

Priyankas makeup artist is also deepikas makeup artist. Its cool priyanka doesn't feel insecure and is so supporting. Here in Florida when you see priyanka you know it's a star. Every time she goes to her hotel or comes out she spends 10/15 minutes with the fans waiting outside for her. She even remembered some of us from yesterday. We also went to the airport to meet Kareena but she was too tired she said and left straight away :(

But am not a fan of kareena but she have click some pics with fans. Stopppp lyingggg. I were am thampa too...


She looks beautiful and that smile of hers always makes it better.

Ewww.. Too badd

Deepika is damn pretty

BABE!!!!! She looks like a superstar, which she is of course. Not sure about the lipstick colour, she would have rocked Rebel by MAC, instead of this very matte looking dark burgundy.

why is she dressed like Adele ???

Malaika looks Gorgeous!

thankyou for your comment sonam.....

Looks like deepika is trying to find her own style and its clearly gone wrong.

looks like you are trying too hard to find a reason to hate and its clearly gone wrong. :D

Cindrellas evil step mother.

and you are the two dumb daughters combined......

Anastesia and drizella :P

add the word JEALOUS :p
jealous dumb daughters :p

Looking good!

doesn't suit her figure yaa

you must be blind out of your brains.....

she is rare to be charming....and she has that charisma.....beautiful...

Gorgeousssss! And what a killer smile!

my Cinderella.

She, most of the times, chooses plain and simple attire. For once if she wants to wear a glittery outfit, let her!!
It's glittery and beautiful!!

And she finally gets it right....Deepika looks stunning

She looks like a JOKE! Kalki looks very NICE!

and who are you? a fan of I-KAUN i bet :D

What award has she won?

Deepika is looking gorgeous face wise. The dress is horrible.

I think deepika itni beautiful lag rahi hai ki ranveer singh deepika ko purpose kar dega


i dont like the dress but makeup is spot on!

What a beautiful attire on gorgeous lady. Gold suits her. So far, she is the best dressed for me.

I think Deepika and Priyanka are sharing the same makeup artist, they're makeup is so similar.

I think ur right where deepika is looking lovely, priyanka looks awful.

Love her .. So beautiful