Deepika Padukone tweets her final word on the recent controversy

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Deepika Padukone stirred up a controversy when she reacted strongly to a story in a leading English daily which carried the headline 'Omg, Deepika Padukone's cleavage show'. A lot has been discussed over the last week with regards to this with every other celebrity giving their opinion on this matter. A lot of celebs showed Deepika their support while some of them had a different point of view.

Deepika finally broke her silence today on this as she tweeted her final word on this matter.

A befitting reply we must say! It's not about the photo but the crass headlining.

Here goes her letter.

There is only ONE sign that a woman wants to have sex and that is that she says "YES".

The reason I write the above line is because we all know that in India we are so desperately trying to make a change in the way sections of our society think in order to move towards a happier world devoid of inequality,rape,fear and pain.

I am not naive about my own profession; it is one that requires lots of demanding things of me. A character may demand that I be clothed from head to toe or be completely naked, and it will be my choice as an actor whether or not I take either. Understand that this is a ROLE and not REAL, and it is my job to portray whatever character I choose to play convincingly.

What my concern is and I am stating it clearly so it is not misconstrued or confused with Shahrukh's 8-pack or any other woman's or man's anatomy. I have spoken out against an ideology that such regressive tactics are still being employed to draw a reader's attention at a time when we are striving for women's equality and empowerment. In a time where women should be applauded for making headway in a male-dominated society,we blur the lines between REEL and REAL life and dilute all our efforts by making a one-year old back sliding piece of news a headline. Digging out an old article and headlining it "OMG: Deepika's Cleavage Show!" to attract readers is using the power of influence to proliferate recessive thought.

When an actresses inner wear decides to do a "peek-a-boo",she most definitely did not step out with the intention to do so.So instead of zooming in,circling it and pointing arrows at it,why don't we give her some 'respect' and let it go instead of making it 'headlines'!? Are we not human?Yes we marvel,envy and drool over a male actors 8pack abs in a film,but do we zoom in on the mans 'crotch' when he makes a public appearance and make that 'cheap headlines'??!!

I have no issue celebrating my body and I have never shied away from anything on-screen to portray a character. In fact my next character portrayed is a bar dancer (sorry Farah for the spoiler!) who titillates men as a means to support her livelihood. My issue is you propagating the objectification of a REAL person,and not a character being played. Sure,dissect my characters if you wish-if it is of so much interest then discuss the character's cup size and leg length if it is relevant to making the role convincing. All I am asking for is respect as a woman off-screen.

It is not about breasts,penises,or any other body part being reported.It is a matter of context and how out-of-context the reportage is just to sell a headline. And more so during a time in dire need of an attitude shift towards women.

For me this topic ends here.Everyone is entitled to an opinion.I have little interest to take this further as it might get more attention than it deserves and might be further misconstrued and twisted to sell more undeserved headlines.

Having said that,please may we show love,dignity and respect to each other.

Live well, laugh often and love much.

Deepika Padukone

This Day That Year


If you're going to be in the public eye and you're going to show skin, then people are going to comment on it. Simple as that. Newspapers will sensationalize it, obviously. They want to sell. What I don't understand is if she's fine with exposing for a movie, then what's her problem with articles like these? Whether reel life or real life, your assets are on display and you will get comments on it, good and bad. If you don't like it, don't show it. She obviously doesn't have a problems showing skin for her movies. When the camera zooms in on her chest or butt and cat calls and whistles erupt in the theater, she doesn't have a problem with that? Or when she's half naked on magazine covers and they publish similar lines about her body and cleavage? Is it ok with her in these cases because she's getting paid? How can someone not think this is a publicity stunt? The TOI isn't the first or only paper to publish articles like this one. As long as showing your assets is a part of your job, your b**bs and a** will be written about. The problem is that, once upon a time, the Indian movie industry used to be about talent and good scripts. Now it's "who can get the best body, who will expose the most, and what Hollywood wannabe story can we horribly recycle with the least amount of real acting involved". I say these things as a woman and as a feminist. If a woman wants respect as a woman and not for her body, then don't cash in on your body. Don't go into a field where your t*ts are going to get you a job. You don't see Priyanka Gandhi's cleavage being discussed here, do you?

the footage was when she was promoting the movie. Does that mean that everything she wears during promos are what her character wears? I am confused here. If you wear something low than you are bound to have oops moment and if media chooses to zoom in and do whatever than so be it. It's not like they were running a covert mission to expose her cleavage in the privacy of her home. So, how is this even relevant to all these talk of empowerment etc. Being a bollywood actress isn't exactly the symbol of empowerment. She should not use this as a platform to talk about respecting just makes a serious issue into a joke.

Had TOI posted picture of some random female with the same tag line it would have been the most disgusting act...however the dynamics change when you chose to be in that profession and agree to portray yourself as "hot", "sexy", "hot body" otherwise in all print media and in your films but react in such a strong way against a picture taken from a certain angle without any extra pay...ironically many more people would have gone back to see the picture again because of such aggressive reaction, only to be disappointed by less skin show that otherwise everyone is accustomed to :- )

I believe Sonam just made sure this isn't gonna be the last word on the topic. Smh

Hopefully this will clear any misconceptions and people who just didn't understand the issue, finally get it.

Deepika- i failed understand ur point of view. Woman of rights but responsibility as well. There are perverts everywhere and i understand that if i walk outside my house showing my clevage it will generate discussion and i aint a freaken celebrity. It doesnt take a genius to understand this.

How is it any different from when a song promo only chooses to focus on the sensuality of the woman? In the same way movies think that only the sexuality of a woman can spark interest in thir viewers, so too do our newspapers belive!!! Choose a different profession or strive to improve our cinema!!!

I think what Deepika is trying to say that it is ok if someone took image of her cleavage from her movie because its REEL and not REAL character?

How can the mindset of Indian men change if bollywood continues to project women as objects of desire, playing second fiddle to their Heros. Indian cinema for the majority uses their heroines for their looks and sensuality.

Why does Deepika have to play a role of a bar dancer enticing men in a song like Lovely?

Only once women start seeking stronger roles and encouraging film makers to do away with item numbers etc then only can we expect a change in mindset. Till then, as much as I disagree with what Was written in newspapers, I really don't see how we can expect more from the mass public !!!!

It's called proper contextualization. She is playing a professional bar dancer in this movie. Also, the mindset of the mass public should be corrected by educating them about the agency of women, that yes, you see women dancing seductively in front of you, but you get to touch her ONLY WITH HER CONSENT. You can't raise men in a society where women are expected to walk on egg-shells around them, just so they are not titillated and are rendered "helpless".

I agree that we have to educate our men to respect women however I did not imply that to do this women should be portrayed as helpless. I'm merely suggesting women need to be portrayed as strong characters in a movie and not just used as "eye candy". And yes the song is perfect for that concept however I am saddened that in today's age there was no other concept for them to choose from and likewise a similar trend in most commercial bollywood cinema. Films have the capacity to change mind sets because it is a medium that gets to many. You cannot educate men to respect women when instead you conceptualise men disrespecting women by objectifying them.

Thats all well and good. But professional bar dancer is really te only profesiom tey could come up for her ?!!

Well thought out. Well expressed. Aware. Seeing new sides of Deepika.

Her point is that when shes wearing a bikini for a film or in character, that's not her; it's her character. Also, the main issue is she can wear what she is it ok for a leading newspaper for India to focus on her cleavage? Are there not other, more important things to focus on?

Wow I totally love this girl. She said loudly which every Indian girl wants to hear , but due to social restrictions /public image is afraid to say out loud. I think, we all as women have a right on our bodies and do not need to be/feel ashamed of any of our body parts, or sexuality. We all secretly hope a society like the west , where a women can walk in dresses, tank tops, shorts or whatever they wish to and not be stared at/made to feel uncomfortable. I am in the US and in summer so many ladies wear cleavage showing , or low cut dresses, shorts etc and walk with ease. No one eve teases them or make them feel shy of their body parts .The law are very strict. Unless a women consents for sex, it means no, even if she was wearing a bikni and having a drink with a guy in a bar. This is how it should be. Not like India where (depending on which city/village/town) you live , you will be forced to cover your arms,neck, head,legs e.t.c and it becomes and your clothes become an excuse for eve teasing to more serious incidents like rape. Yes, DP is a public figure and she does wear revealing clothes in her movies/magazine covers. But there she is consenting for it. Or even at press events she does wear low cut dresses and is very comfortable with the press taking pictures from the front . The point is she was wearing an anarkali (which is a covered up dress), the journalist put the camera at the wrong angle (ariel view), and made a ridiculous headline of it (OMG dps cleavage show) was wrong. What is the OMG point in it? Having breasts and cleavage is wrong? These TOI people are cheap and have done it with every other actress. I remember in Ravan's promotions, they zoomed in on Aishwarya's blouse and made headline wardrobe malfunction. Then in Dhoom-3 and APGK, Katrina was wearing skirts/dresses. They purposely positioned camera between her thighs and next day headlines were something like " Katrina shows her underwear" . These ridiculous pervert mindless from TOI to gain viewership should be stopped. I am glad she gave them a strong reply. All women should support her.

I think she is trying to pave a path to be some kind of ambassador for woman empowerment or woman-oriented role in movies

WHY NOT! In fact to some of us she already is..

I think she is trying to pave a path to be some kind of ambassador for woman empowerment or woman-oriented role in movies.
But for sure the statement was not written by her.

I think she is trying to pave a path to be some kind of ambassador for woman empowerment or woman-oriented role in movies

I think she is trying to pave a path to be some kind of ambassador of woman empowerment.

Deepika- i failed understand ur point of view. Woman of rights but responsibility as well. There are perverts everywhere and i understand that if i walk outside my house showing my clevage it will generate discussion and i aint a freaken celebrity. It doesnt take a genius to understand this.

Women have to be careful how they look when they go out because something might happen. That is the heart of the problem. [Some] men not being able to control themselves and respect a woman's ownership of her own body is taken as a given, and one that women should know to prepare for. The conversation almost never focuses on the real problem--THE MEN BEATING, DISRESPECTING, OBJECTIFYING, ASSAULTING & RAPING. The conversation is too often about what a women should or should not do to avoid being a victim. Be careful. By all means don't put yourself in a dangerous situation because the world shouldn't be a horrible as it is. When will the focus be on the men committing the crimes. If people spent nearly as much time teaching their sons it's wrong to abuse and assault women as they did teaching their daughters how not to make themselves a candidate for abuse & assault women would be safer to live their lives.

This is the way to change things.

Just saw Lovely song from I get the need to explain the difference between real person and character...

why did you the item number in dum maaro dum?

if she respects herself than why did she do the item number in dum maaro dum?

I don't get it. She has worn far more revealing outfits in movies and on magazines. And some of those headlines on magazines are far worse. But she has never said anything about that, in fact she goes and launches the magazine.

Very smart girl. Get publicity as well as show what a fiery, independent woman you are!

Extremely well said...people are mad Seriously..connecting the issue with unnecessary you

Crude words used in the letter to get headlines and attention.

Crude words? What on earth do you mean?

good one!

The topic had to finish, generated more than required publicity.

This topic will create another week of headlines.. desi media is so much reliable on celeb tweets

I think i kind of get where deepika is going with the consent/sex statement. My interpretation is that only when a woman consents is it ok, which is fact and how it should be. However often times when things happen to women (i.e. rape etc.) the first thing people will do is victim blame and say things like its because of what she was wearing, or if she was out alone or at night, when in reality there are no excuses, people should learn self-constraint, we can all control our actions. All of this then leads to more constraints put on women and thats one more rule added to dozens of rules of what women can and can't do. In that same way people are blowing this issue up or misinterpreting what she is trying to say by saying that she objectifies herself, or because of how she dresses is why they have those pics and that if she doesn't want that to be news then she should dress more modest. Which refers to my first point of how women are blamed and this just leads to added constraints of what freedoms women are allowed. Deepika in all her statements has mentioned she has no problems with what she wears and is comfortable in her body, her problem is the fact that they zoomed in on her cleavage and made it news which is crass and cheap. The papers are wording it and presenting it in a way thats sexualized, when it doesn't have to be, women have boobs they have cleavage and its normal. She also made a really great point of Real and Reel, actors play characters which is there job, which a large part of the indian audience have a hard time differentiating between, just bc someone plays a certain character doesnt mean that is there personality. Women should be able to wear w/e they want freely without people thinking they can treat them however and justify it by saying its how they are dressed, that ideology is regressive and supports weak minds instead of having higher standards/expectation of ppl

I love you deepika but you could have totally summarized your point in a few words and it would have been a lot more stronger message.

When will people realize that this has NOTHING to do with what Deepika is/was wearing and about CONSENT.

Hmmm ... if you are wearing a revealing outfit in public aren't you basically consenting to people looking at you and that they may even click you??? So basically she's just objecting to publication of a photo that was not complimentary of her. The whole issue about "consent" is complete hocus pocus. The reference to rape in her open letter was as poorly chosen as the headline to the TOI photos.

Well said Deepika!

Well said.... i do suppourt you Miss padukone

where these all supporters were when Katrina was suffering this thing in a different way? people were behaving like she killed someone n our Deepika's fans r supporting even though this is not tht big isuue ! Deepika u need to relax

i would have appreciated this topic more if this was I SUPPORT WOMEN instead!
it doesnt matters coz she's an actressn no one gonna harm her physically bt on the other hand in this country on girl in safe here so why dont ypu guys talk abt them rather thn wasting time on actress

am i the only one who really doesnt care?
people need to shutup about this already.
it isn't even that big of deal.

You are on top of the Game Deepika. you will keep shining and shinning

yea, top of the game of how to get attention when your movie is about to release.

Deepika is still wrong because right after this at the U.S.A Slam tour you see her wearing a low black dress!!! it shows her cleavgee!!!deepika cant get bad because she wears outfits that are low which show cleavage or she wears outfits like dresses where there is BIG cleavage show! Forgot about the role but in real life she chooses to wear these outfits!!! so you should know your a public figure so if you wear something low people are going to notice your breast becuase that is what your showing!!! it just sticks out!! she should just think of what she wears before! i underastand this stuff shouldn be news but she should get bad about it becuase she herselt doesnt really respect her body when choosing her outfits! and if your stylist makes her wear it she has the right to say no!!! thats all i have to say but kuudos to deepika for taking a stand but she shouldnt get mad about it .

The point is she has a right to wear whatever she wants without it being circled and pointed to with an arrow. Do you guys really not get it! Cmon!

The pronblem is, the likes of you just don't get it. The sad part is that there are too many likes of you in our country.

You continue to miss the point, Anonymous... They all wear bold, body-baring clothes during public appearances, whether it's Ranveer wearing some outlandish outfit or SRK wearing a body fitting suit with the first three buttons open. It's their business to look sexy, male or female. The difference is that the media NEVER puts an extreme close-up of a male actor's displayed "assets" while labeling it "OMG! Look at XYZ's midriff show!" No, that dubious honor is reserved for the female actresses only. Do you really not see why that's unfair and horribly disrespectful?

LOL the men in the industry don't wear low waisted pants that shows their privates, do they? So the media has nothing to point at! Actresses find that low neck lines looks appealing and they choose to show it off. They want attention.. they get it like this.

Bravo Deepika - well said! What you choose to wear is your choice - shame on TOI for such headlines to sell their tapori newspaper or get clicks on their articles. You are beautiful and have a smart head on your shoulders - i hope for your sake and everyone's this topic ends here! :)

Exactly! Everyone chooses what they wear, what they say AND WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO REPORT! Then why have a problem with what Deepika chooses to show to be chosen by someone to make a news report on, right?

Try putting yourself in Deepika's place... I frankly would not stand for a news reporter from a reputable newspaper writing about my private areas in an immature, lowly and sick way. If you feel you'd love for someone to do that to you and believe they have the right to, then frankly you need to re-evaluate how you want to be respected and learn to have some decency. So to answer your question, no, you are not right.

Nobody can put themselves in Deepika's or any other actress's place because they have a different set of values and choices. I don't think the OP is supporting the reporter but just trying to prove a point that everyone has is entitled to their opinions and choices they make, whether right or wrong. Take yourself for example: you come on this forum to share your unneeded opinion and decide to tell others to learn some decency. Maybe somebody else wouldn't have done what you did.

What is this ??????

Deepika is clear hypocrite. Seems like she followed public reaction carefully after her cleavage tweets. Even then she answered all the points on public mind but missed one. Deepikas last year reaction on katrinas bikini controversy, and her muft ka gyaan to katrina of being careful on her private vacation. Inspite of her comment on katrina, stripping her from all the rights of dignity. She is talking about women empowerment and dignity.Deepika is a hypocrite.

Do you seriously not see the difference or are just commenting for the sake of it. It was not about Kat's attire, it was about her being seen with Ranbir.

Honestly, why give anybody a chance to point a finger at you? Don't show something that would get unwanted attention, as simple as that. As far as the "cheap headlines" go, sex sells unfortunately. Even the most dignified of people would try to see 'what's up' from the corner of their eyes. Of course, it is an era of women's rights but not everyone is a feminist or gives a damn about anyone's rights but their own. As harsh at that sounds, this is the reality.

I totally agree. People's eyes always tries to look for something to happen. Give them no reason to look at that if you are not comfortable with them seeing it. If you are okay with them checking you out, then it is your life feel free to wear what you like. But if you're a chhuyi-muyi type, choose a conservative style.

Come on Deepika. If you weren't so provocative, you wouldn't be attacked by the press. WHY sitting on Arjun during a press conference for Fanny, when there were empty seats all around them??? WHY blaming Kareena when the question was not about her? WHY wishing happy birthday to the girlfriend of your ex? Deepika, stop giving you the importance you don't have. stop playing the victim. You're not. It's a game between your PR team & the journalists to bring you attention.

Well said.

She may think that she has the final word, but she is certainly not having the last laugh!

Scrolling through the comments just makes me think that a lot of the anons commenting are either borderline illiterate or possess such low IQ or maybe even both. It's either that or they are deliberately skipping the point of Deepika's initial reaction and this letter for the sake of their hatred or envy of her. Bravo Deepika, ignore the naysayers.

Is this final 'word'? Its a big old essay :)
If she doesn't want to be judged offscreen she should be wearing decent clothes offscreen. What does she wear for movie promotions?

its not able anything else but promotion of movie.

I love you my sunshine. keep doing what you do Deepika, we Your soldiers are solid behind you, haters can go burn the sea

Only if fire could burn in the sea.

This is well done.

OMG !!! Sonam is right .... She do have an over-enthusiastic PR team...

At least Deepika is not comparing herself to legends.

I'm sure in her mind she thinks she's Meryl Steep of india.

At least Deepika is not comparing herself to legends.

What do you expect, we will knock you people down cause we stand for the truth, #DeepikaWorshiper

We stand with you, girl

Akshay kumar is still fighting his case for unbuttoning his pants in public.So if u are comparing a womens clevage to a mans crotch. Even women should be sued for obscenity for showing there clevage in public.Or goverment should take back case on akshay for unbuttoning his pants in public.Or even men should be alowed to unbotton there pants show there half crotch in public like how women show there half boobs.

finally someone is there who gets it. Thank you. I do not remember any male actor coming to any public appearance or any promotion where anyone can say it was not appropriate at the same time i have rarely seen DP being fully decent, be it cloths or showing touchy touchy with one or the other man or with words.
don't know why all the fans are getting blind including PV. please post.

Love you Deepika, you are my role model

Yeh, like she really wrote that herself. It's an elevated answer written by her PR. She makes good points though.

beautiful hater,

Beautiful - yes. Hater - no. ;)
I'm a Deepika fan. I just don't fall for all her bullshit like you do.

What is wrong is that these actresses are ready to objectify themselves as long as they are getting paid. TOI should pay her then all will be fine.

SO TRUE.....

Love this girl. Can we please have more actresses like this who stand up for what is right!

After reading the comments below I understood that most of the people have failed to really understand the matter. i read people saying she wears skimpy clothers in movies then why does she have a problem with being clicked like that. People there is a difference between REAL and REEL. Going by your logic since she has done kissing scenes on screen then any tom dick or harry must have the right to kiss her as well right? huh.. respect woman. Its not about what profession the person is in. Its about a woman's dignity. If a common woman had uploaded her pic with a cleavage and someone had commented wow what amazing cleavage then everyone would have gotten offended but just because Deepika is an actress and has to play glamorous role WHICH IS A PART OF HER JOB you think any objectification done to her is fine? You do not have to be her fan to support her, you just need to be human

Deepika is saying that its completely fine for women to be exploited and demeaned in films. She is even OK with playing regressive and titillating roles on screen. This open letter is downright pathetic!

Well if the heroine in question chooses the role knowing fully well that the character has to wear minimal clothes then it is NOT exploitation. It is her choice to do so...why r we so quick to bring down people. She has clearly stated in the letter that it is HER choice whether to be fully clothed of naked in a film. So stop screaming about exploitation.

It is exploitation. The only difference is she has consented to it. And that is absolutely nothing to be proud of.

How is it exploitation if she consented to it? Please explain.

Because its still misogynistic, that's why. It is possible to consent to being exploited you know, and even benefit from it!

At least Katrina actually wrote her open letter!

And that is important because ?! Way to bring down the seriousness of the issue man..


Although, I agree with the general sentiment of Deepika's letter... I think I agree with you and think she may not have written it herself. As far as I know she never completed high school, the language used above is definitely that of a person with higher education. Either way even if she had someone else write it in more eloquent language it does not mean that it wasn't Deepika's thoughts being penned by someone else.


hats off lady :) so proud you gave such a dignified but strong reply to people who do not realize there is a difference between a character a person plays in a film and the character they are in reality. proud to be your fan DP :)

This is for all the fanatics out there who seem to equate every disrespectful gesture to the brutality that is rape: please read this article. She has clearly explained her stand on the issue and I personally found her letter mature, professional and refreshingly honest. Also, I find it ludicrous how several of you felt the need to vitiate one woman's character (be it Shobha De or Pooja Bedi) to restore respect to another woman. If you are really serious about respecting women in general, learn to be respectful of all women, whether she is an actress or an escort. You can judge someone's view on the issue but to pass judgement on the writer's character or past discretion weakens your support for Deepika.

Her stand is contradictory and ingenuine.

I salute you Deepika Padukone. So many people just don't get it. Just goes to show what an archaic world we still live in.

I must say this break up with Ranbir has transformed Deepika in a positive way, It paves way for her and made her stronger and Achiever. Thank you Katrina for saving Deepika for us.

Ha Ha Ha very well said!!! one more thank you from me too Katrina.

why wouldn't I love you DP? No wonder you are moving at the right direction

Haha! How many people actually noticed this article in TOI before she highlighted it. Really good strategy to distract people from FF failure and get them busy in your cleavage. Very cunning she is. PV plz post

lol, Finding Fanny recovered it cost within 3 days, what else could we ask for, it's a flop to you since it makes you happy, #FindingDeepika

Omg what a drama queen.....

ya say that to your sister or daughter when she reacts to being disrespected

Finding Fanny promo is now officially over. Thank you Deepika. The next time Katrina Kaif's privacy is violated, I am sure that this new Deepika will stand up for her. If not.....

Love Love Love Deepika for thisssssssssssssss

Bravo! Beauty with brains. That's my girl. A tight slap on the faces of Mrs. De and the other narrow minded creeps out there.

Always like your love and support towards DP, keep the fire burning

superb. keep talking deeps, cant guarantee the others but trust ill be listening. good answer, whether it was written by her or her agent, it would not be an official statement if she did not stand by it or it did not resonate with her own whether the language is eloquent enough for all you english teachers out there...the message she is conveying is clear to me.

Yes, but I can see it isn't clear to a lot of people going by some of the response. All this talk about double standards and bullshit. They just don't get it. Such small minds.

She always sands tall

Haha...a funny one....when others actress is clicked in bikini (that too in real life) was nt she the one saying actresses are public figure and should be aware about it all the time and be more careful. And when it happens to her, a real and reel life is different. .....double standards and hypocrisy overloaded....but i do have to agree with her. Just wish that she would keep and maintain these standards...

i think she was referring to the issue of her private life.. that if she wants to keep it private she should be more careful as she is a known face and has the chances of being spotted and photographed. Compared to here, deepis whole point is why are they making a headline out of her cleavage.. thats not news

katrina was upset that her photo was leaked (prob by her own PR, as journalists came firing back at her for it)...if you read what deepika was saying, it wasnt the picture but the fact that the paper used a headline to objectify such a classless photo anyways...very regressive to take a zoomed in picture during a press event and make it a headline/slideshow with others actresses katrinas case a picture of her leaked with ranbir--they are a notorious couple now who were lying/denying about their relationship for years hence why that was a headline, not the bikini itself

And deepika and times of india ploted the whole cleavage incidence for promotion of her sinking movie finding frenny. When katrina wrote open letter the times of india , zoom and filmfare started acting like crazy dogs but how they are cool and calm in this clevage controversy. Its all staged to keep derpika relevent and take peoples mind off from her failure. Deepika fallen off from no.1 spot and nobody is speaking about it. The new flavour of season is alia bhat , who is giving hits after hit. Deepika will be sending gifts to editors and chief editors of times of india for there help in keeping public off from her failure.


Boring like GTPM right?

Finally someone has spoken up and she did it well! And I hope all other celebs will follow her path and hopefully change the mindset of all these ignorant people in India.

If she is so concerned about her "respect" she must stop doing item numbers.....many of her contemporaries hav not done an item song!!!,,...suppport for REAL Dp, not REEL.

Then talk to CAT, cause she is leading when it comes to item songs

I don't think anyone in their right mind can say its ok to sex with a woman if she says NO. That's RAPE!!! Please Deepika you can't compare your situation with rape! This is really stupid, she should stop talking about.

Why is she talking about sex?? I thought it was about women's body part.

What an arrogant statement. how about the money you make.

So fall of deepika begins from here...

haha... its anushka's turn now ! :D

in your dreams,she has gained many more fans for standing up for herself,she's unstoppable,she's at the top and she's not going anywhere

Success has gone into her head.. I expected it wont

Very good reply Deepika. Happy that I'm a fan of a lady like you.

Some people still dont get what the issue is. Sigh ! Read the letter again and ask someone to explain it to you if you still cant understand.

As she say matter is ended for her, we should not give our opinion and leave her alone . Let her do what she wants to do without anybody's opinion, judgment, criticism .( topmost leader of india or world can't stop media then .........?)

I am proud of Deepika.

Deepika hatears need to understand they are also woman like Deepika, respect Deepika

Well said, respect

Now I love you more !!!!

Her role and the song in HNY must be really bad for her to issue this statement. No Bollywood heroine can talk about women's dignity as there's too much contradictions with the women they portray in their films. This is a warning for the song to come!!!

what's wrong with you? Deepika makes sense. read again.

You clearly didn't understand the point she was trying to make.

Sorry for your understanding, Is like you don't know the difference between black and White, lol. Read again what she said

Well said

Only people with low IQ will not understand this Queen of heart. Love u even more and more #DeepikaPadukone

Well said. All the best to her.

Lol poor dp. Publicity stunt or personal defence...gone wrong. She did not handle it gracefully I'm afraid. She could've been less aggressive and perhaps that would've elicited a less polarized response, one more in her favor. Also tweeting is silly. Too much action. Open letter is a better way to go ;) anyway, the above statement while solid in parts, is hypocritical in others. By her logic some on screen characters such as bar dancers can be spoken and talked about evocatively but it's not the same when she's off screen. So I guess we shouldn't respect bar dancers then. Is that right then? She's confused. She is in a profession where no matter what, respect is elusive and hard to find. Yes it is their right, but as much as Ppl love movie stars, idolize them, they don't wanna be far and large. PV plz post

gone wrong, my eye ,it couldn't get better,it earned her respect and many hearts right,left and center and it showed how much clout she has,it takes a lot of courage and power to go up against a media giant like toi,also the amount of support and appreciation she got from within the industry is huge and unprecedented and it made haters like you seethe with envy and jealousy, gone wrong,you couldn't be more wrong

Oh please. Why do you think everyone who disagrees is a hater? I have seen nearly all of deepikas film and appreciate her art. What I don't like is hypocrisy and going too far with playing the victim. And as I see it, she has a tendency to do both quite often. It would be fair to say I'm a fan of hers on reel only now. How can ppl forget this is the same woman who once said RK should endorse a condom brand. If that's not disgusting, and hitting below the belt, I don't know what is. And just last week she was all out for supporting shweta and understanding her circumstance when today all of a sudden a woman must want it to do it. Spare us sweetheart and just act. Or speak sensibly if you have to, and while you're at it,dress sensibly too if you can IN REAL LIFE.

oh sorry,i stand corrected,obviously you're not a hater.*rolls eyes*

Phewwww that's a longgggg way to pull the matter by all. What's wrong with the people, trying hard to say something and grab balls or are all just plain vellahs?? I hope this matter ends here

Pleasee...what r u trying to say?u r again making a fool of yourself the event which that trash newspaper was refering to was a event! now why do u come to an event showing your cleavage? we understand that u need to show of in movies...character requiring u to show your body... blah blah blah...but what about the body display in public events???

First learn to cover urself. This is india & respect indian culture.

Well she should stop doing roles like that then

Some kind of wonderful. I love Deepika Padukone.


Agreed to what she said but if she wants to take this women empowerment thing forward I think she has to be selective of the roles she play on screen. It could be a prostitute but with a strong message not a bar dancer who turns to be apart of "the biggest robbery" that ever was


She says when actresses inner wear decide to do a 'pee-a-boo' it's always unintentional...why is she being the moral police here..who is she to decide if it's 'always' unintentional. A lot of actresses out there vie for Publicity and for some, any kind is welcome. We are all taught how to conduct ourselves in public, how to sit, cross legs etc. all that is for a reason. Irrespective of who you are, a celeb or not, any public slip Up is bound to get noticed. If it wasn't deepika's intention to 'show' her cleavage, or have someone write about it, she should have worn something that covered it up better. A lot of women love wearing dresses which reveal décolletage in a tasteful manner. The headline verbatim was not distasteful, the fact that it was meant to titillate is probably what deepika has a problem with. But there are many pics that she has posed for, still photos (check santa banta), where she was not 'in character' but that didn't stop her from striking seductive poses to titillate. So what exactly is her problem? That her cleavage should not have been photographed even though she wore a dress revealing it, that the headline was meant to titillate, even though she was not playing a movie character and wasn't at the event to titillate but hasn't she done the same in the past posing for still photos in a seductive manner?

she said "most definitely" not always - there's actually a difference

Well said...

Sad that Deepika had to release this statement to clarify what she meant and justify herself (something she didnt have to do) because some narrow-minded indivduals raised so much controversy. I completely support and agree with her.

Hear hear!

Okay! Let me get this straight.. so she talked about how women in India need to be respected and not objectified.. so my question to her is, then why do you perform such roles that depict women in a sexual context or in a degrading way? If you're that worried about women empowerment, then please portray strong women characters in your movies as well..! Double standards. Your actions speak much much louder than words, Deepika!

Good on you gurl! :)

I just fell in live with her more!

Fiza_khan must be happy. Thank God she gave the explanation. For days me & Fiza_ khan have been writing comments explaining people here that the problem is not cleavage show but absence of consent. The problem is not the video but the angle from which the video was taken. The problem is not the content but the headline. The problem is not 'gender neutality' but disrespect to a particular gender.Deepika gave a befitting reply to her haters and critics. P.S- Those who are saying that Deepika did not write the letter, well maybe you are right. But as far as it helps to explain her point and justify her stand, is it really important as to who wrote it? If Shobha De & Pooja Bedi can write 2 page letter criticizing her then Deepika (or someone else) can write one page letter defending herself.

and who are you?

A woman who believes in supporting other women in their fight rather than slurring their character.

* Pooja Bhatt

The problem is hypocrisy!

i have no particular biases between sonam or katrina or deepika etc.......but i have to say i am slowly becoming a fan of deepika. she usually sounds boring in interviews etc, but ive alwys thought if you listen carefully her answers make a lot of sense. she has an aura of dignity and class about her that i dont think the other actresses of today really have. i fully stand by her answer and her need to clarify bcs shit got out of hand when she tweeted but rightly so, i mean what do you expect she sent out 2 tweets and the whole of bollywood and news channels were roaring and supporting, i think it is the people who created the hoopla not her.

Wow. Love it. Kudos Deepika for telling it like it is.

Give this woman a medal. Love her! Hit the nail on the coffin :)

Deepika u don't need to clarify, if anybody is answerable for thr fault then it's TOI.

As a Woman, respect her for her stand & courage to fight against the issue. But she should stop responding & dragging this whole thing its already a national debate now. By referring Srk & his 8 pack abs looks like HNY promotions. Anyway, kudos to her for being bold & different.

Great statement but I am sure Deepika got help from someone to come up with such a powerful statement since her English isn't that great.

Having heard this woman speak in numerous interviews/newsbytes/etc, I can attest to it that these words were not articulated by this woman!!!!



It was a long due letter from a main stream bollywood heroine ( No 01 currently). This trash the coy eyed giggling image most actresses portray even outside their reel life. If asked something socially relevant, they would just slip away in fear of backslash. DP was gradually opening up and she is not ready to take any nonsense from anyone anymore. After all, this is the VOICE WE NEED for the society in todays time. It makes a stronger impact than making 100 woman liberating movies. It is easy to preach than practice. RESPECT!!!

Nbr 1 Currently hahahhahahahahaha

who else?the ultimate item girl or the flop queen

Priyanka, my sweet junglee billi, thou shalt not annoy your colleagues always...muaaah, lots of love.

So she can be happily objectified in films but not in real life? That makes no sense.

Do you not get the difference between REEL and REAL??

LOL...She can't speak English correctly. I am sure this tweet is not written by her.

May be ranveer effect, I notice that bebo's vocabulary has changed for better after being with saif, so I am guessing the same with dp, since ranveer talks well.

When you stand up for a principle, you have to show that you live and stick by it, not use it as per your convenience. Deepika is trying to have her cake and eat it.

I am very sure this is not written by Deepika.
Such big essay was not required.

Completely agree with her! Many young women look up to her and I'm glad that she's proving to be a good role model!!

this whole cleavage issue has turned out a big mess she didn't have to clarify herself again people got what she tweeted...this is only bring up more mess

She definitely didn't write this letter!

Some bollywood actresses are so diplomatic..KwK mein apne ex-boyfriend ka mazak banane mein inki respect pta nai kahan hoti hai..Wo men hai toh uski koi respect nai strange

Shobha de... go hide yourself somewhere. Meenamma means business this time.

she has become so fearless nowadays...liking it somewhere because our sociaty needs it...if normal people(non celebrity i meant) write like this or one will care...

what does her first line about the only way to tell if a woman wants sex if she says yes...what does that have to do with anything? did TOI try to have sex with her? but wow she milked and milked and milked this issue and still is writing ramkathas about it, as if her endless retweets didn't sufficiently get her point across. i think she has quite enjoyed all the publicity. enjoyed the feeling of playing a "victim" but to be a victim there needs to be a crime, and many people are not convinced there was one. i totally was her fan having met her and been amazed at now how beautiful she was outside, but such a warm loving person to her fans. but i've lost a lot of respect for her over this. and oh, clearly she did not write this piece, looks like she hired a speech-writer or PR firm. but that's okay because even presidents have speech writers.

This whole thing is like a big mess now.. I feel like this is a response to Shobha

Well done, Deepika. You have a spine and you have shown that with class and dignity. you do stand tall.

i still find something fishy abt deepika's protest but.. I absolutely stand for what she has said and the issue she has raised. Even if some one is a stripper by profession it doesnt give anyone a right to put a revealing picture of the stripper when she hasnt given the permission.

Consent is the key here.

Umm... Kind of open letter??? I guess ;)

I didn't think that after her tweets it was necessary to really elaborate on it because it was pretty clear but after seeing all the controversies being made out of three tweets, I'm glad she did. People love to scrutinize. That's what happens when you're in the limelight. It's as if you're not even allowed to have an opinion. I agree with what she's said. I'm glad she's standing up for herself. People need to realize the difference between REAL and REEL life of the actors. What and who they portray on-screen is not what their morals and values are. I didn't think it was that difficult of a concept to grasp?

well said

We ALL deserve respect. Despite our profession. From Sunny Leone (From her porn days) to Rani Mukherji (Random i know lol) but I feel like most people KNOW this concept and follow it. Deeps final words are an IN-DEPTH EXPLANATION of why she raised her voice against the TOI headline. Majority of the people supported her and applauded her for standing up for HERself which in return motivated female fans of hers and little girls in general to distinguish between right and wrong indirectly ... KUDOS... love this fact! As for the ppl that claimed that because actresses play certain roles or show certain assets it is justified that ppl degrade these actors/females... That is just plain WRONG and not at all RIGHT but Deepika honey I know u know that u cant please everyone ... Your effort has been sincere and bold and beautiful and anyone with a proper functioning brain respects and separates profession from REAL as well as sees why you voiced your opinion in the first place... Xox

Deosn't sound like her. Watching all her interviews, she speaks fairly well but not like this. Someone must have helped her. But the main point is women deserves respect in any field they work.

She's too big of a celebrity with tooo much on the line to NOT have someone proof read everything of hers ... DEFI agree with you

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