Deepika Padukone's kisses galore!

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Deepika Padukone looked lovely at the launch of the 'Sharabi' video in Mumbai today. The actress, who is flying high over the success of her movie 'Happy New Year' was seen to be very generous with her kisses today.

Deepika is seen kissing her 'heroes' Shah Rukh Khan, Vivaan Shah and Sonu Sood. The lucky lady also got a kiss from none other than SRK.

The movie, which released last week has garnered a good business at the box office raking upto 124 crores on its fourth day.

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btw she kissed katrina as well remember

I don't know who's luckier Deepika who got a kiss from SRK or SRK who got a kiss from Deepika. :')

I went to watch the movie today in times square. Loved it!!! The entire theater was laughing throughout the movie! Deepika and SRK have this crazy palpable chemistry which makes me want to have someone like that in my life.

Who finds these pics adorable?

Isn't everyone kissing everyone here? How about farah kisses galore? SRK kisses galore? How about team HNY kisses galore? And it's not even a kiss. Peck on the cheek? Wait for Sonamista to come up with statements akin to "she was asking for it with her kissing spree"

Love this cast! They are all so much fun and adorable!

SRK looks legit handsome here!

Shahpika are the best!!!:D

I want to be Deepika if not Gauri in my next life!!! She is all over SRK and it is fun!!! I want to kiss SRK as well!!!

SRK and Deepika are just damn cute!! I love to see them again in a film. The dimples couple!:D

deepika you lucky girl! want a kiss from srk too :(

SRK and Deepika do not have slightest respect for his family. First Priyanka and noe Deepika. Thank god Gauri is on a good way. Hope she'll leave him soon!

OMG... a peck on the cheek! How scandalous! Call the Pope! Call Jesus! Bring the holy water! *sarcasm*

A peck on the cheek and such over reaction, pity your future husband/wife , sound insecure and a prude

everyone seems so happy here

where is the kiss? who calls peck on the cheek a kiss???

they are having a blast!

They need to pair someone SRK's size opposite him. I do love seeing Deepika on screen so nothing against her but I would really, really love to see someone who actually looks good opposite Shahrukh. A girl next door.. a loveable beauty.. someone like Rani/Preity/Kajol/Juhi. Not Vidya, not Sonakshi - they're also too big for him. Is there anyone else?! And isn't it interesting that SRK didn't really romance Deepika in the movie? It's like they know that it's not realistic.

She and SRK make such a good looking couple. that one scene in the club when SRK get jelous and went to dance with her in HNY!! They didn't have a kiss per say nor the the scene was long but I felt such a fire between them. Probably you are counting the 15 cm heels that Deepika's wearing here and all her events with SRK than not even shorter girls wear usually as part of her height and built. Otherwise they both have the same height in real. Go check twitter...They have even twitter accounts as a couple on screen.

That's why i like katrina, she's classy, someone below mentioned her kissing SRK, but that was at his request, same with Anushka, suhmita , heck even Priyanka as it was an award show well scripted . In deepika's case she goes around kissing all the guys. She has done the same to arjun, homi imtaz the list is endless, talk about class.

Something new to latch onto DP, right?!. I'm waiting for the new adjectives to be let loose. On your marks.. get set.. go...!


shah rukh i want a kiss too, chaldi karo pls :D

Awww one good happy family and Deepika looks gorgeous!

LOL at people below getting all uptight over kisses on a cheek!

I know right? They probably have never left their house and are in shock seeing a kiss on the cheek. Oh, the horror!

Since it's dpad , it has to be nothing right!

Why, Deepika, why...the same old boring hairstyle again? Enough already! Try wearing your hair loose, all smoothed out w. a center or side part for a change. You will be amazed yourself! You are young only once; experiment, play w. different styles. Retire this tiresome look and your updo's. PV: pls. post. Hope she sees this,

i am tired of these goody goody, too sweet promotions.

She should have worn her hair lose. I wish she didn't wear her this way all the time. She looks stunning when she does something different with her hair.

Cute post! They're all so happy. :-)

The kiss from Boman to SRK's shoulder!! I love this one.

It's weird that she's always kissing SRK. And no, I don't need a time machine. If any other actress did this then they would be blasted all over Pinkvilla.

Anushka, Katrina, Vidya, Rani, and Kajol have all kissed SRK several times, and he kissed them back, just look online. SRK is also kissing Deepika here, but you only blame Deepika (sexist attitude). You lost your argument dear. Now please step into that time machine, the 1950s are waiting for you.

She kisses all the guys, not just HNY team. If it were another actress god knows the kind of names they'd be called. Deepika gets away with Alot of things. Plz don't call it sexism cos it isn't .

Deepika is so beautiful.....u r my favourite....and srk i love u

deepi u so beautiful.....wish u all the best....!!!!

Anyone who finds a kiss on the cheek scandalous needs to get on a time machine and go back to the 1950s.


DP is gonna grab rohit shetty -SRK next too. I am sure about it. He is smart enough to offer Singham2 to kareena to pacify her but he would not get her to do this movie.

Movie Makers look at the money numbers. Right now HNY worked at the Box Office and yes Deepika will be offered
big films left and right.

This cast is so cute, they truly appreciate each other and have a great time together!

Where are those people who keep saying DP is too naive to let everyone kiss her.

Ok she's not a stunner like people claim her to be. I must say tho that she broke all b'town actresses even Alia's record with kissing her costars during promotions or other public appearances.

Somebody had to right?! Now dont go saying this is against bharatiya culture and all that.

deepika is soo adorable!! 4th film together please

Lol for you girl

Isn't the title misleading? it should be SRK and Deepika showers HNY family with kisses.

Hehe...So cute.

She looks stunning!!! and awww for most of the pictures!

Deepika's RK tattoo is not visible in any of the pics....Has she removed it?

Kitna promotion karoge ..Khatam karo yaar ... IF any of the team member is seeing this Can I get a refund $12.00 ? what a pakao movie . WHat the hell is wrong with SRK ? Kitna paisa chahiye isko ? Marne ke baad le ke jayega kya ? Do some good movies now. Let the younger generation work .Take a back seat yaar .

Boman is like damn it someone kiss me.

omg your comment made me laugh so hard....boman is so cute

Deepika is gorgeous.

I actually think it's pretty inappropriate that she would do that all the time, especially to SRK, but okay.

SRK himself is giving everyone kisses. Its sexist to call out Deepika but not SRK. And please, why call them out in the first place? What is so inapproriate about a kiss on the cheek? Are you in middle school or something?

Wonder what her fans would say if some other actress was kissing every co actor. This doesn't happen even in liberal Hollywood . What would you guys think if ranveer was doing the same to all his female co stars. This lady is just taking him 4 a ride.

Anushka, Katrina, Vidya, Rani, Kajol, etc. have all kissed SRK on the cheek during appearances. Even Farah is kissing him in these pictures, but you have chosen to ignore that.
Also, in "liberal hollywood," many actresses do topless scenes with their male costars, but people are progressive enough to not judge them for it, unlike in India, where women are shamed for something as harmless as a kiss on the cheek.

Difference is they don't go kissing all their co stars. Going topless happens in bollywood too, for magazines and movies. However , even in Hollywood , top actresses aren't known to kiss their directors costars and every male around . You don't have to defend her every action. She is the serial lister of bollywood . Pv plz post.

If you think actors/actresses in Hollywood don't kiss their costars outside of work, you know NOTHING about Hollywood. I have even seen actors kiss interviewers on the lips.

Umm I dont know why PV is being biased here.... the pictures have Deepika and with SRK kissing all the cast members. So how is this just Deepika kisses galore? Why miss out SRK? They went to them and gave a peck on cheek. Its not Deepika solo doing it plus why is Boman's pic missing I saw him getting a peck from SRK and DP. (Please post this)

Watch the video SRK and DP also kissed Boman

IT should be Deepika and SRK kissing Farah, Boman, Sonu and Vivaan. I watched the video but its not here in the pics by you guys they also gave a cute kissy on cheek to Boman uncle.

Why is it Deepika kisses galore its BOTH Deepika and SRK kissing all their team mates including Farah. Its not like she is kissing them alone. I expect better and tasteful headlines from you PV.

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