Ranveer, Hrithik, Shraddha speak in support of Deepika

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We know that the Deepika Padukone - TOI controversy has stretched far and wide. The recent accusations of TOI saying Deepika is being hypocritical and publicity hungry has hurt the sentiments of not only Deepika's fans but also her colleagues from B-town. Here are the statements made by the stars in support of Deepika:

Ranveer Singh

I have a stand which I have already established on Twitter and after that Deepika has also put out a final word. I think the topic should be left at that, we should respect that. Somebody has put out a final word, but personally as a friend of Deepika’s I am very proud that she stood up against something wrong. I also was very happy to see the sheer amount of support there was for her. I think we should just focus on her work which is the primary reason that there is this whole brouhaha.

Kalki Koechlin

It is difficult for me to even contemplate the unfairness of the situation. The way the publication has lashed out at the actress despite being at fault is really pathetic. This is a low blow against female empowerment.

Hrithik Roshan

I speak for myself. I don’t think it is right now the media indulges in misleading it’s readers by using inappropriate headlines and pictures. I believe the camera has been zoomed in. This is absolutely pathetic. I would like to weigh on both sides and consider the possibility that perhaps the publication is being blamed for the mistake of an employee. That said, TOI has to take responsibility and check who is writing what.

Shraddha Kapoor

Journos have a responsibility when they report. This was one of the dumbest & most irresponsible moves! I had to support Deepika. I believed her response was legitimate. There are certain things that media should be careful about. I am playing the role of journalist and I play quite a careful one. Media should be responsible and the reporters as well.

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she looks soo gorgeous here

Lol , this one cracked me up . Its Kat and HR not DP , Hrithik is nice guy everyone knows that, he attends her movie events thats it . He and Kat were spotted on beach cosying up and was even confirmed from Bangbang crew member , this is why RK looks so down and sad, he is being used as a cover and he cant get out of it
can someone, please, tell me where and when did the crew member confirm this HR-kat affair?

Someone translate to me what the heckkkk shraddha just said

SRK abusing TOI.... Empowerment much????

Dramebaaz Ranveer singh doesn't need to say anything in this matter. if he is honest he should tell public abt himself...that m not a selfmade star. I belongs to Anil kapoor's family n I hv a huge family support but i only pretened as a selfmade actor for getting public sympathy...lol

If TOI thinks it can stand against B town and women power, then they better just shut up and admit their fault and move on! They are showing more immaturity by sticking with their false argument. #ughmedia! #supportdeepika!

It all the more shows how wrong TOI is. They should just accept their fault and move on with it

I think the negativity displayed by TOI and some commenters shows the mindset of alot of India and why there is a culture of degrading women. IF publications can be so crass and immature about women they are really feeding the public a very negative picture of women and how they should be treated. Media does have some moral responsibility however Indian Society has been losing it's morality for a while now. Deepika has every right to stand up for herself and if people have issue with that they should ask themselves would it be ok for someone to do that to them?

Hrithik and dp are dating

i like deepika but why to create buzz to distract people from finding fanny failure

kudos to all of them

Hrithik, please stop blaming the employee. if TOI endorses this sort of culture within their work place, then the problem is deep rooted within the company. He has lost all credibility after his affairs and lack of honesty to admit that he is the one who checked out of his marriage a long time ago, and Susan was blamed for taking the separation and divorce fwd.

good for Ranveer to support her...and for Kalki too as her and Deepika are friends..but whether friends or not, everyone except TOI can see who's wrong in this shameful matter!!!!!@

and Hrithik, blaming on employee is the easy way out - he was just doing what was expected of him.
The whole ethos of TOI is "anything that sells"

Bollywood has herd mentality. When Deepika had initially tweeted against TOI, one of them expressed his/her support and then rest followed the trend. Now when TOI posted their disgraceful open letter, except for Kalki none of her actor friends tweeted. Reporters generally ask for an opinion on the current issue whenever actors go for interviews/promotion. So they are compelled to make a statement which all of these actors have done. If they had tweeted for the 2nd time without following the herd trend then it would have been real support.

You cant blame them. DPs final word had so many loopholes. No one can support that

After Iffa Hrithik is all over Deepika. first hr came on FF Screening than he was at the success party and now he support dp. I'm sure that Hrithik and DP are dating and she and RS are not dating (pr-stunt). If you guys read the blind item of rajeev Masand you will understand everything...

Lol , this one cracked me up . Its Kat and HR not DP , Hrithik is nice guy everyone knows that, he attends her movie events thats it . He and Kat were spotted on beach cosying up and was even confirmed from Bangbang crew member , this is why RK looks so down and sad, he is being used as a cover and he cant get out of it

actually everyone knows kat is madly in love with rk who's madly in love with dp,hence his sadness and misery


Its hr and dp

I don’t think we should blame anybody. If you are a star, you are a public figure. People will talk about you and you ought to be very careful.” Well well has deeps forgot about this statement in reference to katrina haha

Hrithik roshan has given a very sensible reply. Well done

I am so shocked at TOI (ANd its certainly made up of more than one person) and their insensitivity. It's shocking to see that they really DONT get how they were OBJECTIFYING a woman in that article... such a shame

i want deepika to disappear for a while, and alone, i wanted her to do so even before this controversy, because this is getting too much, she will lose her self to fame if this continue, too much negativity, and enough has been said about this issue and even about her movies and personal life, i want to watch her less in the news, and i'm a big fan of her, but i just think it's too much, she needs to set with herself and focus on herself as a person, which is impossible to do in such environment, for her sake, i want her disappear for a year from the public frame, and do something completely different, maybe it's time for that trip to the south pole, taking cooking classes, writing in some newspaper about youth issues, or even go for community service in some poor country of africa. i know she's right about this cleavage story, and i still love her and think she is a good person but i just dont like some changes in her lately...so i want her to go for a while to organise her life, i wish if a true friend tells her that and pushes her to do so....she needs him now....i hope he will be there for her...and he doesn't need to be there for her publicly.

and who do you suggest would be that friend ranbir,you,thanks but no thanks

Why? Makes it sound like shes admitting fault and running away , Im glad she stood up to the cyberbully TOI , they have to apologize for their attack

Agree with you!! We are completely losing focus when it comes to Deepika....I totally love her! but there is so much chaos around her right now and she has definitely changed

That's all fine, and her standing up for herself was the right thing to do. Her getting Shahrukh to abuse the writer and make her cry was absolutely wrong. Her female empowerment angle fell right then when that happened. Hypocrite!

Both Hrithik and Shraddha have movies releasing soon :D

The whole industry was sleeping all these years when numerous photos.. Clips have made appearance in and around media.... Suddenly they have realized what common girl/woman is facing in day to day commute in India ? Publicity hungry people Alwaz know when to make noise...

Ranveer Singh reply was as usual expected. Since he is in awe of her (even though she is not). Hrithik's reply was awesome. Very well said. BTW it's kind of strange to see that day by day DP is loosing support on this matter from her colleagues in Bollywood. :S

Deepika personally came to you and shared her feelings with you? Asking out of curiosity

Ignore him. The dude is intellectually challenged. The title says celebs coming in support of DP and he goes on to say they are not supporting her.

She should have stopped at tweets. After that 'final word' even her colleagues are hesitatnt to support her because she made it hard writing illogical things. And TOI got something to argue about. It was foolish thing to do. She used vulgar words making way for TOI do same. Then wrote wrong things like reel life, real life, man woman etc. That has no logic. Upon that she declared it is final word. Now she cant even argue.

Mean while sonam:WOMEN SHOULD RESPECT THEMSELVES IF THEY WANT TO BE RESPECTED..........eeh girl, stop being bitter

Awww...thanks guys for all your support. Lets bring TOI to its bony knees.

Deepika Padukone will always rule, Deepika haters get life

Deepika haters are on fire these days. Firstly , finding fanny is hit which in their heads is not , secondly her lovely song has created quit a hoopla , people are lloving her in SLAM the tour and lastly her controversy which all of us and film fraternity are proud off! Way to go girl.


+ eleventy billion

oh my god stop this bloody topic.. being a woman i think this topic has been dragged enough!!!! ... noone bothers to drag newss in regards to the rape victims this much! stop it please! its getting annoying now!

You must be dumb if you don't realize this objectification is the exact reason why racists get away. They say the woman asked for it. The reason why people are fighting is that exact mindset of looking at a woman like a piece of meat. A woman does not have to be covered from head to foot

No wonder she loves RS. He would slay dragons for her!!

ugh enough enough ENOUGH already!!! seriousley enough with this. now it is PR!!! look at the articles on this page about her, dont even dare to say the opposite coz it IS and ya'll know it now!! doesnt matter who supports it, she has officialyy turned it into publicity now and makes me sick. as i was a supporter i alos know the difference between pr and not!! STOP IT!!!! we car about women empowerement and not deepika!!! now they will publish these articles who and who not supports HER? or the issue???!! DISGUSTING!

I always knew that Kalki is a smart lady standing always for women's rights. But I am surprised that in this early stage of her career Shraddha dares to support Deepika and stand against a giant media corporation which could do damage to her. I respect her for that.

Ranveer should be the last person to talk about the women empowerment and all that hypocritical stuff.

I loved what Hrithik said,completely unbiased and objective.

Shradda is overreacting.

Will TOI finally apologise ? Great to see her getting support from Bollywood .

i knew our baba will speak for his lady.....its always nice wen u r man stands up for u openly....

ooooo give it a rest!!! enough is enough....deepika got what she deserved. pathetic drama queen. plus shes received great publicity from this issue....no one is talking about Finding fanny's failure at the box office. miss. deepika talking about about women power wont make you a hero...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!

FF is not a flop, it has made 32 crores with a 15 crore budget , releasing in only 900 theatres that too only in English . All the actors got rave reviews, why cant you get that in your head?


Great these actors are supporting Dipika.

Even Kangaga was asked about the situation and she stated that she supported DP as well :)

Is it just me for Sharadha Kapoor sounds super dumb mostly?

Highlight: ' Ranveer said Deepika is a 'FRIEND '."

ya he also told HT yesterday he's single,i think they are off,which is good he deserves a girlfriend who doesn't have her ex's tattoo and would commit to him

Oh come on , they wont admit to it directly , just like RanKat wont .

Highlight: ' Ranveer said Deepika is a friend'

Expected Aamir to speak out since he is very much active on such issues , why he is quiet now

Oh god . close the story . we boring

I support Deepika and like Hrithik, Kalkie, Ranveer, Shradha and all others who stand for her.

SRk and Mr. Bachan where are your support for Dippy??

I don't know about SRK, but this is why JAYA asked her bahu to cover from top to bottom. lol

SRK already spoke out in her support , he said she is brave to stand up to this when nobody ever did

I am glad that everyone supporting her except few hypocrites n jealous souls.. Its just not about Deepika its about every women who fight with such consequences in their day to day lives... My respect n love for Deepika has increased million times after this... Salute to U gal for this courageous step without bothering about the outcome... Proud of U my gal..

so farhan akter now talking about shooting a woman because she "insulted" another woman according to him. so he is okay with perpetrating violence against a woman as long as she is not a star who acts with him? his reply is equally pathetic as this whole fiasco deepika ignited. pinkvilla please publish

YAWN ...Please give Deepika the greatest bravery award and get done with this.

Shame on U... U know what??? She deserves it because she has taken a brave step n made media aware of their mistakes n this will help each n every woman in the long run...

O Please. Give me a break. If she was so conscious, why she was wearing a revealing dress at the first place. If you are showing, people are looking.

Do you not see the fallacy in your argument? If a girl then wears a short skirt and walks down the street it is ok for people to look and point? Is it ok for them to then pass comments and alert others of this situation? By wearing this skirt has she surrendered all rights? Pathetic. You and all the people that make these arguments.

There are wome who dress decent to avoid any drama. She flaunts her body everywhere and now she has problem. She can dress like Sonam Kapoor who covers herself nicely.

You obviously havent seen the way Sonam dresses herself... try watching Look Who's Talking and compare that dress with the anarkali Deepika was wearing and then come back to say what you said again...

U missed the point . The problem is not with the showing but the fact that media takes these pics and underlines them with a cheap headline to sell readership

Good to see the film fraternity supporting Deepika , also most of the the general public as well . TOI need to apologize for their personal attack on her

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