First Look: Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone in Tamasha

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Here is the first look of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone from their Imtiaz Ali movie 'Tamasha'. Deepika, sporting a head band of beautiful white flowers, is seen in a grim and serious mood, while enacting a scene in the movie. She is also seen wearing a black stole. Do you think Deepika is in a wedding attire? All you fans of the dimpled beauty, can you guess what expression your actress is sporting here?

Ranbir Kapoor on the other hand, seems to be entertaining a crowd. What is going on there? Any ideas?

Deepika and Ranbir are shooting for Tamasha in a beautiful island Corsica, which is to the South of France.

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Ranbir n Deepika both r mah favourite....deepika is most beautiful actress of bollywood....n also a magical jodi of bollywood.........

She is gorgeous from no angle. Her fans live in a bubble. RK looks yummy

You are right, she doesn't need angles to look gorgeous! :) she just does. PERIOD!
And my bubble is better than yours nyahh nnnnyaahh nyahhhh nyaahhhh!!!

You are right, she doesn't need angles to look gorgeous! :)

It's not easy for an actor to work with an actress who has insulted him so much on ( KWK 2010) and accused him of cheating when he never cheated on her. Hats of to Ranbir
Anyways it's good that KWK 2010 episode is over with. Seriously RK never cheated on DP

deepika looks soo adorable amazing love her outfit and hair

Deepika has the aura of a earthy goddess. Her almond eyes, olive skin, swan like neck complimented by long slim figure is a model's dream. She is 100 % victoria secret model material. She should be the next bond girl.

Deepika has the aura of a earthy goddess. Her almond eyes, olive skin, swan like neck complimented by long slim figure is a model's dream. She is 100 % victoria secret model material. She should be the next bond girl.

I see girls everywhere in india as pretty or prettier than deepika. I think it's her body and long legs athletic frame which makes her a bit different. Other than that I really don't think she is striking at all.

She has a kind of mean look about

He looks so hot! I can't wait for this movie.
It will be a treat :)

Deepika looks gorgeous, i love her skin and her eyes .

Deepika is so gorgeous the only one who is conventionally sexy and hot but at the same time very cute too with that sweet dimple.

Ranbir is just breath taking even in a lil glimpse.

Ranbir becomes something else in front of camera. Best actor alive in bollywood.

Ranbir looks hot and HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTt.

DP as always ethereal......well RK is just RK....anyways looking forward to this movie...

Would love to know the story.


So 'Tamasha' begin. Ha ha why promotion so early oh I get it Bang Bang teaser is released.

there is no competition between bang bang and tamasha ...tamasha shooting recently start and its title not confirmed... and bang bang is 98% percent ready to release...

Ahh Deepika is a sight to behold..eagerly waiting for this one now

Oh man, she is beautiful.

haha last pic of dp- the real her, not at all pretty.

last pic is prettier than above pics....

deepika is looking very pretty i think prettier than happy new year... imtiaz present her gorgeously and does justice to her gorgeous looks

She looks good but the comments below are exaggerating. She's not gorgeous. She looks like she always does...pretty but nothing stunning. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I suppose but I don't get the hoopla with all the comments about her look here. I know this is a site full of DP fans though so can't be surprised.

You said it yourself, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Why complain that other people think she's beautiful?

Her hairs always like that.

she is wearing the love pendent

by her ranveeeeeru

Deepika looks so cute and sexy too. dont know how she does that. She's amazing

kat better be careful, ranbir and dp are spending a lot of time together.

sorry to burst the bubble but deepika is very happy with her ranveer and is spending all her non-working time with him in real life romance. rk and dp hardly talking much besides hi hello and work related stuff.

my goodness...that LOVE chain she will keep throughout the movie i guess.....GORGEOUS....

Good luck for success anyway its look like some Italian movie :)

Daammnnn Deepika. Her beauty is to die for. High hopes for their tamashaa :P

It looks like a dance sequence from a wedding.

Ranbir Kapoor brings out the best acting in Deepika, YJHD is her at her natural effortless best. If the film was not of romcom genre if would would have been the performance which could bag her awards last year, romcom is looked down as a genre in film awards. Not a single HNY or FFF still could bring out the volumes her eyes speak in one single pic here. Its a good news the film is signature Imtiaz Romantic Drama not romantic comedy. Imtiaz is a genius and very open minded in writing female characters. He wrote career best roles for Deepika in Cocktail n LAK, Alia in Highway and Kareena in Jab We Met, here is hoping another meaty character written by Imtiaz.

Deepika looks like an angel. How can anyone be that beautiful?!? ♥

at a marriage...deepika the bridesmaid...ranbir, one of the guests, as usual doing his own thing of cheering up the other guests of the marriage...and..may be a lover's tiff between them in the scene?

Her beauty is ahhhmazing! And those eyes...damn!!!

Damn girl! Its a crime to look that gorgeous. Must be driving Ranboo crazy.

He's been there and done that so I doubt it.

All the more reason to pine for it. Its like going back to eating stale bread after you get a taste of an amazing cheese pizza. No matter what other crap you are eating now, you always crave for a slice of an amazing pizza.

Deepika is so pretty. Ranbir is so... well, he's there.

As a film I know it'll be better than YJHD

Both looking smoking hot!

Deepika and Ranbir looking flawless! I feel like this is going to be a bigger hit than Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

This movie will be vry different nd interesting for sure!!

Queen of my heart

They both look fabulous! Cannot wait for this movie to release!

Deepika is adorable, hope the movie is a success for I want her to be a winner!! :)

Deepika looks so beautiful.

Looks like they are in a shakespear theater

Flop sure

lol, you are on deepika post not Sonam and aunty kareena. you get what I mean?

Deepika is looking very edgy and sexy.

What means tamasha?

not exactly know but like "drama"...

Who leaks this stuff?

PR of the film most likely.

It's not by PR, photos were released by a newspaper in Corsica.

Love these two!

Deepika looks beautiful *_* Ranbir also looks good with the facial hair, he should maintain that.

This movie does look promising. Ranbir & Deepika look good.

I think either they are magicians or have a show of their own.

This movie looks good , I hope it good like rockstar is, it kinda reminds me of rockstar only with deepika in it.

What is Ranbir preaching in a church with that finger? :D , DP looks cute

Will be tamasha film ,

Yeah let's sit and analyze this film because there's nothing better to do in life.

Deepika is looking stunning stunning stuning so pretty so perfect

Can't wait for this movie !

I feel its going to be even better than YJHD the stills captured my attention

i want to watch this movie so badly.

Deepika looks so EVIL looooool! Why do all of Imtiaz's films look like a school theatre production?

He looks perfect! She, however... No, just no.

Deepika is looking sharp very fierce love it

She is looking so bad....veronica is back.

Wth !? :| Veronica is one of the best characters Deeps has ever played!!

She's gorgeous.

Absolutely Stunning. Like a goddess. ^_^

Well, can't say it's a World changing new look.. but she looks lovely as always.

I agree

This is gonna be damn interesting... All Pics are giving positive vibes about the movie... go for it RK DP... U guyss are gonna rockkk ittt..

Her eyes

One thing that everyone here needs to understand is that the articles on DP is eagerly awaited by her fans. No one really cares whether its her PR or her fans. The only reason why i and I hope many of her fans visit this website is deepika. Rest my case.

wow imtiaz always makes her looks good.

She looks beautiful. Although I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that stare, if looks could kill the person would be dead lol

Nice :) This look and Ranbir's bearded look. Sone pe suhaga !


I have read that quote at least 5 times in different articles. Uff, her PR works too hard - or not hard enough!

This is movies PR not hers , movie benefits the most and releasing a first look for a movie these days is very common, hater

So frigging beautiful.

She is SO beautiful!! Stunner!

She looks amazing as ever! That flowery tiara is a nice touch!


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