The Handsome HNY team at the 'Sharabi' launch

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The good looking team of Happy New Year comprising of Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Sonu Sood, Vivaan Shan and Boman Irani along with their director Farah Khan launched the 'Sharabi' video in Mumbai today. Nandu Abhishek Bachchan was missing from the event.

The stars were at their merriest best and in a great mood, having made a hugely successful film. They also shook a leg to the Sharabi number, much to the excitement of the fans and media collected there.

The movie that released last weekend has so far minted upto 124 crores.

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Wait, they are adding a new song to the movie now ?

Deepika is out there having a blast. Total metamorphosis. The world is your oyester go for it gurl.

They are really enjoying each other company. Looking great all of them. But one genuine question to Deepika...How on earth you can walk with such ridiculous high heels!! It's like an extra leg! hehe. But really sweet pictures. Love SRK.

It's been a month long "on your face' kind of promotion for HYN. Promotion is touching absurd levels and shows the greed for box office success.

At first I thought these people were so irritating with their numerous appearances and promotions. But after watching the film, it's nice to see them going everywhere together just like a family. You can see the closeness among them

Yaaay Deepika. love the look from head 2 toe

It's Diwali release, but u did not write it. Why ?


Nice to see the camaraderie.

SRK is a true business man...the way he promotes brands in movies/marketing strategies...none of teh top actors can do it...

Does a movie, any movie, need this amount of promotion--not to mention all the hugging and kissing? My answer: heck NO!

Hey how tall is deepika in those heels?

I guess 6ft 1in..

Sonu Sood is said to be 6ft 2inch....if you look in those pics, there is roughly atleast 4inches differences,,even with the heels!!!!!!

Enough with the lame HNY Promotions already. jeez! pv post this!!!

Dp never ever fails to impress, always a pleasure to watch her on screen

Loving DPs has this girl transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly or what!! So inspirational she is!

deepika padukone-blistering look,out of this world

sleek do with a bun would have been better. Wavy pony tail makes it look too casual and brings down the outfit.

Ex ......

flop movie.deepika looking hot

They have to keep promoting I guess. Because of the big drop on weekdays, this movie might just end up with only a semi-hit tag.

There is no doubt about it, these guys had a BLAAAST!!! Forget boxoffice, forget the movie, just the way these guys have had sooo much fun together this year......they must be the envy of everyone in bollywood. Times & moments like these come only once and only for the lucky few.

Deepika oh boy look at Deepika. *_*

Like the movie did not have enough crappy song already?!!!

deepika is such a beautiful girl,rs is so darn lucky

dp looks out of this world,she's oh so gorgeous

DP im a big fan!! But enough with the ducky selfie pose!

Loved the song and SRK as usual rocked it, SRK can do anything with so much ease, and looked super sexy in the song. Everyone else was superb too. And 0:21- 0:45 very well said Farah khan, you go lady, people are hypocrites when they talks about woman empowerment and all, but when it comes to woman they hate, they left no stone to base her. PV, upload the song too.

What a fun and happy bunch! :)

And see I was right, as Farah Khan said OSO and MHN got bad reviews too at the time of their release, but now people call them classics and amazing movies and ask why SRK doesn't do movies like that anymore blah blah blah. People who will never be happy with what SRK does, that is why I call it hypocrisy. OSO got a lot of positive reviews. MHN, I'm not too sure, but that's considered to be a great film. HNY is no way going to be remembered after Diwali 2014. I love SRK and Deepika, but I gotta say the truth

Deepika looking radiantly beautiful

Why releasing song after movie itself has released?

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