Puja Nayyar unveils her bridal collection with Deepika Padukone!

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Puja Nayyar has created a niche in the Indian Bridal Wear market. Her textures, understanding of fabrics and obsession for perfection, are well-known. Her Bridal Wear Collection 2011-12 is being shot for by Deepika Padukone.


SHE SHOULD BE THE DHOOM GIRL and not some FIRANG british h-- like Katrina..

I swear, IndiANS have noooooo pride in themselves!! Still a ghulam to the brits.

she looks so stunning..gimme more

yes we know already Deepu in "wedding attire" before Ayan's next

superb, are there more shots

sonam needs to wear that the dress is very nice but doesnt look bridal.

she looks gorgeous.

I meant - I liked it but NOT for a wedding! And those contacts just ruin the natural INDIAN beauty, geez!!

seriously gorgeous!!
but me too hate her tattoo in this photo...photoshop is meant for situation like this!!

I liked it but for a wedding!

Deepika makes a stunning bride and is way better than all the bollywood actresses around....

You ROCK>>>

Tattoos and bridal collections. Classy as always, Deepika.

these earthy tones look so nice with her skin tone


God, Deepika is like goddess

Beautiful Deepika. Are there more shots of this shoot?

Love this. So earthy.

her tatoo looks trashy

Little more of a low neck would have been hot

Sonam or Priyanka shud be there, perfect as a birde !

she looks like a true indian princess. don't know why no director spotted her forte bc after aish, deepika face looks the best for indian avatars.

So beautiful


is that all!!!


pretty, but seriously, who would wear that for their wedding?


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