Ranveer Singh on the cover page of Femina

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Ranveer is on the cover page of Femina. Infact, his name is one of top buzz makers who kept India trending. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Badminton star Sania Nehwal also feature in this list.

Ranveer has had a great 2014 with movies like Gunday and Kill Dil releasing.

He also did some unusual endorsements.

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YAY...Big Yay..so HOT...

OMG i like this look of him..look like a school kid...

Clean and kadak. Big yay

Veeru looks cho chewwwwwt

He is the coverboy of a women magazine????? Ladies man................

I like him whenever he tone down. Here he is looking fabulous. Also he looks like a college boy!

Niceyy. A rare pic where Ranveer is posing very NORMALLY.

Superstar in the making. The guy has what it takes... he is so unique yaar

I want that shirt..................btw, this hair style suits him......

Very cooooool yaar ;)

I love this style of his. Ranveer should keep this.

he's too hot to handle

soooooooooooooooooooo cute

he is fine

cute...dam cute

dashing and so darn hot

this look suits him so well,hope he keeps it when he grows his hair back

he's the most beautiful man on Earth .. the end


god i can't with this hot piece of man,i just can't

he look much younger. And look clean and cute.

he looks oh so good here

Oooohhh... Ranveer is very very good when he control himself..

Brilliant cover. Ranveer looks cool and stylish. Thumbs up.

I love it..

too much skin lightening , people complaining about actresses being photo shopped never complain about men being equally photo shopped

Ranveer looks brill. He should always wear his hair pushed back from his face like this. Never liked his hair straightened and falling over his forehead - but that was only in a couple of movies. He has a great face and great hair - but it is easily spoiled by that look.

love this man. such a hottie

Gunday and kill dill were average movies!

He manages to look good both ways -- boyish and all bulked up!! Nice cover BTW..

Ooow what a hotti monda, love him charming man

hot n handsome...oooh....he makes me drool....!

Ranveer looks really good in this cover.


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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement