Siddhartha Mallya agrees to have dated Deepika Padukone

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Remember the time when Deepika Padukone and Siddhartha Mallya were spotted together in every occasion and while everyone believed that they were dating, the two conveniently denied. Even though the two aren't together anymore, the news of them being in a relationship once upon a time is now confirmed.

Hindustan Times got talking to Siddhartha who has officially changed his name to Sid is currently trying his luck in Hollywood. He said that he and Deepika speak occasionally. When asked about her alleged current boyfriend, Ranveer Singh, he said, "What they choose is their business; not mine, or anyone else’s. They’ve just made a great film. People should focus on that because that’s what they do. I don’t care… I’ll always be protective of her, because, as I said, I’m friends with my exes."

What does his ex Deepika have to say about his acting aspirations, "I haven’t sat with Deepika and asked for advice. But she knows what I’m up to. The way I wish her luck and happiness in whatever she does, I’m sure she will wish me too."

We still don't know what went wrong between the couple but hearing Sid, looks like theirs was a smooth breakup.

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Deepika always goes for men who dont seem to have any interest in a serious relationship.Both Sid n Ranbir have had many girlfriends and are the casanova kinds.They have themselves admitted so in their interviews..
Either you be careful in choosing men you date or take resppnsibility for the choices you make.
Dont cry foul when such men leave you and move on to other women.
And dont play the victim card by saying he hurt me,he cheated on me!!

when they kissed each other at IPL matches it was very evident that they are in relationship but now whats the point to even talk about it.

But deepika has always bluntly denyed it. Deepika ne bharpoor shopping ki hai humesha par bill humesha ranbir ka phada hai. I guess thats the only reason for outrage. Or who cares man . U want to see more drama .watch out with coffee with karan. You will see some more drama. How ranbirs breakup bought transformation in her life.

+10000 she can play gajni part 2 . Memory loss of last 4years.

The conclusion is she always love to be in a relationship. She can't stay single.

The conclusion is she always love to be in a relationship.

This shows PC is better than DP and katrina.

Ya . These both hunt single rich guys use them and pc hunts for marrieden . Surely she is better . I meam ex step agye.... he he

Deepika cant be without a guy when she breaks up with someone.She has always the next one ready.


This is for all the sensible ones(Ran-kat supporters)only,a big bite for BollyDewaana...cheers:)

It looks so yummy! Thank you :-)

Im sure Fiza_Khan is busying in writing an essay for you..get prepared yourself.

actually no u freaking loser :) I am not an idiot like u..stfu

LOL and she'll send you off to uranus because she claims to be from planet earth. idiot.

Deepika is a woman of style, talent and integrity. When she dates or sees someone as her friend, she admits and openly shows him off. Unlike some s.... who act like they are virgins and keep refusing dating someone when everywhere they go, they are snapped together. Which female movie star hasn't dated or slept with someone? Deepika is a honest and carefree person. She's young, unmarried, beautiful, so enjoy before tying the knot. "You go girl, no wonder you have so many fans, you are not plastic".

Even ranbir did the same. Enjoying before tying the knot. But u guys have problem with that.

she is going to be used like she used others
i dont like her!!! OMG what will she do with RS!!!

seems some deepika haters joined pv.bollydeewana,heenacool etc.They might have thought ---"well none care for our comments.bashing from a registered account would give us some weight".

This post is the real success story of deepika.Afrer a long long time haters got a post to bash her.But the reasons below are laugh worthy.Some people are in severe pain watching her success.And tracking the comments one can easily predict the pain these people are going through.It is celebration time for her fans

You try before you buy! Until you find the right taste/fit and as long as you're not mixing things then what's the problem? She has never cheated on anyone unlike others.

so why blame Ranbir. he did the same.

What about a certain NIHAR PANDYA -_-

Wasn't it confirmed before? BTW some comments are hillarious.

Everyone has just gone against deepika now...See its all about time.
Nothing is permanent.

who n who? only you small haters goes against her. We love her no matter what.

Nobody likes deepikas personality. Its only her acting that people are apreciating. Personality wise she is pretty much screwed up. She looks very self centered only bothered about her emotions. For her dumping guys is norm, flirting is also norm. But if somebody dumps her , she behaves like rakhi sawant " media ko bulao, media ko bulao". If her boyfriend flirts with somebody else , she spys on him but she is alowed to flirt with every tom dick n harry. Her audio n video never matches. She says something else and does completly opposite. She says about how emotionally unstable she is after her last breakup. That she cant commit to present guy. But she dosnt shy away from partying with same ex and singing her closeness of same guy to magazines and news channels. Normally when u are hurt u cant stand the person. For example sonam , kareena . They both cant stand there exs who have hurt them . If she speaks less of her linkups n exs . Her acting improved post cocktail thats after she broke up with siddharth malliya. But she gives the credit to ranbir on national tv for the change . I mean u go out with 100s of guys n then dump them and u blame on one guy that dumped u . I guess everything is fine till a women is doing it . . But if man had done it . Same people who are commenting positive comments here would had commented negetively about him. Thats reality I saw on this forum. Same people who were abusing ranbir for cheating seems like dont have problem with deepikas cheating n dumping habbits.

OMG...LITERALLY EXACTLY WHAT WAS ON MY MIND! everything is sooooo on point. i just want tp clap for you! well done for putting this out there this summaries the deepika padukone perfectly. although her deluded fans will still think she is just hurt beyond measure and that its fine to get over a guy by dating 15 others!


She is the biggest DRAMEBAAZ. Ranbir is gonna regret dating her for the rest of his life



Just laughing reading at the comments. "Hope she doesn't leave ranveer" "ranveer is a better guy than ranbir" PLEASE. Do you guys aka dpfans even know ranveer? He's probably the most flirtatious guy ever - more so than ranbir. Just look at how he hurt anushka sharma. So please stop talking like y'all know ranveer so well when y'all only started liking him after ram leela PEACE


He dated several times, yes, in high school & college. And he dated a model once in his carrier, but not an actress. He never did before. And he said he got teary eyes in the wedding when his first love got married. That's part of life. Oh, I just want him to settle down with his lady, soon.

Who cares. Why get so emotionally attached to a stars personal life?

You go Deeps. You are young, rich and beautiful and can date who you want whenever and hey if you choose to stay single, good for you! I personally would rather be Jennifer Aniston than Ange with 8 kids, not that there is anything wrong with it. Young and free, I envy her!

Ranveer and deepika are never ever going to end up together. It has been said by mant astrologers. She is gonna marry a businessman in 2016. So tata ranveer.

If you look at the picture above, it doesn't look like they (sid n deeps) are made for each other, isn't it? I have nothing against Deepika but if she sticks with Ranveer and respects him and loves him, i will maintain my respect for her forever. It shows that the other men were not made for her. If she dumps him in no time like others and move to another guy, her career is over! Nihar was a teenage love, Ranbir ''said'' to cheat and he admitted, Sid appears just a rebound friend BUT Ranveer hasn't and will not do anything like that, in fact he has admired and respected her. If she dumps him with no reason, her true face will come outside and that's the end of Deepika Padukone. With one single sentence, Ranbir's image changed, same will happen to her if she treats Ranveer the same way.

I feel Ranveer is perfect for her. When u see them together u feel as if all the other relationships were doomed to fail just to make this one work. I think they r soulmates. And I will be heartbroken if it doedn't work out. But these two r so young and their careers have just started going great. I don't think anyone will leave anyone, if at all it will be mutual. And coz both r too busy. But I hope that doesn't happen. Noone makes DP smile the wsy RS does.

deepika is no saint either.

You can live your life anyway you want to, and so can Deepika. What's the big deal!

And so can ranbir kat n sid

yes, Deepika please date however many men you want to. We don't care. It's not like you are a decent enough girl anyways - no one in this industry is. But please, stop thinking we'll buy your BS of being a chaste, committed gf who had been done wrong. You were dumped just like you dumped many others like Nihar, Muzamil, Dhoni and Yuvraj.

@bollybuffer - your replies are SO DAMN RIGHT on BollyDeewana's comments :D Could not have said it better. So, here are some cookies for you :P

Hahaha, I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but in any case, thanks! I love cookies :D

Not being sarcastic :)

Omg, I want!!!!

me tooo!! I loveee cookies

how lame is that?

You guys say that DP had many relationships - that I agree but did she cheated on any guy? Leaving a bf and then having another relationship is fine to a certain level but being in a relationship with someone while sleeping with another woman is called cheating, especially if the relationship is SERIOUS. Most of my friends dated at least 3-4 men so far, some were rebounds, some were serious & some were just for fun. Will you call them cheaters too? No Way :S You do not like the person you are currently in a relationship with right now, then break up & move on! But why give them hopes and then date another person? This is morally wrong. However, I think people should forget all these and let them live their life - they do not effect us in any way. If RK is a cheater that is not my business and if Kat is dating RK that is not my business either but they should never pretend to be something they aren't - if you are a brat there is no need to portray yourself as a saint. I think we should look up to RK as an actor for our generation (he is a fantastic actor) but not as a human being because he won't live up to our expectations in that area - he doesn't have to because actors are here to ACT. If RK really found love in Katrina Kaif then good for him :P They are "made for each other" :P

When you are trying to get recognition and praise from the public, they are going to comment on your relationship as well. It's not that simple to be just an actor, if all he wants is that then he should do theatre because no one cares about then.

This applies to miss padukone as well

how does ranbir come here. he is better off without her and has more class as he does not go around making comments about so called SPECIAL bonds which would lead to somebody's bf/husband getting insecure. also his PR does not make claims on his behalf. he says things on face, makes him look more REAL

how does ranbir even come into the picture? its about dp and sid. and for your kind info she has CHEATED on nihar pandya but his life and his emotions are WORTHLESS because he is not as popular as deepika. and how can you say that ranbir cheated on deepika. were u a part of that relationshipor you just believed what deepika said for publicity maybe he just fell out of love! and mind you it was deepikas over possessivness that suffocated ranbir and led to the death of that relationship. one crew member of raajneeti confirmed that at that time nothing was going on between ranbir katrina but it was deepika who thought other way and continued to suspect ranbir. so pls get over ranbir and dont blame him for deepika's mistakes

Deepika cheated nihar pandiya. She was caught in car by nihar . There was even artical about it and it was public scene by ranbir n nihar even got physical fight. N even one of Nihar's director friend had said that nihar had caught deepika twice with different guys. So indeed she cheated. And deepika on indias most desirable had said cheating dosnt mean physical thing even mentally not being there for the person is also sort of cheating. So she was not exactly speaking about cheating in that context.

okk so isee when a guy does it, he's seen as a player and cheater but when a women does the same thing, we should move on to 21st century.when a guy has 5 relationships in 6 years and then comes out and blames his ex I bet he will be butchered by everyone for being a player and tarnishing a girl's image....but when a girl does exactly the same thing somehow we should move on to the 21st century?

she is worst than katrina and pc but pretender as best. though i dislike kat but she is better for Ranbir than this drama queen.

Why r ppl reacting as if they dint know the break up

Deepika has conveniently moved out of many relationships whether it be with Nihar Pandya, Yuvraj Singh and Siddharth Mallya. She is no angel as she pretends. Maybe, it's the turn of Ranveer Singh next. Or were these only physical attractions. Poor Ranbir had to bear her tirades for wavering in their relationship!

I dont have problem with deepika dating anybody. But please. ... dont play the victim card. When u jump from guy to guy in notime.and wht is all this hurt ,last relationship , traditional in love etc etc . When u party with same guys every night. If u are so hurt u wouldnt be singing ranbir ranbir to every tabloid.

I think Deepika prefers men who are more upfront about flirting like Ranbir,Sid, Ranveer, etc, but I don't think she'll change
her ways. Plus, Ranveer seems to be more serious about her and does express his excitement about having a family one day,but Deepika is reaching a point in her career that she doesn't want to settle down yet. So how can Ranveer wait so long?

My family is originally from Bangalore and my uncle went to Deepika and Siddhartha's ENGAGEMENT so at one time it was very serious and they seemed very very happy. Now things are different, people change and move on, but the fact that they are still in touch shows me it didn't end due to one of them but rather a mutual understanding that they weren't truly right for each other. Completely normal and common in this day and age, what's the big deal?

That being said, I don't like that it seems Siddhartha is now using Deepika's name to get back in the headlines. I hope she's okay with that.

Live my Deepika alone HATERS.

Seriously why are people blaming Deepika for dating more than one guy? Its common in Bollywood. These haters are not even perfect themselves, so there is no point of targeting Deepika.

mannnn, reading all the comments i get afraid....i just hope that she doesn't dump Ranveer in a blink... this guy is an innocent guy in heart unlike ranbir and sid who have had many girls in life due to their well-to-do upbrining. I just wouldn't like ranveer singh to get hurt due to all this mess.

DEEPIKA too had many many no of guys in her life then why such double standard for ranbir/sid?

i acknowledge your view. I am just hoping that she will prove it wrong by not being a serial dater and respect ranveer in her life. I have to admit she have had many men. But it could be that she is vulnerable to emotions and fall for everyone thinking true love. i don't know. I don't really care about her, guys....but right now, she seems to be ranveer bhai's girlfriend so i cannot negatively analyse her..which is why i am afraid...that she will hurt him too...ranveer has salman's heart and we know well what happens to such men. anyways, i have hit 'like' to ur comment because that's a genuine question.

ranvir himself admit that he has so many casual and one night stand. find his interview in toi.

you know ranveer right. He is the biggest con the industry has ever seen. He projects himself as over-the-top, playboy type of person but inside he is vulnerable. Just watch simi garewal's most desirable episode on ranveer and see how vulnerable he is. It was national tv episode and he cries hearing his parents. So, pls don't dwell on what people say, watch n analyse what people do.

she had more than 4 boyfriend, she dated fahran aktar, neil, homi

deepika padukone is tanisha mukherjee part 2

lol..I was just going to say that !!

I get the feeling this post is frequented by very young ladies/teenagers who don't have a lot of life experience. Girls with limited first hand knowledge of romance and mature relationships. And consumed with defending their favourite by lashing out and abusing their so-called rivals. I say that because I don't think any grown adult who has lived through experiences can say the things being said on here. Grown ups know life is not black white. But half of these posts are not by grown ups. It would be very amusing if it wasn't so sad.

she's a seriously desperate chick. She wanted to be in every ranbir kapoor film after the break-up JUST to prove a point to the industry. She probs didn't feel like she could lose him as a co-star seeing how good he was, and regretted almost throwing away opportunities of working with him again after that kwk episode. also she comes across as a very fake and pretentious girl, she never talks about her relationships and cheating with nihar yuvi dhoni upen and sid but continues to chant ranbi ranbir ranbir in each of her interviews. as someone said below now all the BLAME for her misery and pain would come on SID. Thats what her fans can do the best, keep blaming others for all the problems in her life

Deepika comes across as very confused when it comes to men in her life.
She seems to be the love/comittment kinds but she always has gone for men who are not interested in a comitted  relationship.
Thats a sure shot path to a heartbreak.Why would you do that?
She needs to be smarter in choosing/handling men in her life.

She is not a female casanova.
She is just confused and not smart enough.

And on top of that her overactive PR have done terrible damage to her image by continuously putting the spotlight on her love life.
She is gorgeous,talented and hardworking. She is an outsider who came to the industry and made it so big. Something like SRK.
Thats such an amazing thing.
But her image is such that she is hardly seen as an inspiring personality. Do you find young girls saying they want to be like Deepika Padukone ?? I dont think so.. and thats sad.
She definitely is loved and admired by ppl but being an inspiration is something else.

We all have weaknesses but in Deepika's case this weakness of hers has become intertwined with her image and with peoples perception of hers.
Which could have have been avoided had her PR/interviews were handled better.

Yea, because we all love logically.

yeh aurat kabhi nahi sudhregi!!

THANX SIDDHARTH for clearing up all this mess. tilL now all the blame for her misery used to come on ranbir( dont ask me why, dp fans logic) now after this interview you are on the target. poor dp baby was so hurt from her last breakup awwww. NAUTANKI!

+++++1...her fans only how to blame others...if something bad is happening in her life it is because of ranbir katrina siddharth and if something good is happening in her life it is due to her current bf-in this case RAnveer singh..! if she is some robot and her life is controlled by others

+1 True!

Agree with you completely. People were symathysing with her saying. Coz of the amount of growth she went through post breakup with ranbir. And the reason is in every interview of hers she has stessed on how breakup bought change in her life. As siddharth malliya was invisible from deepika boyfriend sheet. People were asuming its ranbir n she was giving so many clues that indeed its ranbir. Very cunningly through her body language. Were as her actual change in her acting career came after she broke up with siddharth malliya. Deepika was simply raking scilent revange from Ranbir for dumping her .showing media n public see wht he did to me . I think deepika dosnt take rejection easily. She is using her success in movies to influnce public ahainst ranbir on every given chance. I am sure she will do the same on Koffee with karan episode. But poor thing uska bhanda phoot chuka hai. Well it would be interesting to see her showing the crocadile tears. When public knows that ranbir was not the reason for her greif but somebody else was.

She is a cunning woman. I was a fan of her but now i have lost all respect for her. She first said that ranbir cheated her and began dating sid. Then as soon as she got a film with ranbir she broke up with sid( same time when kingfisher was Going bankrupt) hoping that she would get back with this explains me why she dumped nihar who despite her bad character loved her so much..she lived in his house for 3 long yrs! No wonder neetu singh was right in rejecting deepika for ranbir. No mother would want her son to get hurt like nihar pandya.

Deepika lived inNIhar's house for 3 years....Katrina lived in Salman's house for 10 years....nice going Ranbir and Neetu Kapoor

Deepika comes across as very confused when it comes to men in her life.
She seems to be the love/comittment kinds but she always has gone for men who are not interested in a comitted  relationship.
Thats a sure shot path to a heartbreak.Why would you do that?
She needs to be smarter in choosing/handling men in her life.

She is not a female casanova.
She is just confused and not smart enough.

And on top of that her overactive PR have done terrible damage to her image by continuously putting the spotlight on her love life.
She is gorgeous,talented and hardworking. She is an outsider who came to the industry and made it so big. Something like SRK.
Thats such an amazing thing.
But her image is such that she is hardly seen as an inspiring personality. Do you find young girls saying they want to be like Deepika Padukone ?? I dont think so.. and thats sad.
She definitely is loved and admired by ppl but being an inspiration is something else.

We all have weaknesses but in Deepika's case this weakness of hers has become intertwined with her image and with peoples perception of hers.
Which could have have been avoided had her PR/interviews were handled better.

I agree with you that Deepika has allowed the wrong men into her life. I think she just falls in love to quickly and is just unlucky in love. However, I personally to find Deepika inspiring, she is the only actress who I follow and look up too! Anyways I hope she finds someone who is truly deserving of her love, and hope she achieves even more success in her life

I dont get the probelm?

Siddhartha was just a rebound. They were family friends from Bangalore. She just wanted to hurt Ranbir by being with him. Coz Ranbir hurt her very badly. She was never seriously into Sid. But with Ranveer she's magic. Never seen her so at ease and so alive. Never seen a guy praise her so much. And I approve of her decision to not go public about it, yes finally her work has taken precedence over her personal life. And all these aunties n uncles doing all this moral policing and counting the number of boyfriends, how many of you are married to your first love? Relationships happen, some work out some don't big deal. No need to judge, you prudes!!! I love DP and RS. They compliment each other so well. They're careers are skyrocketing now so maybe they want to focus on that but what I see between them is rare. I firmly believe they are made for each other. Deepika Singh Bhavnani. And beautiful Sindhi Southie babies. Hope my dream comes true.

Totally agree. As any experienced, adult woman will tell you, best way to get over heartbreak is through another romance. Siddharth was a total rebound and even he gets that. There are no hard feelings between them because they both knew it wasn't something that would lead to marriage. Not every relationship has to lead to a sindoor/mangalsutra situation. She and Ranveer however are a different story. They're definitely serious and the way things are going, marriage is definitely on the cards down the line.

SO why all the moral policing starts with ranbir katrina? they are happy in their love life. deepika cheated badly on nihar. if they deserve the character assasination then so does she!

Is deepika still In love with siddharth malliya. All the recent interveiws show the effect her last breakup has effect on her. She always speaks about it as it is of recent events. And yes she has grown as an actress after breakup with siddharth malliya. Were as she was partyiing post breakup with ranbir. Might be her relationship with siddharth malliya was very deep. The break up surely bought change in her. Ranveer seems rebound just to get over siddharth malliya

OH PLEASE! people defending deepika, she used sid for his money and as a rebound after ranbir! she is not some innnocent little girl. and she is chalak from the day she was born, thats why she left her home to live with a male model after highschool. girls in this industry are not innocent and use men as a step ladder. people get your heads out of your butts!

Deepika is still in pain of heartbreak cozed by mallya junior. Thats the reason she is holding back to commit to ranveer singh. I mean u cant go on rebond spree for life . First mallya n now ranveer for the tatoo boy ranbir. I belive she was in love with the guys she was with. But sometimes it dosnt work out . And u shouldnt play the blame game when u yourself aint righteous person. And the contract thing sounds lame and it even makes deepika look bad .

LOOOOL you are hilarious. poor Deepika. Heartbreak after heartbreak. She should renounce this world and become a nun. She is too good for the men in this world.

Deepika and her bouffant hair !!

The fact is that all Deepika's ex's only have good things to say about her, both Sid & Ranbir have said they feel very protective of her so this speaks VOLUMES about her character and that sums it up!! These people actually know her, know her better than anyone else in the industry and they still sing her praises! All you haters commenting on her character & love life, you have no ground to stand on in order to judge her. You've never met her, all you know about her is hearsay! Go deal with your real lives and stop living with the delusion that you actually know what goes on in the lives of celebrities!

No it speaks VOLUMES about their character as they all are well brought up and dont believe in cleaning dirty linen in public like her!

Ranbir & Sid have both said they are very protective of Deepika! No guy will say that if the girl they dated treated them badly or if the relationship ended on a bad note.

didn't i just say GOOD UPBRINGING and GOOD MORALS

I think Deepika is genuinely happy in her current relationship with Ranveer S. We don't exactly know the status. But looking at their comfort and chemistry in outings; they have already passed 'dating' stage. It seems a full on romantic relationship right now, also Miss malini pointed that out. They praise and respect each other and at every location, she hasn't forgotten to mention Ranveer is a genuine guy. She is not coming out in public because she wants to guard this one herself. Sid Mallya was a temporary thing which was not out of love but because they knew each other as both are from bangalore.

Deepika dug her own grave with regards to her dating. She allowed her and Ranbir to go public for one and for another thing continued to harp on about him post break-up. It's her trash talking RK that lead to this tamasha because if she was really oh so heartbroken she wouldn't have been painting the town red with Mallya? There was no need for her to talk about the break up as much as she did and there's certainly no need for her to continue talking about RK as she did regarding her "special place" in his life. She's made herself look foolish by the things she's said in spite of trying to cultivate the image of being reserved.

I see nothing wrong in it if an actress has 10 or 20 boyfriends. Let live her life.we should judge them only by their on-screen persona.

Is this the sixth grade? I'm sorry am I missing something here? Just because a girl (or guy) has several boyfriends or girlfriends in their dating timeline does not make them sleazy. I can't believe Deepika is being called "cheap" or "been around the block" because she is dating and socialising like a normal person. I wonder what you would say about Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet or Angelina Jolie? Smh, grow up, children.

I think you would have a different opinion if it was katrina.

I agree :)

huh all these women did not go on Koffee with Karan and claim to be a tortured sould courtesy of Ranbir's "cheating".

Deepika pretends to be sati savitri and a victim of someone's promiscuity, when she is promiscuous herself.

Dating = cheating? Are you from Mars?

and also, we do't know if Ranbir cheated on her. From the looks of it, Ranbir dumped her for Katrina. If that constitutes cheating for deepy than she has cheated on almost everyone in her loop as she hopped from one guy to another.

huh she was totally cheating on Nihar when she started to "date" Ranbir. She is an opportunist and no, I am from planet Earth are you from pluto?

I have tried to search this Nihar Pandya thing and sadly could not find much. Maybe you are from Uranus because I am definitely from planet Earth.

All these people saying she is so desirable and hot and that's why she has so many no. She is very pretty but guys approach the girls they think will say yes. Guys look for signals from girls to see if she is flirting and interested as well. There are many beautiful and desirable women in the world who have trouble finding boyfriends because men get intimated by their beauty. It's not just that the men were interested, it's that Deepika was interested in all of them as well and she made it known to each one of them so they dated.

ur talking abt "one night stand" darling.. relationships dont work dat way.... in relationship ppl stay together if they like each other. wen it doesnt work out they seperate. every relationship starts with omg he is going to be my hubby n sorts like dat but sadly v find later on dat it is never gonna happen ...

yes, people confuse dating a lot with being desirable. I think if a guy/girl dates too much, is available to everyone, the less desirable they are. Deepika is nothing special, she is just available to everyone, that's all 

I agree yes but dating doesn't necessarily mean the girl is in love or invested in a guy or they are 'going out'. The guy can show an interest and the girl can just go along to see where it takes them. In that getting to know you phase where they are only spending time together to see how they gel, things can stop. This can be a really short period of time. This should not become part of a girl's "history of boyfriends". He never technically was a 'boyfriend'. If it's a serious steady boyfriend that's another thing. No am not a spokesperson of Deepika :) Just stating some dating facts.

said well dating souldnt be considered as adding boyfriend in the list. Well that dating u are saying is going on 2 or three dates. But being a regular item in celebraty parties n kissing on ipl match surely has more to it than eyes can see. And there are still more guys in the list who are not officially considered in her boyfriend list thats dhoni , muzammil n upen patel. According to the boys confirmation its nihar , yuvi , ranbir and siddharth malliya. I guess only 4 even ranbir has had 5 girlfriends . Sab theek hai jab tak deepika kisi aur ka bill ranbir ke naam se na phade. Post ranbir kapoor deepika has dated siddharth malliya. She cant act like she was sitting at home n crying post ranbir n her breakup she was out and partying with siddharth malliya.

Like someone said below....having a lot of bfs or gfs is different from cheating on someone. I think Deepika used Sid as a rebound...but I think her and Ranveers is a more serious relationship. I think if Ranbir had never cheated on her, maybe they would of been together til this day. They seemed fine til Katrina walked into the picture and whisked Ranbir away.

So you are saying Ranbir had no choice but to be whisked away? Did Katrina come dressed like burglar in the night and whisk Ranbir away in a bag? Is he some kind of piece of property that can just be easily stolen? He has no mind or heart of his own that decide who he wants to be with? It's astounding how easily some DP fans can say she used someone for a rebound and think there is no problem with that but they are the first to accuse others of using people.

First of all i'm not really a Deepika fan, i'm just saying what true reality is. Secondly,Being "whisked away" is a figure of speech. The main reason Ranbir and Deepika broke it off was because of Katrina! Same reason why Katrina and Salman split because of Ranbir. Also using someone as a rebound is different from cheating on someone then leaving them for that person.

Even deepika cheated nihar with ranbir. Even salman has cheated sangeeta bijlani. So wht makes ranbir cheating greater than deepikas cheating . Well and how come using a guy for rebound is better than cheating. She has done both
And its one and the same. And wht is Ranveer singh another rebound . Seriously wht is deepikas criteria of dating men . Ranbir- charming , flirtatious, rich. Siddharth malliya- well spoken, rich , flirtatious. Ranveer singh - flirtatious, rich . U see the pattern . If u fall for flirtatious guy and dont expect him to flirt with anybody else. This is against natures law. Deepika has screwed up choice in men .

hope ranveer singh doesn't get bruised in all her mess... he is doing wonderful films, it will be a disaster for bollywood. He seems to be dumb in love with her but he needs to be careful here, i feel.

Oh please...Sid can't reach Hollywood with a 10 foot pole.If he thinks its like Bwood where looks are more important than acting he's wrong. Hollywood requires you to act. Can he act?

This is a good reminder this girl bounced back quite fast and did date Sid Malliya after her breakup with RK. Deepika is always hinting about her past relationship with RK by talking about her heartbreak and how she is not emotionally ready for a relationship but she conveniently skips over Sid Mallya despite the fact they were seen everyone together and even kissed at a cricket match. Well she was ready enough to date Sid, but she was not ready for the public to forget that Ranbir broke her heart because it helped her image.

I so agree with u . Speaking about her heart break again and again just makes it look so full of vengeance. Coz he dumped her. The intresting part is . She has never been sad or cried. She bounces back in no time. Soon after ranbir siddharth n soon after siddharth ranveer. I am not sure who will be her next shikar . I guess homi .

Their relationship was contract based. It was NOT genuine...all for publicity. Even Ranbir was aware of it... Read it on MissMalini .. You could check the article for yourself. There were even quotes on how they both laughed at the Indian media for reporting on them 'dating' and 'being in love'. They are nothing more than business associates.. Sid totally used Deeps to get a name for himself.. And deeps totally let him do it since she was being paid for it.

That makes both Sid and Deepika sound really bad. Actually, all scenarios make Deepika look bad. If she did date Sid, it seems she bounced back quickly after the breakup with Ranbir. So why the need to tell everyone about her heartbreak and telling everyone that she is not ready emotionally for another relationship and she was making sure to hint that Ranbir was responsible for that. Just for public sympathy and to gain female supporters who felt she was wronged?? If her relationship with Sid was not real, then what was with her and him going everywhere together and giving the appearance of a couple? Was it for publicity and money? If that's true, then Deepika fans have no right to attack other actresses.

No matter what way you look at it, it makes Deepika look bad. No wonder her fans are getting angry at Sid for talking now.

It was a way for her to fulfill the rest of the conditions in her Kingfisher contract (she wanted to take on more films than model) and because Papa Mallya has bad PR with his company, this was the best way to dispel rumors about his son being gay.

Exactly. Their relationship was a publicity stunt. They never dated for real. Honestly, how many people knew Sid before he was with Deepika ? It was all an arranged pr decision. Deepika got paid and was allowed to let go of kingfisher for acting assignments while Sid got known in the media. Public recognition and media attention is always a plus in business. Both parties must be laughing hard at the stupidity of the media and fans. Apparently Ranbir too was in touch with her the entire time and she had let him know of the real scenario since day 1. He was pretty supportive of the entire thing

Was kissing on full public veiw also part of contract . It surely looks bad. But sid here begs to differ he says clearly that he and deepika dated and till deepika dosnt deny it his words would be considered as fact. His words have busted the roumers of contract thing .coz he clearly confirms that how he is close to Deepika. Well people take words of deepika as words of gospel in that case u should consider even siddharth malliyas words as same .

Do you understand how Media PR works?

deepika is available to date on contract, who knew?

Sid Mallya was just a rebound.. Cmon Sid, you shouldn't have elevated your status to her "ex". You were just a fling to get over her disastrous relationship, you knew that. Your publicity stunt is amusing, really.

OMG no one cares! and we all saw the pictures I think we could figure out you guys were together!

What is the purpose of mentioning their relationship now (done very casually, I must say)? When they were actually going out he denied it repeatedly. Even on Simi Garewal's show he denied it and Simi herself called him out on it, saying it was unfair to Deepika. If you're so adamant to not let people know who you're seeing, it's best to keep it that way AT ALL TIMES. Revealing it after your breakup doesn't say much about you as a man, Siddhartha Mallya.

Deepika is no saint. She dated every single man available from Nihar, Dhoni, Yuvraj, Ranbir, Sid to Ranveer. She jumps from one year relationship to next. She dumped her previous boy to get Ranbir so, she is like one of the Bollywood man. She always denied Sid but everyone knew she was with him because his families were extremely successful. She enjoyed all the perks but as soon as she had some chance with Ranbir and Sid's family business wasn't doing so well....she left him. She ain't so INNOCENT!!!

the point is deepika is just as much of a player than ranbir. I think she should endorse contraceptive pills if ranbir should endorse condoms.

Please everybody should give you an award you are the best!

+10000000000000 agreeeeeeeeeee


So what if she had so many boyfriends? You guys are just jealous that you can never be as hot as her that so many rich and famous guys would never want you

What the f. The comments by DP fans below are ridiculous.
Get a grip of yourself girls or boys! She is not as innocent as you think she is!

This is Sid screaming for attention in a pathetic way.But i think deepika fans had it coming since they were extemely mean to other actors and actresses in the past few days.Always pulling down others to bring her up.Poor deepika has to pay the price now even though she has not done anything wrong.

So, DP has dated a few men in her life..whats the big deal..most of the men she dated was when she was in her early was never a one-sided thing, the men were equally attracted to her.. none of them were married and she never two-timed with any of these men..she had the guts to break off with Nihar before she hooked up with Ranbir..the reason Ranbir gets all the flak is because he didn't have the guts to tell DP that he was sleeping with Katrina while still being committed to DP..
I really believe DP when she tells in her interviews that she is looking for that one person to be committed to the rest of her life and have a long steady marriage like her parents..its just that she ends up falling for the wrong guy before she realizes that the relationship is headed nowhere..But, she will make it through eventually

I like what Sid Mallya said here. He comes across as a straight-foward guy who calls a spade a spade. God knows why some Deepika fans are taking offense in that..... and no matter how much i like deepika onscreen, i have always felt she likes showing off her relationships in public....this relationship in particular she only went into to make ranbir jealous, which obviously didnt work!!! Now go ahead blind fans, and give my comment as many dislikes as you like! :P

i wanted to like this guy when dp was with him i wanted to believe he was the one for her but i never liked him and i never believed it. i was really happy when they called it quits. he always gave me the creeps yes he's a billionaire and yes he's good looking and yes he has a British accent but he has the personality of a potato. he loved the attention he was getting when he was with her his money couldn't get him to make the headlines but she did that for him and he clearly misses that so much he misses his 15 minutes of fame and he has the nerve to say he's protective of her if you're you wouldn't use her name to be relevant you wouldn't give her haters the chance to hate on her i mean read the comments a lot of ppl are calling her names thanks to you and your big mouth.. she's on a high right now she's where she is by dent of her talent and hard work you should try that and if you find out and trust me you will that you don't have it in you go away and stay away
pv please post this

i dont like her exact for that reason!!! buhhhh.... shame on yo DP

He is MALLYA, he doesn't need anyone's name for anything. So correct that.

Well, What goes around, comes around. What happened CHEAPY fans, I mean Deepy fans. All of you have always ripped apart other actresses whenever such news of their relationships have come up. You all have given them character certificates. You all have called them cheaters & this & that & what not. So if others are giving the same to your Sanitary DP, then you should take it instead of getting butt hurt. Don't blame Ranbir for cheating. If Ranbir has cheated then Deepika is a no saint either. From Upen patel to Nihar Pandey to M S Dhoni to Yuvraaj Singh to Ranbir Kapoor & to Sid Mallya, all are Confirmed. Ranveer is a rumor now but has full chance to become Real at any time. If you all can't take any malign on your favorite then don't point fingers at others favorites either. Don't try to malign others. Don't pass judgements on others & give others Character certificates. Try to calm your 'THAT' down! All will be good automatically.

I am a Deepika fan, and I don't care who she's dating. She is my fave because of her contribution to Bollywood, not who she dates.

having a lot of boyfriends is not the same as cheating on a bf or gf. And anyone who looks down on someone else for having dated more then one or two guys should grow up and know that your character isn't defined by how many people you date, but the way you treat those people. and cheating on a significant other is a bad character trait that no one has accused deepika of doing.

LOLLLL just FYI kingfisher is kinda bankrupt-- in case you missed the memo. Him and his dad have had nothing but bad press in the last year or so. And if you are seriously saying that Siddharth Mallaya is more famous than Deepika, then you are blinded by hate. Seriously lost objectivity.

And Deepika hasn't maligned anyone-- when she got asked the question on KWK, she answered it. Waaah! Ranbir has no shame doing those things, but for some reason, Deepika, who's been wronged, should feel ashamed talking about it?

And please, Sid said she is his ex. Nothing bad about her at all. he seems to have a lot of respect for her. which shows that they had an amicable break up and he has no qualms with her. In fact, if you were to get a "character certificate" (whatever the hell that means) out of this, I'd say Sid gave DP and "A grade."

You seemed to be confused between "cheating" and "dating." Deepika dated these guys, but didn't cheat on them. Nothing wrong with that (unless you are sexist, chauvinist hypocrite). Cheating and sleeping around, very different business. And if DP had done that, Sid wouldn't be speaking kindly of her.

How do you know she didn't cheat on them? You love & trust her blindly right? Every fan love his/her fav star blindly. I can understand. Anyway, I didn't mean to say that Deepika malign Ranbir (Even though she did by making fun of him on a national TV). I said her fans always malign other actresses on this 'Relationship' & Break-up issue. They always attack others for cheating & sleeping around without knowing the actual facts & come with assumptions. They always take on Kat & blame her for cheating on Salman. How surely they can say that she cheated on him? Obviously it's their assumption. Even you did it quite a few times. Even Sallu-Kat had amicable break up I guess. And how so surely you can say that Ranbir did wrong things & cheated on her? It's because of the Casanova image that Ranbir has, right? Nobody really knows why these relationships didn't work. You are right. Mallaya spoke very kindly of her. All exes of DP are nice to her. Even Ranbir speaks highly of her. Salman speaks highly of all his ex GFs including Aishwarya. So no issue there.

Deepika fans should stop taking on other actresses for no reason & stop those filthy abuses. The kind of words they use are Terrible. They should stop showing their frustration on others post & attacking other girls (Katrina obviously). They have this tendency to give others 'Character certificates' (Even I don't know what does it mean :P ). So if they will keep on doing that then they have to taste their own medicine which they definitely did today. That's all I wanted to say. And sorry for my poor English. I am weak at it.

Look dude, I don't know why Deepika and Sid broke up. I am just speculating that because they are still on good terms, it must have been an amicable break up. If they'd had a bad break up, Sid's would have a lot more to say. Besides, knowing the two from interviews etc, I think there's a MUCH higher probability of Sid cheating than Deepika.

Second, when has Deepika attacked anyone for cheating? She said that about Ranbir, because he cheated on HER! Of course that is not speculation, that's a fact. He did it to HER!

And I didn't even mention Salman and Kat- Where did they come from? Idk what happened there, and I've never said Ranbir broke Salman-and Kat up. Frankly, idk, and I don't really care much about Ran-Kat to do research on that topic either. No one's accusing Kat (let's be real, that's who you mean when you say "other actresses") of anything-- show me one interview where DP has accused Kat of cheating on Salman/Ranbir. She said RANBIR cheated on her-- why can't she talk about her own relationship? Why is that offensive to Kat's fans? How is that a "character certificate" on Kat? It's a comment on Ranbir's lifestyle. That's all.

Lastly, you say you get mad when people point fingers at Kar's character, yet you do the SAME thing for Deepika. How can rules be different for two woman? If you expect respect, then please be kind enough to show the same respect for another woman too.

THAT's not offensive to Kat fans. DP can say whatever she wants. But DP fans should not blame everything on Katrina. They always tend to do character assassination of Kat on each post of hers. THAT's where Kat fans take offense. Believe me I don't really Hate DP. It's just that when I see her fans making bogus claims, I retaliate.

Dp never accused than how come facts of kwk episode is twisted to make it lt look like katrina cheated with ranbir over there respective partners. Well coz tabloids say so. And same does tabloids say about deepika dating two guys at once n nihar catching deepika with ranbir. They even had fight together and the whole sene was described In some news artical coz it was a public scene . And another thing some peoplr claim that deepika caught ranbir katrina together. Well if such thing has happened there would had been scene created and we all would had come to know. Deepika wss not sure thats the reason she asked for passport on kwk. That is a strong point. Deepika has said in indias most desirable that cheating not always means that physically. It can also be emotionally not being present for partner. So her critera is wht is cheating may not be actually cheating . But one thing is sure ranbir dumped her that can be the reason of hurt. Ranbir said in an interveiw that he was young and immature, you shouldnt commit if u are not ready for commitment . Well that says that he was not emotionally commited to deepika. Things should come from heart. And about there is no problem in dating .she still meets all her x boyfriend n hangs with them . They have become friends and I am sure everytime it was not the guys fault . So she should take jibs at ranbir. And get cozy with ranbir. Ranbir is in commited relationship. And does she think he will get close to Deepika over his present partner .when deepika had indicated cheating thing on ranbirs part. Just to prove deepika wrong he will not get close to Deepika. Surely after the public humiliation of comments about cndm. Ek ladke ki izzath bhi izzath hoti hai . N her last boyfriend was siddharth malliya not ranbir. She is still broken about her last relationship. Coz its still fresh .

So Deepika's had 4 boyfriends,so what?!Some people blabbering here have dated more guys/chicks than she has.She never said she was a saint.The girl has made some mistakes and she has learnt from them.Leave her alone.

Deepika is still in love with siddharth malliya. Come on its not always about ranbir . She is still not over her breakup with siddharth malliya. She said in an interveiw that she is still not ready for relationship coz of her last breakup . N her last breakup is siddharth malliya. Once siddharth becomes somebody in Hollywood they will get back together. That explains her latest intrest in Hollywood movies. Ranbir got her yjhd and imtiyaz alis movies. Siddharth will get her Hollywood projects .

Um, this "relationship" was a PR obligation from Deepika's Kingfisher days. There were rumors (still are) that Sid is gay and this was a way for Deepika to run out her contract (whatever was stipulated) and for Mallya's father to at least have "good" PR since the pension for his employees were being negatively criticized. Jack pretty much confirmed this.

nihar has been with 6 other girls AFTER deepika he some popular girls from glamour industry after breaking off with her and till today he is not more famous than any of those girlfriends likes of arpita kha, gauhar, sophie. and sid had probably 100 girls and gays before and after her. ranbir had girls before and after deepika and katrina which is confirmed by his sister bebo in kwk even ranveer had girlfriends before in past its baffling to see how all the mud, keechar,gaalis, character assasination served to only deepika. yes ranbir also had a lot flak he also played victim card by repeatedly giving interviews how it affected his precious image.

Why is this "getting around"? So she's had 3-4 boyfriends. So what? That's pretty normal for 28 year old these days. Especially if your start dating in high school, college-- that's a good 10 years. 4 men in 10 years is not some ridiculous number IMO. Getting around is, if you randomly, indiscriminately sleep with people/cheat on your partner with several people/date multiple people at the same time. She was obviously serious when she got into all these relationships-- nihar, ranbir and sid. they didn't work out. so she broke up and moved on. What's wrong with that? All these men have been with WAAAY more women and somehow, she's still the one that "gets around"? that sexist and hypocritical!

Also, I kinda see why she's keeping the Ranveer thing a secret. Especially if you've had high profile relationships that haven't worked out. And I'm not digging Sid's timing. Now that DP is super popular, you want to admit to the former relationship for your 10 minutes of fame? I remember him vehemently denying it on Simi garewal's show. Ab achanak he's owning up to it? I am sure DP had nothing to do with this statement. I mean, she's getting enough attention, personal life wise, already. So it's probably all Sid Mallaya's publicity strategy.

3-4 boyfriends LOL you must be joking you mean in the last five years I can name five. Sid , Ranbir, Yuvraj, Upen, Nihar now Ranveer and the was MS Dhoni too. This is what I dont like about some fans they are blinded by their fave as they think they are perfect. I am a Kajol fan but I am not blinded by her higher then thou attitude and arrogance, I am a Aamir fan but I am not blinded by his cheating and rumor about his illegitimate son. I am a Salman fan but I am not blinded that he can be a difficult person. You Deepika fans admit that Deepika cannot be without a guy when she breaks up with someone she has the next one ready. I cant even think why she cried for so long about Ranbir when she moved on quick from him.

huh you have forgotten so many models and those are just that we know of. this girl like to date up to boast her image. her fans are among the most deluded.

Date up? WTH! How is Nihar Pandya (who is virtually unknown-- the only reason i know him is because of Gauhar Khan. Seems like HE stays in the news because of the ladies in his life) considered dating up? Ranbir was not a big deal when they started dating. He was coming off a big flop debut. He became the superstar he is today much later. Sid, what has he done? How is he considered "UP"-- If anything, people started noticing him after he got spotted with Deepika. Case and point: this article-- people had forgotten about sid mallaya till this interview came about. So I completely think your argument of DP dating "up" is rubbish. If she wanted to do that she'd have dated bigger stars.

And who are these models that you seem to know of but the rest of us are clueless about? If you mean Yuvi and MSD, then i'm sorry, I can't even begin to argue such hogwash rumors.

You said it just right! Cannt disagree with you on even one word. Sid Mallaya is one of those typical brat playboys who got his fame thanks to his relation with Dips. Much like that boyfriend of Rakhi Sawant (Abhishek or whatever) whose now lost in oblivion once they broke up.

if i can be fan of katrina knowing what she did to gulshan grover, kaizaad gustaad after they launched him in bollywood and then later to salman who protected her from media interrogations all his life who protected her past like a bodyguard who gave her his PR to guide her career then ditched him conveniently for a ranbir who was commited to another girl that time then i dont care about deepika's love life. all her boyfriends including nihar, sidh, ranbir praises her till today.

All Deepika'a relationships have been long term and meaningful! Why they didn't work is between them not our business. Personally I think Deepika is a beautiful, loving, kind girl so it's not hard for Men to fall for her. Deepika is the kind of girl you marry and I think the guys she's dated were not ready for a full long term commitment, so she moved on! Why make such a big deal about it? Not everyone is lucky enough to find the perfect guy in their first boyfriend and get married to him! Most of us need to kiss a few frogs before we find our Prince! Let her be!

Longterm you mean one year one guy types. The girl u want to marry gives massages to senior actors n flirts with every guy. And takes jibs at people when they are emotionally fragile. Well thats not my taste. U can have her.

whats with crazy moral policing shit. its no big a deal! vidya balan married a guy who was married two other women, he left his wife to marry vidya. raj left his wife and child to marry shilpa shettty. nobody bashes her because she is not part of the famous bollywood youth love quadrangle. kareena married a man who has kids before that kareena had an affair with hrithik who was commited to suzane. priyanka chopr dated aseem merchant, harman baweja, shahid kapoor and also had affair with married akshay and srk. sushmita and kangana had affairs with multiple men. katrina and gulshan grover had a thing before salman spotted her. so what these are all common and normal. its horrific only they are all women... in normal earth a women has this much of dating or more. women should also date men before settling down just like men do:)


Hahaha..she did try to throw mud on Ranbir kapoor character when she herself is drowning in the same boat just a little ahead of Ranbir!

In the past 7 years Deepika dated, have her neck with RK, is just her own things to climb up bollywood success ladder! She look beautiful outside but dirty and cheap inside! As it said you can change many clothes, try different style but when your charcter is bad its smells bad!

Filmstars also human beings. If normal human beings can date and have boyfriends and girlfriends in their lives its nothing obnoxious it shows they are as much as human we people are. The guy is praising her even after breakup which adds upto her being someone worthy of cherishing and protecting even after parting ways.

Ok one thing I wanna say.. Go n watch India's most desirable episode of DP, When asked about Sid, she says:-I dont know what he wants me to say?? That means she was not in a relationship instead she was just with him to bring him in the limelight on some contract.. That's it.. Even in YJHD interviews, she said "Show me one pic of mine where I am holding Sid's hand" Even RK was present with her, it was Aap ki Adalat.. RK knew that she was not dating Sid n he made a funny face when KJO asked about her relationship with Sid in KWK.. U have no solid proof to prove she was dating Sid except some pics where they are not even close ya gives any hints that they are in relationship...DP will admit it if she is in relationship... She never did it with Sid.. Neither Sid.. In RS case, he himself is admitting openly about being in love with her... DP is okay with it too.. Why U guys are passing nasty comments without even having a solid proof.. Please spare her for god sake.. Her talent n hard work is enough to make U guys mouth shut...

So u mean siddharth is lying about his relationship with deepika. Why he needs to . He is son of big business tycoon in india . If u had said nihar it would had sound still more belivable that he is doing it for publicity. Wht ever mallyas do it becomes news he dosnt need to take deepika name to be in news. Well its everybodys common knowledge that they were dating. Thats the reason last season when karan asked wht will u do if u wake up as siddharth malliya to ranbir he said brush up my badminton skills . It was very known fact that they were dating . Siddharth only confirmd it . Her ladt heartbreak was siddharth malliya not ranbir kapoor

She's only 27. She's extremely beautiful and sexy. She's seems charming, warm and interesting. Who wouldn't want a girl like her? And what is wrong in dating when u r young? She doesn't run after married men, she doesn't cheat around. She's had a few relationships. Ask any young indian below 30 almost everyone will tell u they've had a few relationships. It's not right to judge her just coz she lives her life in the public eye. And she's never pretended to be 'sati savitri'. She's a regular 27 yr old indian girl. She can date as much as she wants coz when she finds her Mr Right she will settle down and be a fantastic homemaker. She is warm and hard working. She'll make a fabulous wife and mother. Deepika we love u ♥♥♥

you sound like Deepikas mom LOL

How convenient

lol anyone with money and famous last name has dated deepika padukone.

Rahul Gandhi is next...

Deepika has never played the sati savitri card. She doesn't pretend not to have relationships, she certainly doesn't go around saying "I'm single till married"! Or crying about being seen in a bikini! It doesn't get more fake sati savitri than that. And she was cheated on, so she was a victim of infidelity. Why can't she say so? That's a fact and Ranbir fans should grow up and get over it.

Even she dumped nihar pandiya for ranbir kapoor. In an interview when ranbir katrina started to go out for lunches n dates they both were in relationship. She left nihar abruptly for ranbir. Well even thats infidelity. Even nihar wanted to make movie over his heartbreak. But deepika talked him out of it. She plays satisavitri card. I am nina talwar, I am traditional in love etc etc
I have been cheated .fine if u have been cheated have u never done two timing yourself. Have not his mother come to persuade u to come back to her emotionally shattered child . I mean tumhare emotions emotions aur kisi ke emotions kuch nahi . Well she is playing sati savitri card every time she cunningly behaved that ranbir was her last boyfriend. When her latest breakup was with siddharth malliya.

lolxx at how you are trying to justify deepika's flirting ways by using katrina's name. this news about deepika's philandering ways is not even about katrina, yet you didn't forget to mention her name. oh cheated on? let me tell you, what goes round, comes round. ranbir's fans are already happy with the good riddance. it is about time you get over ranbir and katrina. deepika will find another guy to cheat on and be cheated on. don't worry about her.

firstly go and kill them if anyone had said DP is sati savithri and secondly whatever you do it comes back to you, she cheated nihar with upen, muzammil and then threw him like toilet paper once she got stardom... and you lashing out at katrina, if she says "I'm single till married"! its her opinion dude, by saying that it dosen't make her sati savithri either and a girl goes on vacation with her boyfriend and their semi-nude pics are all over the place, anyone who has self respect will definately cry, by doing that it wont make her sati savithri again but a person who has some guts instead of being taken for granted.

PS: I really like deepika as an actress but seriously katrina is really a very good person and doesn't pretend like a star

How many guys she had dated? And her fans bashing Ranbir and say he is a womanizer! at least he has been with one girl after her.

HAAHHAHA forgot about all the "pit stops" and ABCDs I'm assuming? There is a difference between being with someone/dating them and randomly sleeping with women and addressing them as "pitstops."

Wrong!! Did you not watch KWK with Kareena & Ranbir?? Kareena said there were a few girls btw Deepika & Katrina that Ranbir dated but the media didn't talk about those relationships!

On record yess one gal but off record millions... Maybe U are not aware of it.. Most of the condoms have been sold out to Kapoor family in India... So only DP called him a brand ambassador for Condoms.. :P

Angela Johnson, Nargis Fakri and daughter of YES Bank sure he scored a lot in Katrina's presence in his life. Its funny if a woman stay put in a unfaithful relationship that is considered pure but if a woman break off from it and dates another man its bad. I guess we should all start believing in staying put in a bad unfaithful relationship. Men rules!

I completely agreee!!

So siddharth malliya is her last boyfriend. Not ranbir kapoor. Seems like she was deeply in love with the guy. Its two years post breakup and still she is still heartbroken .

DP is ahead of all this nowww... Even if RK comes forward n says he slept with her infinite times, noone is gonna believe... DP is ruling n will rule for a long run... Noone can stop her success...

You know when a woman get famous all her exes comes out and claim to have dated the woman because the man has nothing to lose by saying he dated that famous woman infact it makes him more popular that he dated a famous and successful woman but reverse the gender and think how many exes of male superstars will claim to have dated the famous male superstar to the media? mostly never because the exes who are females will be tarnished and spitted upon because they are after all a woman. Its funny all exes of Deepika will freely link themselves up to a famous female superstar but exes of our male superstars will think 100 times to say the same and us people sitting here will only and only spew venom at the female. Women ultimately are sufferers be it a "female superstar" or "female exes" of any male superstar. Male superstar are still amazing for us and so are the men who female superstars dated.

You know when a woman get famous all her exes comes out and claim to have dated the woman because the man has nothing to lose by saying he dated that famous woman infact it makes him more popular that he dated a famous and successful woman but reverse the gender and think how many exes of male superstars will claim to have dated the famous male superstar to the media? mostly never because the exes who are females will be tarnished and spitted upon because they are after all a woman. Its funny all exes of Deepika will freely link themselves up to a famous female superstar but exes of our male superstars will think 100 times to say the same and us people sitting here will only and only spew venom at the female. Women ultimately are sufferers be it a "female superstar" or "female exes" of any male superstar. Male superstar are still amazing for us and so are the men who female superstars dated. Deepika does not have a powerful and very influential film star boyfriend backing her who can push thing up under the carpet like how Salman did for Katrina.

If Salman did for Katrina but then these passing affairs of Deepika have done something for her..nah?? A win-win situation!! Just like to rectify something, Salman might help Katrina but the latter have made it on her own later on and yea she did not use anyone to climb the ladder! If katrina is successful is beacuse of the audiences else she too would not be in bollywood today. How many actresses Salman help but those who have dedication will stay at the end of the day.

Salman only gave one launch film to other starlets but he invested in Katrina. He gave her hindi tutors and media person admitted he threatened them to not write any negative article about her. He didnt use his power for other girls who were not his girlfriends.

there is no problem to dating numerous guy. problem is playing sati-savitri and victim card. she is a pretender thats a problem.

As someone Deepika is definitely the modern day Rekha.From now on I’m going to stop saying she’s next Ash, Dpad is next Rekha for sure!

Okay, 2 things. Firstly, I think it's a shame that in 2013 women are still being condemned and insulted for having an active dating life. Some of the comments below are disturbing and troubling. The way I see it, Deepika is an independent, beautiful woman in her prime and seeing as she's not dating married men, nor is she two-timing anyone, I can't see why anyone would criticize her dating life. Secondly, in the rush to call her names, has anyone stopped to ask just why Sid Mallya is giving this interview now? The whole thing was basically about Deepika. He is clearly using her name and fame to gain attention for himself and his acting ambition, he knows he'll hit the headlines if he brings her up. Very tacky.


Thank you. That's right, it's really disturbing seeing insulting comments on a healthy dating life of a woman. What century are you in people? Today's women are active participants in the life they want for themselves and who they want to choose longterm.


Mallyas and Padukones are family friends from thier Bnagalore days.Vijay Mallya himself had told in one of teh interviews she grew up infront of me...

So its ok that Deepika dated more than one guy without cheating but its ok that katrina used stars for fame and then ditching them? Yes, kat fans, ur katrina is no less

hahah.. thats why i love deepika.. she is female casanova.. please deepika do breakup with that chipku ranveer and find another handsome guy... but i guess she was in love with RK,others were just time pass..

I just hope that DP continues to concentrate on her glorious career rather than getting committed into a relationship and breaking up several times.

He may be millionaire but his personality is that of a pauper. If he was the last man in this world I would rather die alone then be with him.
Whereas for deepika she often talks about being poised and ladylike but the choices she make begs to differ. Yea she is young and can date anyone as often as she wants to but that kind of perception is the real reason people nowadays have fail to understand the true meaning of love, companionship, commitment and faithfulness. She jumps from one person to another so often that its hard to keep track. One thing common on her and Freida is that they both ditched their previous lovers once fame, fortune and opportunities came knocking on their door. These types of people, be it men or women, will never be faithful.

And yet Freida has been with Dev Patel, who is hardly the epitome of success, for five years. What an opportunistic tart she is.


That might be true but Dev patel still is a catch compare to Freida's fiance - Dev is NRI settled abroad with an international career in acting. I obviously don't have lot of information on her relationship but It is very obvious to everyone that she left her fiance in favour of Dev.

Totally not interested in her NAUTANKI. I just hope that she stops influencing negativity in other men life.

I dont understand this woman..she started dating sidharth soon after her break up with ranbir..then y all the drama in koffee with karan..y passing some unnecessary comments about ranbir coz she clearly did what ranbir did which is find some1 else. srsly some celebs are just hypocriete and will do anything for fame. pikvilla post this

By the insights, there is no problem in dating a guy or how much you date!!! Deepika is well-known for using all these men to attain her goal and this have been clearly percieve on numerous occasions by people who have known for years now; whether its the interviewers or the people in bollywood itself!!! Her fanbase and PRs will say otherwise but its a fact and can't deny about it, she has her own tricks to get attention! The next is Homi..:p..that one two is not serious but chill its Padukone!

finally !!! dp fans wake up !!!!!

i liked that comment below:''deepika kare tho ramleela and ranbir kare tho charecter dheela''

many more are going to follow. they will use her like she used them at times!!!
this is the prize she has to pay!!!!

we alllll know how that girl is she wud doooo anything!!!!
now she knows how it feels when ex is talking bout you!!!
poor ranbir wished they were never dating !!! hes the one who lost a lot!!!!

How come RS want's to marry such woman if she was like that.. I hate people who comment out of jealousy.. Please stay away guysss..

This guy never ever accepted his relationship with DP before neither DP.. How come he is talking about DP as his ex when he did not accept her as his present ever.. Strange...

she goes through men like there is no tomorrow.

big deal .. atleast she is dating bachelors unlike kareena n priyanka who wer after much married men's !!

She always seems to have smooth brakeups
:-) No other kind of breakups