“Happy New Year” breaks “Dhoom:3” opening day records

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Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone-starrer “Happy New Year”, which released in theatres Friday, looks likely to become the biggest opener ever. The early figures suggest that movie has raked in around Rs.38 crore, crossing Aamir Khan’s “Dhoom:3”, which collected Rs.36.22 crore, on the opening day.

With “Happy New Year”, both SRK and Deepika break their previous record set by “Chennai Express”, which grossed Rs.33.1 crore on the first day.

The movie tops the list of biggies like Salman Khan’s “Ek Tha Tiger”, which grossed Rs.32.93 crore on the opening day, Salman’s “Kick”, which earned Rs. 26.4 crore on the first day, and Hrithik Roshan-starrer “Krrish 3”, which made Rs.25.50 crore on its debut day.

The average occupancy, which was 75-80 percent, of “Happy New Year” is by far the highest among the movies released in 2014. It is looking to beat the previous record by around 15 percent.

Directed by Farah Khan, “Happy New Year” also features Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Jackie Shroff, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah.

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I'm very happy after watching the sexy Shahrukh khan film, and its pretty normal, its the biggest film of the year also its SRK release after a year. Yaaayyyyyy

No big deal. Perfectionist Aamir Khan will take over once again with PK. The collaboration of Aamir Khan, Sanjay Dutt, and Rajkumar Hirani will make this the biggest blockbuster of all time like just like 3 idiots did. Anushkha Sharma in a interview had said and I quote " PK is the best script I have ever heard". This film will definitely touch the hearts of millions again like 3 idiots did.

You rock teem diamond ;)

awesome blossum movie....

Here many people are saying its a nonsense move, why waste money?, etc. But guys most people go to watch a movie to have fun, sometimes to bond, have a little laugh, and basically enjoy. If someone is a serious person and prefers to watch a film like Lunchbox than you can skip this one but if you just want to spend some quality time with friends/family, laugh, lighten your mood then this movie it totally for you. I am not a very masala film person but this move was fun. And by the way any comedy in the world can't be very sensible or intelligent. Same goes for this movie. It's a comedy entertainer, so if you were expecting to see something super intelligent and practical then that's very stupid of you.

come on yaar...its our money not SRK ..so lets be sensible ...its a bakwaas movie..wat nonsense of patriotism being injected for no reason...Its all statistics tat counts...release on a holiday with weekend to follow..high screen number...get loads of money before even plp think abt the bakwaas..done ...gone r the days when movies wud run for months..now not even for weeks..

All hail the KING! Congrats to the entire team of HNY! :D

Happy New Year is a nice movie . Om Shanti Om and Chennai Express were also big openers .

well with 5000 screens, hicked ticket prices, and a huge holiday i was expecting nothing less ;)

i hope fan and raees are totally different from this....


As predicted and now PK will break happy New Years record also!

PK looks pretentious. No way is it getting close to HNY.

WHOA! I knew it.


YES! YES!! YES!!! A la Meg Ryan in WHMS.

Can anyone tell me on whom is the song dance like a chammiya picturised. .. is it dippy or malaika. .. Plzz tell. .. Thanks in advance....

I am really happy for BO collection. But srk, its enough. Its high time for you to take up serious roles. Waiting for fan and raees.

shah rukh khan once a badshah z always a badshah.
stars like salman,amir,akshay,hrithik come and go.
SRK rules over the world.love him to death.muuuaahh

Congrats to the record-breaking team of Happy New Year! :-)

This post needs to be updated and how! :)

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted: "#HappyNewYear collects ₹ 44.97 cr on opening day: Hindi 42.62 cr, Telugu 1.43 cr and Tamil 92 lacs."

45 Cr opening day only! WOW is all I can say.

"#HappyNewYear First Day is 40% more than Singham Returns, 63% higher than Bang Bang and 70% more than Kick!"

Kick was Pre Eid released no national holiday, less theaters and less ticket price and still managed 28 cr.

Kick was Pre Eid released no national holiday, less theaters and less ticket price and still managed 28 cr.

Abhishek Bachan knows how to save his sinking career. Starred in both Blockbuster movies but didn't get noticed by the audience. Sad for him. His only solo lead movie which entertained me was "Bluffmaster".

Then u should really watch guru. Excellent flick.

where was deepika haters???? who says bad year for her? where???


SRK hasn't just beaten Dhoom3 box-office record.....he has DESTROYED it. Dhoom3 36cr on first day. Happy New Year 45cr on first day. KING KHAN RULES.

It broke the opening not the total. It has to sustain which I think it should be able to do so. So hasn't really "destroyed" Dhoom 3 just yet.

SRK hasn't just beaten Dhoom3 box-office record.....he has DESTROYED it. Dhoom3 36cr on first day. Happy New Year 45cr on first day. KING KHAN RULES.


Yesturday watch the movie its full of entertainment even too many arabic families were there and they dont no hindi at all. They only come to watch srk. Best movie of the year

King Khan proves it again why he is the KING of Bollywood. He has the power to make everyone flock to the theaters regardless of the subject matter.

Where are the haters now? Whenever SRK has done a commercial entertainer, it has broken all box office records.

Most pseudo-intellectual Indians are hypocrites. They say Indian cinema just churns out mindless films. But hollywood also does that with films like Fast and Furious and Transformers. But then no one will complain.

I live in the US and people complain about those movies all the time :) I do agree it's a hypocrisy, but in general it's easier for smaller films to be noticed in the US, there's more of an appreciation for critical acclaim than just box office results. Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio never make the highest grossing films (except Titanic), but they make the best films, that's why people like them. If SRK or Aamir tried to make "good" films and forget about the box office, then the Indian audience would largely reject them.

So, haters before Happy New year released were saying, Farah is a big flop, just like her family, that HNY looks like TMK 2, that Farah is just like sajid and makes crap flop films that no-one watchs. That Abhishek is a big flop actor, and that Sonu, Boman and Vivaan are nobodies. That the trailer looks crap, and the music is rubbish. That Deepika is just famous because of her PR and that her true stardom was shown when no-one went to watch finding fanny and it flopped. Haters made fun of HNY and were damn sure that it would flop...but they under estimated one thing. HNY stars SHAH RUKH KHAN. HNY has done over 42cr nett in India on it's opening day, which is about 70cr gross. Also HNY has done record breaking business overseas, especially in the UAE and US. HNY gross worldwide collection is about 100cr...in just 1 day. Suck on that haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SRK looked so yummy throughout the movie. And i loved the songs too. Abhishek was funny, but was also quite annoying. I didn't find the whole throwing up part funny. And the highlight was seeing AbRam. SRK playing with Abram, and abram dancing...and then when Abram kisses SRK, and SRK picks him up and kisses his back....OMFG....toooo cute. If they released just that video of SRK and Abram in the cinema ...it would do over 100cr

SRK fans love him soooo much. Fans were even praying to his posters, and puting garlands on his picture before watching the film. People were whistleing and cheering when SRK did his entry, and even throwing money in the air. And in the cinema where i watched it, not one person left when the film finished. They all stayed to see mini KING KHAN. SRK is the biggest superstar ever and has been ruling bollywood for over 20 years, and people should NEVER compare SRK with the other small time local actors. KING KHAN's 1 year old son AbRam is a bigger star than them. LOL.

Just for the record, that dhoom3 figure of 36 crore was official and including all the dubbed versions in India. The 38cr figure you quoted for HNY is BOI and just hindi. Dhoom3 acccording to the same source (BOI) is actually 32cr for it hindi version. Usually, BOI is about 2 crores less than the official figure and doesn't include dubbed (tamil/telegu). So, if we go by that logic, HNY is 38cr + about 2cr dubbed, so about 40cr all india according to BOI, which means officially HNY will be about 42cr. WHICH IS HUUUGE!!!! Especially as HNY is a very long film, and so had 7% fewer shows than other big releases like KICK, etc, and HNY did not raise the ticket prices, and the advance booking didn't get started until late on wednesday.

hny collects 44.97 in india and it is official

It released on 5200 screens n d3 was only on 4000 screens

You are being liberal with the truth aren't you? Dhoom 3 was more screens and HNY less than you state... We can also use the same argument about Chennai Express then - which was much less screens than Dhoom 3.

Would just like to point out that nobody sees Abhishek being like "Yo, I'm in the 2 biggest grossing movies of bollywood".....DP, Kat fans, calm down. These wars are getting out of hand. The numbers game isn't good for anyone, just bad for the standards we expect out of bollywood.

abhishiek bachan...hero of Dhoom 3 AND Happy New Year.... way to go!!!! If it wasn't for your leading role, these movies would be flops!!! thx man!

My brother is not getting tickets in black also....super housefull.

Damn good....in NY its housefull.

Srk has proved it again that he is the real KING ... Haters can burn all they want but the truth is that hny will be a blockbuster for sure

it's too much fun... :-) go n watch !

Happy new year Awesome,paisawasool

dhoom 3 total world wide is 36 crore on day 1. but HNY is 40 + crore in india only(all language ).But box office reports say that Mumbai collections are huge so may be only HINDI (not all language ) is 40 crore....

dhoom 2 total world wide is 36 crore on day 1. but HNY is 40 + crore in india only(all language ).But box office reports say that Mumbai collections are huge so may be only HINDI (not all language ) is 40 crore....

BTW, 38 Cr is just an early estimate. Hindi language only is 39-40 Cr. Adding regional languages, final day one collections for all India will be around 42 Cr! Also, it is breaking every other record in overseas, and all those previous overseas records are held by SRK himself.

They have got long way till they cross the budget they made this movie. Watch how the movie buzz disappears after this weekend. It's only doing well because this is the only movie out this Diwali weekend. SRK knew not to release the movie alongside any other big movies because it would only flop

Aaj men upar, asma niche, aaj me aage, zamana he piche, yupeeeeeeeeee................Indeed, The Last of The Stars- Shah Rukh Khan. He has balanced his movies so well that all can enjoy it, you go king. hny Clean Family Entertainer.

Sorry but I highly doubt SRK will be the last SuperStar in Bollywood. We badly need more talented and versatile actors who also possess the charm, charisma and great screen presence. I'm sure Bollywood will see bigger superstars with a larger global impact after he's gone!!!

The 2 cr more must be due to two more actors in HNY than in Dhoom3 ;P Anyways, hence proved that there is no accounting for taste!

Wasted my money on this CRAPPP move



So where are all those who were saying it won't beat Dhoom 3's record and it will be a "flop"? Hello anyone there? In your faces!

They are busy mourning for now. They will be back with different story. lets wait and watch.

So true! Kkkkk

AB was fab so funny in the movie.

i hope hny gets all time record ,, srk the actor will shine anyways with fan and raes

Paisa wasool movie...go for it.

Last time in California I saw a queue outside theatre was during chennai express n now for HNY....

Doesn't California has something called advanced booking on the Internet?

Look at how ridiculous those posters look. You'd think with all that money, they'd hire decent graphic designers... geez.

Must watch...

Honestly, I am having serious trouble believing this considering this movie did not have even half the buzz and hype as Dhoom 3, CE and the other blockbusters!!! Like how credible is the source?????

Hahahha burn deepika haters burnn.

Go srk go you're the best

Very happy for Farah and team. General audience seem to be really enjoying the movie.

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