Dia Mirza at Durga Pooja

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Dia Mirza at Durga Pooja . Love her sari.
Credit for images: Daylife.com


She is not a Muslim. She has often been spotted and temples and also attends Sri Sri Ravishankar's Art of Living Programs.

can't we leave people alone when they are praying instead of taking pictures of them?

Is she really Muslim or what cuz there ain't really any awnser

her saree is like the sarees they wear in serials

Sun, 2010-10-17 04:24 — Anonymous
Hinduism , unlike other religions doesnt accept converts, though there are some hippie kinds from west, but never revered for accepting the religion.In fact ppl find it hard to digest. u r a hindu only when u r born to Hindu parents, it is more like a way of life than religion, way too ritualistic for any outsider to blend in

. Btw Dia's mom is a hindu n dad , a german.Her step dad is Mirza, muslim.

She looks quite like Aishwarya Rai!

were can i get that saree?

oh common people. In India ppl celebrate all holidays as their own. hindus go to muslims on eed and share meals, muslims celebrate diwali. ofcourse except some nutty fanatics.

ive seen her interviews and movies
when she opens her mouth somehow her beauty seem to fade away,strange

lovely and beautiful girl..unfortunately not such a great actress and no screen presence.

Can you let us know what type of Saree that is? She lloks beautiful. It has a silk border but what is the other material?

lovely blouse.

Diya's mom is Hindu, Bengali (mom's name is Deepa) and biological dad is German. Her step father (mom's husband) was Muslim. She took her step dad's last name, Mirza but she is not muslim.

Her mother is Hindu..her real father was German..her step father is muslim

I didnt know Diya was Hindu?

Yea, Dia always, always stands head and shoulders apart from the other bollywood women.

She always looks fantastic without looking like she's trying too hard.

love love love the blouse!

dia's biological dad is christian, her mom is muslim and her step dad is muslim, so did she convert to hinduism? or does she only try to be everywhere to be in the limelight. i like her, she is beautiful and has a nice figure and dress sense, pity that her film career did not work out as she chose the wrong movies. but i am tiered to see her in all events and functions. what is she doing right now?

Wow i really appreciate this woman for her dressing sense, she wears appropriate dress to every ocassion, may this dusshera bring u pots of luck diya, may u career bloom this year, my best wishes to u!!

Dia is so pretty n always well dressed.

Ravishing Dia..she is a true beauty

she looks awesome. if only she had a bindi on her forhead.

she is half Bengali on her mums side.

She looks like a real princess...delicate and classy! Love her sense of dressing, she's all covered up & still exudes sensuality.

diya looks like a beautiful angelic doll. she acctually has beautifulk features unlike some people who are only worshipped for beign white like susanne

i love her sari too nice combination

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