Dia Mirza at Raell Padamsee's Create Foundation event

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Dia Mirza was seen at Raell Padamsee's Create Foundation event at Nehru Centre, Mumbai. CREATE Foundation (Children’s Research in Education Arts & Theatre Endowment) aims to devise a revolutionary system of education by using creative arts (drama, music, dance and allied arts) to complement the existing curriculum for under privileged and special children.

Credits: viral bhayani

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omg, arts in education..this exactly what im doing for my assssiiiiigggnnmmmeeent

I think the green outfit girl is better dressed than Dia . And is that Tanuja in pink? She's lost a lot of weight lately.

Dia is the most beautiful girl in this industry and she is highly underrated for her looks. She was also so beautiful when she first came in industry. Remember the song "na kehte hum toh kya karte" by asha bhosle

I dont think ive ever read a single negative comment about dia...and rightfully so. Such a classy beauty.

Yes true because she is beautiful inside out people recognize her innocence. Especially when you watch her interviews you realize what a nice lady she is. Maybe she wasnt a successful actress but she is happy and thats all that matters.

Dia is so beautiful!!!

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