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I think I'm more beautiful than Madhuri: yesteryear actress Farheen

Madhuri Dixit,Interviews,Farheen Prabhakar
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Farheen, yesteryear star who is best known for her role in the 1992 film 'Jaan Tere Naam'. After working in a handful of movies in Bollywood and some down South, Farheen quietly quit the movie scene and settled down with the very much married, former cricketer, Manoj Prabhakar.

After a good two decades and two children, Farheen is back to try her luck in the 'Jaan Tere Naam' sequel as a mother of the heroine. Farheen, who now lives in Delhi with her family of hubby Manoj, children Raahil (16) and Manavansh (11), step son Rohan (25) and his family says she could not say no to director Deepak Balraj Vij when he came up with the offer.

The actress who was once considered a Madhuri Dixit lookalike talks of her comeback at a time when Madhuri has also returned to the big screen. In an interview to Mumbai Mirror she says, "Madhuri is beautiful, but I think I'm more beautiful, even my sons say so. Had I not got married I would have given her good takkar. She is an actress par excellence but I had age on my side as I entered the industry seven years after she did. But today, I don't think I resemble her. My hair is longer now and when I met Shatrughan Sinha recently, he told me that I look like Suchitra Sen. That's a real compliment."

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She once was. In 1993 tamil kamal hassan movie kalaignan. Now not any more. Failure to maintain proper

She once was. In 1993 tamil kamal hassan movie kalaignan. Now not any more. Failure to maintain proper

Oh my.... There is no better actress than Madhuri Dixit. There was one who Madhuri looked like Madhubala. Please Farheen. Neither you had a good acting career nor you match the looks for Madhuri. You are a good looking lady but please no comparison to Madhuri.

Divya Bharti was really pretty.

Madam please dont compare urself with the queen diva madhuri dixit .mujhe toh acidity ho gya aapka baat suunke

Madhuri dixit is a qeen diva...how is dis disperate farheen.

If shes more beautifull than madhuri dixit...what is she doing on her time with only few flims...

I like only one Madhuri Dixit. She is more beautiful.

Madhuri dixit is most beautiful.She is real Queen of India .She remembars of Madhubala.

Had she not mentioned Madhuri's name, this post would have ZERO comments.
Nobody can beat Madhuri, Madhubala & Aishwarya in beauty

Why you guys are acting fools. Let her be happy in her own way and why you are getting bothered. Seems you do not have any other work.

Madhuri is the most beautiful end of story.

Is she female KRK coz i have never heard of her. Please don't give a takkar to Madhuri now. It would be like a truck hitting her.

she once was in the past in 1993 Tamil movie Kalaignan with kamal hassan . She is well known for that movie too .

But now? no proper maintenance

Apparently she was the first choice for Baazigar. Not sure whether it was Kajol's role or Shilpa's role but she said that she rejected Baazigar due to date issues. Interesting.

Madhuri all night and all day too. If she hadn't mentioned Madhuri's name this post would not have gotten as many clicks or comments.

Farheen has a few similarities, but....there's no way she is more beautiful than the Dhak Dhak girls, as a matter of fact, Madhuri is in a league of her own, in acting, dancing, beauty and elegance..... So... No, get out of here Farheen

I never find madhuri pretty to me karishma and urmila are the prettiest ones in 90s

7560 reads to it, pvians have terrible choice.

what a lame thing to say!!!!! Farheen honey, two words: you wish.

They absolutely did look similar.

You are blind Madhuri was fairer and more refined features

Farheen wow long time. I remember her in the movie Nazar Keep Samne with Akshay. She looks so different in the pic I thought it was Supriya Pathak at first.

she looks like Jiya's mom Rabiya when she was young. in 90s there were other poor man's Madhuris, Manishas and Sridevis floating around.

Ya and I look like Angelina Jolie so?

Nothing wrong calling yourself beautiful but not so cool to compare yourself in terms of beauty as we say "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". Though we can not deny the fact that she was beautiful (perfect features) in her young days with amazing body. I personally never found Mads amazingly beautiful who I am sure is not going to age gracefully with all the work done on her face. But she is definitely one of the talented actresses in BW. PV post this.

I find Madhuri way more beautiful than this woman. now and then. and I don't care how is she going to age!!

The new movie should have a new version of the song 'first time dekha tujhe'.
She did look like madhuri, but didn't have dancing skills like madhuri.
Also she's just mentioning what she thinks and what her family tells her, even I say that I look better than bollywood actresses ;).

She can't be serious...LMAO

This post getting more attention,only coz Madhuri is mentioned in it..otherwise i guess very few along with me would have been commenting

I dont know who she is and where she acted in, but good luck with your future projects
Sorry but I find madhuri more beautiful

Guys google her picture...this is just an old pic of hers...looks like shes lost weight and she des look like Madhuri...and her old pics really look like her...but i havnt seen any of her movies..so i have no comments on her acting

Actres par excellence??And madhuri?HAHAHA


I maybe in the minority here.....but I don't find Madhuri beautiful .....somewhat pretty, but not gorgeous.....I have tried hard ...but never understood all the fuss.....she's just okay.....I find Juhi , sridevi ,jayaprada beautiful....also I don't know who Farheen is !!

erm.... awkward. Let other's do the complimenting and comparing Farheen.

I do agree wid people saying that there are such beautiful people in real life, which is so true, its just that they are not into movies but doing things in life.
but saying that u r prettier urslf is nt cool.

I think it must have been said in jest. This is the problem with this sort of story. Things are soooooo taken out of context.

Got to agree.

just dropping a big name to grab eyeballs...and she did...

I think there are a lot of look alikes of everyone but imo what sets madhubala and madhuri apart is their oxygenating beauty and smile :) For sure, beauty is just not having similar features or perfect features, beauty also has to do with symmetry, grace and expressions. I have seen women with perfect features and thought they were "pretty" but not "beautiful," beautiful has a deeper definition.

Suchitra Sen as well is such an oxygenating beauty :) she can take ur breath away with her smile. Suchitra, madhubala and madhuri are classic beauties, and no matter how many women look alike them no can beat their AURA.

Madhubala is not pretty at all

So is Maduri....
Nothing extraordinary....
Just overhyped and overrated...

P.S ~ this woman is very pretty but complimenting yourself sounds a bit funny :3

I'm sure she said it in humour. Her features were just like Madhuri's when she debuted.

Not only did she look like Madhuri she even acted just like her, which killed her career. Just like Harman, Zarine etc. The songs of the film were a hit in the 90s, 'Kal College Bandh' is cute.

First time dekha tumhe hum kho gaya, second time mein love ho gaya! Is Ronit Roy there in sequel as the girl's father?

yes same girl... she was akshays sis in one th movies ....
u cant evn think of comparing her to madhuri.... I relly don't think she luks like her .. not evn one 1% infact she use to copy her......
on screen u can mk out she has attitude prob...
im happy lukg at her 100 kg pic....

I knw her she had major attitude prob whn she was an actress too....

She was beautiful,but not anymore..as abt acting,its difficult to judge with kind of films she was part of,but did fair job in jaan tere naam n sainik..thats abt it

Well, good for her.

Relax people, I think she meant it as a joke; almost in a self-depreciating way. Whats the biggie? Heck, some days I think I am merore beautiful than Madhuri ;) and there are days where I think I should just put a bag over my head.

Ofc, she is allowed to feel beautiful :) Every woman is. Maybe she said it jokingly.

nice to know that she has a very high self esteem! btw, who is she again?

I remember her movie and the big hype about her beauty but she had zero acting skills. And beauty does not last forever so here is...

lol glad she feels beautiful, but why diminish another woman in the process? can both madhuri and herself exist? not cool farheen.

Is the same lady who acted with Kamal Haasan in Kalaignan???? I remember the Madhuri look-alike heroine in that movie..

Exactly! I thought the same too..

seriously, who is she?

Never heard of her name before.

if she thinks shes more beautiful then she is. all the more power to her. we should never go telling a woman that she is not beautiful!!

Only in Bollywood can you find a so called "actress" talking smack like this. I mean seriously, would Naomi Watts ever say this about Nicole Kidman or vice versa? Chuck no.

Totally agree with you. Never will u see hollywood actresses being arrogant saying that they are the best and better than the rest and wont hear them refer to the fellow artists as competition and rivals. Seriously whenever i hear an actress talk about rivals and competition it makes me cringe becuz its sounds so stupid and petty.

Well said. So many times actresses (and actors) replace each other in Hollywood films, never will you hear them saying "Oh! I made xyz a star" or whatever and even if any ever did, it would be as a joke. Gwyneth Paltrow screen tested for 'Titanic' and was almost cast but Kate Winslet got the role. Kate Winslet replaced Nicole Kidman in 'The Reader' and won an Oscar for the role. Nicole Kidman replaced Rachel Weisz in 'The Railway Man'. Amy Adams and Isla Fisher both lookalike and take it in stride, both have great careers. Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly are practically twins from another mother, they even starred in a film based on the fact that they lookalike. Farheen ji needs to go and park it somewhere.

every woman has the right to feel beautiful about herself. maduri is not that great with all the work she has had done. my cousin has two beautiful aunts in their 40s that are much more beautiful than dixit but a pity they never got into movies

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Madhuri is one of the most beautiful actresses I have seen, and she is not more beautiful than Madhuri. If she thinks so its fine, but to say that in an interview makes her look cocky, stupid (cause a lot of people would disagree with her), and rude.

I remember she had done topless photo shoot for star& style magazine

Krazzzy aunty. Could not succeed and talking about takkar!! But i do respect her doing Mother role. Madhuri should too.

chill guys she was pretty at one point of time! nd if she thinks shes pretty wats wrong wid that? its jst she didnt maintened bt atleast shes doing motherly roles tht suit her age, unlike mads.

Of course! May be she looked good! I found this photo of her...may be there is nothing wrong in what she says.. may be she is tired of comparisons!

Madhuri Dixit and Suchitra Sen..looked nothing like each other..though each is a classic beauty . Now Farheen ji must be a very versatile beauty to "think" she has morphed from one to the other....

Im so glad you said "I think"..Thinking ka paisa nahin hai Aunty ji..Let your thoughts fly !! Enjoy !!!

Farheen was very pretty when she first started out . She acted with Kamal Hassan in some Tamil movie & I remember thinking it was Madhuri ! It was said that Aussie cricket player Dean Jones was very impressed with her appearance & tried to date her but she refused him for Manoj. Is she prettier than Madhuri now ? Certainly not.

Let me make this clear..you are coming back as Mummy ji in this movie...Let's not get carried away now Aunty ji..

Farheen and Pratibha Sinha (mala sinha's daughter) resembled Madhuri a lot when they entered industry. But Madhuri was the luckiest one and the other two eloped.
Looking at them now.. Madhuri is the prettiest

yes exatly my thots pratibha was pretty infact mala sinha played mom to madhuri in khell , cos they lookd a lot like each other nd pratibha was talented! mads was ott bt lucky

For a sec I thought it was Supriya Pathak in glamorous makeup:)))


Lol! Me too !overly confident lady like Kajol!

Yeah...............*walks away awkwardly*

And I am the queen of the world LOL..Way to grab attention ..Crazy people.

to be honest I just searched her and yes I did thought it was Madhuri, better looking might U say

I Don't get it why people think a star is the most perfect and prettiest looking person ever

Madhuri was a huge star but she certainly is not the most prettiest in India
same with katrina kaif who no doubt is a big star but ppl act like she is the most angelic face on earth

you guys do realize there are LOADS and LOADS of women out there who are gorgeous but don't act in TV/Cinema, dont you?


So true

So true

She was beautiful when she entered the industry .Looks like she ruined her career for a Man -_-

Yup, probably under a lot of pressure to get married. I hope she is in a happy marriage, it makes it worth it. If not, well.... :/

Now, let´s say she is very confident about herself. That quote tho...

She had an extra marital affair with a married cricketer and left the industry for him . Later he went back to his first wife. when his first wife filed dowry harassment and after divorce , he came back to Farheen... She spoiled her career for this man ...

are you kidding me

lol, who is she? but she is quite humble and modest :D

Who is she BTW?

lol. she looks better than madhuri and i am aishwarya rai. ok? :p

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